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It is the policy of Yorkshire Copper Tube to:

Conduct its activities in a responsible manner, having due regard to their impact on the
safety, the environment and the community within which the company operates.

Promote a continued improvement to the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare of

everyone associated with its operations.

Create an injury free workplace where safe acts are recognised and unsafe acts are
addressed consistently and promptly.

Comply with or exceed all legal and other requirements.

Establish Environment, Health and Safety objectives and targets, track our performance and
communicate our progress effectively with all employees and stakeholders.

The Plant Director is primarily responsible for meeting the requirements of this Policy and shall
ensure all reasonable steps are taken to do so.
Directors, Managers & Co-ordinators are responsible for:
Ensuring Environment, Health and Safety are an integral part of production, maintenance and
quality on a daily basis.
Preventing injury and illnesses by ensuring full adherence with Company Rules and Safe
Systems of Work, each level being accountable to the one above and responsible for the level
The Company expects each employee to assume individual responsibility for working safely and in
an environmentally responsible manner at all times.
This will include:

Following all Company Rules, Procedures and co-operating with all reasonable requests to
enable the Company to fulfil its legal duties.

Taking personal responsibility for our own safety and health and the safety of our colleagues
and business partners.

Reporting hazards and unsafe behaviours promptly and all incidents and accidents

Embracing safe behaviours.

Looking for opportunities to reduce waste and emissions in our workplaces to protect the
environment and save money.

Continuously improving the health, safety and efficiency of our workplace.

Resources will be made available to meet this objective in the form of instruction and training. The
Company recognises people as the most critical element to the success its performance and will
ensure consultation with all levels through works and departmental committees, notices and emails
on a regular basis.
This Policy and associated Procedures will be reviewed / revised periodically to reflect legislative
changes and brought to the attention of all employees and Contractors.




Issue 02/14