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Some frequently asked interview Questions for System/Server Administrator

(Microsoft) position are described below, go through all of the questions, you
can take reference from our previous posts to clear your doubt on specific
technology or you can write @ comment section as well,
What is TCP/IP and what does it stand for?
What is a default gateway?
When we uses msconfig run command?
How many root DNS servers are available in the world?
What is an IP Address?
What is the use of command DCPROMO?
What is Active Directory?
What is the significance of the IP address
What are the 3 major classes of an IP network?
What is a Class D IP address?
What is the difference between layer 2 and layer 3 devices?
What is the subnet for a class C network?
Have your configured a NFS server?
What are RAID 1 and RAID 5?
What is the use of MMC (Microsoft Management Console)?
What must be done to an AD forest before Exchange can be deployed?
What Exchange process is responsible for communication with AD?
How would you optimize Exchange 2003 memory usage on Windows Server 2008 with more than
1Gb of memory?
What are the standard port numbers for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, RPC, LDAP and Global Catalog?

What is the maximum amount of databases that can be hosted on Exchange 2008 Enterprise?
What are the disadvantages of circular logging?
What is Active Directory schema?
How would you verify that the Schema was actually updated?
What are the domain functional levels in Windows Server 2012?
What is the default domain functional level in Windows Server 2008?
What are the forest functional levels in Windows Server 2008?
What is a global catalog server?
How can we raise domain functional and forest functional levels in Windows Server 2008?
What is the default protocol used in directory services?
What are the physical & logical components of ADS?
In which domain functional level, we can rename a domain name?
What is multi-master replication?
What is a site?
Which is the command used to remove active directory from a domain controller?
What is the file thats responsible for keeping all Active Directory databases?
How to remove Lingering Object?
What is the difference between RAM and ROM?
What is Firewall and what are benefits of using WINDOWS based Firewalls?
What are some common sources of computer viruses?
What is DNS, and what are forward DNS lookup and reverse DNS lookup?
What are DNS zones describe the differences between the 4 types.
What are DNS record types describe the most important ones.

Describe the process of working with an external domain name

Describe the importance of DNS to AD.
Describe a few methods of finding an MX record for a remote domain on the Internet.
What does Disable Recursion in DNS mean?
How do I clear the DNS cache on the DNS server?
What is the KCC?
What is the ISTG? Who has that role by default?
What are the requirements for installing AD on a new server?
What are virtual servers? When would you use more than one?
What is the e00.chk file?