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1. What is a midwife?
ANS: Midwife is a job of women who work in hospital or pregnancy clinic. Usually,
midwife helps obstetrician to bear a baby from expectant mother. But now, most of
midwifes not dependent upon doctor. They can bear a baby by their own skill and
just helped by a nurse. Midwife wears white clothes every work. They have some
equipment for working. For example: stethoscope, medical gloves, masker, etc.
2. What is her main job?
ANS: Her main jobs are helping obstetrician to bear a baby, taking care the baby after
her/his born, and while a baby attacked by a disease. Midwife will cure the illness.
3. What are the reasons why you choose to be a midwife?
ANS: It is because midwifes job is so sublime. That is seen when they helps women to
utter a baby through safe and true ways. Intuitively, this job has assisted women to
keep humans existence from extinct which is one of natures laws.
4. How interesting is it to be a midwife?
ANS: I really want to be a midwife. You can see from my activity. First, i like reading
some obstetrics books. Second, I like to see a baby and take care of him/her. I also
have taken care my nephew when he was left alone in his familys home. However,
i think i cant be a midwife in the future because midwife is only for female. And I
think an obstetrician is fit to me.
5. Do your parents ask you to study midwifery?
ANS: No, they ask me to be an obstetrician in the future.


1. What does the midwife provide?
ANS: They provide health education for women and full antenatal care they also provide
guidance, counseling, and advice before and after bearing.
2. How long is ideal time to give support for the parents?
ANS: The ideal time is 28 days.
3. What are the main responsibilities of the midwife?
ANS: The main responsibilities are give advice, guidance, counseling, and support to
expectant mother, keep audacity and forget the fear about childbirth. They must
also bear the baby by safe and true ways. If they take wrong way, they will kill the
4. Do they need to refer the patient to the specialist?
ANS: Yes, they do.
5. Why do they need to refer the patient to the specialist?
ANS: Because of high risk pregnancies.
6. What does the multidisciplinary team mean?
ANS: Multidisciplinary team means involving different subjects of study in one activity
7. What does antenatal test mean?
ANS: Antenatal test is some procedures or tests done before childbirth to ensure the good
condition of the fetus.
8. What does postnatal mean?
ANS: Postnatal is treatments given after the birth of the newborn baby.

3.1 Put in the right form of words
1. I feel I am so tired. I think I................(buy) some vitamin.
ANS: will buy
2. Her mother is in the ICU. Susi..............(visit) her soon.
ANS: will visit
3. They................(have) a monthly health check-up
ANS: have
4. The nurse...............(help) the patients any time needed.
ANS: helps
5. Thank you for lending the camera. We...............(return) it tomorrow.
ANS: will return
6. Its very cold here. I think I....................(close) the window.
ANS: will close
7. She...............(change) the bed sheet every three days.
ANS: changes
8. She doesnt want to go out alone. ...................(come) with her?
ANS: Will you come
9. Its big secret. I promise I..................(not tell) anybody.
ANS: wont
10. What time...................you (go) to the office everyday?
ANS: do you go

3.2 Write about your future plan

My Plans in Senior High School 4 Denpasar
Senior High School 4 Denpasar is the next destination of my learning phase. I chose it,
because it is the third favorite school in Indonesia and I want to be an independent boy. I
think if I school here, I will meet many smart students and discuss about something with
This school is located in Perumnas Monang-Maning. This is a large school and has some
medium buildings. There are two gates in Foursma. The first gate is for arrival. And the
second gate is for departure. Foursma does not only have one park, but it has three park
sections. The first is for students motorcycles. The second is for teachers and parents
motorcycles. And the last is for teachers and parents cars. When we talk about the yard of
Foursma, you will not believe that Foursma has two climb arenas inside the yard. While we
take a walk around common room, we can see five canteens. There are some canteens that
sell primary food like Nasi Campur (Mix Rice), Batagor, Bakso (Meatball), Kentang Goreng
(French Fries), Siomay, and the important one for me is Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodle). There
is another canteen that sell the compilation of breads like Burger, Sandwich, Roti Sobek, Roti
Bakar (Toasted Bread), and the one which I like is Bak Pao. Foursma is facilitated by AC in
every room. The organitation of Foursmas students runs well for now.
Then I am going to live at Plawa street near Nusa Indah and Art Center. There is my aunts
house over there. My aunts house is not big, cause it is located inside path way. Her house is
facilitated by Wi-fi and Speedy modem. There are three people in my aunts house. They are
my aunt, my cousin, and a housekeeper.
Well, I will directly tell my plans while studying in Foursma. First, I will prepare my skill
or my talent to be ready to join the contest that is fit to me. I will also join English club and
KIR club. I will choose them cause my achievements in those subjects. Second, I will
acquaint with smart students in order to avoid laziness. And the last, I will struggle to get
OSIS position in Foursma. If I get that position, I will be easy to connect or talk to the
teachers in Foursma. I am very excited to wait this moment.