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My Dream Vacation

The vacation I dream of is a sunny beach , a lot of sunsets, culture and

story, which I hope one day comes true.
One year in the near future I hope that on a cold night I will be in an airport
boarding Porto to Greece.
Greece is bordered by 'Aegean Sea' on the East, 'Sea Of Crete' on the South
and 'Ionian Sea' on the West. The rest of the boundary is shared by Albania,
Macedonia and Bulgaria.
The trip to Greece is particularly special because, the memories came
flooding back from the childhood (when I was in school)..specially the
history classes and all the names of famous Greek people like Socrates,
Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, et al.
As for the history classes, I was always interested in reading history stuff,
but not studying and remembering all those dates pertaining each and
But after studing tourism, I feel like stuffing a lot more info on all these
things, as its interesting and a learning experience. Greece is also said to be
the place, where the European history began (being one of the oldest
Santorini is the reason I became in love with Greece without ever having
been there and this place is the reason to go to Greece.
Im in love for the idea of white houses and the contrast of the pure blue of
the waters.
Greece offeres me the idea of peace, the idea of love, the idea of culture
and history.
Everbody questions me : why Greece? What have Greece so especial?
I cant say the reason why I love, because is a personal desire. Maybe when
I realize that desire, may I be sad or (desiludida) but for now I have this
dream. And I think is good having dreams. Dreams are the fuel for life.
Maybe I love Greece because Im a eternal romantic, and for me, my idea of
vacaciones is standind in the beach, with a romantic book and admire the
see all over me.
I love simplicity, and the islands Greeks are very simple. The little houses,
the small streets, the nature envolves are amazing. And its what I search
when I (fico de frias, bloquei xD)
quando fico de frias, eu procuro sair da minha rotina, do meu trabalho, da
minha faculdade, da confuso do dia-a-dia para me retirar num sitio onde
consigo atingir uma paz e plenitude profunda.

I search for a retire spiritual, i search felling me well.

May im in love with Greece because I associate that destiny to a paradise.
And all of my live seem to be planned, with very organization and
I live with more responsabilities ( do que devia tern a minha idade) and my
idea of visiting Greece seems to me a end of a chapter.
For other words, Greece seems to be my paradise when all the things I have
planned work it out.
When I imagine me in Greece, I imagine my all life (estabilizada) where I can
look back and see what I have (conquistador) and say: ok, its all good now,
you can relax and live the moments, you deserve.
Yeah, this is my kind of dream. My kind of paradise, my kind of strength to
confront the reality and have motivation to move on. I really want to believe
that after (da tempestade vem a bonana).

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