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Library/ Framework/Toolkit Backbase Dojo X Dojo Dijt Ext JS Flex Google Web Toolkit GWT on Ext GWT Mosaic

Dijt Ext JS Flex Google Web Toolkit GWT on Ext GWT Mosaic IceFaces JQuery Tools JQuery UI JQuery Plugins MooTools Plugins JxLib for MooTools LivePipe MochaUI for MooTools OpenLaszlo RichFaces Scriptaculous plus Prototype SmartClient Telerik ASP.Net Telerik RadTools for Vaadin YUI 2 and YUI 3 ZK

Auto Suggest/Auto Complete suggestBox AutoComplete Flex Autocomplete Lists and Menus: Suggest Components: Autocomplete Autocomplete; Flexbox AutoCompleter Rich Input: suggestionBox Ajax.Autocompleter Combobox: Autocomplete Combobox Combobox w/ suggesting Autocomplete (YUI2) Autocomplete Combobox

Calendar/Scheduler calendar Widgets: Date Picker Misc: Date Picker Widgets: Date Picker Components: Calendar Widgets: Datepicker: display FullCalendar; mooTools Events Calendar; Laszlo Calendar Rich Input: Calendar Scal Databound Calendar; Calendar Calendar Dates Calendar (YUI2)
inline, icon trigger calendar; mooGenda Calendars
Carousel/Coverflow deck (under Layout) Image Gallery and carousel Scrollable; jQuery Infinite Carousel; mooFlow; Simple 3D Carousel (via Prototype UI) Coverflow Carousel Control (YUI2)
Sllideshow jQuery UI Image Carousel; Carousel
jCarousel Lite; jQuery
Carousel; jQuery Coverflow;
Just Another Carousel;
Charts, Graphs, Gauges DojoX Charting Charts Charting; Data Visualization Charts Showcase Components: Charts jqPlot; jQuery Google Charts; milkchart; copix3 mootools Charting; FusionCharts (sold Chart: Types and Skinning Chart; Gauges Charts (YUI2) Data and Report: Chart
Google Charts table to charts; Artness separately)
MooCSS Charts
Collapsible Panels accordion, AccordionContainer, Layout Managers: Accordion UI Controls: Tree; Conainers: Lists and Menus: Stack Layout: Accordion Layout; Trees; TreeTables Layout Panels: Collapsible Tabs Widgets: accordion jQuery Common Accordion; mochaUI; Accordions Panels; Content Area: Tree yes Components: Tabslider; Tree Rich Trees; Rich Output: Accordion 2.0, Collapsible Layout: Sections: Expand / Panelbar PanelBar; Expander Accordions YUI AccordionView widget Panel
Layout; Trees Accordion Panel, Tree Panels; Tree Panel; Components: Tree; (mb)Extruder; jQuery Panel Bar, Panel Menu, Effects with Collapse, Resize Sections,
Table: Expandable Table UI.Layout; jQuery UI Simple Toggle Panel, Toggle Show and Hide; Effects:
Togglebox; myAccordion; Panel Animation: Tree Folders
