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INterior Panels Think Trespa

527 Architects, USA

As the leading producer of world class architectural Clean, fast and safe
materials, Trespa International produces a range of Practical experience is important – so are test results. Trespa
functional panels for demanding interior applications: Virtuon has been subjected to a range of tests by renowned
Trespa Virtuon. These panels deliver exceptional institutes. Their conclusion: thanks to its closed surface,
performance in terms of hygiene, cleanliness and design. Trespa Virtuon is easy to clean and disinfect. To underline
its effectiveness, Trespa Virtuon carries a product guarantee
The importance of hygiene has long been recognized by of 10 years on impact resistance, moisture resistance and
designers and users of demanding interiors. The rising cost cleanability.
of cleaning drives the need for surface materials that can be
cleaned fast and effectively and do not support bacterial Using the installation system TS-2500, Trespa Virtuon can
growth. In addition, these materials need to be durable, be installed easily and quickly, saving time and resources. In
environmentally sound and help to create a pleasant and addition, the panels have an excellent environmental profile,
attractive interior. having been manufactured to standard ISO 14001 – and
come complete with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) reports.
Trespa Virtuon
Trespa Virtuon has established a reputation for quality and
durability. Impact and moisture resistant Trespa Virtuon
combines the durability of solid composite compact panels
with a closed, impermeable surface which is easy to clean
and resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants. Trespa
Virtuon panels are manufactured using a proprietary
Electron Beam Curing, or EBC, process, producing a surface
that can be maintained with minimum effort – keeping
panels free of stains and blemishes for many years, even in
the most challenging environments. Moreover, Trespa
Virtuon offers a wide range of design possibilities with its
extensive range of colors, metallic finishes and textures.

Proven effectiveness
Literally thousands of architects and interior designers
around the world have already experienced how these panels
can help them to create living environments that combine
striking aesthetics and long-lasting visual impact with
exceptionally high levels of hygiene in environments where
bacteria and dirt pose a real threat. From hospitals to health
care facilities, from transport terminals to sports centers and
from retail outlets to museums, Trespa Virtuon has proven
effectiveness in maintaining a healthy environment.
Virtuon new Virtuon after life cycle

These microscopic pictures of the

urethane-acrylic surface of Trespa
Virtuon show that there is no Made for frequent
difference between fresh material
and material with which 10 years
of aggressive cleaning is
In demanding environments, regular and frequent
cleaning continues to deliver the highest levels of hygiene.
So ease of cleaning is a key requirement – and here Trespa
Virtuon delivers significant benefits. When compared to
other frequently used surface materials, the use of Trespa
Virtuon allows for substantial savings on cleaning efforts.
> Low dirt accumulation due to the smoothness of
Virtuon’s urethane-acrylic surfaces
> Surfaces can be cleaned effectively, with more aggressive
cleaning agents resulting in removal of a larger part of the
> High cleaning efficiency
> Switches and control panels can be slotted into the Trespa
surfaces and connections with the floor can be made flush
> Due to optimum sheet sizes the number of joints is
Koch + Partners Architekten
und Stadtplaner, Germany

limited and several hygienic and durable joint solutions

are available
> Trespa Virtuon will retain its good looks for many years
despite frequent cleaning
Architectenburo Cepezed, The Netherlands
Schuster, Pechtold, Schmidt Architekten GmbH, Germany
With Trespa, there is no need for anti-microbial additives. Reduction of colony forming units (cm2)
Trespa Virtuon has its antibacterial properties on Trespa Virtuon surface
incorporated into the product without the use of anti-
microbial additives. This means that these properties will Over 99.99%
reduction of E-coli and
remain active throughout the product’s lifetime.
Staphylococcus aureus
> The smooth and non-porous surfaces of Trespa Virtuon after 24 hours on the
do not support growth of micro-organisms. Bacteria surface

stains will dry relatively fast on the surface – and

Log reduction after 24 hrs

bacteria will not find any source of nutrition on the
> Hygiene properties of Trespa Virtuon remain the same
under extreme conditions 2
> Different types of joint closures for Trespa Virtuon Wall
lining panels were successfully tested for their hygiene 1


Staphylococcus E-coli

* Tested by using the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 2801: 2000.

environmentally sound products
Environmental Considerations It can be affixed on existing walls, allowing the builder the
Trespa has developed a method for converting paper into an freedom to redesign the building without demolition.
attractive, durable, moisture resistant and low maintenance Trespa Virtuon is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality
material. Panels consist of thermosetting resins, Certified® and has achieved GREENGUARD Children &
homogeneously reinforced with up to 70% wood based SchoolsSM Certification. Virtuon can also contribute to US
fibers. Trespa Virtuon is durable and long lasting, allowing Green Building Counsil LEED® credits.
the need for fewer products over the life of the building.

