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New Ti
Iberi mb
a, ers
LA ton
705 e
63 LL

Phase III
Residential Home Sites
Marketed exclusively by:

603 Center Street

New Iberia, LA 70560


Block One Address Dimensions List Price

Lot 1 Timberstone Dr. 90’ x 116.62’ x 88.47’ x 116.65’ $22,500.00
Lot 3 Timberstone Dr. 77.76’ x 116.69’ x 77.76’ x 116.73’ $24,500.00
Lot 6 Timberstone Dr. 97.49’ x 116.79’ x 126.25’ x 99.11’ $28,000.00
Lot 7 Timberstone Dr. 70.46’ x 99.11’ x 80’ x 148.11’ x 101.49’ $30,500.00
Lot 9 Timberstone Dr. 100.9’ x 103.38’ x 136.36’ x 116.81’ $28,000.00
Lot 12 Timberstone Dr. 77.96’ x 116.73’ x 77.96’ x 116.69’ $24,500.00
Lot 14 Timberstone Dr. 90’ x 116.65’ x 90’ x 116.62’ $22,500.00

Block Two

Lot 1 Timberstone Dr. 90’ x 116.53’ x 91.53’ x 116.59’ $22,500.00

Lot 2 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.5’ x 75.47’ x 116.53’ $24,500.00
Lot 4 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.42’ x 75.47’ x 116.46’ $24,500.00
Lot 5 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.38’ x 75.47’ x 116.42’ $24,500.00
Lot 6 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.34’ x 75.47’ x 116.38’ $24,500.00
Lot 7 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.31’ x 75.47’ x 116.34’ $24,500.00
Lot 8 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.27’ x 75.47’ x 116.31’ $24,500.00
Lot 9 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.23’ x 75.47’ x 116.27’ $24,500.00
Lot 10 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.19’ x 75.47’ x 116.23’ $24,500.00
Lot 11 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.16’ x 75.47’ x 116.19’ $24,500.00
Lot 12 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.12’ x 75.47’ x 116.16’ $24,500.00
Lot 13 Timberstone Dr. 75.47’ x 116.08’ x 75.47’ x 116.12’ $24,500.00
Lot 14 Timberstone Dr. 90’ x 116.04’ x 90.05’ x 116.08’ $22,500.00

Block Four

Lot 1 Timberstone Dr. 90’ x 116.59’ x 90’ x 116.53’ $22,500.00

Lot 3 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.5’ x 75.27’ x 116.46’ $24,500.00
Lot 4 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.46’ x 75.27’ x 116.42’ $24,500.00
Lot 5 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.42’ x 75.27’ x 116.38’ $24,500.00
Lot 6 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.38’ x 75.27’ x 116.34’ $24,500.00
Lot 7 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.34’ x 75.27’ x 116.31’ $24,500.00
Lot 8 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.31’ x 75.27’ x 116.27’ $24,500.00
Lot 9 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.27’ x 75.27’ x 116.23’ $24,500.00
Lot 10 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.23’ x 75.27’ x 116.19’ $24,500.00
Lot 11 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.19’ x 75.27’ x 116.16’ $24,500.00
Lot 12 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.16’ x 75.27’ x 116.12’ $24,500.00
Lot 13 Timberstone Dr. 75.4’ x 116.12’ x 75.27’ x 116.08’ $24,500.00
Lot 14 Timberstone Dr. 90’ x 116.08’ x 90’ x 116.04’ $22,500.00

Block Five

Lot 1 Barrow St 91.41’ x 116.62’ x 90’ x 116.65’ $22,500.00

Lot 2 Barrow St 79.96’ x 116.65’ x 79.96’ x 116.69’ $24,500.00
Lot 4 Barrow St 79.96’ x 116.73’ x 79.96’ x 116.77’ $24,500.00
Lot 6 Barrow St 79.96’ x 116.81’ x 79.96’ x 116.85’ $24,500.00
Lot 8 Barrow St 95.21’ x 116.89’ x 79.96’ x 108.34’ $29,000.00

Block Six

Lot 1 Barrow St. 90’ x 116.54’ x 90’ x 116.59’ $22,500.00

Lot 2 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.5’ x 75.27’ x 116.54’ $24,500.00
Lot 4 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.43’ x 75.27’ x 116.46’ $24,500.00
Lot 5 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.39’ x 75.27’ x 116.43’ $24,500.00
Lot 6 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.35’ x 75.27’ x 116.39’ $24,500.00
Lot 7 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.31’ x 75.27’ x 116.35’ $24,500.00
Lot 8 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.27’ x 75.27’ x 116.31’ $24,500.00
Lot 9 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.23’ x 75.27’ x 116.27’ $24,500.00
Lot 10 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.19’ x 75.27’ x 116.23’ $24,500.00
Lot 11 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.16’ x 75.27’ x 116.19’ $24,500.00
Lot 12 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.12’ x 75.27’ x 116.16’ $24,500.00
Lot 13 Barrow St. 75.14’ x 116.08’ x 75.27’ x 116.12’ $24,500.00
Lot 14 Barrow St. 90’ x 116.04’ x 90’ x 116.08’ $22,500.00
Block Eight