Combobox- Multiselect ComboBox: Basic Data Entry Controls: Lists and Menus: List Box Combobox Widgets: Combobox Interactions: selectable Simple Combo; Simple MultipleSelect SelectMultiple Rich Selects: List Shuttle, Forms: Form Controls: List - Grid: Selecting Selects
ComboBox; Forms: ComboBox Chained Combobox Plugin; Pick List; Rich Input: Combo Combobox, List - Select;
MultiSelect & ItemSelector SexyCombo; jQuery Simple Box, Grids: Interaction: Multiple
Multi-Select; Select
Date Picker- Date Range calendar part of Forms Data Entry Controls: Widgets: Date Picker Misc: Date Picker Widgets: Date Picker Components: Calendar Widgets: Datepicker jQuery UI Datepicker; calendar; Vista-like Ajax Components: Datepicker Rich Input: Calendar Scal Calendars: Compact Calendar: Datepicker Calendar Dates Calendar Control (YUI2) part of Form Inputs
DateField, Date Chooser datePicker; CalendarView; Calendar Calendar
Dialog infoBox. modal Lightbox Dijit Dialog: basic, Windows: Message Box Containers: Panel Popups Windows: MessageBox & Popups Layout Panels: Popup Panel Overlay; Widgets: dialog Dialog jQuery Plugin; mochaUI; Sexy Alert box; Window: Draggable yes Components: Windowpanel Rich Output: Modal Panel, Prototype window Layout: Windows; Control: Window Window Windows Layout Manager (YUI2) Modal Dialog, Messagebox
Progress jQDialog; SimpleModal; Panel, Tab Panel Dialogs, Login Dialog
Docking Panels: Dock Panel Layout & Panels: BoxLayout, jQuery UI.Layout yes Extending: Simple Portal; Dock Docking
BorderLayout, BorderLayout, Drag & Drop: Drag Tiles
GridLayout, Mixed, Panels (move)
Drag & Drop Manager User Interaction: Drag & part of Dojo Base Drag and Drop; Trees: Drag part of Flex Drag & Drop; Tree: Tree to part of GWT-Mosaic Components: Drag & Drop Interactions: draggable $.Event.Special.Drag; part of MooTools part of OpenLaszlo Drag-Drop Support Draggables Object, Drag & Drop part of RadControls for DragAndDrop Drag & Drop (YUI2) Drag & Drop
Drop and Drop Reordering, Tree Drag & Drop, Grid - mb.ContainerPlus; ASP.NET
Multiple Trees Tree Drag & Drop DragNDrop;
Dynamic Filtering can use query filter on data ComboBox: ComboBox Data Visualization: Lists & Tables: Live Table, DataTables; jQuery Simple Sortable Table Data Iteration: Data Filter Data Binding: Adaptive Filter, Combobox: Filtering Combobox; GridView DataTable Control (YUI2)
feed Templates; Forms: Custom ElasticSearch Rich Listbox, Listbox Filter, Filter; UI Table Filter; Slider, Table Filtering Live Filter
Search Fields DropList Filter
Feedback Ajax Support: Ajax Form

