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Jaipuria Institute of Management

Corporate Office
Placement Policy: 2014-16 (Proposed)

A. Objective
The Placement Policy of Jaipuria Institute of Management seeks to provide a
fair and reasonable opportunity to all its students to be suitably placed
according to their Aptitude, Scores, Attendance, Caliber & Competence.
B. Rationale & Coverage
1. The Placement Process at Jaipuria is based on the principles of Equity,
Fair play, Transparency & Objectivity.
2. It would involve both on-campus as well as off-campus routes.
3. This Policy would cover all students of PGDM (All Courses).
4. Placements would be a student driven exercise. The role and
responsibility of the placement cell is to facilitate the process of
5. While every endeavor will be made by the institute to check & confirm
antecedents of the company etc., the students are also expected to
exercise their judgment and conduct due diligence before participating
in the placement process of a company.
C. Ground Rule
To avail campus placement services/facilitation for placement, students would
have to first register themselves with the placement cell and accept the
terms of Placement Policy.
1. Jaipuria follows the one-student: one-job policy.
2. While registering with placement cell, each student would be required
to give two choices of his/her preferred functional area from
Finance/HR/Marketing/Operations /Retail/ IT. However Student should
attempt to appear in maximum companies.
3. At any point (after completion of 20 company processes in which
student was eligible), student should have appeared in at least 25%
4. Only those registered students would be considered who fulfill all the
requirements of the company/placement cell/academic score/the
attendance in the PDP classes and etc.
5. Normally, students are short listed for placements on the basis of
guidelines, cutoffs, etc. provided by the recruiter. However, in cases
where recruiters requests Jaipuria to shortlist students for them,
Jaipuria would shortlist students on the basis of merit i.e. on the basis
of mock recruitment process/CGPA scores & other attributes (IDP Score
& AMCAT Score, Communication and Presentation Score and Mentors
Feedback, etc.) important for the job profile as per inputs given by
Head of the Campus Placement & Training Department.
6. The placement exercise for a student would be considered to have
been over and complete once his/her name is conveyed in the list of
selected candidates, by a company through email, in writing or offer
letter. Student would not be eligible for participating in new or ongoing
process after this point except in Dream Company within rules given in

point D. However, in cases where more than one process have

concluded and the results declared subsequently, and the student gets
selected in more than one company, the student would have the right
to choose a company of his/her choice & convey the placement cell,
the company the student would be joining.
7. The students applying in any companies processes are required to
adhere to deadlines as per the mail sent & their application would not
be considered after the deadline.
8. (a) The student of a campus travelling to other campuses/outside for
the selection process/campus recruitment would be reimbursed travel
fare by AC 3 tier/Chair Car/Deluxe Bus for 5 campus recruitment visits
against submissions of bills/tickets, subject to maximum amount as per
details given below:
Lucknow-Noida & vice versa: Rs. 1100/- plus Rs. 250/visit for
local travel & miscellaneous expenditure.
Jaipur-Lucknow & vice versa: Rs. 1100/ Lucknow-Indore & vice versa: Rs. 1200/ Noida-Jaipur & vice versa: Rs. 1100/ Noida-Indore & vice versa: Rs. 1300/ Indore-Jaipur & vice versa: Rs. 1300/ Students visiting to Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai & Bangalore Rs.
1500/However if more students are appearing for a process at other campus
& a bus is arranged by the campus it would be considered as one visit
out of the Five reimbursable visits. No reimbursement for such visits
will be given to the students.
(b) The students travelling for corporate events/campus
engagement or presentation to corporates will be eligible for
the following reimbursements:
Travelling allowance: 3rd AC/Chair Car
Daily Allowance: Rs. 250/day
Hotel Accommodation: Rs. 750/day
9. Those students who are eligible & do not appear for 20 campus
processes by 15th
February 2016 would be assumed to be not
interested in the placement process through campus & no further
assistance would be given to them.
D. Dream Company
Considering our student centric placement policy we have introduced a new
concept of Dream Company. As per the Dream Company rule a student
already selected by a company would be allowed to sit for one Dream
Company of his/her choice whose package would be CTC 4.5 LPA or more/
desired profile (as clearly specified by the student), subject to the
following conditions:

