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Any energy that you deny becomes a demon for you. It becomes your inner tormenter. And you
don't get rid of your demons. You embrace them. Not indulge them, but embrace them. And if you
embrace them in a way I am talking about, they no longer feel like demons. They are just energies
that are available to you. They are just part of this whole spectrum of what it is to be conscious and
alive and present. And everything becomes joined together back again.
A mature emotional life is when all the different parts of yourself emotionally are joined back
together. Nothing is put outside, nothing is denied, nothing is hidden. Nothing is unacknowledged. All
brought together so that it can all come together.

I have found over the years of working with people, even people who have had very deep and
profound awakenings, that most people have a fear of being truthful, of really being honestnot only
with others, but with themselves as well. Of course, the core of this fear is that most people know
intuitively that if they were actually totally truthful and totally sincere and honest, they would no longer
be able to control anybody.
We can not control somebody with whom we have been truthful. We can only control people if we tell
half-truths, if we shave down what is true. When we tell the total truth, our inside is suddenly on the
outside. Theres nothing hidden anymore. For most human beings, being that exposed brings up
incredible fear. Most people walk around thinking, My god, if anybody could look inside of me, if
anybody could see what is happening in there, what my fears are, what my doubts are, what my
truths are, what I really perceive, they would be horrified.
Most people are protecting themselves. They are holding a lot of things in. They are not living
honest, truthful, and sincere lives, because if they were to do so, they would have no control. Of
course, they dont have control anyway, but they would have no illusion of control, either.
~ Adyashanti
The End of Your World

"Grace is constantly available; it is our openness to it that comes and goes. Grace is the experience
of being gifted with an insight, understanding, or awakening. By using the word gifted I do not mean
to imply a divine entity that gives grace to some and not to others. Rather, I mean the experience of
sudden understanding and insight that reveals itself when we access transcendental wisdom. This is
a wisdom that exists within everyone as a potential, but only becomes manifest when we go beyond
the limitations of the conditioned mind.
The phrase All is well is certainly worthy of contemplation. It pertains to the direct experience of
Reality. It is not a philosophical statement; it is an existential experience of the ground of being. It
could also be stated that, All is well even when it isnt. By contemplating it you may elicit its reality
within your own experience."

~ Adyashanti
The Way of Liberation Study Course - 2013

All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking
something more or better or different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you

The teacher can light a fire, but the teacher is not going to complete the process for you.
Transmission is most powerful for people who feel a sense of resonance with what is being offered. If
the resonance is there, a potential is ignited. Once the potential is woken up, then you need to take
responsibility for whats happening. Dont just sit around waiting for the teacher or the teachers
transmission to do it for you, because then you come into a dependent relationship. And as soon as
you come into a dependent relationship psychologically or emotionally, the effect of the transmission
is dampened down tremendously. It just kills it right on the spot. Its like putting water on a fire. We
need to become responsible for our own transformation because no teacher can in any way do
everything for us. Weve got to do it for ourselves. Weve got to look for ourselves. Being in the
presence of somebody might light a fire spontaneously, but you yourself have to tend that fire.
~ Adyashanti
Emptiness Dancing

"It is my experience that most people do not know what is truly trustworthy within themselves.
Learning what to trust within yourself is one of the first and most important tasks of any good spiritual
teaching. We all know (I hope) how incredibly easy it is to delude ourselves; a good spiritual teaching
will help us to see this too. But learning what to trust within ourselves is also extremely important.
And here I mean a trust that far transcends our personal preferences and opinions. In a sense it is a
wisdom not belonging to us, but to the quiet and silent spaces within us.
Wisdom arises out of a spacious mind, a mind not cluttered with resistance to what is. So our trust
arises from our alignment with the what-is-ness of each moment. The what-is-ness of the moment
is itself the unfolding of Dharma (Truth). And there is no Dharma (Truth) outside of what is.
With Great Love,
The Way of Liberating Insight

Here is the Promised Land. The eternal is here. Have you ever noticed that you have never left here,
except in your mind? When you remember the past, you are not actually in the past. Your
remembering is happening here. When you think about the future, that future projection is completely
here. And when you get to the future, its here. Its no longer the future.
To be here, all you have to do is to let go of who you think you are. Thats all! And then you
realize, Im here. Here is where thoughts arent believed. Every time you come here, you are
nothing. Radiantly nothing. Absolutely and eternally zero. Emptiness that is awake. Emptiness that is
full. Emptiness that is everything.
~ Adyashanti
Emptiness Dancing

Anger's other face is often a kind of extraordinary clarity. People don't usually associate anger
with clarity. They associate that when they get angry, they get sort of disoriented and not very
clear at all. But that is when you either overly express your anger, that means, if you projecting it
or acting on it, or denying it, trying to hide from it. But when you experience it purely, it
integrates into your system. And it is usually something behind it that is important for you to see.
It is an understanding behind the anger. This is clarity behind it. There is a kind of vivid
discrimination that is available for you.
And it is not opposite of anger, it is a flipside. Letting anger harmonize into your being can bring a
real clarity.
The Way of Liberating Insight - supplemental teaching

Q. Ive heard it said that the ego must die in order to be enlightened. What does ego death mean?
Adya It is said that the ego must die in order for you to truly live. But nothing need die; you simply
need to grow up. A child does not die in order to grow into an adult. The child simply grows up; it
evolves and leaves behind what is no longer appropriate. See that the ego is no longer useful or
appropriate and leave it behind. Only the ego makes its own demise seem dramatic.
~ Adyashanti
The Impact of Awakening

Have you ever felt that you really didnt like being here very much and that you wanted some
wonderful eternal experience? Thats what is often thought, but not said, when the teacher says, Be

here right now, Inside you are feeling, I am here, and I dont like being here. I want to be there,
where enlightenment is. If you have a really true teacher, you will be told that you are mistaken, that
you have never been here. Youve always been in time; therefore, you have never actually shown up
here. Your body has been going through this thing called life, but your head has been going through
this thing called my fantasy about life or my big story about life. Youve been caught in an
interpretation about life, so you have never really been here.
Standing at the Edge of Nothing
Q: I cannot find a way of saying this without sounding crazy. Over the course of my search for Truth,
my roles in life have fallen away, my body brings pain challenges, and I see that what I thought was a
rational mind is actually quite insane (often in amusing ways). Lately, false-self patterns come around
more and more frequently, like the bathwater going down the drain spiraling faster as it nears the
end. I watch and feel empty as if I stand at the edge of Nothing. Most of me wants to know what to
do next because that Void thing looks awfully . . . endless. Whats true, Adya?
Adya: As you stand on the edge of Nothing and everything falls away, what is left, what remains?
Have you noticed that you are always at the center of it all? Even if you are emptiness, you are still
there in each and every experience, as each and every experience. Perhaps you are the capacity,
the endless potential, in which everything arises. Perhaps even more. Your question what is true is
indeed relevant; it is the only question that is relevant in the end. In this world of veilswhat is real,
what is true? When all else spirals down the drain into nothingness when all dreams naturally
cease, what remains that is true? I cannot tell you what is true; you must discover it for yourself. But
perhaps a little clue would be helpful. And so I offer this:
Piercing through the world of endless dreams, emptiness reveals its infinite expanse. Piercing
through emptiness, however, reveals eternal delight.
~ Adyashanti
The Way of Liberation Study Course

Detachment Can Be Tricky

Q: In your meditation instructions you talk about not getting involved with the thoughts that arise. It
seems like over the past few years I have become less and less involved in life as well. Part of that is
aging, I am sure. However, there is not always a peacefulness about it, even in meditation. It feels
more like an indifference that leads to dullness, depression, and fear of life. I am aware at times of
the minds subtle strategies to avoid the aliveness in the moment and yet feel helpless about it. Am I
still caught in the dream state when this flatness arises?
Adya: Thank you for your question. Detachment can be a very tricky territory. It can lead to a type of
life-denying indifference where one may feel somewhat more at peace but separate as well.
There is a further or deeper form of detachment which allows one to let go of grasping at
transcendent detachment and embrace life once again. The deepest detachment is full of vitality and

aliveness, not dead or flat. But such detachment is a leaping beyond all fear. It is an infinite yes to
birth, life, and death. As we age it is natural that our energies turn more from outer things to God
within. And as we do this, we come to see God outside (everywhere) as well.
~ Adyashanti
The Way of Liberation Study Course

"Wisdom without love is like having lungs but no air to breathe.

Do not seek wisdom in order to acquire knowledge but in order to live and love more fully."

Q. Is the search for it worth the trouble?

Without it all is trouble. If you want to live sanely, creatively, and happily and have infinite riches to
share, search for what you are.
While the mind is centered in the body and consciousness is centered in the mind, awareness if free.
The body has its urges and mind its pains and pleasures. Awareness is unattached and unshaken. It
is lucid, silent, peaceful, alert and unafraid, without desire and fear. Meditate on it as your true being
and try to be it in your daily life, and you shall realize it in its fullness.
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

When were not so attached to thought, theres a knowing that arises from not trying to figure
everything out.
Theres a different order of intelligence that can come out of seeing a situation as a whole and letting
something germinate within you. This is about connecting to a deeper state of knowing and wisdom.
The more you utilize the intelligence that comes from outside of the parameters of your thought, the
more you open up to that intelligence.

The biggest barrier to realization is your thoughts about it, because thoughts will create images of
the awakened state, and those images just belong to accumulated knowledge. No matter what image
you have of your true Self, that image cannot be the Truth. When you see this, it becomes easy to
experientially recognize whats right here. Just whats right here - eternal consciousness, pure spirit.
Everything that exists is consciousness appearing as, or God appearing as, or Self appearing as, or
spirit appearing as. The Buddha called it no-self. When thats seen, you see Unity. There is only
God. Thats all there is: God appearing as a floor, as a human being, as a wall, as a chair.
~ Adyashanti

Everybody has had transcendent wisdom break through into the mind. When youve wracked your
brain with a problem for a long time and then, for some reason, youve stopped struggling, and then
all of a sudden you got an Aha! Thats it, where does that come from? Wisdom has broken through.
It could be something really small, a day-to-day kind of thing. It might register in the mind as an Aha!
but it isnt a product of thought. It came from somewhere else, from being. So being has great
wisdom. Its a shock because we are not used to operating from that wisdom, which seems to break
through only every now and then. But actually your beingness is operating that way all the time.

In order to seek, you must first have an idea, ideal, or an image, what it is you are seeking. That idea
may not even be very conscious or clear but it must be there in order for you to seek. Being an idea it
cannot be real. Thats why Seng-tsan says only cease to cherish opinions. By opinions he means
ideas, ideals, beliefs, and images, as well as personal opinions. This sounds easy but it is rarely as
easy as it seems. Seng-tsan is not saying you should never have a thought in your head, he is
saying not to cherish the thoughts in your head. To cherish implies an emotional attachment and
holding on to. When you cherish something, you place value on it because you think that it is real or
because it defines who you think you are. This cherishing of thoughts and opinions is what the false
self thrives on. It is what the false self is made of. When you realize that none of your ideas about
truth are real, it is quite a shock to your system. It is an unexpected blow to the seeker and the

Theres an old Zen story where a monks sitting in meditation and his master walks up to him and
says, What are you doing?
He says, Im polishing my mind so it becomes like a mirror and reflects reality perfectly.
Isnt that a nice spiritual idea? The only problem is that its a bunch of bull.
So the teacher leans over and picks up this tile off the floor - two tiles - and starts rubbing two tiles
together as a response to what his student said.
And the student said, What are you rubbing two tiles together for?
(Teacher) says, Cause Im trying to make a perfect mirror.
And the student, embarrassingly, understood the point. No amount of tile polishing will make the tiles
into a perfect mirror. No amount of mind polishing will make the mind unconditioned.
Only the unconditioned is unconditioned.
Your own awareness itself is unconditioned.
Have you noticed?

Not what you are aware of, thats conditioned to the hilt. But the awareness itself - is completely
Its as unconditioned as the day before you were born. And by paying attention to that, by just resting
as that awareness - spontaneously an unconditioned consciousness becomes conscious of itself.
Thats what spiritual awakening is - unconditioned consciousness becomes conscious of itself.
~ Adyashanti

Awareness is always there, but it doesnt do you much good until you bring consciousness to it, even
for brief moments. Dont be too concerned with how long you can sustain it. Its more important how
often you check in. If you keep checking in, the sustaining of it happens on its own.

To love means to care, to actually care for something beyond ones limited idea of oneself. And
caring often takes action; it requires that we do something, which takes courage. It takes courage to
care and to love in a deep way. Jesus acted because he cared, just as the Buddha taught for forty
years because he cared. Sometimes love is soft and comforting and sometimes love is sharp and
precise. The situation dictates what form love will take.
At the end of the day one must judge for oneself if words or actions are expressions of love and
wisdom, or confusion and deceit. The wisdom born of silence has an intuitive way of knowing the

Q. How do you suggest we approach obsessive thoughts that consume us like fire twenty-four
hours a day, like your initial obsession with the thought that you need to attain enlightenment?
Does freedom from those thoughts come only when we reach a point of such complete
desperation and failure that the mind caves in and one drops through into truth?
Adya So lets start at the beginning. Obsessive thinking arises from fear, anxiety, and struggle.
These are the drivers of excessive thinking. So in an addition to the meditation practice, you may
want to begin to contemplate what you are afraid of, what you are running away from. What you
dont want to deal with within yourself or your life. By contemplate I mean to identify exactly
what fears are driving you. What assumptions are they based on? What are you running from?
Also, rampant thinking is your mind looking for peace. As if, if you could just think enough and
understand enough, your mind could be at peace. But the mind never thinks its way to a lasting
peace. In fact, in the minds rush to find peace and security it overlooks the peace that is already
present within the presence of awareness.
So contemplate what your mind is trying to run away from, and what it is looking for. And begin to
show your mind that peace is available in the present. Literally bring your minds attention to the
greater peace of awareness. And give your mind something to do in the form of following your
breath. Just follow the breath whenever you can during the day, because it will calm your nervous

system and give your mind something to do other than to obsessively think. Of course thoughts may
come, but anchor them in the breath. Be very, very patient and kind to yourself. Very patient and very
With Great Love,

"Awakening reveals that there is no personal self, and that everything is myself. It appears to be a
paradox. We find we are nothing and absolutely everything simultaneously. When we see this, we
realize there is nothing more happening other than love meeting itselfor we could say you are
meeting yourself, or the Truth is meeting itself, or God is meeting itself."

When you allow awakeness in, you will find that it plays games with your life. It doesnt move
according to the agenda of the little me, the one who has all these ideas about this or that happening
when you awaken. The awakeness could care less about the agendas you have. Its moving, and its
not listening to what you want, and you are grateful that its not listening. You discover that it has its
own movement, which I suppose is what real surrender is - following that movement. This is the real
meaning of Thy will be done.
~ Adyashanti
Emptiness Dancing

Q. But sometimes I rest in not knowing and still I never seem to come to know.
Adya You must rest in not knowing with curiosity. Even though you rest in not knowing, you
still need to remain curious. You still want to know, but you no longer struggle to know. Just
observe and stay sensitive to the movement of knowingness within. Knowingness is experienced
in your being as aliveness. It is not in your mind.
Listen from the neck down. Be in your being, and you will come to feel what I am speaking of
within yourself.
~ Adyashanti

Q: From where does desire draw its energy?

M: Its name and shape it draws from memory. The energy flows from the source.
Q: Some desires are altogether wrong. How can wrong desires flow from a sublime source?
M: The source is neither right nor wrong. Nor is desire by itself right or wrong. It is nothing but
striving for happiness. Having identified yourself with a speck of a body you feel lost and search
desperately for the sense of fullness and completeness you call happiness.
Q: But who creates the world?
M: The Universal Mind (chidakash) makes and unmakes everything. The Supreme (paramakash)
imparts reality to whatever comes into being. To say that it is the universal love may be the
nearest we can come to it in words. Just like love it makes everything real, beautiful, desirable.
Q: Why desirable?
M: Why not? Wherefrom come all the powerful attractions that make all created things respond
to each other, that bring people together, if not from the Supreme? Shun not desire; see only that
it flows into the right channels. Without desire you are dead. But with low desires you are a
Q: What is the experience which comes nearest to the Supreme?
M: Immense peace and boundless love. realise that whatever there is true, noble and beautiful in
the universe, it all comes from you, that you yourself are at the source of it. The gods and
goddesses that supervise the world may be most wonderful and glorious beings; yet they are like
the gorgeously dressed servants who proclaim the power and the riches of their master.
Q: How does one reach the Supreme State?
M: By renouncing all lesser desires. As long as you are pleased with the lesser, you cannot have
the highest. Whatever pleases you, keeps you back. Until you realise the unsatisfactoriness of
everything, its transiency and limitation, and collect your energies in one great longing, even the
first step is not made. On the other hand, the integrity of the desire for the Supreme is by itself a
call from the Supreme. Nothing, physical or mental, can give you freedom. You are free once
you understand that your bondage is of your own making and you cease forging the chains that
bind you.
Q: To become an engineer I must learn engineering. To become God, what must I learn?
M: You must unlearn everything. God is the end of all desire and knowledge.
Q: You mean to say that I become God merely by giving up the desire to become God?
M: All desires must be given up, because by desiring you take the shape of your desires. When
no desires remain, you revert to your natural state.