A Well-designed environment
Trespa Virtuon provides architects, designers and installers Virtuon is easy to clean so that it will keep its good looks for
with an excellent combination of brilliant colors and many years.
textures as well as special effects such as metallic colors.
These characteristics help to create an interior that is both Easy installation
highly individual and exceptionally functional: by applying While design is important, installation too plays a key role.
form and color, Trespa Virtuon makes it possible to Trespa Virtuon can be easily machined and installed in
incorporate identity into the design. Trespa Virtuon panels many different ways. With optimal sheet sizes the number
have an integrated decorative surface that is smooth, of joints is limited and several hygienic and durable joint
impermeable and impact resistant, with a unique brilliance solutions are available. Trespa Virtuon enables the user to
and long-lasting aesthetic appeal – making it ideal for create an interior with a personal touch – with the right
intensive use over a prolonged period of time. Trespa atmosphere and the desired degree of comfort.
Arch. Europa Park Rust Planungsburo, Germany

HEP Höchel- Engelken- Partner,

Architekten und Ingenieure, Germany
Ferdinand Heide, Architekt BDA, Germany
Trespa International B.V. 2007, registered under number Copyrights
Trespa International B.V. specializes 24270677, and appearing on the © All rights reserved. No part of this
in high quality panel material for website at www.trespa.com. The text of publica­tion may be reproduced,
facade cladding and interior use. these General Terms and Con­ditions stored in a retrieval system, or made
Trespa has both the expertise and will be sent to you upon request. public, in any form or by any means,
the means to develop prod­ucts for either graphic, electronic or
specific segments of the market. Responsibility mechanical, including photocopying,
Trespa is continually looking for We believe all information in this recording or otherwise, without the

Architectenburo Cepezed, The Netherlands

ways to protect the environment publication to be correct at the time prior written permission of
even more effectively. of printing. It is intended as Trespa International B.V.
information concerning our products
Trespa guarantees quality of both and their application possibilities Projects on cover:
products and services. We offer our and is therefore, not intended as any De Vloed BvbA Architectenburo,
customers optimal technical support form of guarantee with regard to Belgium.
as well as straight­forward any specific product characteristic. Architectenbureau Schoonbaert,
documentation. Proof of this Belgium.
approach is the award of the Colors Koch + Partners Architekten und
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. The colors in this document are Stadtplaner, Germany.
printed, and therefore, may vary
slightly from the original Trespa panel
colors with respect to gloss, color www.trespa.com
shades and surface texture. Original
samples are available on request.
Conditions of Sale
To all our offers, quotations, sales, Registered trademarks
deliveries and supplies and/or ® Trespa, Meteon, Athlon, TopLab,
agreements, and to all related TopLabplus, TopLabeco-fibre, Virtuon,
services and activities the Trespa Volkern, Trespa Essentials and
International B.V. General Conditions Mystic Metallics are registered
of Sale apply, filed at the Venlo trademarks of
Chamber of Commerce on 11 April Trespa International B.V.

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Your Trespa distributor:

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Please visit www.trespa.com

code V4451

for the most current version of

this documentation
Arch. Corgan Asscociates, Inc., USA
TresPa VirTuon DeLiVerY ProGraM
uni colors Metallics
Satin Rock Satin Rock
Panel size
3650 x 1860 (143 x 73 in) 防 防 防 防
2550 x 1860 (100 x 73 in) 防 防 防 防
3050 x 1530 (120 x 60 in) 防 防1/3 防1 防1/3
Panel thicknesses
6 mm (1/4 in) 防
8 mm (5/16 in) 防 防 防 防
10 mm (3/8 in) 防 防 防 防
13 mm (1/2 in) 防 防 防 防
Colored on one side 防 防 防 防
Colored on both sides 防 防2 防 防2
Standard grade/black core 防 防 防 防
Fire retardant (FR)/black core 防 防 防 防
Minimale orderafname
1 plaat 防 防 防 防
On request
Colored on both sides/Texture on one side
6 panel minimum order quantity

Please note:
Other possibilities are available on request (please contact your local Trespa office)
> Other textures: silk, ribbon, rhino, bark, grid, diamond
> Project colors
> Corner elements

Metallics: Trespa Virtuon panels feature a directional color surface. See technical documentation or installation
guidelines for further information. The full quantity of Trespa Virtuon Metallics sheets required for a project should be
ordered and supplied as a single instruction.

