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1) Heart - Anterior interventricular artery; branch -left coronary; other structure

passing middle cardiac vein; areas supplied - 2/3 IV septum, left atrium and
ventricle, AVN
2) Erector spinae muscle group and spinal cord (spot was a vertebral column cut
3) Patellar ligament; Quadriceps femoris musclegroup (all the muscles)
4) Lateral compartment of the leg; Names of both
5) Fibrous pericardium; Innervation
6) Hypoglossal Nerve (Loop in the upper neck region); Superior thyroid artery
7) Lingual nerve (thick nerve in the middle of 3 in the infratemporal fossa - cheek
region); Thyrocervical trunk
8) Liver - porta hepatis, ligamentum teres, embryological origin
9) Proximal part of the duodenum,latin name, head of pancreas, latin name
10) Transverse sinus; IVC, level thro diaphragm - T8
11) Optic canal, structures passing through; Internal acoustic meatus, structures
passing through (On the skull)
12) Left Kidney, latin name; left renal vein, latin name; psoas major muscle, ureter
13) Ovary, Broad ligament; Rectouterine pouch
14) Azygos vein, what does it drain into SVC
15) Ulnar artery, Deep palmar arch;Median nerve, areas of hand it supplies
16) Lungs - Bronchi, Oblique fissure;Pulmonary Ligaments
17) Stomach - rugae; Pyloric sphincter
18) Sural nerve; Anterior tibial artery (posterior compartment of leg)
19) rectus sheath and name its layers
20) humerus, radial nerve on radial groove and wrist drop
21) knee joint and its ligaments, muscles in relation to the knee joint
22) shoulder joint, groove for biceps tendon, ligaments
23) Anterior compartment of arm muscles
24) Anterior compartment and lateral compartment of leg muscles (from the calf
and the foot we have to identify)
25) Intrinsic muscles of the hand, flexor retinaculum, tendon sheath
26) Carpal tunnel, and location of all structures (nerves, muscle tendons, blood
vessels) related to it
27) Medial pterygoid muscle (Masseter was removed) and its innervation
28) Deltoid muscle and its action
29) External intercostal and internal intercostal muscles (they showed a sternum
with ribs)
30) Tensor fascia latae and iliotibial tract
31) Calcaneal tendon and its muscles

32) Femoral triangle borders and structures

33) Muscles attached to the mandible, and list those involved in each type of
movement at the temperomandibular joint
34) Muscles of mastication, temporalis in detail
35) Infrahyoid muscles and their innervation
26) Cranial cavity openings and structures going through (They gave internal
acoustic meatus and foramen ovale)
37) Masseter, orbicularis oris action and innervation; Facial Artery
38) Digastric (both bellies) and innervation
39) Omohyoid and innervation
40) Quadratus femoris muscle; Patellar tendon; Names of muscles
41) Greater omentum; Gastrosplenic Ligaments and its contents
42) Brain - of the Corpus Callosum, Septum Pellucidum, Third ventricle, Choroid