Q: How am I to practice desirelessness?

M: No need of practice. No need of any acts of renunciation. Just turn your mind away, that is
all. Desire is merely the fixation of the mind on an idea. Get it out of its groove by denying it
Q: That is all?
M: Yes, that is all. Whatever may be the desire or fear, dont dwell upon it. Try and see for
yourself. Here and there you may forget, it does not matter. Go back to your attempts till the
brushing away of every desire and fear, of every reaction becomes automatic.
Q: Why so much insistence on relinquishing all desires and fears? Are they not natural?
M: They are not. They are entirely mind-made. You have to give up everything to know that you
need nothing, not even your body. Your needs are unreal and your efforts are meaningless. You
imagine that your possessions protect you. In reality they make you vulnerable. realise yourself
as away from all that can be pointed at as this or that. You are unreachable by any sensory
experience or verbal construction. Turn away from them. Refuse to impersonate.
~from I Am That, Nisargadatta Maharaj

The aim of spiritual practice is to discover in your own present experience that which the movement
of thought never touches. This does not mean to suppress the thinking mind, nor does it mean to
attempt to understand by using thought. What I am pointing toward is the Unknown: the already everpresent, silent, still source that not only precedes thought but surrounds it. You must become more
interested in the Unknown than in that which is known. Otherwise, you will remain enslaved by the
very narrow and distorted perspective of conceptual thinking. You must go so deeply into the
Unknown that you are no longer referencing thought to tell you who and what you are. Only then will
thought be capable of reflecting that which is true, rather than falsely masquerading as truth.
What I am talking about is a condition where the mind never fixates, where it never closes, where it
has no compulsive need to understand in terms of ideas, concepts, and beliefs. This is a condition
where you are no longer referencing the mind, feeling, or emotions for security in any way. What I am
talking about is the complete surrender of all separateness until liberation becomes a permanent
condition, and you are forever lost in the freedom of the Absolute.


"As the fletcher whittles and makes straight his arrows, so the wise direct their straying thoughts.
Thoughts are unsteady, they wander at their own will. It is good to diminish them, as a calm mind
brings happiness.
But how subtle thoughts are, how elusive! The task is to quiet them, and by calming them to find
happiness. Seated in the cave of the heart, peaceful awareness discovers freedom.
How can a troubled mind understand the way? An untroubled mind, a mind beyond judgments,
watches and understands.
Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts, unguarded. But once mastered,
no one can help you as much, not even your father or your mother."
The Dhammapada

Jesus and the Buddha didnt go to war with their dark side. They simply didnt go with temptation or
run away from fear. The basic teaching was to sit tight and just stay here, stay calm, stay present.

You cant try to do non-doing; its more like you start to notice it. Everything is happening all by

"At each moment we are expressing what we know ourselves to be. If we know ourselves very little
we will express and manifest that unconsciousness of our true nature.
If we know who and what we are very thoroughly, we will express and manifest that in what we do.
It is all very simple."

Only the ego asks how to stop struggling because all how-to questions lead to further struggle. This
mechanism of maintaining struggle is how the ego maintains control. Struggling only ceases when

you passionately inquire into who and what you truly are -- deeply enough to awaken from the dream
of being a personal, separate self.
~ Adyashanti
The Impact of Awakening

Is it possible to observe without the thinker? I look at everything with an image, with a symbol, with
memory, with knowledge. I look at my friend, at my wife, at my neighbor, at the boss, with the image
which thought has built. I look at my wife with the image I have about her, and she looks at me with the
image she has about me: the relationship is between these two images. This is a fact,it's not an invention
on my part,it's a fact! Thought has built these symbols, images, ideas. Can I look, at first, at a tree, at a
flower, at the sky, at the cloud, without an image? The image of the tree is the word I have learned which
gives a certain name to the tree, tells its species and recalls its beauty. Can I look at that tree, at that
cloud, at that flower, without thought, without the image? That's fairly easy to do, if you have done it. But
can I look without the image at a human being with whom I am intimate, whom I consider as wife,
husband, child? If I can't, there is no real relationship: the only relationship is between the images that we
both have. So, can I look at life, the clouds, the stars, the trees, the river, the bird on the wing, my wife,
my child, my neighbor, this whole earth -can I look at it all without the image? Though you have insulted
me, though you have hurt me, though you have said nasty things about me or praised me, can I look at
you without the image or the memory of what you have done and said to me?Do see the importance of
this, because it's only a mind that has retained the memories of hurt, of insult, that is ready to forgive, if it
is at all inclined that way. A mind that is not storing up its insults, the flatteries that it receives, has nothing
to forgive or not forgive; therefore there is no conflict. Thought has created these images, both inwardly
and outwardly. Can the images come to an end, and thought look at everything in life afresh? If you can
do this, you will find that without your conscious, deliberate effort to change, change has taken place, a
radical change. Most people are ambitious; they want to be somebody: authors, painters, businessmen,
or politicians. Priests want to become archbishops. Thought has created this society and sees the
advantage of becoming powerful, dominant, an important person, which happens only through ambition.

Thought has created the image through observation of the man in power and wants the pleasure of
owning a big house, having a picture appear in the papers, and all the rest of it. Can one live in this world
without ambition, without the image of pleasure which thought has created? Can one function
technologically, outwardly, without this poison of ambition? It can be done, but it is possible only when we
understand the origin of thinking and understand actually, factually, the unreality of the division between
the observer and the observed. Then we can proceed, because then virtue has a totally different
meaning. It is not the moral virtue of an ugly, corrupt society, but virtue which is order. Virtue, like humility,
is not something to be cultivated by thought. Thought is not virtuous; it is bourgeois, petty, and thought
cannot possibly understand either love or virtue or humility.
- Krishnamurti

First you must free yourself from the idea of your voice. From the very sound of it. You must throw off
the yoke of familiar language. The habits of rhythms and structures that are familiar. They are
limitation. You have to expel even your greatest teachers. They too have become an obstacle to your
freedom. But most of all you have to be honest. You have to be yourself. You have to be fearless
no, more than that--you have to be mindless of whatever might be the consequences of being so.
Only by this way will you arrive at true revelation.
-Alexi Murdoch

When we have enough understanding is having choice. When we feel confined in what we are
experiencing we feel we have not choice, we are swept by the emotion or behavior.
We are endeavoring to bring into form the deepest things we have realized.
You have to have a stability inside and emotional maturity.
What am I aligning myself to right now? What is really important? Is this moment important to me to
be truly open in a vulnerable way?
We can use our spaciousness to hide as an egoic hiding place. I am talking about a totally different
thing. We come out of hiding - that is why I am talking about vulnerability. To be truly open and
available. If we are not available it is very hard for us to embody the deeper qualities of our being. All
the different forms of us embodying our insights depend on our caring. Not just care but to actually
love. Embodiment comes down to how willing are we to be truly open hearted, open minded and
Focus on the little moments where you care. And if you get into conflicts within yourself or personally
ask yourself what you really care about in the moment. Choices are indeed being made. When you
check into the depth of your love, are you choosing to express your deep caring and love?
A lot of embodiment is to be willing to be vulnerable and connected to your caring and love.
Just notice what do you really care about. When you are in conflict, what do you really care about?
What is driving it along is the quality of your human engagement. Unless we take a look what is
operating is our conditioning.


The Courage to Align with Soul

To align with the soul takes courage. Ramana defined enlightenment as absolute courage at all
times and in all situations.
If you want to live an awakened life, it takes courage and grit. It takes someone who loves reality
enough that they become a servant of it.
Whats important is the daily moment-to-moment, when nobody's looking and nobodys paying
attention. Youre the only person who will ever know what you acted from in any situation. Those are
the moments that are the most important. Thats where youll find out where your orientation is.
~ Adyashanti

At any time during the day, you can touch into this ground and bring consciousness to it. You can
make the choice to be aware of it. An important thing is the willingness to make a choice. Whether
there is a chooser or not, there is certainly the experience of choice.
As soon as you start thinking in terms of time, youre already not conscious of awareness. Only
your mind thinks in terms of time.
Every time you touch upon that foundational quality of awareness, you have touched upon the
fundamental nature of your being. Youre noticing that awareness is only being aware.
~ Adyashanti
The Way of Liberating Insight

The idea, as well as the direct experience, that all is well can be used to hide from the many
challenges of life, both individually and collectively. If the insight into the all-is-wellness of life
is genuine, the wellness of life becomes the foundation from which you fearlessly and lovingly
engage in life.
It is not something that you hide behind. Its about fearless and joyous participation, not rejection
and denial. If you can feel directly into the all is well-ness of life right now, you may notice
that it is fearless and loving. It is the foundation of wise and loving action, as well as
The experience of All is well can be interpreted in different ways by the mind. One way is All is ;
therefore, nothing really matters. While this has an element of truth to it, it is by no means a
complete understanding. At a deeper level All is well gives rise to great love and great caring for all

the details of life. All is well also means that all is of immense value and significance. It means that
there is ultimately nothing to gain or lose, and therefore there is no barrier to embracing all of life as
an act of love and as a means of expressing the beauty of All is well-ness. The all-ness of God is
the immanence of presence.

~The Five Principles of Realization and Liberation~

The first principle is becoming aware of our thoughts and the nature of thought. By taking the
position of just being an observer of the thoughts and images that come and go we discover all
thoughts are the same: they are temporary appearances that come and go like clouds in the sky..
The second principle is recognizing our stories and emotional dramas are structured only from
thought, our empty thoughts. In continuing to observe our thoughts we should notice how they tend
to link together in chains of meaning and particular significance. It is this linking together of thoughts
that creates our stories, beliefs and emotional drama in a convincing and powerful way. As a result
we may spend most of our time going from one mini-daydream to another...
The third principle is recognizing that ones sense of self is also only an empty story made of
thought; a mental construction without an actual identity as an entity that exists independently and
with self-determinism.. There is no personal self present other than this make-believe me story...
The fourth principle is recognizing what exactly is the nature of that which is observing and
experiencing the empty nature of thoughts, stories and personal selfhood. What is doing the
recognizing? What is this impersonal aware consciousness that perceives and knows? In these
recognitions there seems to be an ever increasing evolution or revelation of wisdom. As a result
ones cognitive space seems expansive, open and vividly transparent without a center
The fifth principle is recognizing the inseparable relationship between ones empty, aware seeing
and the five senses.. Merging our attention fully with the five senses instead of with the mental
phenomena of thoughts, stories and beliefs in personal identity, reveals a state of total nowness
beyond thought and mind.
A limitless vista of knowing transparency and Clear Light reveals itself to be our true nature beyond
any descriptions or assumptions of mind. In merging our attention totally with the five senses, the
luminous nature of appearances reveals the empty vividness of our Aware and Knowing Space.
If one incorporates and integrates these five principles into ones daily practice, in my opinion no
other methods or practices should be considered necessary
~Jackson Peterson~

Awakening is the transcendence of ego; awakening doesnt mean the ego is dead
or even that its really gone anywhere. The awakening experience may change the
nature of ego, making it more unified, more whole, but the ego is still there.
Relinquishment is what spiritual teachers mean when they say, die before you die.
Many people mistake dying before you die with spiritual awakening, because
awakening can feel like a death and rebirth process. But this relinquishment is

something much, much deeper; in it, the egoic self actually dies, and afterword you
operate from a different place, a place without a center.

"Surrender is not a reaction, not a strategy. It arises out of a confession the ego arrives at. That
confession is that the ego cannot do awakening, no matter how hard it tries or how sophisticated it
becomes in thought, word, or deed. Such surrender is an intimate matter of the heart. It is something
that arises more than something that one brings about. When you bare your innermost troubled
heart and mind to a love beyond what you can grasp or understand, that is surrender."

Q. Do we come to an end of emotional patterns arising over time? Im

guessing that they get further and further apart and then sort of fizzle
out. This is what seems to be happening with thoughts and all patterns
when the present moment is experienced with curiosity and compassion
willingness, surrender, and embodied presence.
Adya Yes, the dysfunctional emotional patterns are finite in number, and
therefore they do come to an end when they are investigated and
resolved. Although they can seem numberless and at times overwhelming,
dysfunctional emotional patterns are in the end illusions that we have
been taught. And whatever we can learn, we can unlearn.
Compassionate curiosity applied with precision and dedication is a very
powerful transformative act. These teachings are meant to give precision
and form to ones inherent compassion and curiosity.

You say you want to know why your mind still says things to you like, You are unworthy, or You dont
deserve freedom and this path is not for you. Why does the mind say these things?
Because, quite likely, you are on the verge of an important discovery which could result in the mind
losing its grip on you.
It is a though it senses this and gathers all its strength together.
As in the past, it seems to know you are likely to take the bait and respond as the identity you are
not. This bad marriage has been going on since the beginning of time. Like other bad relationships,
the ego will not permit you to easily divorce him.
A thought, a spark from the ego-fire strikes, and something is triggered back into identity. You, the
self-doubting presence, log in and the tired old game continues. All the psychological mind needs to
do is to get you to identify as a person.
Though you are the pure Self, the formless and timeless consciousness, you will easily forget this
when you become personally identified. The ego-mind has done enough because from here on you
will be 'fighting with yourself'.

But at some point you wont be so easily deceived anymore.

As you continue to mature through perfect understanding and grace, the ego's voice will lose its
influence and hold over you.
You discover you cannot be anything that appears and disappears. You are the alive, constant and
unchanging presence and space in which all phenomena are perceived as a play of transience. You
are the ever-perfect Self forever.
Bless you that this understanding deepens tremendously in your hearing it again today.
~ Mooji

A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet. As the sun on rising
makes the world active, so does Self-awareness effect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and
steady Self-awareness inner energies wake up and work miracles without effort on your part.
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj ~

Why do humans struggle? If there was nothing in it for you, you wouldnt do it. This is important to
understand because spiritual human beings tend to wonder, Why cant I just let go of it? You hand
on because you get some perceived benefit from it - you get to have this experience of being me. Its
not 100 percent terrible, and you can get some sense of satisfaction out of it. To the time-bound
sense of self, there can be some temporary, great experiences. There are many experiences that a
sense of separate self views as very positive. For example, you go to your neighbors and beat them
at gin rummy, and you feel totally better when you leave. Or you hit the stock market and for one year
you feel wealthy and on top of the world, and then the next year its gone. Or you go to your therapist
or spiritual teacher and start thinking you are making progress, and there is a sense of getting better.
But this is false happiness, not real happiness. False happiness is a trance, an egoic deception.

You don't have to do anything with your mind,
just let it naturally rest in it's essential nature.
Your own mind, unagitated, is reality.
Meditate on this without distraction.
Know the Truth beyond all opposites.
Thoughts are like bubbles that form
and dissolve in clear water.

Thoughts are not distinct from

the absolute Reality,
so relax, there is no need to be critical.
Whatever arises, whatever occurs,
simply don't cling to it,
but immediately let it go.
What you see, hear, and touch
are your own mind.
There is nothing but mind.
Mind transcends birth and death.
The essence of mind is pure Consciousness
that never leaves reality,
even though it experiences
the things of the senses.
In the equanimity of the Absolute,
there is nothing to renounce or attain.

The expansion from personal liberation into a far greater love and concern for that which could
never be called personal is often one of the hardest things for spiritual seekers to come to grips with.
This love is so big that often our self-concern and our fascination with our own liberation feel
threatened. By threatened I mean that it makes such self-concern seem small in the face of
something so much bigger.
The love of which I am speaking arises directly out of a profound depth of realization. It has nothing
to do with doing the right thing or being a good person. Such notions come from an egoic mind
masquerading in spiritual clothing.. I am speaking about a force of love that originates from beyond
the mind - from consciousness itself.
~ Adyashanti
The Impact of Awakening

A quiet mind married to integrity of heart is the birth of wisdom.