Fire Retardant Grade: Trespa Virtuon single-sided decorative Fire Retardant grade will be faced with an identification
print on the reverse of the panel in addition to the panel sticker. Trespa Virtuon double-sided decorative Standard
Grade and Fire Retardant Grade can be clearly identified and distinguished on the basis of the panel sticker.

Registered trademarks
® Trespa, Meteon, Athlon, TopLab, TopLabPLUS, Volkern, Ioniq, Inspirations and Virtuon are registered trademarks of
Trespa International BV.
All information is based on our current state of knowledge. It is intended as information concerning our products and their
application possibilities, and is therefore not intended as any form of guarantee with regard to any specific product characteristic.
The colors in this document are printed, and therefore, may vary slightly from the original Trespa panel colors with respect to
gloss, color shades and surface texture. Original samples are available on request.
© All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or made public, in any form or
by any means, either graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written
permission of Trespa International B.V.

Please check www.trespa.com for the latest version of the material properties and
delivery program.

Please check www.trespa.com for the latest version

of the material properties and delivery program.
Properties Value Unit US Value* Unit Standard
Physical properties
Dimensional Stability ≤ 2.5 mm/m ≤ 0.3 in/ft EN 438
Density ≥1,350 kg/m³ ≥ 84.27 lbs/ft³ ISO 1183
Thickness 6 mm (1/4 in) ± 8.5 kg/m² ± 1.7 lbs/ft²
Thickness 8 mm (5/16 in) ± 11 kg/m² ± 2.25 lbs/ft²
Thickness 10 mm (3/8 in) ± 14.0 kg/m² ± 2.87 lbs/ft²
Thickness 13 mm (1/2 in) ± 18.5 kg/m² ± 3.8 lbs/ft²
Panel Tolerance
Length & Width - 0.0 / +5 mm - 0.0/+0.2 in EN 438
Thickness ± 0.4 for 6 mm ± 0.016 for 1/4 in EN 438
± 0.5 for 8 and 10 mm ± 0.020 for 5/16 and 3/8 in
± 0.6 for 13 mm ± 0.024 for 1/2 in
Optical properties
Resistance to dry heat at 180°C (365°F) ≥ 4 Rating EN 438
Resistance to wet heat at 100°C (212°F) ≥ 4 Rating EN 12721
Resistance to crazing ≥ 4 Rating EN 438
Resistance to color change (UV-A) ≥ 6 Wool scale ASTM G53-91
(315 - 400nm)
Mechanical properties
Modulus of elasticity ≥ 9,000 N/mm² ≥ 1,300,000 psi ISO 178
Tensile strength ≥ 70 N/mm² ≥ 10,100 psi ISO 527-2
Flexural strength ≥ 100 N/mm² ≥ 14,500 psi ISO 178
Resistance to impact by large EN 438
diameter ball
Drop height 1800 mm 71 in
Diameter of indentation ≤ 10 mm ≤ 0.4 in
Resistance to scratching ≥3 Rating EN 438
Chemical properties
Resistance to staining 5 Rating EN 438
Cleaning properties
Removing graffiti, scale and common dirt good Trespa internal test
Cleaning properties determined by cleaning with commercially available cleaning agents according to manufacturer's instructions
Antibacterial properties
Determination of antibacterial activity
Escherichia coli ≥ 99.99 % reduction JIS Z 2801:2000
Staph Aureus ≥ 99.99 % reduction JIS Z 2801:2000
Hygienic properties
Surface disinfection IKI (certificate of
hygiene available)
Contact with food ISEGA (certificate of
conformity available)

Region Standard
Fire behavior Quality Test Standard Test Result Classification**
North America Type FR UL723/ASTM E84 < 25 (Flamespread) Class A according to
principal US building

Region Available Standard

North America GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® FC2Lp94711-1
GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM FC2Lp94711-1

Disclaimer: * Note that due to conversion from metric values, the US values provided are approximate.
** Laboratory test results are not intended to represent hazards which may be present under actual fire conditions.

All data is related to the products mentioned in the standard Trespa Virtuon delivery program.
For more information, please contact your local Trespa office.


Please check www.trespa.com for the latest version

of the material properties and delivery program. code V4452 version 03-2010 copies 0
VIRTUON color collection
INterior Panels


Textures on






The finishing touch

The Virtuon range of colors
can be ­complemented by a
choice of finishes that provide a
highly tactile and a­ esthetic finish
for your interior. Trespa Virtuon
is available with 8 textures.
Trespa Virtuon metallics feature a directional
colored surface. See technical documentation or
installation guidelines for further information

J 04.0.0 Pearl

J 06.4.1 Amber

J 12.4.2 Garnet Red

J 18.7.2 Amethyst

J 20.4.2 Northern Light

J 21.3.4 Azurite Blue

J 24.3.3 Lagoon

J 34.3.1 Bottle Green

J 40.4.3 Mustard Yellow

J 51.0.1 Aluminium Grey

J 51.0.2 Urban Grey

J 21.8.1 Graphite Grey

The colors in this document are printed, and

therefore, may vary slightly from the original
­Trespa panel colors with respect to gloss, color
shades and surface texture. Original samples are
available on request.

