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For all activities on or near energized or de-energized equipment on which, affected

employee(s) could be exposed to potential start-up or release of a stored energy of such
equipment, machine or part thereof while being worked on, the minimum requirement for
this shall be observed on all applicable procedures and all relevant requirements of
SADARA site procedures.
Before any existing electrical unit is de-energized, it must be physically verified by the
responsible foreman/supervisor in conjunction with the authorized plant personnel that
all loads associated with that unit are under the circumstances shall, a de-energized unit
verified to have been de-energized
Under no circumstances shall, a de-energized unit or part thereof shall be worked on
unless the energy isolating device of that unit has been properly lockout-tag out in an off
position by the responsible originator or authorized representative.
Specific unit or part thereof to be worked on must be legibly identified prior to starting
Proper coordination between all responsible project and site authorities must be made
prior to equipment de-energization or commencing any work on a DE energized unit or
part thereof including restoration of the same.
Only competent experienced personnel shall be allowed to perform the job including
attendants required.
The responsible crew supervisor / foreman or the authorized personnel originator shall
ensure affixing his own lockout / tag-out device to all equipments DE energized isolating
device i.e. Main power source and substation and local control switches(s) i addition to
clients or the plant operations installed lockout-tag-out device before commencing any
activity. The lockout-tag out device affixed by client. Plant operation or maintenance to
the equipment shall not relieve Sharqawi crew from installing its own lockout- tag-out
A safety checklist for equipment Lockout / Tag-out and restoring equipment to service
shall be properly filled in by the authorized person to ensure safe work execution blank
checklist forms shall be kept available at all times at the Sharqawi safety office.
Sharqawi OSHA conforming Danger Do Not Operate laminated red tag shall be used
as tag out device this device provides the following information:
Identification of equipment out of service
Reason for being out of service
Approximate period out of service
Name, badge and telephone no of originator
Date and time of affixing number of originator
Signature of the originator
Lay down yard Materials /equipment arrangement