How to Face Dark Forces Arising

Q. For the past couple of weeks there has been some very dark energy arising in my dreams,
meditation, and so on. Ive done my very best to remain grounded as awareness, though it is quite
challenging at times. I have heard you mention the temptation and darkness, perhaps even evil, that
Jesus and Buddha experienced, but Im not clear on how to face these demons. Im experiencing
confusion as to whether it is best to allow them to be there and say yes to them, or to somehow evict
themby giving them no attention at all, or by some other energetic eviction. Will you please share
more on how to face these dark or evil forces and energies?
Also, I hear some folks speak of energetic shielding for protection from other energies. This is
something I am not aware of and do not know how to do. Is it necessary?
Adya At some point in our process of deepening into awareness, we will come into direct contact
with our shadowthose more dark, aggressive, and sometimes frightening aspects of the
unconscious mind. It is quite natural and necessary for these more shadowy forces of the
unconscious to arise into conscious awareness. They will tend to arise when your guard is down, like
in dreams or meditation.
While some of the material that arises can be somewhat shocking and unsettling, it is important to
allow to arise whatever wants to arise. Dont take it personally and dont judge it, or yourself. The
shadow needs to come into the full light of awareness in order for it to release itself. The important
thing here is to have a nonjudgmental attitude toward whatever arises. And also, dont get obsessed
with what is arising. Its just a lot of old suppressed emotions that now are coming to the surface of
consciousness in order to be released by the loving presence of awareness.
~ Adyashanti
The Way of Liberating Insight

As soon as your idea of enlightenment becomes time-bound, its always about the next moment. You
may have a deep spiritual experience and then ask, How long will I sustain this experience? As
long as you insist on the question, you remain time-bound. If you are still interested in time and the
spiritual accumulations you can have in time, you will get a time-bound experience. The mind is
acting as if what you are looking for isnt already present right now.
Now is outside of time.
There is no time, and the paradox is that the only thing that keeps you from seeing the eternal is that
your mind is stuck in time. So
you miss whats actually here.

Q. I have heard you say that everything is consciousness. But you also say that liberation is beyond
consciousness. Could you explain what you mean?
Adya There is only consciousness. There is no individual apart from consciousness who is
conscious. The individual is consciousness, and the consciousness that is aware of the individual is
consciousness. Whether formless being or in manifest form, all that is, is consciousness.
Before consciousness there is emptiness. Emptiness is neither formless nor has it any form.
Emptiness neither exists nor does not exist, for it is beyond all conceptual understanding. Neither the
mind, nor the senses, nor consciousness can touch emptiness. Emptiness is the ultimate principle,
the Self, the source of all. That awareness of consciousness is emptiness.
The Impact of Awakening - What is Liberation? - Chapter 9

As one recognises and experiences the naturalness of the Self, because there is no pride here,
mind says 'But this is just too simple to be true.'
By simple it means naive, a sort of put-down.
But before the mind says, 'It is too simple,' you are already here.
Be aware of this.
And how many times have we purchased the mind's trickery which prolongs these states of
ignorance and fear.
This is why the Buddha says, 'For so long I had been tricked by the ego, but now I have caught
and broken him!'
Because of the realisation: I am That which is before everything.
And what joyous discovery!
Even if mind was fast enough to move at a billionth of a second, you are already there before
him - without moving.
Such is the perfectness of the Self.
As soon as you acknowledge and dwell in the fact of this seeing, suffering is dispelled.
~ Mooji, Monte Sahaja Retreat 2015

Q. What motivates a liberated person to act in the world? It seems that without the motivation of
desire, even the desire to help others, there would be no motivation to act at all.
Adya In liberation you are in that state which is prior to any causation. Therefore, actions happen
without any motivation for doing them. You are not doing for yourself or for the love of others. You are
prior to any motivation. Actions simply happen. From the outside, such actions may be viewed as
loving, kind, and wise, but to the liberated one, all happens spontaneously and free of any motive.
Actions arise out of the most natural, primordial state.
The Impact of Awakening - What is Liberation? - Chapter 9

Q. I have heard you talk about nonpersonal enlightenment and a deep love for the whole. How does
that fit in with having no motivation?
Adya First, one awakens to personal freedom: the realization that you are formless consciousness
itself. As consciousness, you are free of body-mind identity. Then there is the awakening to
nonpersonal freedom. This is the birth of a vast nonpersonal love for the whole, for all beings and all
things. It is the realization that you are the whole. Therefore, a freedom that is in any sense personal
seems to pale in comparison to a love that is so much greater. This is a phase of surrendering any
and all personal attachments to the greater good, the self. As self-centered concerns dissolve, a love
that is all inclusive sweeps you up into its arms and into a new life of service, celebration, and love.
With the dawning of liberation, all motivations drop away. One does not act out of any reason or
motivation; action simply occurs. Many mistake personal freedom for liberation because in personal
freedom it is common to lose self-centered motivations to act. Many get stuck there thinking that they
are in the highest state, but they are actually stuck in the emptiness, or absence, of self-centered
motivations. They have not yet awakened to a truly selfless, nonpersonal love and life of service.
The Impact of Awakening - What is Liberation? - Chapter 9

Clear seeing is not different from clear understanding.

It is not the seeing from a subject to an object.
It is not a product of duality. It is unified being.

Clear seeing and clear understanding are the same thing.

A whole spectrum of phenomenal manifestations may appear but all of them are transient and
ephemeral by nature.
You may feel the sensation of going in and out of being, coming out of your true place and wanting to
get back there, but this is only a phase or stage of refinement and cannot be said of the final state the unchanging Self.
All movements occur in consciousness and are watched from, by and in the true Self. You cannot
come out or separate from your Self. Clarity is seeing and understanding this completely.
Through this recognition ego, the false self, is seen and exposed as a phantom. You don't have to
undo anything.
In the light of perfect understanding, the false is dispelled.
~ Mooji, Monte Sahaja Retreat 2015

Beyond nonpersonal freedom lies liberation. A liberated person has transcended any motivations,
personal or nonpersonal. Everything happens spontaneously, free of any sense of being the doer of
deeds. The liberated one has association with consciousness but does not dwell there. The liberated
one has returned consciously to the ultimate principle, which resides before the consciousness. The
liberated one is the awareness of consciousness. Evolution has taken place in him or her.

What the universe will manifest when you are in alignment with it is a lot more interesting than
what you try to manifest.

"Many people try to become wiser and more loving, and they remain in a constant battle with
themselves. This approach never works because it assumes a separate 'you' who wants to be a
better person. It is the you that is the dream, a thought only. In taking yourself to be a separate entity,
you blind yourself to the Truth of your being, which is love and wisdom."
~ Adyashanti

"When you start to follow, instead of lead,

you start to follow that inner movement that
is not speaking. It leads; you follow.
Eventually the leading and following
are just one movement.
There is really no leading, no following."
$ Adyashanti

Nobody is making you feel what youre feeling. Nobody has the power to make you feel something
negative emotionally. Your reactions are caused by how you interpret any situation. This is so
important because it means that you ultimately become your own resource of emotional freedom and
~ Adyashanti

You can have a tremendously transformational experience, and it doesnt immediately get rid of all
of your contradictions and confusions. Sometimes your deepest shadow comes up after your
deepest awakening. Often we have to begin by admitting what is still churning within us.
~ Adyashanti

You Cannot Do Anything

Q. When I go deep into the sense of presence all boundaries disappear and there is a still, awake,
conscious field that thoughts float on top of and emotions color and obscure.
How does the strategy of dwelling in the I AM take one into being in the Absolute?
A. Strictly speaking, you cannot do anything that will make you realize the Absolute. You cannot
become what you already are; all you can do is to remove the false constructs of identification that
obscure your true nature. By dwelling as the I AM, you realize the formless presence of
consciousness. Abide as that consciousness while questioning its source. As the Absolute, you are
prior to all experiences and all perceptions. Even to say I AM or I Am Not does not arise in the
Absolute. It is Pure Infinite Potential. There is no going toward it or away from it. It arises in complete
~ Adyashanti

With consciousness comes options, and with options, you have to take responsibility: What options
am I going to start to utilize? Am I going to choose to be angry, compassionate, kind, or wise? Where
am I going to operate fromthe conflicted mind, or from some sort of stability? Its always wise to
choose kindness.

~ Adyashanti

Thats where the wisdom lies; in the seeing itself, in the awareness itself, and in the consciousness
of whats happening. Thats where the wisdom is.
The mind will always want to remain fixated on the content of perception. But wisdom arises from the
consciousness of the content. So its important to see that the content of perception is the dream, is
unimportant, is illusion.
Q. Whats missing is the realization that it is illusion or that it is a dream. It still seems very real most
of the time - maybe all the time.
Adya. So take the story, Whats missing is the realization that this is illusion, and discard it. Whats
~ Adyashanti

Awareness is always there, but it doesnt do you much good until you bring consciousness to it,
even for brief moments. Dont be too concerned with how long you can sustain it. Its more important
how often you check in. If you keep checking in, the sustaining of it happens on its own.
At any time during the day, you can touch into this ground and bring consciousness to it. You can
make the choice to be aware of it. An important thing is the willingness to make a choice. Whether
there is a chooser or not, there is certainly the experience of choice.
~ Adyashanti

Nothing ever goes away until it has

taught us what we need to know.
Nothing ever really attacks us except our own confusion. Perhaps there is no solid obstacle except
our own need to protect ourselves from being touched. Maybe the only enemy is that we dont like
the way reality is now, and therefore wish it would go away fast. But what we find as practitioners is
that nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. If we run a hundred miles
an hour to the other end of the continent in order to get away from the obstacle, we find the very
same problem waiting for us when we arrive. It just keeps returning with new names, forms,
manifestations until we learn whatever it has to teach us about where we are separating ourselves
from reality, how we are pulling back instead of opening up, closing down instead of allowing
ourselves to experience fully whatever we encounter, without hesitating or retreating into ourselves.
~ Pema Chodron ~

This stillness of awareness is all there is. It's all one. This awareness and life are one thing, one
movement, one happening, in this moment -- unfolding without reason, without goal, without

direction. The ultimate state is ever present and always now. The only thing that makes it difficult to
find that state and remain in that state is people wanting to retain their position in space and time. "I
want to know where I'm going. I want to know if I've arrived. I want to know who to love and hate. I
want to know. I don't really want to be; I want to know. Isn't enlightenment the ultimate state of
No. It's the ultimate state of being. The price is knowing.

"So the opportunity is can I actually begin to come out of time? You hear the old teaching 'to be
present'? It is very popular be present, be in the now, all that kind of stuff. But actually you can't be
present and be thinking in terms of time. You can't be present when you are thinking in terms of
tomorrow. The two are incompatible.
I mean if you are at work and you need to plan what you gonna do the month later, that's not what I
am talking about. I am talking about theother kind of time. Not the practical time, but psychological
time. When one is stuck in their psychology. And one's psychology always has to do with time, it
always has to do with what happened yesterday or two minutes ago, what may or may not happen a
minute from now or a lifetime from now. That's psychological time. This is how imagined self
~ Adyashanti
- "Facets of Integrity"

A different dimension of being starts opening up when this verb ego is allowed to run down. Just by
watching, we can start to see that nothing that arises has an egoic or me nature. A thought arising
is just a thought arising. If a feeling arises, it has no me nature and no self nature. If confusion
arises, it has no me nature in the arising. Just by watching, we see that everything arises
spontaneously, and nothing has an inherent nature of me in it. Egoic nature comes only in the
A soon as that afterthought is believed, then we have a whole worldview happening -- Im angry; Im
confused; Im anxious; Im so happy; Im depressed; Im unenlightened or, worse yet, Im
enlightened. Suddenly this I-thought belief colors everything we see, everything we do, and every
single experience that happens. People think that spirituality is an altered state, but this delusion is
the altered state. Spirituality is about waking up, not about states.

It is Love that leads us beyond fear and into the solitude of our being. There we find our utter
aloneness because we stand free of all the false comforts of illusion and find the capacity to stand

where no one else can stand for us. We are alone not because we have isolated ourselves behind
an emotional defense or false transcendence, but because we are no longer held captive by either
the mind or fear.

We look to everything in life to make us happy, not realizing that happiness is actually at our very
core. It's natural to our being. There's no way to BECOME happy. We simply need to stop doing the
things that make us unhappy. One of the ways that we make ourselves tremendously unhappy is
through making demands of ourselves and each other. It's very common in human interaction for us
to demand that someone change so that we can be happy, or fulfilled. In this process, we completely
disregard what might be in the best interest of the other person, or in the interest of the whole. Is this
really an expression of love? Is this ultimately what we want? Do we really want everyone around us
to be changing to make us happy? Do we really want to be that kind of tyrant? Does that really speak
to our deepest heart, to the love that we all have inside?
If you listen to me long enough, you'll hear me contradicting myself, constantly ... you're nothing ...
you're everything ... there's no self ... well of course, there's a self ... .
If you went to my teacher, and had the great revelation of 'no self', of emptiness, I'm nothing, and the
freedom of that, and that's totally true ... I'm nothing, and the great liberation of realizing that ... then
the next thing, you'd get this great smile, and you'd see that my teachers really happy that you've
finally kind of woken up out of your some-thingness, and then you'd get a quick rap on the head,
crack, with a stick. 'Okay Mr. nobody, who did that hurt ?'
Then you'd scratch your head, and walk out of the room, hmmm... 'gosh I really thought I was
nobody, there for a minute' ...
Of course it was true ... it wasn't a way of saying what was discovered wasn't real. It was a way of
saying what was discovered, may not be the whole ... the whole truth, may not be the end. There
may be more to this.
The discovering our infinite formlessness , also can lead to, realizing it's all one. Form ...
formlessness ... is one. So this form, that appears to have a self, that appears to have me, appears
to have, is not other than the formless one.
It's on the level of talk, the truth is fraught with total contradictions.
And the more awake we become, we become capable of holding these contradictions, effortlessly,
because the truth, the true I, the true I of awakening, actually sees the oneness, and the mind sees
in the oneness these totally contradictory experiences, are happening, simultaneously.

Of being the all, and everything, the supreme reality, and being this particular, individual, human
And both are true.
As we awaken, we begin to discover, one to the exclusion of the other.
First you're a human being ... then you're Mr. nobody ... and then Mr. nobody, is a human being.
And they're both simultaneously, true ... they're both simultaneously happening.
The danger of teachings is that, almost everything that can be said ... the opposite can be said to be
almost equally true.
This presence of being is vast.
It's all inclusive.

Don't know anything at all.

Meet everything in the moment as it arises.
Meet life like this and you are on the road to
true and pure existence,
everlasting joy and contentment.
Then your life is not a series of events,
but more a quality of being.
Start with being empty before you make your first step.
Then, when you make your first step,
see if you leave this beautiful emptiness or not.
When you are so grounded in and as the source,
it won't matter if you make one, ten or a hundred steps
in any direction, they will be steps made
in the silence of being.
The one who follows my advice
will find something truly worth discovering.
Discovering yourself as you truly are
is discovering life as it truly is.
~ Mooji, from the book 'White Fire'

The true spiritual urge or yearning is always an invitation beyond the mind. Thats why its always
been said that if you go to God, you go naked or you dont go at all. Its the same for everybody. You
go in free of your accumulated knowledge, or you are forever unable to enter. So an intelligent mind
realizes its own limitation, and its a beautiful thing when it does.
When you stop holding on to all of the knowledge, then you start to enter a different state of
being. You start to move into a different dimension. You move into a dimension where experience

inside gets very quiet. The mind may still be there chatting in the background, or it might not, but
consciousness is no longer bothering itself with the mind. You dont need to stop it. Your awareness
just goes right past that wall of knowledge and moves into a very quiet state.
~ Adyashanti
Emptiness Dancing

Once you are present in the Energyfield of Self-discovery,

it's like you are a piece of ice in warm water.
The warm water is the Self. The ice is the mind.
The warm water is not fighting with the ice.
The ice can not resist the melting.
It is a natural and fatal attraction.
~ Mooji

Q. Is awakening just another spiritual experience you have?

Adya Awakening doesnt mean you awaken. It means that there is only awakening. There is no you
who is awake; there is only awakeness. As long as you identify with a you who is either awake or
not awake, you are still dreaming. Awakening is awakening from the dream of a separate you into
simply being awakeness.
~ Adyashanti
The Impact of Awakening

Posle vidjenja stvari, onako kako jesu , bar I na trenutak, sve je dobro. Onda posle 2
dana, nedelju dana, mesec dana, um pocinje da razmislja o tome. O boze, ja ne
postojim . To je strasno. I vidis , sa tom misli, iluzija o razdvojnistvu se javjla. I
strah se javlja. Ali nakon sto to vidis, Makar I na sekundu, on je smrtno ranjen. Sto
znaci da moze da pljuje krv u tvoju svest samo odredjeno vreme. Mozda traje
duze nego sto zelis. Ali tenedencija da grabi, je ranjena, sto stvara strah u sistemu
jos vise. Jer um moze samo da interpretira da ako ja- ego ne postojim, projektuje
nepostojanje. To um radi svaki put kad naidje na nesto sto ne moze da razume.
Uplasi se. Uglavnom kada ljudi rade nesto, i ne znaju kakav ce ishod biti, oni se
plase. Ovo je ono kao jedan od velikih strahova. Tvoj sistem se suocava sa
misterijom o sebi, o tome ko si. I ne moze da shvati. I onda um, iz navike, projektuje

strah, teror. Kada budes u potpunosti prihvatila strah. Ovo se vise nece dogadjati. I
prihvatati strah, ne znaci voleti ga, prigrliti ga, jer je sve to kao upravljanje ega.
Jednostavno prihvati strah. Ptretnji straha, istrebljenju, unistenju, kakvu god iluziju
strah da stvara. I to u tebi, sto jednostavno kaze da . Ne prekidamo strah tako sto
pokusavamo da ga se resimo, vec ga prekidamo tako sto nadjemo to da , jer to
da shvata da nema cega da se plasi. Strah ima snagu, u direktnoj proporciji koliko
mu se opires. Tu uzima moc. Nema spoljasnju moc. Sva moc dolazi iz otpora prema
njemu. I onda dobijes kljucno shvatanje. Sva njegova energija, dolazi od onoga sto
si ti. Dolazi od odbijanja. Bez odbijanja, bez energije.
Ako se potpuno soucis sa strahom kad se stvori. On nema snagu. Ako ga izbegnes
makar I na sekund. On ima. Ko bi bio ako ne bi hranio bilo koju pricu, u vezi sebe. I
sta se desava kada verujes u jednu pricu.? U jednu misao? Mozes da osetis,
ogranicenost. I onda kazemo kako da se otarasim ove misli. Vidis, ona nasledno nije
istinita. To je moc koju ti imas. Svi je imaju. Da uzmes jednu misao, ili recenicu. I
verovanjem u nju, ti kreiras ceo svet. Tvoj ceo unutrasnji emicionalni svet. I onda
pogledas u svet, I ceo svet se cini da reflektuje tu jednu misao. To je moc koju mi
imamo. To je problem kad si taj . Imas svu moc. Imas kljuc za kosmicka kola. I
zapravo ih navodimo, stalno. Ako verujem u misao, ta misao, postaje moja
stvarnost. Ako nema misli, ovo je realnost. Ovo , pre misli!

