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NPM : 15422063
KELAS : MIF K41/15

1. a) To

: can be used as a preposition movement or direction

Example : I will take a taxi to the airport
The train leaves from bandung to jakarta

b) Too

: can be used as an adverb that means also or in addition

Example : this dress in too big for me

c) Two

: only used as numbers

Example : there are two cars in the car park

2. a) Girls

: unmarried woman

Example : the girl whom Charles lent the magazine to is very pretty

b) Woman : an adult person

Example : Diah is stronger woman

c) Female : the woman is a word commonly used to describe women

Example : can you tell if that lizars is a female?

d) Ladies

: human noble and valuable because it possesses a high

Example : ladies and gentleman,id like to end before time

3. a) Motivation : an impluse that causes a person to perform an act in order

to achieve certain
b) Misi : something must be done to achieve a goal
c) Visi : something must be done to reach the goal in the future
d) Learning : informtion that has been processed and organized to gain
e) Self control : control or restrain anger
f) Emotion : a turmoil in the soul that is ussually forgetten in an
uncontrolled action
g) Observation : an observation or monitoring procces on an object or
problem and from
there will take the report and conclusion
h) Defretion : mental disorder everyone a chance to experience it


Leadership is a process of influencing others in which a leader

invited his men to volunteer to participate in order to achieve
organization goal .
As a leader must have the characteristics. In performing its duties ,it
relates to subordinates and other relevan parties , both internal and
external .
A leader must have the attitude,action,speech,good properties such
as having integrita.
As a leader he will be an example for others , especially those who
can deal directly with it.
Has a good integrity as a leader should be excellence in leadership
so that he can be a role model for others .
Owned with integrity can bring progress and succes in a leadership ,
both for institutions and individuals involued in it .

5. Daily activity
Every day I get up at 05.00 am to pray and bath , after that I have
breakfast on Monday I Went to college at 08.00 and return at 14.00 non
After I got home I immediatelly watched television , clock 03.30 I
took I shower asr prayer , the afternoon prayer , after which I learned
while and then sleep . When I left for college at 12.30 noon .
I immediately went home midday prayer , then I have lunch while
watching television , then I take a short nap . I Wake up immediatelly after
the asr prayer bath 06.00 my evening prayer and dinner . at 07.00 my
evening prayer and went to bed . Wednesday I went to college at 09.00
noon and 20.00 pm lecture hours . I come home a little rest then asr

prayer , after the meal , and I took a shower . I continue to pray maghrib
and isya prayer as usually it and then I dinner while watching television .
09.00 pm I sleep , and when I left for college Thursday at 10.30 and return
at 02.00 noon lecture , if I dont immediatelly return to its reguler home
Iam going home with my friend , after return home I took a shower and eat
, after dinner and went to bed .
When we receive the complaints form customers , respond wisely .
talk gently and do not argue when they express their opinion even thought
the reason given customer does not make sense .
Be a good listener and dont interrupt before he finished delivering
all the trouble, listen attentively.
Perform in-depth discussions to customer and we find root cause . if
no error is proven on the part of the customer , show respect and do not
blame .
Give a deep impression when problems can be addressed and to
say thank you and if necessary call in person and offer what assistance
could be given and asked him not to hesitate .