Lot 1 Barrow St. 90’ x 116.59’ x 88.59’ x 116.53’ $22,500.00

Lot 3 Barrow St. 75.07’ x 116.5’ x 75.07’ x 116.46’ $24,500.00
Lot 5 Barrow St. 75.07’ x 116.42’ x 75.07’ x 116.38’ $24,500.00
Lot 9 Barrow St. 75.07’ x 116.27’ x 75.07’ x 116.23’ $24,500.00
Lot 10 Barrow St. 75.07’ x 116.23’ x 75.07’ x 116.19’ $24,500.00
Lot 11 Barrow St. 75.07’ x 116.19’ x 75.07’ x 116.16’ $24,500.00
Lot 12 Barrow St. 75.07’ x 116.16’ x 75.07’ x 116.12’ $24,500.00
Lot 13 Barrow St. 75.07’ x 116.12’ x 75.07’ x 116.08’ $24,500.00
Lot 14 Barrow St. 90’ x 116.08’ x 89.83’ x 116.04’ $22,500.00

Block Nine

Lot 1 Barrow St. 76.73’ x 127.7’ x 93.53’ x 122.19’ $26,500.00

Lot 2 Barrow St. 76.73’ x 122.19’ x 76.46’ x 116.89’ $24,500.00
Lot 3 Barrow St. 76.73’ x 116.89’ x 76.73’ x 116.85’ $24,500.00
Lot 5 Barrow St. 76.73’ x 116.81’ x 76.73’ x 116.77’ $24,500.00
Lot 7 Barrow St. 76.73’ x 116.73’ x 76.73’ x 116.69’ $24,500.00
Lot 9 Barrow St. 90’ x 116.66’ x 91.41’ x 116.62’ $22,500.00

On the plat YELLOW denotes “SOLD”


DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: Timberstone Subdivision, Phase III

New Iberia, LA 70563

SELLER: Timberstone LLC



mentioned property, as follows:

Major infrastructure for TIMBERSTONE SUBDIVISION, PHASE III including street paving and
sewer was funded by a special ten (10) year bond program administered by Iberia Parish
Government. The buyer(s) will at the time of sale will assume any remaining assessments
relative to street paving and sewer that are due when the sale is closed. Language relative to
the assumption of remaining assessments shall be included in the cash sale.

The buyer(s) agree that homeowners association dues of $100.00 per year shall be pro-rated
at the time of the sale, and a separate check shall be made payable to TIMBERSTONE
HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, P. O. Box 10011, New Iberia, LA 70562 at time of the

Property taxes shall be pro-rated as of the date of sale between the buyer(s) and the seller(s)
and depending on the month in which the sale occurs, the closing attorney shall reimburse
either the buyer(s) or TIMBERSTONE, LLC.


for reasons deemed satisfactory and acceptable by all parties, and this addendum is
made part of and is incorporated into the Agreement to Purchase and Sell dated
____ , by and between the undersigned parties. All other terms
and conditions remain as written.

Major infrastructure for TIMBERSTONE

street paving and sewer was funded by
a special ten (10) year bond program
administered by Iberia Parish
Government. The buyer(s) will at the
time of sale will assume any remaining
assessments relative to street paving
and sewer that are due when the sale
is closed. Language relative to the
assumption of remaining assessments
shall be included in the cash sale.

The buyer(s) agree that homeowners

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BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, a Notary Public duly commissioned and qualified in and for the
Parish and State aforesaid, there personally came and appeared TIMBERSTONE, L.L.C., the present sole owner
of all ...Jo~, in Timbe tone Estates Subdivision, Phase III, as per plat thereof by
" J . eO (ttLLx ( , dated '1.,1.3 "c.1 , r and filed
't , at COB I EntryNo. ~ S- t11A<23 , of the records of Iberia
iana. The represerWitivesof Timberstone, L.L.C. act herein pursuant to an authorization filed at
COB J )'7, Entry No.2008-lfl1J:J.4
' Iberia Parish records. Appearers declare that Timberstone Estates
Subdivision, Phase III, is hereby made subject to the following restrictions and covenants which are to run with
the land for the benefit of any owner in said subdivision.

1. No dwelling of any area ofless than 1,400 square feet of living space exclusive of porches and garages may
be occupied as a dwelling or residence. Where a two-story dwelling is involved, its ground floor shall have at
least 1,000 square feet of living area. Buildings may not exceed two stories.

2. All dwelJings shall be constructed on a concrete foundation. No piers or pilings will be allowed. Each
dwelling shaH have a primary roof pitch of no less than 6 on l2's. Brick, dryvit, and/or wood must be used on
not less than 67% of the exterior of all structures unless otherwise approved by the Architectural Control
Committee of Timberstone Homeowners Association. No metal chimneys shall be permitted unless enclosed by
brick or dryvit on the exterior. All garages and carports must be attached to, or built to the rear of, the main
dwelling, and all garages with access openings facing any street must be enclosed by use of garage doors. No
metal roofing shall be allowed on any structure in the subdivision at any time, whether part of original
construction or later replacement. No portion of any mailbox or maiI receptacle may extend closer than 16 inches
to the paved portion of any street or the area above the paved portion of any street.