Meditacija ti daje unutrasnju stabilnost. Mnogi nacini meditacije te teraju da se

fokusiras na nesto. I taj focus ti daje stabilnost, I osecas se dobro,I nista te ne
dotice. Problem je sto to ne mozes da nosis sa sobom. A i da mozes da nosis,
blokirao si 99 % postojanja. I onda se pitas kako da ponesem ovaj lepi deo iz
meditacije, u svoj zivot. A ne mozes, jer ne mozes ici kroz zivot, fokusirajuci se na
jednu stvar. Jednostavnost sedenja u tisini je dovoljna. Svaki put kad postanes
situacije, nema problema, jer nisi odovjen od toga. Ali cim postanes, sve sto se
dogadja, nema problema, jer nisi odvojen od toga, onda ne postoji ni jedan deo tebe
koji ne pokusava da bude anksiozan. Ako imas busy mind, i ni jedan deo tebe ne zeli
da prestane da ima busy mind, onda ti busy mind ne smeta. Smeta ti samo kad
odlucis da ne zelis Cim odlucis da ne zelis ono sto se dogadja onda si uzbudjen, i
izbacen iz ravnoteze U duhnovnim ucenjima je uglavno suprotnost od ovoga sto
sam rekao. Vec je kao da se iskljucis iz situacije. I to je uredu. To ja i nekad
ohrabrujem. Ali je delimicno. Primer da postanes situacija: prica o penjanju. Cesto
mislimo ja sam nesrecan , zgob nacina na koji stvari jesu. Ali zapravo je suprotno.
Nisi u harmoniji o tome kako stoje stvari. Stvari su takve kakve jesu, a ti im se
protivis. Sto stvara razdor izmedju tebe I zivota. Izmedju tebe I sta god da se
dogadja. I da li si primetio da si uvek ti taj koji komentarise, da li je nesto dobro ili
lose, ali sta god da se dogadja u datom trenutku nije dobro ili lose, sta god da se
dogadja nije ono sto bi trerbalo ili nije trebalo da se dogadja. I to je rodjenje naseg
ega. Konstantno komentiranje o onome sto jeste. Ego se u neku ruku prakticno igra
boga. Ono zna kako sve treba da bude. Postanemo toliko zavisni od pricanja price.
Ono sto se dogadja nije problem, vec pukotina izmedju. Zatvori pukotinu.

Priroda svesnosti ( Awarenes ), je prazna. Jer nema zadrzaja. Ona nije nesto sto
mozes da zgrabis. Ne mozes da pokazes gde se nalazi. Nije lokalizovana na jednom
mestu negde. Samo jeste. Nije u glavi , iza glave, u srcu, ona je unverzalna. Nema
formu. Priroda joj je praznina. Tvoja praznina je takodje samosvesna. U budizmu
kazu da je svesnost samosvesna, tj, zna da jeste. Inteligentna je, drugim recima.
Nista drugo ne moze da bude svesno sebe. Samo svesnost jeste svesna. Takodje
ima veliku dozu ljubavi, saosecanja. Osecaj dobrote . Duh ( spirit ) je druga rec za
svesnost. Ima osecaj da je sve dobro, i da sve savrseno, iako ima mnogo
katastrofa koje se desavaju . Nema samo blagosranja za sebe, vec se preliva. To
postaje tvoja priroda. To je saosecanje, to je ljubav. Ona je jednostavna. Sto znaci da
jestei nije lako. Ali zavisi koliko si I ti jednostavan. Koliko si voljan da budes
jednostavan. Cak I kada se probudis imaces dublje I dublje prilike da pustas
egoistickog sebe . Budjenje ne znaci da je ego napustio stanovanje. Krivicu,
osudjivanja, misljenja, to je sve egoisticko ja . Kad vidis tvoju istinsku prirodu,
nista od tebe se ne ocekuje, osim da prestanes da se trudis toliko. Prestani da t razis
trenutak, pusti ga da se desi. U trenutku otkrivanja svoje prirode, kad se oslobodis
ega, nema pitanja, nema sumnje. Barem znas, da kad pustis egoistickog sebe,
zauzvrat dobijes ceo univerzum.

Ispitivanje sta je istina , sta je bog je cudno. Jer nas moze odvesti dublje u
nase ludilo, u nasu ludost, u nase umove, u srz samog problema. Kaso sto je to bilo
za njega. Cim sam se zapitao sta je istina, nikad vise nije bio zapao u iluziju, dok je
tragao za istinom. Nikad vise ludji, nego kad je trazio razum,a opet , to je ples zar ne
? Da mi zapravo postajemo jos ludji, uprkos naporima da ne budemo ludi., da bi
shvatili istinu. Svako ko zeli da zna ultimativnu stvarnost, nije nesto sto biras
izmedju mnogo opcija, kao kad odes da kupis sladoled pa imas 30 ukusa. Isto kao
kad odes na duhovno trziste, i mas 1000 opcija, da otole potrebe, teznje, i zelje. A
opet zelja za ultimatovnom stvarnoscu, zaista nema prevelike veze, jer sve je
namesteno za vise ludnosti, a ne za istinom. Sve je namesteno za vise ludosti, kad
bolje pogledas. Jer potraga za istinom, nas tera protiv svojih impulsa koji su u nama.
Kao implus da treba neko da se slozi, implus za drustvom.Ono kao da budes clan
neke organizacije, isto kad kad sedis u ovoj grupi i kazes o, ima puno ljudi kao ja
ovde . Seeking agreement, je upravo ono sto nas vodi u iluziju. Cak i u
spiritualnosti, mi zapravo trazimo, podsvesno, agreement. I onda stvorimo grupe,
kao budisticke grupe, hriscanske grupe. A istina je zapravo sloboda od svih tih
ludosti . Kada trazis sve to jako je tesko spoznati istinu. Istina je zapravo iskorak u
nasu samocu( Aloneness ) . Zajednicki motiv u duhovnosti je samoca. ( Buda
odlazi na bodhi drvo, isus odlazi u pustinju na 40 dana, muhamed odlazi u planinu,
mojsije odlazi u planinu.) Motiv zapravo nije odlazeci od jedne tacke do druge. Nije u
pitanju napustati to gde smo, I odlazeci negde drugde. ZApravo je suprotno.
Odlazeci upravo tamo gde jesmo. its about ne uzimati ono sto je spolja, kao istinu
I ono spolja znaci isto nasi umovi. Jer nasi umovi su stvoreni od spoljasnosti .
Primetili ste ? Sve sto vasi umovi imaju, vam je dato od napolje ( from outside ).
Od drugog uma. Sam jezik koji pricamo, ove reci koje govorim su pozajmljene spolja,

da tako kazem. Tako da je sve pozamljeno spolja.Tako da kad odemo u um, I dalje
smo u spoljasnosti. U takozvanoj (internalized), subjektivna spoljasnost. Tako da kad
hocemo oslobodjenje od naseg ludila, od naseg zarobljenistva. nemamo luksuz da
skupljamo razne ideje. Jer to je ono sto vecina duhovnosti zapravo jeste. To je grupa
ljudi, koja imaju slicna misljenja. Sve religije su definisane njihovim verovanjima. Ali
u igri istine, verovanje se ne racunaju. I to je ono sto znaci biti sam. Ne znaci biti
izolovan, i nemati prijatelje, i nestajati u pecinu negde, I druge gluposti. Jer ces
verovatno poneti svoja verovanja u pecinu, I meditirati o stvarima na kojiima ti je
receno da meditiras. Mislim na samocu, koja te dublje I dublje odvlaci u tisinu. Jer
kranja samoca, nije samo samoca od spoljasnjih stvari, to nije toliko bitno, vec
samoca od nashi samih virtuelnih realnosti, uma. I ako ste se ikada pitali koliko
virtuelnih realnosti vas um izbaci u jednom trenutku, samo uzmite jedan trenutak, 5
sekundi, da budete tihi. I sve sto nestane u tih 5 sekundi, to nije stvarno. Zato kad
ne razmisljas, sve sto nestaje, je ono sto nije stvarno. Za neke ljude to je 99 posto
zivota. Ja sam neciji sin, cerka,majka, ja sam covek, zena, ja razumem sta pricam,
ne razumem, svidja mi se , ne svidja mi se, da li cu stici tamo, , vec sam stigao,da li
necu, relativno sam dobar momak , dosojan, nedostojan . Sve vise I vise misli. I I
sve ovo nestane kada thinking mind prestane da razmislja. To se zove virtuelna
stvarnost, bolje poznata kao iluzija. Nema krajnje istine. Ako shvatite sve ovo,
sokirace vas, ako nikad niste videli. O tome koliko neistine uzimamo za istinu. Jer to
je zapravo biti sam. Dublje je od pecine itd itd .. Dublja samoca, samoca I od nashi
koncepta, Sve ono sto zamisljas o osobi pored tebe , roditeljima, kad se utisas, I sve
sto nestane, je iluzija. Naravno ovo ne znaci da misli nisu korisne, I da nemaju neku
uzajamnu povezanost sa istinom, uobicajno nemaju. Zato samo ako uvidis ovaj
malecni deo slagalice, u vezi misli, I kako kreiraju samostvorenu realnost , uvideo
si nesto sto je veoma mali broj ljudi uvideo, u istoriji covecanstva. Cak I oni koji su
meditirali 30 godina, dobro, oni su znali da je um iluzija, ali oni su to procitali. Oni
nisu to osetili, udareni u stomak time, ono kao o moj boze, moj ceo zivot, kao
kad ukljucim televizor, I pocnem da pricam price I price, oces da kazes da to nije
istina ? I ono sto kazem o sebi, nije istina , ono sto kazem o drugima, nista nije
istina, cak ni malo, cak ni jedna rec? I sta te to ostavlja, ostavlja te potpuno samog.
nema drustva tamo, mada ako stvarno volis da budes sam, naci ces puno drustva
tamo, ali nema drustva , nema koncepta, nema razmene verovanja, sam si,
poslednje mesto na kojem si zeleo da budes. Mozda nisi saznao istinu, ali sigurno
znas sta jeste iluzija. Ovo uznemiruje ego. Njima ne smeta da im se njihov svet
modifikuje, ali nikako ne vole kad se urusi. I nemojte da vas zavara, duhovnost,
prosvetljenje, zovite ga kako ocete, je totalno destruktivan proces. I ako mislis da je
kao coming together onda si uhvacen u jos jednoj iluziji. To je totalno
destruktivan process, koji na kraju void jedinstvu. I religija i spiritualnost, je taj kranji
lepak , koji drzi nase iluzije zajedno. Oni drze ta nasa verovanja, verovanja za koja
smo spremni da umremo. Ako oces da pokrenes raspravu sa nekim, zapocni pricu o
2 stvari. O religiji I o politici. Ako oces da rasplamsas vatru, da okrenes brata protiv
sestre, oca protiv majke, spomeni religiju ili politiku. Tu su nasa verovanja i koncepti
zacementirani. Mesto gde je nasa iluzija najdublje utemeljena. Uvek, unutar svih,
postoji velika tisina. Nije tisina koja je stvorena, ne tisina koja postoji
disciplinovanjem uma, blokiranjem misli, zaustavljanjem osecaja, to je lazna tisina,
ona je iluzioni brat. To je forsirana tisina, zatvorenicka ( prsionment ) tisina. Sigurna

tisina. Ego moze da stavi tu tisinu na onu disciplinovanu tisinu, i da kaze o, ovo je
dobro, ovo mi se svidja . Ali prava tisina nema veze sa tom stvorenom stvari,
nametnutom stvari, nesto sto je forced upon the mind. Prava tisina dolazi samo
vidjenjem nestvarnosti misli. I onda nema razloga uzimati misao kao referentnu
tacku za krajnju istinu. Ako oces da ispeces kolace, naparvis bolji most, odleteti na
mesec, za to je misao dobra, ali za kranju realnost , zaboravi. Svi su culi za ovo, ali
samo ima uticaj, kada zapravo vidis da ti um stvara fabrikovani osecaj stvarnosti.
Kada vidis, tada ti ne treba disciplina, ne treba da teras um na nesto, nije bitno
onda, jer nemas drugu misao koja kaze ne treba da bude misli . Zato postoji
tisina, bilo da postoji misao, ili ne. Prejaka tisina. Prosvetljenje nije nista posebno,
vec samo videti stvari onakve kakve jesu. I onda ce um videti ono sto ti jesi,
umesto ono sto nisi. Najbitnija stvar je videti sta nismo. I biti voljan da pustitmo to
koliko god zelimo da ga pustimo. Sta je svet, kad nemas misli o njemu? Sta mislis o
sebi, kad ne razmisljas o sebi ? Jesi li dobar , los, dostojan, normalan ? Na ovo sam
mislio za tisinu. Urusava strukturu nasih iluzija. Tesko je otvoriti se tisini, kad u
pozadini svoga uma , mislis da postoji realnost negde drugde. Ali tisina postoje laka
da joj se otvoris kada shvatis da nema druge opcije. Svuda drugde je vise misli.
Mozda shvatis, lako... da bez misli, ti jesi tisina, dok ne kazes da nisi. Nisi cak ni ono
sto osecas. To je drugo mesto preko koje ljudi zakljucuju istinu. Misli i emocije su
nesto sto se desava u tebi, znaci nisu ti. Zapravo si i ti nesto sto se desava u tebi. To
je fazon. Sve u vezi tebe je sve vise sadrzaja, vise stvari. I jos jedna od iluzija,
mozda najveca, je da JA sam neko, ko seta ovim beskonacnim univerzumom.. JA
hodam, u ovom telu, na ovom svetu. A kad izadjes iz virtuelne stvarnosti, onda vidis
da si ti sve to, i neko, i prostran univerzum je sadrzan u tebi. Samo je suprotno. I
gledalo te je u lice ceo zivot. I sasvim suprotno da te odvode od ovog zivota, od
ljudskosti, zapravo te dovodi tvojoj ljudskosti, ovom zivotu, shvatas da si do sad
ziveo u virtuelnoj stvarnosti, misleci da je sve stvarno, da si veoma ljudsko bice, da
si veoma ovde. Ne znam da li ste primetili da je svako u svom malom svetu. I svako
od njih misli da to sto oni misle da je sve to stvarno., i imamo bilion malih stvarnosti,
koje misle da su stvarnost. Da su oni pogodili. I onda odu u rat izmedju njih. Jer nije
nista opasnije kada se ljudi izvrnutih realnosti pridruze grupama,kada se iluzije
objedine, onda smo veoma opasni. Ali naravno veoma je utesno za iluziju. Nasao
sam drustvo, mora da je istina. Kada se probudimo u potpunosti, sve to nestaje.
Zato sto je istina, za sve nas, jedna. Kada bi svi ljudi u ovoj sobi spoznali istinu, biio
bi isti izvestaj. Bili bismo isti. Ne bi bilo razlike. Nikad nije ni bilo. I kroz ovo pricanje,
ja bojim istinu, ustvari, ono sto pricam nije zapravo istina, jer su to koncepti. I to je
ok, to je deo nase licnosti. To je veoma unikatna stvar koju svako od nas ima. Na
tom nivou, stvari ce uvek biti drugacije od jednog do drugog, i hvala bogu. Mozete li
da zamislite ceo svet punim ljudi upravo isti kao ti. Jedinstvo se obojilo, procvetalo
na jedinstvene nacine, te naravno da postoji. Unikatnost. Ali samo malo ispod te
unikatnosti, to je jedinstvo . U dubini te tisine, ti si potpuno isti kao i najveci
svetac koji je ikada ziveo. Potpuno si isti kao isus, to je ista krajnja realnost. Sve dok
smo diskonektovani od jedinstva, u nasoj virtualnoj realnosti, uvek se osecamo,
nekako izgubljeno. I cim izadjemo is senke istine iz uma onda smo kuci. Ne krajnjoj
kuci, vec kao da su sve stvari onakve kakve jesu. Ako nista, onda otresemo mreze
nerealnosti, I onda tu je istina koja sija bas unutar tebe. Vec je tamo. Kada udjes u
samocu, ( aloneness ), tek tada nisi vise sam.

