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Via del Ronco, 7 Trieste 34125

Date of Birth 11 may 1959

Skills Summary

24 years of experience in Ict/It: It manager from 1993, I have worked as Ict system administrator, web and db
programmer, database designer, as It manager to create new ced and reengineering the informative structuet
of different companies. Strong background in networks and It administration, user training, support
documentation. Experience in major programming languages, operating hardware and software. My
specialization is to create and introduce innovative and better ict systems in business companies.


Summer 2002 - present Wif srl, , Itay http://www.wif.it

Based in Trieste and Cividale del Friuli

Ict administrator and architect, company administrator

I created ad managed a new ict company and all its products for the market from Design of customer’s
solutions and network systems to . Training of sales staff and customers on use of new programs. I
Developed Ict systems for remote monitoring integrating software, Gprs and gps systems and
Designed and supervised programming of tracking system that determined more cost-effective transportation

Aprile 1999 – June 2002 Ratios srl, http://www.transpobank.it

Based in Milan and Trieste, area science park

ICT and Office head.

I created the company branch in Trieste Area science park offices recruiting ict and customer care staff.
I developed new solutions and restructure ict systems for Milan and Italian sales network . I Served as liaison
between system users and technical support group,Created Ict solutions for managing sales people activities
in Italy using new dedicated programs and lotus notes platform.

June 1996 – April 1999 Datahouse spa (now D&B) http://www.datahouse.it

Based in Milan

ICT head.
I created ict offices, redesigning ict systems and recruiting Ict people.
The adoption of the Ict tools I chose permitted a growth of the company from 10 employees to 200 and
Datahouse was be sold to D&B, one of the biggest company of the word in that market of company

Before 1996: Bel pagette canadian company, Alenia Spa Ronchi dei legionary, GEC in Daytona Beach
Florida usa, Itis Volta Trieste as a teacher

Systems Proficiency
Hardware: Pc,servers, smartphones, automotive on-board computers, M2M machines
Programming Languages: Delphi, object pascal, asp, php, SQL, T-sql, in old times COBOL, BASIC, C
Op systems: Widows 2000,2003 and 2008, xp, vista, old systems

Electronic engineering “italian laurea” university of trieste 1990, 99
IT “minilaurea” 1986, Univesìrsity of Trieste
Bachelor in “maturità scientific” Liceo Galilei of Trieste 1978, 59/60

Good English knowledge: I worked 13 months n Usa in GE corporation and 1 year with Canadian bel pagette
company using English as working language, I have English relatives in London.

No smoker and no-drinker, very good physical shape, sport amateur, professional track and field runner from
1980 to 1990(400meters), I happily manage my family with 2 kids of 11 and 14.

References: Dr.Aldo Pigni (ald@pigni.it) ceo Datahouse and Ing. Lawrence Culliford senior manager Cae and
Alenia (+1 514808 0788) in my working times and Dr.Fabio Grusovin, ceo and owner of Ratios,

Autorizzo al trattamento dei dati secondo la autorizzazione ministeriale “Min prot SG 1116 26/11/2004”