Fisheye/Spotlight Miscellaneous: Spotlight MooTools Fisheye Dock Fisheye MEnu

Floating Footer UI Controls: ButtonBar Toolbar & Menu yes Layout: Windows: Footer Grid: Grouping: Grid Footers

Gantt Chart part of DojoX charting Charting; Data Visualization Chart: Types and Skinning Chart

Growing Text Field similar- resizeType part of Dojo Base Text Input: Basic Text Forms: Growing Auto Growing Text Areas; Grow a Textarea;
Hot Keys Accessibility: Key Feed HotKeys yes Rich Misc: Hot Key Basics: Interaction: Keyboard part of RadControls for KeyListener
Viewer Events ASP.NET
Hover Actions add/remove class can part of Flex Components: Menu Bar Scrollable; yes
expose actions onHover
Hover Detail Layout Panels: Tooltip Panel Tooltips; Tips; Window Growl; roar Rich Output: ToolTip Basics: Interaction: Hover / Tooltip Notifications Tooltip (YUI2)
notifications Tooltips; Forms: Details:
Inline Edit cell editing Inline Edit Box Grids: Editable Grid, Row in-line text edit; Rich Input: Inplace Input, Ajax.InPlaceEditor Grids: Editing: Edit by Row, Grid: Insert/Update/Delete: GridView: Editors; TreeView: Inline Editing of the TreeView
Editor Grid jQueryDatacontrol Inplace Select, Edit by Cell, Modal Editing, Edit on double-click Node Editing Labels (YUI2)
Mass Update, Custom
List-Advanced Commands: moving List Controls Lists & Tables Table; jMover; Semantic List Data Iteration: Data List Sortable Lists Data Binding: Lists Panels Listbox
Scroller plugin
Magnify Effects: zoom Magnify Effect ReMooz Effects: Animation: Zoom & YUI-based Magnifier widget
Shrink (YUI2+)
Mapping Miscellaneous: Google Maps Mapping Maps Showcase Components: Google Maps MapBox; jMapping Rich Misc: Virtual Earth, Loading the Yahoo Maps Google Map
Google Map Ajax API via YUI Loader
Multiple Document Interface (MDI) window management: Tabs; Windows: Hello World, Containers: TabNavigator, Panels: Tab Panel, Layouts: Complex Layout; Layout & Panels: Layout Panels: Stacking Tabs; Widgets: Tabs UI.Layout; Fly Tabs mochaUI; moo.rd; mooTabs; Tabs yes Components: Tabs Rich Output: Tab Panel Layout: Windows Window: RadWindow and TabControl Tabsheets TabView (YUI2) Tabboxes
window area, task bar, Layout Window; Layout ViewStack Tab Panels TabLayoutPanel, TabBar at Panel, Static Tabset, page loader MDI
window Managers: Border Layout Bottom; Building: Button Dynamic Tabset;
Bars, Button Stacks,
Portals Portal Interactions: sortable: jQuery Portlet Framework Ajax Misc: Ajax Portlet Dock: Portal Page Drag & Drop: Portal Style Table Layout
portlets Example (YUI3)
Progress Indicator Miscellaneous: Progress Bar UI Controls: ProgressBar Misc: Progress Bar Components: Progress Bar, loadBar; jProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar Rich Output: Progress Bar ProgressBar JS; Upload: ProgressMonitoring ProgressBar ProgresBar (YUI2) Timer
Connection Status,
Rating loadingMessage ProgressBar Star Rating Plugin; Rating Rating Starbox; ProgressBar Control: Ratings
Control UI (YUI2)
Record Locator/ Pagination Rating Grids: Paging Flex Data Access: Data Grids: Grid w/ Local Paging, Lists & Tables: Paging Table: Data Paginator Overview; Pagination; jQuery MTMultiSelect Data Iteration: Data Scroller Horinaja; Featured Content GridView: Populating with Paginator (YUI2) Paging w/ Listbox; Paging w/
Mgmt Svcs: Paging Grid w/ Remote Paging; ScrollTable2 Pagination plugin Slider; Data Grid; Paging w/ Tree
Combobox: Paging
Rule Builder part of Flex Grids: Sort & Filter: Filter, Grid: Grouping
Advanced Filter, Nested
Filter; Forms: Validation:
Regular Expression
Slider slider part of Dojo Base and Form Controls: Dijit slider Miscellaneous: Slider UI Controls: HSlider, VSlider Widgets: SlideBar Widgets: slider jSlider; jQuery Slider; slider; Facebook sliders yes Components: SliderThumb Rich Input: Input Number Slider Control: Slider Slider Slider Slider (YUI2) Sliders
MopSlider Slider;
Scoped Search can use query filter on feed Forms: Custom Search Data Visualization: Combobox: Live Search Lists & Tables: Live Table, Search Light; Live Search Select Box Factory GridView: Filtering
data for a data grid Fields ElasticSearch Rich Listbox, Listbox Filter,
Sparklines Actions: Actions I, Actions II Sparklines