Nemoj da cekas da ti prosvetljenje resi sve tvoje probleme. Ne cekaj da ti nadje bolji
posao, i da ti stavi hranu na sto. Zato resi te stvari.
Nikad nisam cuo da postoji stvar koju treba da uradis da bi izbegao stanje patnje.
Kada krenes odatle, to je istina koja oslobadja. I mi volimo istinu koju osecamo
dobro, i teramo istinu koju ne osecamo dobro. Jer um uvek trazi neki tajni kljuc, I s
toga je malo vise u buducnosti, kao da postoji nada u sledecem trenutku. I kada
budemo imali malo stabilnosti mozemo da shvatimo, da to nije istina. Moze se ciniti
kao mali kljuc, mali uvid u nesto, I biti dobro nedelju dana, I onda se vratiti gde si
bio. Barem tada nisi u konfilktu sa sobom.
Imas duhovnu bolest. To je kao grip. Nije zapravo tvoj izbor da je imas. Dobijes grip,
i zelis da ga nemas. Kada se zaljudis u istinu, onda je ona tu, sve vreme.
Bilo da je tih um, ili zauzet um, oba se dogadjaju unutar onoga ko je budan.
Um-telo, uvek pokusavaju da nadju svoj put kuci,ali su vec tamo.
Uvek je divna stvar kad si istina, kad mozes da pitas sebe, dok primecujes svoje
misli , i probleme, da li je ovo budno ja, dotaknut problemima malog ja ? , Dok
ovamo malo ja kaze da , imam veliki problem . Pristup je tu. Uvek u tebi. I onda ta
ljudskost moze da bude sadrzana u tome, ne odbacivanje, ali sadrzana u toj
budnosti. Ne samo posmatrana, vec posmatrana i zadrzena. ( watched and held ). I
sve to postane problem, kad shvatis da je nestalo u fantaziji, tj dok ne kazes sebi to.
To je moc tvoje percepcije sto ucini da nerealnost nestane, na moc onoga sto
Misao nema inteligenciju. Ona crpi inteligenciju odnekud. One su kao stvari na
kartonu. Samo simboli. Simboli nemaju inteligenciju. Intertni su, nema intelgenciju,
osim inteligencije koju im svest ( consciousness ) daje.
Kao kad citas knjigu. Reci su samo symbol na parcetu papira, ako citas knjigu na
spankom , neces znati nista.
Misli dolaze iz praznine takodje. Samos u ekspresija praznine. Ako ne zaboravimo da
mislis dolaze niotkuda, mozda ce misli izraziti niotkudnost odakle su dosli. Cim
zaboravimo da misli dolaze niotkuda, I da nisu moji, I da nemaju stvarnost. onda
upadnemo u koncepte.
I kada um krene da pita da li je ovo korisno, da li ovo nije korisno, uvek se vrati u to
da iskusis, uvek ces pronaci sta je korisno,a a sta nije.
Ako cekas svoj um, cekases zauvek.
Da budes budan se svodi na to da li zelimo da funkcionisemo sa tolikim
stepenom praznine. Jer istina ce da funkcionise na taj nacin. Nije da istine nema
inteligenciju da vidi istinu od neistine, ali ne nosi sa sobom teret verovanja.
Cudno je kako napustajuci telo, tek ga tad nastanjujemo.


Gorivo psiholoskog ja ( malog ja , egoisticke fikcije ) trazi da prezivi da bi nastavio.
Ako ne verujete budite tihi, i videcete. Moze da nastoji da postoji u negativnom
smislu. Boze, zeleo bih da imam smireniji um , dakle nastavjla da postoji,
davanjem otpora. Nikad nije dovoljno dobro za psiholosko ja , ...dolazi tamo, u
najboljem slucaju, stize, ali nikad nije dovoljno. Bira poziciju u odnosu na ono sto
jeste, to je psiholosko ja. Moze biti pozitivno i negativno. Znate one ljude koji su
uvek veseli u vezi svega. Kao ono kad imate los dan, oni ljudi koje zelite da
ubijete . Moze cak i da stvori lazno pozitivnu referentnu tacku. Moze cak i da
iskoristi potragu za slobodom, kao nacin da se odrzi. i prosvetljenje da se odrzi.
Prosvetljenje jeste. Tacka. Kraj price. Sve ostalo je priholosko ja , koje zeli da nastavi
u prostoru i vremenu. Kada ce se desiti meni. Hocu li ikad shvatiti? Da li sam
dovoljno dobar da shvatim? Jesam li patio dovoljno, mozda moram jos malo da
patim da shvatim. U dubini bica, tibetanci su to nazivali pogled , buda pravi
pogled . Um misli, Ok , pravi pogled, prava pozicija da se vidi, umesto pogleda
. To je svesnost ( awareness ), nema fiksirani pogled. TOtalna bezuslovno
prihvatanje. Nista u tvojoj istinskoj prirodi pokusava da prezivi. Gotovo je I pre nego
sto je pocelo. Jer psihlosko ja uvek hoce da pocne. Pocecu od tacke A, I doci do tacke
B, a tacka B je prosvetjlenje , Bog, a kad dodjem tamo bice mnogo bolje nego
ovde. Ici cu od - gde mislim da jesa - do gde zelim da budem. Na putu sam. To je
kao da hodas trotoarom jednog dana, potpuno zadovoljan i neko nacrta liniju
kredom. Ako predjes ovu liniju i dodjes ovde, bices prosvetljen. O, u redu . Pre
toga nije bilo problema, ali sad oces da odes sa jedne strane imaginarne linije, i
mislis da si uradio nesto znacajno. uspeo sam . Stigao sam . Vrlo je bitno imati
razumevanje kako psiholosko ja pokusava da opstane. Razlog je ovaj. NESVESNO
HRANI IGRU. Tokom 60ih svi su imali Ulceres. Odlucli smo kao kultura da je zato sto
smo pod stresom da imamo ULCER. Podsvesnot je bila Nemas ulcer jer si pod
stresom, imas Ulcer je nesto nije u redu. Jer je neka bolest. I cim su se svi slozili,
dovoljno ljudi se slozilo, da je Ulcer uzrokovan stresom, nije proslo mnogo, i ulcer je
pocinjao da nestaje. Zasto ? Razlog je jednostavan. Postali smo previse svesni
Odbacili smo nasledne brige, da nesto nije u redu, vec da je samo stres. I ceo
mehanizam vise nije bio nesvestan. Sada nema toliko Ulcera, sad svi imaju
probleme sa ledjima. Isto kao u 70im. 10 godina od sada, nece biti ni desetina
problema sa ledjima, koliko ima sada. Zasto sto smo usli u process , mozda sam
samo pod stresom . I kad odlucimo da je od stresa, onda mora da ode negde
drugde. Jer ce biti previse svesnoti u sistemu, tako da iluzija ne moze vise opstajati
da nesto zapravo nije u redu da je to zapravo iluzija. Tako da ko zna gde ce otici
sledeci put. Ovo kazem jer pocinje da bude dublje razumevanje, ubedjenje o
razlicitim nacinima kako psiholosko ja nastavlja da postoji. Postajemo da budemo
vise svesni o tome sta se dogadja. Kada postanes previse svestan sta se dogadja,
on rusi to sto se dogadja. Ne moras mnogo da radis . Postoje I mnogi skriveni nacini
kako psiholosko ja zeli da opstane, I to su mnogo vise, dublje ukorenjeni, suptilniji
nacini. da budes stvari u koje verujes, a da ne znas da u njih verujes. To ce biti
referentne tacke zbog kojih ces se mnogo naljutiti, ako ih neko izaziva. Zato sto
mislis, da su toliko istinite, da postoji toliko dokaza koliko su istinite, da kako neko
moze uopste da se usudi da kaze kako nisu. Tako da postoje uvek skriveni nacini

kako psiholosko ja nastavlja da postoji. Razlog zbog koga sam nzavao ovo okuljanje
kraj vremena je zato sto sam hteo da ukazem na cinjenicu, sta stvarno znaci
priholosko ja prestane da se ponovo stvara. Jer u suprotnom sve zvuci slatko, a to je
stvar koju malo ja radi. Ovaj kraj je u isto vreme i pocetak, sadasnjost. Zasto ga
zovemo direktan put. Jer je kraj na pocetku. N moras da odes u tisinu, vec da shvatis
da je tu. Ne moras da dodjes u stanje otvorenosti, vec da shvatis da je tu. isto za
slobodu. Ne moras da stignes u samospoznanstvo, vec mora da prepoznas da nema
nikog tu Ne mora da dodjes u sveto, vec mora da shvatis da je to sve sto se
dogadja. Kljuc je da mora da se iskusi. Ako je u glavi, onda je to vise .. glave.
stvari ... plivaju. Pusti sebe da iskusis u trenutku, u sadasnjosti. U gotovost svega. Tu
je tisina, gotova je. Ta tisina je slobodna. Tu je svesnot, gotova je , vec je tu. Nema
self, uradjeno je. Jedino self koje ima je stvoreno kroz misao, i osecanja, ali
uradjeno je. To je direktan put. Jednostavno prepoznaj ove stvari. Psiholosko ja moze
reci Ok, prepoznacu ih, , ali samo na trenutak, ovo moze da izgubi kontrolu.
Nisam resio sve svoje probleme onda Ako jednostavno prihvatim sta je istina,
nista se zapravo nije promenilo . Jedno je reci O,da , mirnoca je uvek tu, sjajno!
Ali da li si shvatio, da si ti ta mirnoca. I onda psiholosko ja pocinje ponovo je
kako mogu da se drzim ovoga? , nastoji da postoji. Cim ubedi sebe, da postoji
nesto cega moze da se drzi, i nekoga za koga da se drzi, nastavilo je. Kada gleda
ispod tog psiholoskog ja, sta gelda to ja ? To je kao kola. Kola ne idu bez goriva.
Psiholosko ja ne ide bez goriva. Nesto mu daje gorivo, nesto ga gura napred. Uvek.
Gura, gura , gura napred. Ne mogu u potpunosti da stamen. Mogu imati privremeni
odmor, , ali onda moram da krenem ponovo. I uvek je ista stvar koja ga gura ispod.
Neverovatna nesigurnost I strah. Gura ga. sta ako se prepustim, mozda necu
dobiti ono sto zelim ?( uplaseni uzdah ) Mozda necu razumeti ispravno . I onda
pocinje da koristi one psiholoske stvari. Mozda postanem prosvetljena guzica, ne
mogu to da dozvolim. Moj prijatelj misli da je prosvetljen, ali ma izludjuje . I stvara
neverovatno dobre razloge da opstane. Ono sto ga gura je nevoljnost da iskusimo
nesigurnost I strah koji je ispod. To je ono sto ga pokrece. I umesto da iskusimo to,
tu je samo ta nesigurnost, koja cvrci kroz telo. Kao prava fizicka nesigurnost.
Kretanje enirgije kroz telo. Strah, takodje energija u telu. Za neke veoma snazna, za
neke ne toliko strasno. Ali ova energija koja se krece kroz telo, nevoljnost da se
iskusi, je problem. I onda se psiholosko ja puni. jeste li primetili da sve u vezi
psiholoskog ja, ali sve, je vodjeno strahom. nece me voleti , ... svaki deo. Ako si u
stanju da iskusis tu energiju kao energiju koja prolazi kroz telo, kao sto i prolazi.
onda nece stvarati ja . Sledeci sloj je, da kad pocnete da primecujete, neko ce
ovo raditi na pauzama. Pocinjete postajati svestan svog psiholoskog ja. I donece ti
velike brige. Jer ces pokusati da mu stanes na kraj. I onda ces postati previse
svestan kad pricas, i onda ces reci o boze, sta da radim? . Moram da se
oslobodim sebe. Sada imam Projekat direrektni put, sranje . Ali to je zapravo
nesigurnost koja nosi istu masku. A onda imas suprotnost A necu nista da radim,
sve je to ionako sve bog , to je nesigurnost isto. To je strah. Kada dozvolis sebi da
pustis, na momenat. Cin pustanje, nije zapravo radnja, to je relaksacija, to je sve.
Samo se opustis. To je predaja, to je pustanje. NIje veilike stvar. Pusti dah iz pluca.
Menjas valute. Hoces da kupis srecu, svojom patnjom. Ja pricam o psiholoskom ja na
veoma osnovni nacin. Secenje u korenu. Um misli da ce imati neko slozeno
shvatanje koje ce da pomogne. Nece. Ako mogu da dobijem 10 dolara, za svaki put,

kada sam imao lep kontekst, i kada sam mislio da je to vrlo znacajna stvar, i da ce
mi pomoci, bio bo bogat. Ovo ce mi pomoci da se nosim sa sobom , nece, Zasto
se desava kao da mi pomaze to je trik vidis. Ako ne izgleda kao da ti pomaze, ne
bi ti prodao foru. Ovo je kraj svih referentnih tacki. ( Tacka od koje se sve ostalo
desava ). Jedini nacin da znamo sebe, je da unknown ourselfs. Kompletno, totalno,
potpuno. Sve ostalo je samo jedna kutija, jedna nedigurnost. Nista vise, nista manje.
To mislim kad kazem kraj vremena . Kraj procesa, razumevanja, . Koliko
nesigurnosti dobijes kad prekines razumevanje. Tako da je sve povratak, u prirodno
stanje, nevestacko stanje. Nije kraj procesa. Nego sam pocetak. Tacno tamo gde si,
vec. Kada pustis, to prirodno stanje, se probudi, shvati se. Velika milost kad se
samo-prepozna. Kada se ono sto je prirodno samo-prepozna. Kada se prostorno
probudi. Ali priholosko ja ce I dalje nastojati da postoji, Sada ce preuzite rezidenciju
u prostronom. Ja sam to. Vracamo se u bivanje. Gde si niko, ne-stvar. I ako nisi
pazljiv , a I ako jesi, preuzece rezidenciju u prostornom. ja sam , awareness,
consciousness . To je ono sto ja zovem disfunkcionalno prosvetljenje.
Postoji jedna lepa pesma koju koriste u zen-u. Sa uvelog drveta, lisce cveta,
Sada zamisljas kako lisce cveta, ali pre mesec dana, nema lisca, nema ploda,
samo grana, samo praznina, vraca se u ne-stvar. Sve se vraca. Sve odstupa. Cvece
odstupa, plod se povlaci. Sve se vraca u izvor. U prazninu. I tako I mi. U nerodjeno.
Iz rodjenog, u nerodjeno. Postoji spontano vracanje. Ako se zadrzis tamo, nista ne
cveta. ako se zadrsis u nerodjenom, postajes onesposobljen. Ne znas sta da radis,
ne zna zasto nesto radis, koje su ti motivacije, nista nije vazno. Prijatno je, veoma
fino. Ali ako se zadrzis previse, kao I svako mesto, zgrabices ga. postaces mu
privrzen. Postace ti nova referentna tacka. Referentna tacka, da nema referentnih
tacaka, postaje nova referentna tacka. Ne bi pretpostavio da tu postoji psiholosko
ja , jer je praznina. Postalo je potpuno providno, tako da ne znas da je tu. Ne mozes
da vidis psiholosko ja kad si na tom mestu. Ne mozes da ga vidis, kao tokom toka
svesnosti, kao ocigledne misli, fiksacije, ocigedne sablone energije itd. Ali u praznini
ne vidis, postalo je providno. Znas da je tu samo zbog njenog efekta. Zasto sto
cvece ne cveta. Da ne cveta jedno vreme je potpuno prirodno, da ne cveta ikada je
potpuno neprirodno. I onda se pustis toga da se pronalazis u praznini. Ptica napolju
ce najaviti bozansko, samu prazninu. Nece biti samo pticiji poziv, bice ultimativna
istina. Peva sebe , samom sebi. Bice bozansko spontano cvetanje. Neces znati da li
si nesto ili nista. Izgubices sve referentne tacke. Samo tada ces ti, poceti da cvetas.
Ceo svet je cvetanje praznine. ( emptynes ). Samo tada je psiholosko ja otislo. ne
mislim da nemas osnovnu licnost, jer ces je imati. kao ljudsko bice, ali ja, svoje,
koje se uvek navodi , je nestalo. To sto ostaje ne zna da li je prosvetljeno ili ne,ovo ili
ono, nista od ovih koncepta vise nemal smisla. Ne mozes puno toga da kazes,
mozda napises pesmu Sa uvelog drveta, lisce cveta. I znas da bi sva istina mogla
biti sadrzana u toj jednoj recenici. Jedino tad si Slobodan od nesigurnosti,
psiholoskoj ja. jer se ne pokusavas drzati praznine, svesti, svesnosti Ne da je
nesto pridobijeno, vec je nesto izgubljeno. Kretanje Ja je izgubljeno. I razlog za
radost, za lepotu , sa blazenstvo toga , nije zato sto si to sve dobio, vec zato sto je
to priroda onoga sto jeste, pod jedan. I zbog toga sto prisholosko ja nije vise fiksiran
bilo gde. Od pocetka do kraja, proces je u sustini isti. Nailazis na nesigurnost, iili
strah kako se javlja u raznim formama. I onda uzimas jedan korak iznad, sto ustvari