1. Appearing in the Dream Company is eligible to only those students

who have not joined the company where he/she is already placed.
2. He/She should have a minimum CGPA of 5.5/10.00.
3. 70% attendance in the PDC (Personality Development Classes).
4. Company should be marked as (N) in Excluded from Dream Company
Policy (As per the last row of the JD of the Company Shared).
E. Guidelines for Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs)/Interviews:
1. The Pre-Placement Talks (PPT) or Company Presentations are an
opportunity for the companies to brief about the organization, job
profile, remuneration, location, growth prospects and also to interact
with the students, understand their expectations and apprise them of
the job requirements and job profiles offered and students must be
interactive & get clarification of any doubts from the company officials
giving PPT.
2. Dress code must be maintained and students must be seated 15
minutes before the starting of PPTs/interviews. They will not be allowed
to enter the Auditorium/Conference/Interview room after the start of
PPTs/selection process/PI.
3. Each campus would maintain a register/log to record the campus
process steps in details right from student registering to final selection.
F. Rules for Placement Process
1. Students are not authorized to communicate with the companies on an
individual level. Any deviation would result in disciplinary action
against the particular student(s) involved in such activity, which may
include permanent debarring from placement process. Any corporate
interaction by any student must be carried out in consultation with the
Corporate Relations Team.
2. All students who appear for placement process are required to:
Be formally dressed.
Must have 2 copies of updated CVs & 2 passport size
Must carry Institute Identity Card & Hall ticket if applicable.
Be presentable.
Carry Summer Internship Report.
Carry Photocopy of all educational qualifications/credentials.
Stick to be in time & maintain discipline.
The students are also advised to update their mobile numbers
with the placement cell in case of any change. It will be
compulsory for all the eligible students to appear in the PrePlacement Talk (PPT) of a company, if the company is from
his/her preferred specialization.
The job postings along with the eligibility criteria will be
displayed on the college display board and also sent to students
group id. Students are required to check their emails regularly
for information and details regarding placement drives.

Students who are eligible for any placement drive will have to
give his/her consent before attending the same to the concerned
coordinator before the deadline.
Student who fails to attend the placement drive, whether on or
off campus subsequent to his/her consent for attending the
same will be considered as misconduct resulting in disciplinary
action including permanent debarment.
3. Students coming inappropriately dressed on Placement drive will not
be allowed to attend the placement activity and disciplinary action will
be taken against them.
4. Placement cell will make all arrangements for recruiters to be invited
and included in the placement process. All students are required to do
their homework seriously before facing an interview and select only
those companies which meet their preferred profile. Students should
be clear and fully prepared for the selection process viz Aptitude Test,
Case Study, GD & PI etc. as per selection process of a specific company
coming for recruitment & must prepare themselves thoroughly. The
responsibility to get selected/get offer of employment lies squarely on
individual students.
5. All offer letters will be addressed to the institute. Acceptance by
students will be through the placement cell of the institute.
G. Eligibility
All graduating students who have registered with the placement cell shall be
eligible to receive placement assistance unless otherwise debarred from
receiving such assistance on account of:
1. Secured less than the minimum pass marks in their program.
2. Non completion of Summer Training/other academic requirements.
3. Breach of discipline and general misconduct.
4. If a student fails to submit his/her summer training report within time
as prescribed by the placement cell he/she would also be debarred
from the placement process.
5. If a student has any back paper at the time of commencement of the
5th Trimester, he/she will be debarred from the placement process and
will not be allowed to sit in the ongoing selection process in the
campus till the time he/she clears his/her back papers. However
depending on the genuineness of the individual case the Appellate
authority would take the decision.
6. If a student is caught using unfair means during any exam/test would
also be debarred form the Placement Process.
H. Debarment Policy
The following events/actions would be deemed to be acts of misconduct and
would attract commensurate penal action/permanent debarment if:
1. A student attendance is less than 70% in PDP/IDP, guest lectures,
Aptitude Tests, Mock GD/PI sessions etc.
2. The student withdraws from/does not appear in 3 placement
processes after registering himself/herself for a company or getting
shortlisted (as part of the process) by a recruiter on the basis of CV,

GD, PI, written test etc., without being eliminated. However if a

company, after the PPT asks not interested students to leave the
process, and if any student does so, then his/her action would not
attract the penalty of debarment.
3. All emergencies are covered within 3 processes. No extra
reimbursements/exceptions shall be allowed over and above 3 due to
any reason.
4. The student indulges in the following acts of misbehavior in the
placement process:
Individually approaches the company that he/she does not want
to join the company.
Speaks negative about the company or Jaipuria Institute of
Is found doctoring his/her resume, certificates, experiences, etc.,
submitted at Placement Cell.
Talks directly to the company representative/executive at any
time other than pre-placement talk.
Asks any irrelevant question or behaves in an unacceptable way
during the pre-placement talk/GD/PI.
Misbehaves with the placement team & corporate officials
conducting campus recruitment process.
Deliberately jeopardizes any other students chances of getting
selected by his/her act of misconduct.
Indulges in any behavior which is socially unacceptable and or
brings disrepute to Jaipuria.
Not properly dressed during the campus recruitment process
and any other corporate related activities.
I. Penal Action
Any placement related issue can be addressed by the Grievance
Redressal Forum consisting of Placement Chair + 1 student Placement
Committee Representative + Dean/Associate Dean (Student Affairs). If the
grievance still remains unattended then the Student Placement
Committee Representative / Grievance Redressal Forum can forward it
to Corporate Office for the final decision.
(b) Appeal
An aggrieved student may Appeal against his/her debarment after one month of
debarment. The appellate authority for this purpose would consist of the Director,
Dean (student affairs) and placement chair at campus. Appellate authority would
take a decision on an Appeal as expeditiously as possible.
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a student of Jaipuria Institute of

Management, __________ Campus have read and accept the Campus

Placement Policy (2014 - 2016) in its entirety & have understood that the role
of the Placement Cell is of a facilitator and counselor for placement related

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