Projects on cover:
Architectenbureau Schoonbaert, Belgium
527 Architects, USA
Architectenburo Cepezed, The Netherlands
Arch. Corgan Asscociates, Inc., USA
K 04.1.7 Gold Yellow

K 04.0.5 Zinc Yellow

K 05.1.2 Champagne

K 07.1.1 Sand

K 03.0.0 White

K 05.0.0 Pure White

K 05.1.1 Stone Beige

K 08.2.1 Mid Beige

K 08.3.1 Stone Grey

K 13.3.1 Heather

K 10.3.2 Old Rose

K 08.2.3 Salmon

K 06.3.5 Ochre

K 08.4.5 Rusty Red

K 10.4.5 Sienna Brown

K 13.3.7 Ruby Red

K 12.3.7 Carmine Red

K 10.1.8 Red Orange

K 11.4.4 English Red

K 12.6.3 Wine Red

K 10.6.1 Taupe

K 16.5.1 Mauve

K 17.3.5 Cyclam

K 18.3.5 Plum Blue

K 20.5.2 Lavender Blue

K 22.4.4 Brilliant Blue

K 21.5.4 Cobalt Blue

K 22.6.2 Dark Denim

K 20.7.2 Dark Blue

K 25.7.1 Iron Grey

K 03.4.0 Silver Grey

K 03.1.0 Pastel Grey

K 22.3.1 Ocean Grey

K 28.2.1 Aquamarine

K 24.4.1 Steel Blue

K 22.2.4 Powder Blue

K 23.0.4 Mineral Blue

K 20.2.3 Light Viola

K 24.3.5 Turquoise Blue

K 30.2.3 Brilliant Turquoise

K 30.3.2 Verdigris

K 32.2.1 Translucent Green

K 37.2.3 Spring Green

K 36.3.5 Turf Green

K 32.7.2 Dark Green

K 28.6.2 Mid Green

K 90.0.0 Black

K 40.5.1 Moss Green


your imagination
Trespa Virtuon ­panels are availa-
ble in a wide choice of standard
­colors and effects. These panels
have the ability to transform,
­enhance o
­ r even add new
­dimensions to your design.

Trespa Virtuon Panels can be

custom-made in special project
colors which allows to add
­identity to your design. Trespa
Virtuon is not just beautiful - it
is exceedingly robust and durable
so today’s vision will remain
tomorrow’s reality.

color collection
Beauty thrives best in freedom.
For a designer this means having
the freedom to make choices. The
choice to distinguish themselves
without losing sight of the room’s
functions and its users. The choice
to add emotion to designs, in all
honesty. Design freedom is one of
the principles on which Trespa
bases its collection. Sources of
­inspiration pointing the way
­without posing any restrictions.
Offering possibilities without
marking boundaries. Trespa calls
these sources of inspiration
­Perspectives. A platform where
­users’ requirements and designers’
ideas come together.
Arch. Mr.Carles Francesch
de Herralde, Spain
Arch. Corgan Asscociates, Inc.,

An interior reflects the identity of

its users; good interiors are
­distinguished by a tactile identity.
With its freedom of form and
­color, Trespa offers numerous
opportunities to add identity to a
527 Architects, USA
De Ster voorzieningenhart, lent NL
Arch. Agence Superstructure, France
Making a
An interior has to grow along with
human needs. Interaction with its
users requires a certain flexibility
of the interior. Trespa creates
­dynamics in a room with materials
creating the right atmosphere and
ensuring that the environment is
enjoyed with pleasure.
Architectenbureau Schoonbaert, Belgium
Every interior is an expression
of a vision. The better this vision
can be expressed, the more
­successful the interior will be.
Trespa can easily be machined and
installed, and in many different
ways. Enabling you to create an
­interior that has your personal
Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural
Design Group, China
HEP Höchel- Engelken- Partner,
Architekten und Ingenieure, Germany

Pure materials in pure applica-
tions create a feeling of natural
tranquillity and a perception of
space. The large surfaces which
can be created with Trespa under-
line this openness and create
transparency with minimal
Arch. Corgan Asscociates, Inc., USA
code V4450 version 03-2010 copies 0 Arch. Bryn Holton, Australia

Arch. Mr.Carles Francesch

de Herralde, Spain