znaci iza, to je relaksacija,, I stajes iza njih, I iza njih, I iza njih, I onda nalazis na
manje nesigurnosti. I onda cak I shvatis da si I to , ti, I onda nadjes nesigurnost I u
tome, mozda izgubis to, I onda nastavis dalje. Ovo se desava samo od sebe, nema
potrebe da forsiras process, sve je potpuno spontano, ako se sklonis sa puta, sto
naravno neces, ali to nece znaciti mnogo . Ne mozes da uradis puno toga, vec da
osecas energiju nesigurnosti. Jer cim si voljan da iskusis energiju, otvori se, i onda je
manje tebe , i otvori se opet, i manje je tebe , i onda um dodje sa novim
pitanjem, to je nesigurnost. I sve je manje tebe . I tako ode.

Jedini razlog zbog koga neko postane prosveceni buljas, je sto stane. Dodje do
jednog trenutka, i onda mu se ego obmota oko toga. I ima itentited prosvetljene
osobe . Ovo mozes da uzmes pozitivno ili negativno. O, ja ne zleim da budem
takav, tako da cu nastaviti da spavam . ili ako ovo znaci biti probudjen, ja necu
u tome da ucestvujem . A drugi nacin je da vidis da je tako, i da te inspirise na
totalno drugaciji nacin. ocu da vidim celu istinu, nista sem istine, nisam
zainteresovan ici na pola puta. jer kad si budan, budnost, ima svoj integritet
Prosvetljenost ima etiku, ne etiku koja se moze opistati recima, jer onda postaje
jos jedan oblik morala. sto je ono sto radimo kad ne znamo istinu, postajemo
moralni. To je etika koja se dogadja spontano, bez spoljasnjih moralnih standarda. To
je nesto sto se javlja, kada duboko sagledas istinu, jedinstva svega. Ako voljno
povredis drugo bice, to je kao da zgrabis cekic, i uradis sebe po ruci. Jedino kome
mozes to da uradis si ti, zato je je sve ti .
Govornik : Odavno sam usao rupu, i sad vidim da nema povratka, da sam duboko u
njoj, i imam nesigurnost i tome kad ego pocinje da se urusava, kako ce to da bude.
Jer imam decu, posao da idem. To bolje da se desi preko vikenda.
Nema garancije, da. Ali veruvati da istina nije inteligentna, da nece da vodi racuna o
tebi i tvom zivotu, je da drasticno potcenis istinu. Inteligenciju istine. Kako se odvije
za tebe, ce biti savrseno za tebe. Tvoje nesigurnosti ce se javiti, naravno. I pogodice
te tamo, gde si najslabiji. Tamo gde ti je integritet. ljubav prema deci, familiji, zeni,
sve te stvari. Tu ce te nesigurnost pogoditi, jer su ovo veoma vazne stvari u tvom
zivotu. I svi imaju razlicite bitne stvari. I sto dublje idemo, zapravo pogadja
STVARNO NAJDUBLJE. To je zapravo prirodno. I rec ice kao Ej, mozes sve da ih
upropasits decace. Pazi se . To je samo nesigurnost. To je sve. Samo energija.
Prosto tece. Ako joj se opires, uzima tvoju licnu pricu. Vidis energije nesigurnosti
nije licna. Samo prolazi kroz sistem. Ako joj se opires cak I mallko, uzima tvoju licnu
pricu. Zapravo je kao film. Impotentna je. Ali kada se nadje ispred svetla, onda se
projektuje. I sada preuzima citvav zivot. I znaci, kad sigurnost ide, i samo joj se
malko opires, verovatno da I nisi svestan, I uzima tu ne personalnu energiju, uzima
formu tvoje veoma licne price, tvoje veoma licne brige. Ali ispod toga kako se licno
manifestuje, je samo energija. I ne mozes znati sta ce se desiti. Mogu samo da
kazem ovo : Drama uzima naslov u novinama. Dakle, samo ih primeti. Samo
primeti nesigurnosti kako dolaze. Progviri iza price, shvati da je to tvoje licna prica.
To je kako ta energija zna kako da uzme tvoju licnu paznju. Zgrabice te tacno tamo
gde ces da obracas paznju. I za ovo mislim da je uloga duhovnog ucitelja. Ako se
zaglavis negde, to ce biti primetno. Ja znam teritoriju, Piknikovao sam u sumama
uma I ega previse dugo. I to je jedna od uloga ucitelja, ako imas poverenja. Zato

smo zapravo ovde. Da ti pozelimo dobrodoslicu u ovu crnu rupu, u koju si usisan. I
da kazemo hej, nemoj da brines previse o tome. I cesto su ti koji imaju
integrated, koji imaju nasledni integratet, to su oni koji ga skoro nikad ne izgube.
Vec oni koji ga nisu imali uopste, nije ih previse bilo briga za druge. A oni koji sui
mali, ne treba da brinu previse. Vec je tu. Jer integrited jeste aspekt istine. Ili ga
imas, ili nisi svestan da ga imas. Ali to je veoma nepersonalna stvari. Istinitost,
postenje, briga. Ali ide kroz licnu pricu, I uzima takozvani licni ukus. To je neka vrste
inteligencije. Veruj toj inteligenciji integriteta, ne veruj nesigurnostima, To je tvoja
licna prica. Shvatas razliku? Samo prolazi kroz tebe. Ili dolazi kao nasledna mudrost,
ili kao nasledni strah od ne biti mudar. Ali ako osetis obe te nitne, onaj koji se boji da
bude ne-mudar, los, ne-ljubav, i onaj koji to jeste, prati ih do izvora, do tog mesta
iznutra, gde energije nije pomesana sa tvojim licnim ljudskim karakteristikama, to
je samo energija istine. Bistrine. Vidis sta mislim. Tu je. Bistrina, sa inteligencijom.
Covek : Nailazim ne veliku nesigurnost. Dok sam u meditcaciji iskusim da sam nista
(no-thing), i onda osetim kako se misao formira. I ocu da iskocim iz koze. Ocu da
pricam malo o mom otporu.
Cekanje da se osecanje povuce, je isto forma otpora. Iskusicu ovo, da bi se
povuklo . Ne isti nacin mozes da preispitujes na nacin, koji nije veoma koriston..
Ko sam ja, ko sam ja , cim imam lose iskustvo Ko sam ja, ko sam ja ...
Covek : Da, izgleda mi kao tehnika koncentracije
Da.Cela energija tvog tela, bica, mora da se reorjentise u praznini ( empiness ).
Mora da pronadje svoju harmoniju, jer to je energija. Nesigurnost , strah. I cim joj
pruzas optpor, ne moze da se reorjentise u prostoru. U Prostornosti samo bivanja
Tako da ovo je preispitivanje ( inquiary) koje je bezrecno. Kao, sta se desava kada
samo pustis tu energiju da tece. Ne dodajes je , razbijes je, dramatiras je. Ako ne
mozes da se otvoris celoj energiji, otvori se koliko mozes, bez da bude nesvestan.
Ako pronadjes sebe da ides u neku unutrasnju reakciju, ili gasenje (shutdown ) ,
onda mozda pustas sve odjednom. Samo se otvori onome sto mozes. To je nesto sto
moras da uradis u svom bicu, u svom telu, nije nesto sto radis u glavi. Zvuci kao
sjajna ideja u glavi. Znas kako ti ruka nekada utrne kad je ladno napolju, prosto gori,
i boli. Isto tako i telo. Pocinjes da se otvaras, pocinjes da pustas, vise, i vise, i vise, I
ponekad moze biti veoma prijatno, nekad nije, uglavnom varira izmedju. Ali kad
postaje malo neprijatno I pocnes da se oprires, to je kao da nabijes glavu u pesak.
Pustis koliko mozes, to je kao brana na reci. Moze da otvoris sve, a mozes I deo po
deo. I naravno ispod, nesigurnost predpostavlja, podsvesno, da ce neko biti

Just Sitting
Izvan tvog uma, sve je zadovoljno. Ne poznaje drugi nacin. Sve misli zude da budu
poverovane. I cak i to je svasvim ok.


da bi se probudio moras sve da podredis tom zadatku. Mora da stavis da stranu sva razmatranja I
da ti to bude prioritet u zivotu. Um misli da mu je okupacija da sve bude u vezi mnogo stvari. Tako
radi I sa spiritualnoscu. Pretvara je u mnogo mnogo stvari. I na kraju pricas o mnogim stvarima koje
zapravo nisu mnogo bitne.Fokusiracemo se na jednu stvar, I samo na jednu stvar, ko si ti . To je
moc namere. . Prepoznajemo da um misli da sloboda dolazi kroz process razuevanja. I um misli, da
zivljenje dolazi kroz process razumevanja. I u ovoj kompulsivnoj nameri uma, on vuce paznju daje od
onoga sto je zapravo bitno. Jer ono sto je zapravo bitno ne mozes da razumes umom. I kad se prica
o duhonosti, istini, onome sto si ti, slobodi, nem nista, bukvalno nista da se razume. Mora da se vidi
kroz kompulsivnost uma koji zeli da razume.. To je kompulsivna stvar koju um radi. Sve
kompulsivnosti su iracionalne . Moram . Zasto moras? . Zato sto moram ? . To je priroda
kompulsivnosti. Rodjena is straha , nesigurnosti. Ovo je generalno I pridoda uma. Um tezi da bude
veoma kompulsivan instrument. Moram da mislim . Moram ovo da provalim. Nikad nije uspevalo,
ali moram da nastavim da pokusavam. Moram da razmislim. Um je takve pridode. Moram da
znam,moram da razumem, moram da ga skontam ispravno, moram da razumem prosvetljenje, mora
da zna kako da zivi zivot, kako da donosi odluke, sta da radi, sta da ne radi. Um koji misli da mora da
zna,zna,zna,zna. To je samo kompulsivnost uma. I zrtva koju pravimo time sto hocemo da znamo
sve, je bivanje. Sto je ostalih 95 posto onoga sto se dogadja.Sve ovo poznavanje je veoma mala
stvar zapravo, moze se ciniti veoma bitnim u glavi, ali veoma mali deo mora da zna. Da bi se otvorili
onome sto jeste, sadasnjosti, onoga sto jesmo, moramo pustiti kompulsivnu potrebu uma da zna. A
ako niste pazljivi dovoljno, ta mala kompulsivnost, ce ustvari dominirati, celosti vaseg postojanja.
Svaki dan ce biti pojedem zeljom da se zna. Da se razume. Da se zna sta ce se dogoditi. Kako se
nositi sa nekom situacijom. I razlog zbog koga ljudi ne znaju sta kad da kazu, sta da urade, kad da
se pokrenu, kad da se ne pokrenu, je zato sto su vodjeni kompulzijom da znaju. To je paradox. Sve
sto vise moras da znas, manje znas ono sto treba da znas, kad ti treba da ga znas. I mozda, na par
momenata, na par sati, dana, kada budes skontao prirodu uma, mozda skrenes paznju dalje od te
kompulsivne zelje da se zna. Iako je dosta stvari koju bi um zeleo da zna. I kada odmorimo, u ovom
kontekstu, od kompulsivne zelje za znanjem. I onda nam um nije fokusiran na ovaj uslovljen deo
svesti. I onda sama potreba za znanjem ja uslovljeni deo svesti sam po sebi. To je uslovljeni deo
svesti, koji pokusava da dodje do mesta slobdne neuslovljenosti. I nikad ne stigne tamo. Samo
dobija vise I vise uslovljavanja. Vise uputstava. Bilo bi kao obrisacu svoj hard disk, tako sto cu da
dodajem fajlove I programa jos vise. Ali jedan od ovih program ce imati toliko znanja da ce moj
komp biti totalno neuslovljen. To je ludost. nisam imao dovoljno duhovnog iskstva, treba mi jos
neko. Imacu jos jedno uslovljeno iskustvo, koje ce me dovesti do neuslovljenog. Mozda zvucim kao
da se ponavljam, I mozda zato sto jesam, ali ne cujemo stvari dok nam nisu utabane u glavu
nekoliko stotina puta. Kada pricamo o budnjenju, ono o cemu pricamo je budjenje u neuslovljeno. To
je jedan nacin gledanja. Sve reci imaju ogranicenja. Ali to je prepoznavanje neuslovljenog stanja
svesti. Nikakva kolicina dodavanja znanja=uslovljenosti, uslovljenom delai svesti, ce te odvesti u