3. The property shall be used exclusively for residential purposes. No commercial activity of any kind can be
conducted thereon.

4. No trailers or mobile homes shall be allowed.

S. No more than one single-family dwelling shall be erected on any lot and no garage apartment or duplex shall
be built on any lot. Except as provided below in Restriction 16, each lot must be used as a building site for a
single-family dwelling. Before commencement of construction of a dwelling on a lot, no fence, outbuilding,
structure or hedge or screening planting may be placed upon a lot.

6. Trucks, vans, hauling trailers, boats, or other vehicles with a weight in excess of 10,000 lb. GVW may not be
kept in the subdivision. Trucks, vans, hauling trailers, boats or other vehicles with a weight ofless than 10,000
GVW may be kept in the subdivision, but must at all times be permanently housed within a carport or garage,
except for temporary loading or unloading thereof. Passenger cars are permitted to be dept on driveways in front
of homes.

'7. No fence, wall, or hedge shall be maintained on any lot at any greater height than six feet, nor shall any be
closer than the main structure setback of the street which the main dwelling faces.

8. All residences must have a concrete driveway at least twelve (12) feet wide from the edge of the street to at
least the concrete slab upon which the residence is constructed. No shell, gravel, asphalt, or dirt driveways are
permitted in the subdivision.

9. No building shall be located on any lot or tract nearer than twenty (20) feet, nor further than thirty (30) feet,
from any public street right of way, nor nearer than five feet to an interior lot line. For the purpose of this
covenant, eaves and steps shall not be considered as a part of the building,.provided however, that this shall not
be construed to permit any portion of a building on a lot to encroach upon another lot.

10. (a) No structure of a temporary character, mobile home, trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or other
outbuilding shall be used on any lot at any time by a resident or anyone else either temporarily or permanently.

(b) Outbuildings shall correspond in the style and architecture to, and shall not exceed in height, the main
dwelling to which they are appurtenant. No metal siding or metal roofing may be used on any outbuilding.
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11. No raising of livestock or animals will be al10wed on any of these lots. Pets may be kept on the lots by the
owners;however,providedthat the owners comply with the health and sanitation requirements of the Louisiana
Department of Health, provided that they do not constitute a public nuisance.

12. Any part of the land hereinabove described as constituting this restricted area shaH be sold subject to the
restrictions and covenants hereby imposed whether the same is mentioned in the sale or transfer thereof or not.

13. Appearer reserves all oil, gas, and other minerals in, on or under all of the property described herein.
However, no drilling or other operation in search of oil, gas, or other minerals shaHbe conducted on the surface
of any lot in this area, nor shall any equipment or structure used in connection therewith bepermitted on the
surface of any lot.

14. No lot shaH be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage, or other waste, which
shall be kept in sanitary containers.

15. Easements and rights of ways are reserved along the front ten (10) feet and the rear ten (10) feet of each lot
and ten (10) feet along the street side of the comer lots for the construction and maintenance of utilities.

16. None of theselots shaH ever be resubdivided to have a smaHer area than 8,625 sq. ft. or as shown on the
original subdivision map. This restriction shall not be construed however as preventing the owner of one
building site as laid out on the official map of these tots from purchasing any fractional part of an additional lot
to have a building site larger than any of the lots originally laid out. The fractional lot shall not be used for a
construction site, and shall never be used as the same except in conjunction with the whole lot. The subdivider
reserves the right to sell all fractions of lots for this purpose.

17. All landowners must install pipe and catch basins as per parish specifications along the entire property line
not later than the earlier of (a) commencement of construction of improvements and (b) one year after purchase
ofthe lot from Timberstone, L.L.C.

18. All owners of property in Timberstone Estates Subdivision, Phase III, shall be subject to and abide by the
By-Laws of Timberstone Estates Homeowners Association filed of record at COB 1175-318-99-4535 with the
Iberia Parish Clerk of Court, and such by-laws as may be amended under the provisions thereof.

19. These restrictions run with the land and shall be bjnding on the parties and all persons claiming under them
until January 1, 2015, unless the owners of record of75 percent of the lots, at any time, cause toberecorded in
the office of the Clerk of Court of the Parish of Iberia, a written declaration terminating or changing said
restrictions or any of them. Said restrictions or such asmay be modified by said written declaration shaH
continue for an additional period often (10) years from January 1,2015, this plan to be operative in a similar way
for each additional ten (10) year period thereafter.

20. Invalidation of anyone of these covenants by judicial decree shall in no way affect any of the other
provisions which remain in full force and effect.

THUS SIGNED ON ~-JULY 29 ,2008, at New Iberia, Iberia Parish, Louisiana, in the presence
of the undersigned Notary Public, qualified in said State and Parish, and the undersigned competent witnesses,
who have signed with the parties after due reading of the whole.



~~ . 'M.B£;et, (Jl>~A yc-

Print ame:/tW'-!; ~Rou.SSAt<j)
BY: ~

(LABarlNotaryNo. 0 \ \ ~l ~ )