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Ashraf Adel Nashed Zaki

7 Ibn Magued Street Hegaz, Heliopolis Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +2/ 022-623 2789 022-623 2795
Email: Esteata@hotmail.com
Mobile: +2-012-23277243
Career Objective
Pursuing a challenging career opportunity in an international company. The opportunity, which I seek,
shall strongly contribute to the company success and accomplish self actualization.

Major Education
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, December 1998 (ABET Accredited)
The American university in Cairo (AUC), Egypt
High school, June 1992
College De La Salle, Egypt (French Education)
Special Education & Training
Licensed P.E. (Professional Engineer) in United States of America.
Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination (PE) Presented by NCEES National Council
of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying in the USA.
Fundamental of Engineering (FE) (EIT) Presented by NCEES National Council of Examiners for
Engineering and Surveying in the USA.
ASHRAE Professional Program in HVAC&R Presented by the American Society of Heating,
Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers.
PMP Project Management Professional Certified by the PMI in the USA.
Certified Project Management Level 2 at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Working to complete
requirements of level 3 (highest level).
Professional Program in Environmental Engineering, Feb 2002/ Jan 2004, the American
University in Cairo (AUC) (GPA 4.0).
Several Courses in Mechanical Engineering, HVAC&R, Electrical Engineering, Fire Protection
Engineering, Project Management, Contract Administration, Safety & Soft Skills. (Details & Copies
of Certificates will be provided upon your request).

Professional Experience
Project Engineer, Contracting Officer Representative & Technical Representative (COR/COTR)
(QAE): Review and Analyze Designs, Perform Quality Assurance Evaluation, Evaluate Schedule,
Cost & Construction Quality, Implement Safety Codes, USACE (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers),
Project Amount $120M, January 2012 to date.
Project Manager for the Job Order Contract JOC in Kuwait, USACE (U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers), December 2010 - January 2012.
Working on the initiating, the planning, the executing, the monitoring, the controlling and the
closing of the construction projects.
Complete involvement in managing scope, quality, time, schedule, cost and resources.
Performing project risk assessment and project integration management.
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Designing several projects, reviewing and analyzing designs.

Review all price proposals, designs; discuss technical aspects, construction schedule & cost.
Review plans & specifications for construction feasibility of the systems including interface
Conduct regular site visits to ensure compliance with plans, specifications and submittals.
Report up the chain all project related deficiencies, issues, resolutions recommended and reached.
Ensure safety compliance during construction execution.

Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) (QAE): Review and Analyze Designs,
Perform Quality Assurance Evaluation, Evaluate Construction, O&M Contracts, Emergency
Repair & Implement Safety Codes, USACE (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), April 2005 - December
Design review of mechanical systems and value engineering implementation of 60 projects
Managing of 60 projects and 120 emergency repairs
o Utilities (Sewer, water distribution and fire protection )
o Water & wastewater treatment systems
o Plumbing
o Fire protection & fire suppression systems
o Compressed air systems
o Steam and hot water systems
o Irrigation systems
o Material handling systems
Managing O& M contracts for Several Facilities
o PMEL (Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories)
o C130 Repair & Maintenance Hangar
o Corrosion Control Facility
Regional design review support for Jordan project.
In charge of implementing field safety codes in all sites.
Project Engineer: pre & post contract award, Quality Assurance Evaluator, Review and Analyze
Plans, Specifications and Technical Submittals for the following projects, & Responsible for O&M,
NAMRU 3 (U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit 3), September 2000 - April 2005.
Managing the project processes and phases for:
o The installation of Emergency Diesel Generator with all accessories including Diesel Daily
tank and Diesel pumps and ATS.
o The procurement and installation of medium tension on load tap changer with control.
o The installation of medium / low-tension panel and bus duct.
o The installation of 5 chillers (600 ton refrigerant), two emergency chillers, 8 chilled water
pumps, 5 air handling units and 3 package units with all mechanical, electrical and control
connections for several buildings.
o The installation of water treatment system (RO) (62000 gallons per day) for biomedical
research laboratories.
o The installation of several force protection systems.
o The installation of 11 low-tension panels for the main power distribution, medium tension
panels (11 KV).
o The installation of Booster pumps system for Biosafety Laboratory and the cleaning of the
underground storage tanks (confined space).
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Managing O&M Contracts of Several Facilities:

o Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all facilities within the U.S. Navy Base.
o Responsible for the operation and preventive maintenance of all technical systems within the
facilities, including the BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory)
Contract & Specification Writing & Designing, of the Mechanical & the Electrical for Several

Trainee, NAMRU 3 (U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit 3), July 97- Sep. 97, July 96 -Sep. 96
Assisted in Annual Budget preparation, maintenance of BIOSAFETY Systems.
Gained experience in U.S. Naval specifications, Quality control & Safety.
Part Time Work
Instructor for PMP education providers (2009 EMAK Academy), (2008-2009 RITI, Regional IT Institute)
& (2007 Promastar).
Volunteer Work
Project Manager & inspector, The Alteration of the Biosafety Laboratory (BSL-3) HVAC System,
NAMRU 3 (U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit 3), from18th April 2005 till 9th May 2005.
Inspection of the installation of the supply and exhaust system of the biosafety laboratory (BSL-3).
Inspection of the control system of the HVAC system and the DDC programming
TA&B of the biosafety laboratory (BSL-3).
Computer Skills
Good knowledge of Engineering Computer Software: Primavera (P3, P6), Auto CAD, Industrial
software, Mat lab, Ideas, Cosmos, Dynacam.
Good knowledge of Microsoft (Word, Excel, Power Point, Photo Editor, Access) & Adobe Photo Shop.
Good Knowledge of Movies editing, effects & 3D Animation: 3D MAX, Combustion & Adobe

Language Skills
Fluent spoken & written: Arabic & English.
Good spoken & written: French
Letters of Appreciation
Yearly Outstanding Evaluation for all the years served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (from
2005 till 2014).
Four Certificates of Special Appreciation from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Kuwait Office (20112012).
Achievement Medal for Civilian Service from Department of the Army (2011).
Spot Light Award from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers & Commander Coin (2008), (2007) &
Several Letters & Certificates of Appreciation from Egyptian Air Force.
Several Letters of Appreciation from the Officer in Charge of Construction of The U.S. Naval Medical
Research Unit 3 & U.S. Marine Corps for outstanding performance (2005), (2004), (2003) & (2002).
Letter of Appreciation from The Commanding Officer of Engineering Field Activity, Mediterranean
for outstanding performance (2004).
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Personal Data
Date of Birth: May 24, 1974
Nationality: Egyptian
Marital Status: Married
Military Status: fulfilled

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