neuslovljeno stanje svesti. Mnogi ljudi nece pustiti svoju uslovljenu svest, sve dok ne dozive
ekstremnu patnju. Mnogi ljudi imaju svoj prvi ukus, prvi nagovestaj, da ima nesto drugo do uslvljenog
dela svesti., u veoma teskoj situaciji. Smrt voljenog, bankrotiranje, itd. |Tada se javlja procep. A
mnogo ljudi pokusavaju da se rese tog procepa. Problem sa ovom pricepima, kada um prestane da
razmislja, je sto tu nema nista da se zna. To je priroda procepa. Nema sta da se zna. U svakom
danu, neuslovljeno stanje svesti, trepce u svesnu svesnost.( counsous awareness ). To je procep.
Moze se desiti tako sto hodas napolju, I ocaran si kisom, ili ilzazis iz kuce, I o prestala je kisa .
Samo zato sto je drugacije, ima nedostatak komentara. I to otvaranje, u neuslovljeno stanje
svesnosti , je pozivnica. Vecina umova ne ostane tamo previse dugo, pocinje da komentarise O
drago mi je sto je kisa prestala, Kakav divan dan, Ovo je veoma divno, kako sam srecan,
tanananananana Oseti prazninu. Kao da ono sto um razmislja je vise stvarno od onoga sto se
desava napolju. Duhovnost uvek kaze Gledaj iznutra , sto se mene tice, ljudi su toliko upuceni
iznutra, da su neuroticni haos. Vec su iznutra. Ali nazalost kad udju iznutra, jedino mesto gde odo su
misli. Zaboravite sve sto sam rekao, procepi su bitni. U tim trenucima kada ima procep, postoji
neuslovljeno stanje svesti. To je buda um .Savrseno bistro, savrseno prosvetljeno, totalno
neuslovljeno. Duhovno budjenje je cisto shvatanje,samo se otvoriti neuslovljenom stanju svesti. Jer
ako je neko Ti, to je istinsko ti. Ovo drugo je ocigledno mentalna tvorevina. Neuslovljenoj stanju
svesti, nije potrebna misao da bi se postojala I dalje . Dakle ta svesnost, koja je cista, neuslovljena,
slobodna, prosvetljena po prirodi, je vec tu. Vec je dostupna. To je to nosta koje je budno u ovom
trenutku. Um ce reci , kada okusi malo to je nista, cekam moju svest da se prosiri, to je nista. Imao
sam iskustvo 1974, gde sam video svetla, I moj kundalini je explodirao na vrhu moje glaveto je ono
sto ja hocu .. cekam to Samos to cekam da to bude, sve vreme. Bez obzira koliko zeleo da to
bude to, nije . Nije sad, I nije bilo 2000 godina ranije. Raspravljaj se sa stvarnoscu I samo mozes da
izgubis. Ono sto je krajnja stvarnost, vrata, izvor svega sto postoji, I svega sto jeste, ground of your
own being, na prvi ukus, veoma je lako da um kaze, nije to nista.. zato sto nema nista da se zna,
nema nista sto mogu da uradim, um kaze, nisam zabavljan, zelim zelim da budem
Slobodan , vec zabavljan. To je um. To je kao da si otisao u bioskop. Platis 5 dolara. I kada odes u
biosko ne zelis istinu. Ako zelis istinu ne idi u bioskop. Samo zamislite ono sto se sada dogadja je
krajnja stvarnost, svi duhovni ljudi dodjite u salu 5. Umesto stoje 5, sada je 20 dolara, jer to je
prosvetljenje. \prihvacen od dalaj lame. Ramana maharne I puste film, I tu pise rec prosvetljenje.
I sve prodje, kraj. Kamerman izadje, producent, producent MGM-a. evo dali smo vam krajnu istinu. I
odu sa bine. I ti ostanes sa svojim kokicama, preuvelicanim picem, u stanju potpuog neverovanja.
sta se dogodilo ? Zato nasi umovi imaju takvu naviku, da poricu to cisto stanje neuslovljenosti kad
god se javi. Jer se cini na prvu loptu kao da nije dovoljno zanimljivo. I onda citas, vau imau sam
bozansko budjenje, I bilo je totalno vau stvar.Da moze da bude totalno vau stvar, iz razloga sto um
nije porekao najocigledniju stvar. I onda taj mala pukotina neuslovljene svesti, jednnosavno procveta.
To nije zapravo malo procep, to se zapravo desavalo sve vreme, iza cele moje buke. I mozes shvatiti
da si bio Slobodan sve vreme. I um moze da kaze sta tomoze da uradi za mene ? e, pa , otvori se,
I mozda I saznas. Ako sedis I pitas se to pitanje zauvek, nista neces nikad znati. Kako ce to resiti
moje probleme sa prijateljima , ljubavi, posao, sta ce uraditi zamene? E pa nikad neces znati, dok

mu se ne otvoris. Uvek ostajes napolje, jedini nacin je da udjes na vrata, u taj procep. To Jedini
nacin na koji ces da znas. Ali zelim garanciju. Nema ih.. I tako samo krenes da se otvaras,
iskustvu da zapravo ima neuslovljeno stanje svesti, unutar tebe. Za neke od vas, ne sve, um moze
jos uvek biti veoma identifikovan sa uslovljenim stanju svesti. Budjenje je kada um vise nije
identifikovan sa uslovljenim stanjem svesti. Ne znaci da je to stanje uklonjeno. Znaci da stanje
sebstva,(self) nije izvlaceno iz uslovljenog stanja svesti. To je probudjeno bice.Nije da treba da se
ukloni uslovljenost. Uslovljeno stanje je samo uslovljeno stanje. Nije lose zato sto je uslovljeno, I nije
bolje zato sto ne neuslovljeno. Ako je celo svoje ja lezi u uslovljenom stanju svesti, a 99,999 ljudi
na planeti ima, to je patnja, to je neznanje, to vodi ka nasilju, beskrajne ljudske dramaticne episode.
Ali kad se otvoris neuslovjenom stanju svesti, postaje moguce da prepoznas, da ono sto si uvek
trazio, je vec tu. I samo kroz spremnost, da se stavi na stranu potreba uma da zna, da bude siguran,
da ima isplaniranu buducnost, samo kroz spremnost da se stave na stranu sve njegove uslovljene
zelje,sva se paznja moze vratiti u neuslovljeno. Kao sto pise u bibliji. Trazi kraljevstvo, I raj, I sve ce
ti biti dodato. Mnogo ljudi imaju mali ukus neuslovljenog, mali prst im je tamo, I sad moj um zeli da
dodje na scenu, I pokusava sve da provali. Ne funskionise na taj nacin. Onda ces I dalje biti
podeljen.. sve stvari su savrseno upravljane nerodjenim,( unborn ), Sto znaci ako pustis dovolno, da
doyvolis sebi da udjes u neuslovleno stanje svesti, je ono sto ces shvatiti, da u nsuslovljenom stanju
svesti, svari se pocinju da se upravljaju sami od sebe. Znas upravo sta ti treba kad ti treba da ga
znas. I ako ne znas, onda nisi u neuslovljenom. Veoma je jednostavno. Zato postavljamo pitanje ko
smo, jer to nije nesto o cemu se razmislja, veczato sto se stvara procep. I jednostaan odgovor ne
znam. Tako da pocnemo bas tu. To znaci staviti na stranu sve ostale stvari, na trenutak, bice tu , ako
zelite da im se vratite, verujte mi na rec. Ali ako prodes kroz kapiju bez vrata kako kazu u zenu
( gateless gate ) , bices zaprepascen koliko stvari koje si mislio da mora da znas, zapravo nisi
morao. Bices zadivljen kako ce se stvari same resavati kad udjes u istinu svog bica. U taj prostor tihe
svesnosti. Pusti sebe tamo.


Q: Ako je buka toliko velika ( bol u telu ,,,) zasto je ne ispitati \Recimo da dovedes
neuslovljeno stanje svesti ka toj odredjenoj tacki. Jel to ima smisla ? Q: ne naravno jer
nema sta da se razume. Toliko smo naviknuti da koristimo nase umove za sve,
pokusavajuci sve da skontamo. Zasto je ova kompulsivnost tu ? I ako dodjem do srzi
problema, otici ce. Ali ne mozes da provalis srz nicega. ( get to bottom of anything ).
Zato sto je svo provaljivanje, misao. Dovedi to stanje neuslovljene svesti na bilo sta, ako
je kompulsivnost, dovedi je. Mozes reci fokusiraj se na to. Pusti je da bude tamo. I vidi

sta se otkriva. Nisam rekao nemoj da preispitujes. ( dont question ). Pitanje sluzi da
fokusira (usmeri) svesnost. To je svrha pitanja, u duhovnom smislu. Sta je ovo, zasto je
ovo ? Kao lupa. Fokusira sunce na mesto gde hoces da fokusiras sunce. Znam da
budjenje moze da bude naprasno, ali to je I process. Osecas se depresivno, nisi za dramu,
ne mozed da pricas o iluzijama stalno, itd. I sa procesom dolazi osecanje usamljenosit.
Veoma usamljeno, mozda veoma veoma daleko. Nije kraj, ne zavrsava se tu, ali je veoma
cesto. Postaje pogresno samo kada se takoreci ukampujes tamo. Samo pusti da process
ide. Vise je kao krug. Veoma je korisno imati veliko povreenje u sve ovo. Ima kao
inteligenciju. Kao odrastanje. Ne zmamo kako smo odrasli. Mala beba ne treba da zna
kako da odraste, kako da joj rastu koske to je prirodan process. Budjenje je isto
prirodan process, nesto u nama zna kako da uradi, samo ako mu se sklonimo sa puta.
Buka I tisina su jedno. Samo um ume da ih razdvoji. Oslobadja dosta energije kada
imamo to podvuceno znanje, da zapravo nije bitno, jer um ima drugacije poruke, Sve je
bitno, ovo je bitno, ne sjebavaj ovu odluku, kazi pravu stvar , I kada imamo to stanje
svesti, nemamo pristup dubljoj mudrosti. Sve sto se cini da je toliko bitno, zapravo nije
toliko bitno. Ako ode u um, nije bitno , postaje filozofija po kojom ce da zivi, I onda je
i to gomila budalastina isto kao I sve je bitno. Ali kad je to podvuceni centar bica koje
osecas u cistoci neuslovljene svesti, sve je u redu, najgora stvar, je zapravo u redu, I onda
imamo pristup dubokoj mudrosti, dubokoj ljubavi. Divna stvar da se shvati. Oslobodi
toliko nesigurnosti u umu, kada zapravo nije bitno. Narocito ako shvatis ako umrem
sutra, nije bitno, sve je u redu.


Nije bitno toliko. I um ce kazati kako ce to da izgleda? , kako ce moja veza da

izgleda, kako ce moj zivot da izgleda, kako ce bilo sta da izgleda, I odgovor je ne
mozes znati . Ili zelis istinu ili ne. A ako zelimo istinu, onda odbacimo pitanje da li
ce biti dobro za mene , da li ce biti ugodno za mene, pa sta god da bude .
Neverovatno sta se probudi u tvom srcu kad se ta zavesa sve je bitno digne sa
tebe. I to nije kad da zamenimo Nije bitno sa Sve je bitno kao koncept, jer
onda postanemo emotivno trvdi, odseceni, I to postaje svoj trip. Nego pricam o
tome sto se otvara u tebi, taj aliveness, to shvatanje, da nista nije toliko bitno kao
sto mislim da jeste. Slobodu u tebi. I to nije nesto to znas, To je sve. Skoro sve nove
stvari su strasne. Ovo je samo malo veca. Nema kotrole. Da, to je to, nema
kontrole, to je ta velika I kad nesto nije toliko bitno, onda I ne zelis kontrolu.
osecam se dezorjentisano koracaci ka buducnosti. Tera me da mi bude malo muka
iznutra xD . -I nekoliko puta sam dolazila do toga i onda se vratim, trazim nesto
drugo. Ne moj to da radis ovaj put. Radila si to. Ne uspeva. Predivno. Sad znas.
Nema cemu da se vratis. Cini se kao da se sve menja. Zar to nisi zelela ? Kao
da zivim iz drugih razloga. Da, da. Totalno drugacijih razloga. Novo je. -Imam taj
osecaj, da kad ne brinem, sve je u redu. Nemoj da se uvlacis ovaj put. Pusti je. To je
samo realnost. Samo si odgojena u ne-istini, kao vecina nas. I to postane udobno. I

svi pricaju samo o tome, sve je vazno ( everythin matters ). Videces da se ljudi
svadjaju u glavi pod broj jedan, o potpuno izmisljenim stvarima, da misle da je
veoma znacajno, ali nije. I videces, o moj boze, to je bukvalno ono sto void svet.
Skoro svi to rade. I kada prodjes kroz fazu, soka, besa, cega god, bices u fazonu,
oh, to je sve sto se dogadja. Nije dobro, nije lose, I ej, zasto bi ja nesto pricao o
tome, I ja sam to radio veci deo zivota. Ali da, navicices se. Cini se da kada treba da
donesem odluku, ili samo da se pokrenem, glasovi dolaze o ovoj osobi, onoj osobi,
blab la bla. Kada postanes slobodna unutar sebe. Kada dotaknes to stanje sto je
slobodno. I kad krenes da se pokreces iz slobodnog stanja. Kada ti budes slobodan,
moras da das I drugima svoju slobodu takodje . I sve sto vise shvatas iznutra, da to
i nije toliko vazno, samo tad ima slobodnog kretanja iznutra. Ne nije vazno pa cu
da sedim na kaucu, nego si veoma otvoren , da pustas da istina struji kroz tebe. -I
sta ako opet.. Dodjes u ljudski momenta ? Pa nista , potapses sebe po ledjima kao
malo dete koje pokuasva da hoda pa padne, ustanes I uradis ponovo. Sve je u redu.
Dal si ikada ocekivala perfekciju od sebe. I onda nisi uhvacena vise . Ne ocekujes
vise neko stanje za koje um smatra da je idealno. Usporava tocak, jer ne
kontradiktujes realnosti Tvoj um moze da bude o moj boze, sta ako odem u stanje
pogubljenosti, pa nista , skoro isto ko i svaki put kad udjes u to stanje, shvatis da si
u tom stanju i kazes ne moram vise da radim ovo. I um ponovo kako da imam
garanciju da se nece ponoviti . Nemas. Predji preko toga. Opusti se. - Samo je
novo. Cini mi se kao da razbijam dosta sablona. Ooo razbija cele zivotne sablone. I
bice sokantno koliko toga opada, i koliko sablona ima, i sta pravi zivot zapravo
jeste. I cela ta ideja kao da si ponovo rodjen, budjenje ima taj elemenat. Mislim,
da probudis se ka onome sto je uvek bilo tu, ali imas tu malu ljudsku stvar koja se
desava, tu malo ljudsku licnost, kako god oces da je zoves, i ona je kao, vau, sad
kad vidim stvari manje- vise onakve kakve jesu, i vidim ih iz istinske i odgovarajuce
tacke gledista, sto otklanja ogroman pritisak sa zivota, izgleda Kao da si ponovo
rodjen u toj tacki gledista. Ako si novorodjen u toj tacki gledista, ne znaci da si
potpuno funkcionalan u njoj. Nista vise nego kad izadjes iz macijne utrobe i znas
kako da racunas. To je kao da si ponovo rodjen u realnosti. Ne funksionises odma
kako treba, i to je ok, to je normalno. Ova sadasnjost, ima neverovatan kapacitet, da
pronadje put. Pusti je da vozi. Kao bicikl je. Znas kako je bilo da vozis bicikl bez ruku.
Trik voznje bicikle bez ruku je da prestanes da njom upravljas kad pustis volan. To je
trik. Ako ne pustus u potpunosti, pasces na dupe veoma brzo. Sama upravlja. To je
ono sto, pronadjemo. Skloni ruke . Ima jos jedan razlog zbog koje ne idemo dalje
na mesta koja su bliza nasem srcu, zato sto kretanje u starom pravcu, tu znamo ko
smo, imamo celi osecaj sebe u onome sto smo uradili, pogotovo za uspesne stvari
koje smo uradili, I onda cak I kad smo spremni da krenemo dalje, ne mozemo, jer
kad krenemo, vise necemo znati ko smo. Ti si podigao decu zar ne. Nije
neuobicajeno da kad deca odu da roditelji udju u krizu identiteta, I budu u fazonu
duso sta cemo sada da radimo . ko smo sad . Jer je ceo identited bio ugradjen u
ulogu roditelja, karijera, pa cak I hobije.. I onda kad smo spremni da krenemo dalje
zapitate se zasto ne mogu. Jer onda neces znati ko si vise, kad prestanes to da
radis.. I za vecinu ljudkih bica je naprijatno. Da stvarno ne znaju ko su. I to je uvek
nova prilika da krenes iznad identiteta, da se ne identifikujemo po onome sto
radimo, nasim ulogama u zivotu. Jer oni ne definisu sadasnjost. To su samo uloge.

-Bila sam blagoslovena sa mali vise pukotina ptoteklih meseci. Ali u tisini sam
shvatila da ih ne pustam da traju mnogo. Pa ja kao primecujem to. Sta ako bi
dozvolila da bude pukotina veci period? Primetila sam da misli nastavljaju da dolaze,
I tako to, ali nesto drugo sam primetila, I ovo je ponavljajuca stvar za mene,
primetila sam je nekoliko razlicitih puta, a to je da cekam. Kad se desi pukotina I sve
je dobro, u fazonu sam kao sta ce sledece da se dogodi , I pokusavam da dodje
do daha. Postalo mi je veoma jasno da mi cekanje da donosi nista dobro.
Da, zato sto u pukotini, postoje momenti kada potraga kao prestaje, i tu je ta
neuslovljena svesnot, koja je tu... to je ... to je cilj. To je pocetak, to je sredina to je
-U neku ruku je premestanje paznje. (shifting of attention )
To i jeste. To je kao , svesnost, ili svest, koja se fokusira ne stvari ( objects ), u
ovom slucaju neka bude objekat misao ( object thought ). Postoji dosta drugih
objekata. Svesnost ( awarenes ) je uvek fokusirana na misao, sta joj treba, gde ide,
sve to I svesnost koja nije fokusirana na objekte. I ne mozes da kazes na sta je
fokusirana, jer ce onda svako fokusiranje da je okarakterise kao fokusiranje ne neki
objekat. I onda postoji premestanje paznje, I to je upravo to. U pocetku moze biti
kao pitati alkoholicara da zuji po baru ceo dan, sa kvalitetnim picem , sipanim u
case, sve oko tebe, I da mu kazes, nemoj to da pijes . Zna da bude tako. Jer to je
to neuslovljeno stanje svesti. I onda mozes da vidis da je to kao zavisnost na misli. I
ne misli samo zavisnost na teske misli, nego zavisnot na vaznost uma. Osecas je.
Moram da mislim. Ali tu je I takodje mogucnost za pozivnicu da vidis kroz to. Vidis
sablon. Vidis da je to put kojim taj um ide. Ne kao vecina umova. I na kraju vidis da
nije zadovoljavajuce. Ne daje mi ono sto zelim, ne cini me srecnim, nikad nema
isplatu koju obeca. To celo kretanja ka necemu, je nacin na koji se iluzija krece, I
tako da moze biti opustanja u tom kretanju.
-Jednu stvar sam primetila sedeci ovde, javilo se i prosli put... Kao da dodjem na to
mesto, ili dodje.... Ono sto sam bila svesna pre, vise nije od poverenja.. Ono sto
osecam sada je neka nesigurnost. I tu je to verovanje, koje je veoma duboko.
I u pravu si , treba veliko poverenje, gde si u tom stanju da um ne moze da razume.
Nema puno toga da radi. Stvarno je stvar vere, ili ocajanja, i jedno i drugo ce zavrsiti
posao. Ocajanje nije zanimljivo, jer joj treba ocajni momenat da te dovede do tamo.
I to je trik, samo da vidis, bez osude, oh, to nije misterija zasto bezim, ja to radim, ja
to radim, svojevoljno ja to radim, i to uklanja onu ulogu zrtve. Ja to radi, nek sam
proklet. I to radim iz veoma dobrih razloga. Jer se um oseca nesigurno. Ne znam sta
da radim, jer sam toliko uslovljen da se krecem da se krecem. Nije ni cudo sto se
krecem. I onda samo vidis. Ne mozes da pustis dok ne vidis.