Splitter panelSet splitter Split Container Layout Managers: Border Containers: DividedBox, Panels: Horizontal Split Layout: Basic Border Layout, Layout & Panels: Layout Panels: Split Pane jQuery UI.Layout mochaUI Page Layout: Splitter; Splitter yes Layout: Nesting, User Sizing Splitter Docking: Split Containers Layouts: Split Panel Resize Utility (YUI2) Splitters
Layout HDividedBox, VDividedBox Panel, Vertical Split Panel Combined Layouts, Complex BorderLayout, Nested Panel; Table: Resizable Integrated
Layout BorderLayout, IFrames, Columns
Tabs/Content Slider tabBox Tabs; Grids: Sliding Pager, Containers: TabNavigator, Panels: Tab Panel Forms: Form as Tab, Form Layout & Panels: Layout Panels: Stacking Scrollable; Widgets: Tabs jQuery UI.Layout; mb.tabset; mochaUI; mooTabs; Tabs Tabs yes Components: Tabs Rich Output: Tab Panel Tabs Layout: Tabs TabStrip TabControl Tabsheets TabView (YUI2) Tabboxes
Progress Bar Pager ViewStack with Tab; Tab Panels; TabLayoutPanel, TabBar at Panel, Static Tabset, mooSlide; SlideItMoo
Bottom; Building: Button Dynamic Tabset,
Bars, Button Stacks,
Table/Data Grid- Live Scroll (no dataGrid. listGrid, treeGrid. part of Dojo base DataGrid Grids: Basic Array Grid, XML Trees and Grid Controls: Tables Layouts: Table Layout; Grids; Lists & Tables: Listbox, Rich Table; jQgrid; jQuery Scrolltable; Sortable Table Content Area: Grid Components: Grid, Data Iteration: Column, Grids; Data Binding: Lists: Grid GridView Table (Grid) DataTable (YUI2) Grid: Sorting and Menu
paging), Hide/Show Columns, Resize, cellEditing and DojoX Grid Grid, Grouping, Grid Filtering DataGrid, Forms: Form Grid Binding Listbox, SimpleTable, Flexigrid for jQuery GridColumn, GridText Columns, Column Group, Datasource fields
Rearrange, Inline Editing, Row AdvancedDataGrid, OLAP LiveTable, ScrollTable2; Data Grid, Data Table,
Grouping (tree table) DataGrid Control TreeTables; Listbox Binding; Scrollable Data Table, Table
Tree- Advanced tree (no drag and drop?) Tree with onclick event Trees Trees and Grid Controls: Lists and Menus: Tree Tree Trees; TreeTables Components: Tree; treeTable: SlidingList Rich Trees Trees: Appearance TreeView TreeView Trees TreeView (YUI2) Tree
Tree SimpleTree; jsTree
Toolbar toolbar Toolbars and Menus: Basic Buttons: ToggleButtonBar, Lists and Menus: Menu Bar; Toolbar & Menu Widgets: Toolbar, MenuBar; Components: Menu Bar jQuery OfficeBar; mochaUI Toolbar; Menus: Menu Bar yes Rich Output: Tool Bar Control: Toolstrips; ToolBar ToolBar Toolbar and Toolbar button
Toolbar, Toolbar Overflow, ButtonBar, TabBar Panels: Horizontal Panel, Actions ChiliToolbar
Toolbar Button Groups, Vertical Panel
Tooltips- w/custom formatting balloon, toolTip Dialog: tooltip Miscellaneous: QuickTips Part of Flex Misc: Tooltips part of GWT-Mosaic Layout Panels: Tooltip Panel Tooltips; mb.Tooltip; Tooltip Toolbox; Tips; Window Growl; roar Window: HoverBox Rich Output: ToolTip CoolTips; Basics: Interaction: Hover / Tooltip Common: Tooltips; Container: Simple Tooltip Tooltips and Popup
clueTip notifications Tooltips; Forms: Details: Example (YUI2)
Vertical Browser RollingList UI Controls: List, TileList Lists and Menus: List Box Trees; TreeTables; Listbox Components: Tree Smooth Align; Flexify; yes Components: List, ListItem, Grids; Trees ListBox Listbox
Binding jScrollPane TextListItem
View Toggle Effects: toggle iButton; mooSwitch; iPhone Buttons: Button Sets Control: Buttons: Radio / Toolbar: Item Types ToolBar Buttons: Radio Buttons
Checkboxes Using mootools Toggle Behavior (YUI2)
WYSIWYG/Rich Text Editor part of Dojo Base, Editor: Basic and Custom UI Controls: RichTextEditor Text Input: Rich Text Components: Rich Text jQRTE; Lightweight RTE/ mooEditable TextArea Rich Input: Editor Basics: HTML: Editing HTML Editor Editor Texts: Label, Rich Text; Text Rich Text Editor (YUI2) WYSIWYG Editor
toolbar WYSIWYG plugin for jQuery; Inputs: Rich Text Area
Zoom and Pan Effects: zoom move ReditorminiZoomPan;
jQuery Chart: Zooming and Scrolling
jQPanView; gZoom
Transitions, Cinematic Effects titling (animated), show and , part of Dojo Base: fade, part of Ext JS Effects Other Features: Animation part of GWT-Ext part of GWT-Mosaic Components: Effects part of jQuery Tools Effects; jQuery Simple Transition; moo.rd yes Rich Misc: Effects Core Effects; Effects.* Effects: Animation part of RadControls for part of RadControls for part of Vaadin Animation (YUI2/YUI3) Ajax Push and Animation:
focus and blur, wipe, slide, combining, ASP.NET Silverlight Animations highlight