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Responding to error messages during installation

The Windows server phase of the installation flags missing information that you
did not provide during the
OS/400 phase of the installation, then allows you to supply the information. Thi
s section contains some
examples of those error messages and how to respond.
Duplicate name on network
If the Integrated xSeries Server has 2 LAN adapters that are connected to the sa
me network, the
installation program will indicate that the computer name already exists on the
network. This is a limitation
of the Windows server installation process. To work around this limitation, do t
he following:
v Disconnect one of the Integrated xSeries Server LAN adapter cables from the ne
v On the Windows server console, retype the same computer name.
v Press OK to continue with the installation.
After the installation is complete, you can reconnect the disconnected LAN adapt
er cable.
(Installing Windows server) Error (Installing Backup controller).
If you are installing a backup domain controller without first creating a comput
er account for the new
server on the domain, you will receive the following error message:
Error (Installing Backup controller)
Unable to connect to the domain controller for this domain.
Have your administrator check your computer account on the domain.
Click OK. The Domain will default back to DOMAIN.
Windows server on iSeries 51
You can then take one of two steps:
v Create a computer account for the server from the domain controller, using the
NWSD name as the
computer name
v Enter an Administrator user name and password for the domain and have the inst
allation program
create the computer account for you
Microsoft recommends that an Administrator create a computer account on the doma
in before you install
Windows server. Refer to your Windows server documentation for more information
about creating a
computer account in the domain.
Error (Installing Server)
You may not have specified a value in the To workgroup or To domain fields of th
e Install Windows
Server display on OS/400. If not, then you will see the following error message:
Error (Installing Server)
A setup parameter specified by your system administrator or
computer manufacturer is missing or invalid. Setup must therefore
ask you to provide this information now.
Once you have furnished the required information, unattended Setup
operation will continue.
You may wish to inform your system administrator or computer
manufacturer that the "JoinWorkgroup" value is missing or invalid.
Click OK.