The Initial Awakening 4

Um je zavistan od ( strugling ) borbe sa svime. Sa bolesti, sa tobom.


Ako pustim svoju pricu o tome kako sam bolesna, nesto drugo ce se javiti ?
Neka nova borba sa umom umesto toga ?
To zavisi ako jos uvek padas na foru o potrebi za borbom. Ako I dalje hoces da
se boris, stvorices novu. Ali ako vidis da je to kretanje uma na koji si zavisna,
tvoje misli tu te naucile tome, naucena si da se opires ( strugle). I to je jedini
razlog. Samo prestanes da joj se opires. O, to je bolest, ne volim je, ali
niko nije rekao da terba da je volim, ali to je sto je, za sad. I kazem da u tom
stanju svesti, to je stanje svesti magije, izlecenja, milosti. Ona se ne opire. I
pravimo taj iskorak, a znas sta je taj iskorak? Ne pricati vise sebi kako nesto
nije u redu sa tobom. Zato sto si bolestan , nezaposlen, ovoga onoga Samo
eksperimentisi jedan dan. Pusi da bude. Ne kazem da ne ides kod doktora, ili
da ne pomazes telu, samo da ne ulazis u to stanje otpora. Mozda budes
sta sve treba da pustis, da bi samo bila. Koliko ( sense if self ) sebe moras da
pustis. Ono sto mislis da jesi, sto mislis da treba da budes, sto zelis da budes.
Sve ove samo-strukture. Videces da mora da pustis sve na momenat. Ovo je
sve samo ( false self ) lazna ti. I ima veliki potencijal u svemu tome. Da vidis
sta si, kad ti se sve oduzme.

Sta se dogadja kad kazes bolestan . Negativno, ili stvarno pozitivno.

Ekspermientuj, svaki put kad ti um kaze ja sam bolestan . ne govori, samo imaj
iskustvo. Jer to I jeste. To je promena iskustva. Manje energije, mozda glavobolja,
mozda te boli stomak, to je samo iskustvo. To je sve sto se dogadja. I zanimljivo je
kad udjes u vezu sa svojim telom. Gde zaista bivas u iskustvu, bez interpretacije, tu
je neverovatna energija izlecenja. Postoji velika energija kojom se otvaramo onda.
Nevervatno. Ili samo kazes plasim se i onda ponovo iskusis ovo iskustvo, bez
misli, i primetis, drugacije je. Ne mora sad bas da nestane, ali znas, da cim
etiketiras, ( it alters the experience ), menja iskustvo. I ako moze da menja tvoje
emocionalno iskusvo govoreci strah . I osetices da te menja. Ako se osecas dobro
i kazes tako sam srecan ako si osetljiv, provalices da menja tvoje unutrasnje
emocionalno iskustvo pomalo. A kada vidis da reci menjaju ne samo nas um, vec da
menjaju nasa fizicka tela. Svako moze to da uradi, ko je malo osetljiv. Moezes da
izazoves stanje kad god hoces, ako uvatis trik kako da radis. Samo kazi ljubav i
onda oseti. Stvari malo nekako slegnu, malo je toplije. Vidis izazvao si veoma
stvarno iskustvo sa konceptom. To je moc tu gore. ( verovatno pokazuje na um ).
Mozes da kaze i zavist i osetices je. Ako se igras sa tim, eksperimentises, kazi 5
razlicitih stvari i videces da mozes da izazoves stanje, samo kazi reci i oseti. I
videces, o moj boze, ja stvaram sinapse, mog celog fizickog sistema, da stvori tu

misao, u fizickoj formi. I onda vidis, moc svog uma. I onda se probudis ujutru i boli te
glava levo desno, i prvo sto ce um da ti kaze, je o boze, bolestan sam , i ne mislis
da ti menja iskustvo, i mislis da ti to ne stvara telo vise bolesni, vise ustogljenim ,
vise sve to ...

-Bila sam bolesna, u pustila sam sve, i bilo je prelepo. I sad kad sam se vratila u
svet, ne znam kako da funkcionisem sad kao normalna osoba.
Pa zato sto se pretvaras da si normalna osoba, iako si videla sustinu Biti probudjen
je kao da si leceni alkoholicar, koji mora ceo zivot da provede u baru. Ali eto te, znas
da nisi ti ta osoba, a opet moras da provedes zivot i da funkcionises kroz tog
- I onda gledam poverujem u to. ( mislim u to da je ona gilipter )
To je trik. Koristiti ga, ali ne padati na foru I poverovati u to . Kako bi bilo, ovo nije
pitanje za odgovoriti u glavi, nego u srcu, kako bi bilo da to sto si shvatila da jesi,
koje je jos uvek tu, sta ako umesto te persone koja zivi zivot, sta ako ta prisutnost,
hoce da zivi taj zivot kroz licnost. Sta ako ta prisutnost govori iz persone kad prica
Kada ides na posao, prisutnost ce ici na posao kroz personu. Eto ti pozivnica. Dakle
sledeci put kad imas razgovor, moze biti I 10 min od sad, kako bi bilo da ta
prisutnost, za koju znam da jesam, da govori, I da ne pricam ni kroz sta drugo, nego
kroz ovu prisutnost. Ne znaci da ces reci nesto znacajno, ne znaci da neces pricati o
necemu potpuno glupom I nevaznom, mozda I hoces, ali to prisutnost govori. Ali
persona bi rekla nesto kao ja moram da ucinim da se ljudi osecaju prijatno, ali
zasto bi to zelela ? Zbog toga na koji nacin bi me oni videli. A ako ne dobije dobru
reflekciju od ostalih , onda se oseca nesigurno, a onda ce poceti da umire, jer ne
dobjia sta joj treba. I osetices to. Ako je sta je istina kod tebe da budes tiha, I
videces da osoba sa tobom, ta persona, ne dobija ono sto je pre dobijala, I osecaces
se neprijatno, I osecace se veoma nesigutno jer ne dobija ono sto joj treba, moze
biti sta nije u redu, ne pricas previse kao pre . I mozes se ili vratiti u personu, ili
ostati to sto jesi. To je treznjenje. I ne misli da ces kao ekspert uradidi to odma kako
Cudno je kako je sa ljudima koje slabije znam to sve mnogo lakse, nego sa ljudima
sa kojima sam bas blizak.
Da, u pravu si, jer tu su ocekivanja Dakle evo ti je prilika, evo ga sledeci korak,
budi ono sto jesi cak I sa ljudima koji znas veoma dobro. Sto znaci da oni znaju laznu
tebe. Znaju tvoju personu veoma dobro i mozda nece znati kako da plesi kad ti igras
iz tvojg duhovnog srca. To je ok, bice cool sa tim . To je kao kad ucis da hodas.
Padnes, potapses se po ramenu, I kazes naravno, naravno , podignes se, I
prisustvo pocne da se pomera, pocinje da prica, I na pola puta ce biti, o , o o moj
boze ta rec je izletela iz mene, o boze lazni ja aaaaa I sta ces reci, ooo kkk, u
redu je, ne uzbudjuj se, samo ucim kako da hodam I bum , povratak u sadasnjost,
samo tako. Niko te nece razumeti, al ice zivot biti mnogo laksi.


Mit 1 Prosvetljenje I budjenje, nema veze sa bilo kakvim tipom misticnih ( mythical
ili mystical ) iskustava.
Postoji razlika. Misticna iskustva, su misticna iskustva. Verovatno jedna od
najprijatnijih iskustava koje ljudsko bice moze da ima. Sjedinis se sa stenom, tvoja
svest se prosiri do beskonacnosti, provalis razlog za postojanje, tvoj kundalini
eksplodira, vidis svetla , I svete marije I isuse, I ko zna sta jos. Odjedom razumes sto
je univerzum stvoren Toliko ti je lepo da ne mozes da funkcionises kako treba.
Tvoja srcana cakra se otvori. Crown chakra se otvori.. Vidite sustinu. Sve ovo se
povezuje sa prosvetljenoscu. A ponekad ona mogu biti nusproizvod budjenja.
Uglavnom nisu cak ni to. Misticna iskustva su nista drugo do sagledavanja
potencijala ljudskih bica. Suptilnije iskusvo sveta. Ali mozemo imati I sva ova
iskustva I vise, ali da se ne probudimo do fundamentalne istine bica. Neka ljudska
bica su vise sklonija iskustvima misticnih iskustava neki malo manje. I to je to, nije
ni dobro, ni lose, nego kako jeste.
Mit 2 Da probudjena osobe nema ( sense of self ) osecaj svoga ja.
I upoznao sam dosta ljudi koji su trosili dosta vremena pokusavajuci da izbrisu svoje
ja. Reci cu vam, Buda je imao, isus je imao, majka marija, svi ga imaju, moras da
imas odredjeni deo da bi funkcionisao, ne koliko mnogi ljudi imaju, mozda 5 posto
od onoga sto mnogi ljudi imaju. Poznavao sam ljude koji sui mali duboka budjenja, I
imali su to svoje ja koje je u sisetmu, I bili su zbunjeni I hteli da ga se otarase. Sve
sto treba je da se shvati da postoji nase ja, ali da Ja zapravo nije tu. Da je ono
samo biolosko nasledje, bez svojeg ja ne bi se brinuo o sebi, neces jesti kad si
gladan, neces piti kad si zedan, i tu nasa konfuzija nastaje veoma rano u zivotu, kao
bioloska bica sa sposobnoscu za samo refleksiju, mi imamo kao neku nerazvijeno
svoje ja, svest, o sebi, veoma nerazvijeno, i tad o tom svome ja, krecemo da
gradimo iluziju jednoga sebe , solidnog entiteta, zvanog ja koji postojim , radije
nego da, hm, priroda nase bioloske strukture je da imamo svoje ja. pomaze im
da funkcionisu. Tako da treba imati samo malo svojeg ja, cisto onoliko da
funkcionisemo, to je sve sto je potrebno. Kljucno je, kljucno uvidjenje je da, iako
postoji ( sense of self, there isnt a self there ) osecaj svojeg ja, nas nema tamo.
Nema mene, iako ima osecaj mene.

Mit 3 Prosvetljeni covek nikad nema misli.

Misliti je odlican alat za imati. Dobar je za zavrsavanje stvari. Dobro je imati alat i
znati kako da ga koristis relativno dobro. Nazalost vecina ljudi je iskoriscena od
strane svojih umova. Ali da prosvetljeni ljudi nemaju misli je potpuno ludacki. Da li ti
se um smiri u ogromnom delu kada pocinjes da spoznajes istinu? Normalno da da,
jer um onda ne stvara ( generating sense of self ) osecaj sebe . Sto je 90 posto
misli ljudi. Ludacki uvek stvara te komentare, ovo je dobro, ovo je lose, ovo mi se
svidja, ovo ne, komentarise, komentarise. I onda tisina, kad shvatis da nije znacajno.
Ne lose, nego nije znacajno. Tako da, sto se vise budimo, umovi se smiruju, postoji

vise momenata kada je totalno tiho, ali je mit da nece biti vise misli. Ono sto je
istina je da misao postane beznacajna, nemao identifikaciju sa nasim mislima,
nemas vise identifikaciju sa verovanjima, koji su u nasim mislima, iako ce mozda biti
tu, to se samo kao, dogadja. Kad Identifikacija u sablonima misli nestaje, vise
probudjeni budemo. Kad misao nije previse znacajna, nije ni previse znacajna da bi
je se resio. To je probudjena perspektiva. Neka probudjena lica ce imati vise misli,
neka manje misli, ima veze kako vam je srce sklopljeno. Ali ces sigurno veoma biti
nevezan ( unatached ) za svoje misli.

Mit 4 Jedine emocije koje prosvetljeni ljudi osecaju su pozitivne emocije.

Samo dobre emocije. Imaju osmeh na licu , stalno. Nikada se nece naljutiti, I ako se
naljute, to je dokaz da sue neprosveceni. To je jos jedan mit. Prosveceni ljudi se ne
ljute ( dont get pissed off ). Mislite da se Isus nije ljutio, kad je okretao stolove sa
parama itd Meni se cini da je bio ljut. Ako istina zeli da koristi bes, koristice ga, a
ponekad je bes dobar alat za imati. Da li prestajemo da projektujemo nase emocije
na svet oko nas DA . Da li prestajemo da obmotavamo sve nase emocije oko
licnih stvari, licnih susreta DA. Ali da probudjeno bice nikad ne oseca bol, bes, tugu
.. to je glupost. Ali ne idu okolo bivajuci oboreni time. Sve sto smo vise probudjeni,
sve vise postajemo prostor za expirience to move trough. Ne personalizujemo ih. I
naravno, dosta besa, I prezira koji je povezan sa padanjem ega ( ego drops away ),
bes, I odbrana, I zrtva, I nasilnik, I druge slicne emocije Ali sirova energija je I dalje
dostupna , I I dalje moze da se koristi kad je bitno.
Mit 5
Probudjeni ljudi imaju odredjeni tip licnosti.
Ja nisam nasao to za istinu. Upoznao sam mnoto probudjenih ljudi, i nisam pronasao
jos uvek 2 licnosti ( personalitija ) koje su iste. Cak ni koje su uopste veoma slicne.
Neki ne prestaju da pricaju. Ne mozes da ih ucutkas. Neki su totalni tihi. Da
kontradikcije i konflikti pocinju da se cede iz personalne strukture, ali i dalje je tu.
Znas ne mozes gledati strukturu licnosti jedne osobe i videti da li su probudjeni ili
ne. Toliko toga um zeli da zna, i da definise probudjenost, a da uopste nije to, i onda
to kreira puno unutrasnje konfuzije, kada ne razumemo sta sve nije budjenje, kada
ne razumemo sta prosvetljenje nije. Kada pocnemo da ispustamo neke od ovih
ideja, samo tad mozemo da otkrijemo o cemu JESTE rec. Naravno svaka osoba
mora da pronadje odgovor sam za sebe. Svi to moraju da saznaju za sebe, iz sebe,
iz svog iskustva, istinu o tome sta su stvarno. I kad se otvoris istini o tome sta si ti,
onda se otvaras I istini o tome sta su i oni , I onda shvatas da su oni I ti isto.
Jedno bice, manifestuje se kroz mnoge druge licnosti, mnoge druge stvari. Jedno
bice, pojavljuje se na mnogo, mnogo nacina. Spoznaja te stvari, ne aspekat te
stvari, ne potencijal te stvari, nego sve do jednostavnosti samog bica. Istinu o tebi.
To je zapravo prosvetljenje, to je zapravo budjenje. I iako je objasnjeno na dosta
nacina, sva objasnjenja su veoma ogranicena. Svako moje objasnjenje budnjenja, I
moj pokuasj da objasnim recima ce biti zastrasujuce ogranicen.

- Reconnect to that which is disconnected
Bas taj deo koji gurate po strain. Praval jubav, pravo saosecanje ne pokusava da se
otarasi icega. Tako da svaki deo sebe koji si gurnuo po strani, je taj deo koji ce te I
dalje vuci nazad iz bilo kog mesta otkrovenja ( revelation ) u kome si