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s gio dc v o to

TNH qung ninh

k thi tuyn sinh lp 10

trng thpt chuyn h long
nm hc 2012 - 2013

thi chnh thc

mn: Ting Anh ( chung)

Ngy thi: 29/6/2012

Thi gian lm bi: 90 pht
(khng k thi gian giao )

Ch k GT 1:
Ch k GT 2:

( thi ny c 03 trang)
(Th sinh lm bi thi vo t giy thi, khng lm bi thi vo bn thi,
khng c dng cc loi t in)
I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the
others. Write the letter A, B, C or D which stands next to the word you choose in
your paper sheet. (0,5 point)
B. put
C. study
D. such
1. A. cut
2. A. about
B. would
C. could
D. should
3. A. since
B. listen
C. time
D. finish
B. though
C. think
D. their
4. A. they
5. A. needed
B. invited
C. wanted
D. lived
II. Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences. Write the
letter A, B, C or D which stands next to the word you choose in your paper sheet.
(3,0 points)
1. They enjoy ______ films on TV.
A. to watch
B. watched
C. watching
D. watches
2. Our school ______ twenty years ago.
A. is built
B. built
C. was built
D. will be built
3. How ______ languages are there in the world?
A. often
B. many
C. much
D. long
4. ______ are the students doing in the classroom at the moment?
A. When
B. What
C. Who
D. How much
5. They didnt stop walking _______ it started to rain.
A. although
B. but
C. so
D. that
6. Nam is very ______ of his father.
A. proud
B. interested
C. worried
D. boring
7. Im learning English _______ I want to get a good job.
A. therefore
B. however
C. because of
D. because
8. She doesnt like coffee, ______ she?
A. is
B. do
C. does
D. did
9. "What about going out for dinner tonight?" - "________"
A. Thats enough. B. Thats a trip.
C. Thank you.
D. Thats a good idea.
10. I havent seen her ______ she was a little girl.
A. as
B. for
C. since
D. when
11. Would you mind ______ the door?
A. closing
B. to close
C. closed
D. close
12. My parents ______ funny stories to me when I was a child.
A. used to read
B. uses to read
C. used reading
D. used to reading

13. To prevent wasting water, remember to turn ______ the faucets after using them.
A. on
B. of
C. off
D. in
14. If they _______ the bus, they will have to walk to work.
A. miss
B. missed
C. to miss
D. missing
15. Nguyen Du was the writer _____ wrote Kieu Story.
A. which
B. when
C. where
D. who
16. I wish I ______ a new car.
A. have
B. had
C. has
D. having
17. - Thank you for your help. - __________
A. Thats good.
B. Me too.
C. Its OK.
D. Youre welcome.
18. Mr. Pike drives very _______.
A. care
B. careful
C. carefully
D. careless
19. If I were you, I ______ to bed early.
A. will go
B. would go
C. am going
D. go
20. He asked me _______.
A. what my name
B. what my name was
C. what was my name
D. what is my name
III. Match the sentence in column A with the one in column B to make a dialogue.
Write your answer in your paper sheet. (0,5 point).
Example: 0 F
A. I have a headache.
0. Where do you live?
1. What kind of sports do you like?
B. No, I wouldnt. But Id like an orange.
2. Congratulations!
C. On foot.
3. Whats the matter with you?
D. Thanks a lot.
4. Would you like a glass of milk?
E. Well, I love volleyball and soccer.
5. How do you often go to school?
F. I live in Ha Long.
IV. Read the passage and answer the questions below it. (1,0 point)
David Beckham
When David Beckham was a child he wanted to play football. He didnt want to
do other things. At school he was good at swimming and basketball but football was
always his favorite sport. His parents helped him. They bought him a football and a new
Manchester United kit every year. Manchester United was always his favorite team. His
dad played football and David always went to games with him. After every game, he
practiced with his dad. After school he went to the local park and stayed there until
eleven oclock at night. He practiced a lot because he wanted to play for Manchester
Every summer from the age of thirteen he went to Manchester United for a
training camp. When he was sixteen he left home. When he first arrived at Manchester
United he felt very nervous because all his heroes were in the team. His first game in the
team was in September 1992. He was seventeen. His mum and dad were really surprised
when he came on the pitch!
1. What did David Beckham want to do when he was a child?
2. What was his favorite sport?
3. Why did he practice a lot?
4. When did he leave home?
5. When was his first game in the team?
V. Read and fill in each gap with ONE suitable word to make a complete letter
below. Write the words you find in your paper sheet. (1,5 points)

Dear Tuan,
I arrived in Australia a week ago and already I think that (1) _______ English is
improving! Im living in a small flat near the centre of Sydney. Its cheap (2) _______
quite comfortable.
In your letter you ask (3) _______ Im going to do to improve my English. Well,
tomorrow Im (4) _______ to visit the language centre to see what English classes they
offer there in the evenings. Of (5) _______ , Im going to read a newspaper every day.
Im going to spend a lot on cassettes (6) _______ listening is so important! There are
some good bookshops here, so Im also going to look for (7) _______ other books to
read before bedtime. Im going to (8) _______ a diary in English - thats a good way to
learn English.
How are (9) _______ getting on? I was sorry I (10) _______ to leave in the middle
of the course. Are you going to write to me again?
Hope to hear from you all soon.
VI. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the
same as the sentence printed before it. Write your answers in your paper sheet. (2,5
1. I started playing tennis 5 years ago.
I have ..
2. My brother usually collected stamps when he was young. But now he doesnt.
My brother used to...
3. He was very busy but he came to see us.
Although .
4. Mr. Pike likes watching the news on TV.
Mr. Pike is interested ..
5. How long have you been working in London? she said to John.
She asked John ..
6. They speak English all over the world.
English ...
7. Lets go camping next week.
Why dont ........................................................ ?
8. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week.
We are going ...............................................................
9. Nobody can deny that she has a beautiful voice.
It can ....
10. I've never met such a famous person before.
It's ...
VII. Use the following set of words or phrases to complete the sentences. Write
your answers in your paper sheet. (1,0 point)
1. she / like / read / short stories / free time.
2. I / usually / watch / TV/ the evening.
3. Nam / play / football / once a week.
4. if / we / keep / environment/ clean/ we / live / happier/ healthier life.
5. you / see / any films / UFOs?
------------ HT -----------(Cn b coi thi khng gii thch g thm)
H v tn th sinh: ........................................................ S bo danh: .......................

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