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A Fanticide Supplement of
Monsters and Mayhem
Written by:

Jeff Hall

Additional Material:

Tim Colonna, Edward Spettigue

Fanticide created by:

Ernie Baker and E. Skye Chaney


Alien Dungeon, Otherworld Miniatures,

Old Glory, and Iron Wind Metals
Special Thanks:

Barb Baker, Sam Yates, and

Fanticide Fans Everywhere!

Copyright 2014 Alien Dungeon, All Rights Reserved.

Throughout the eons, tales have been told across Nowhere of the Ancient Days, when beasts of
titanic size warred across the world and of the beings who rose up to fight against them while others
chose to worship and follow the beasts.
Over the years these stories became legend, though what happened to the Behemoths, as many called
them, was unknown. Some still claim to see gigantic creatures hidden away in the farthest reaches of
Nowhere, but the days of these beasts dominating the land has faded away.

The Awakening
Something is happening throughout Nowhere. Massive energies flow from the Hole, permeating the
land. These energies have bled into every area of the plane, stirring things that have slumbered for
millennia. Now these creatures are on the move, anxious to return to their former glory as masters of

Behemoths are gigantic, monstrous creatures that have returned to Nowhere. These monsters comprise
a new type of model in games of Fanticide and they can be fielded either on their own or as part of a
warband (see below).
Creating a Behemoth Behemoths are created like any other creature in Fanticide. They have Give,
Take, Agility, etc. They can be given Ranged attacks and bonuses to combat like weapons. Behemoths
however have a few differences in their profiles that are drastically different from a normal model in
the game.
Behemoths come in three forms Lesser, Greater, and Gargantuan. Their Soul totals are dictated
by these types.
Lesser Behemoths have a Soul total between 30 and 49.
Greater Behemoths have a Soul total between 50 and 100.
Gargantuan Behemoths have a Soul total over 100.
Behemoths are not beholden to the Charm of Making in that their Soul and Take are allowed to
exceed 10. The damage system (see below) allows for this larger Soul total.
Combat All non-Behemoth models must make a Sanity check to charge a Behemoth. In combat,
all Behemoths roll 3 dice for their attack each time the model activates. Each will strike a separate
model in base-to-base combat. If a single model (non-Behemoth) is in combat you then choose your
highest die roll.
When fighting a Behemoth, the attacker
rolls the Die plus their Give score and
the Behemoth rolls the Die plus its Take
score. If the Attacker scores higher,
then the difference in the two totals is
the amount of Soul damage done to
the Behemoth. In the event of a Tie,
the Behemoth wins. There are no Stun
results for Behemoths. A Behemoth
attacking a normal model fights a
standard Fanticide combat.
In combat, keep track of all Soul
damage done to the Behemoth. For
example, a group of 7 Fae Stickers
attack a Behemoth Giant. Rolling their
attacks, 3 of the Fae score nothing, 2 scores 1 above the combined Take and die roll, 2 others scores
2 above the value, and two scores 3 above the value. Adding up all these attacks, the total amount of
Soul damage inflicted this Activation is 12.

When a Behemoth suffers Damage, every 10 points of Soul Damage causes the creature to roll on the
Behemoth Damage Chart. The effect generated on the chart is then applied to the model and those
effects immediately take effect.
Soul damage is cumulative and remains on the creature from round to round. When a Behemoth has
reached 0 Soul, it is killed and removed from the game.
Activations Behemoths are creatures that are massive and their bulk allows them to achieve more
than the average creature in an Activation. Behemoths begin with 3 cards in the Activation Deck when
played alongside a Warband. If playing a game that is solely Behemoth vs. Behemoth, then the two
players can agree as to how many cards to include for each turn.
Based on the starting Soul of the Behemoth, divide this number by 3 (rounding down) and when the
Behemoth suffers that amount of damage, remove one of its Activation cards permanently from the
deck. For example, a Lesser Behemoth with 30 Soul would lose an Activation card for every 10 points
of damage it suffers, along with the damage inflicted by the Behemoth Damage Chart.
The Behemoth is killed when it has lost all of its Soul points like any other model.
Behemoths Alongside Warbands
When playing a game of Fanticide where Behemoths fight alongside your normal warband, each
player should agree to a normal point value for a game, then agree to an additional point value for the
Behemoth. So in a 500-point game, those points would make the normal warband, then the players
would agree to a separate point value for the Behemoths.

Behemoth Damage Chart (roll D100)

01 Just a scratch - No additional effects
02 05 Blood in the Eyes On the next attack rolls, roll 2 dice for each attack and take the
06 10 Leg wound -1 Agility*
11 15 Gouge the Eyes Disoriented lose -1 Sanity*
16 20 Arm wound On next activation model must pass a Sanity test to attack
21 25 Enraged For the rest of this turn the Behemoth must charge the nearest model friend or foe - on each Activation
26 30 Bewildered the Behemoth retreats a full charge move away from the nearest enemy
model facing away
31 35 Oozing Wound Lose an additional 3 souls
36 40 Nagging Wound -1 Give*
41 45 Fall Down - The model falls down and must use its next Activation to stand back up.
While laying down, the Behemoths Take is halved (rounding up)
46 50 Chest wound model is severely wounded -1 Take*
51 55 Gushing wound lose an additional 6 souls
56 65 Head Shot The - model is stunned and misses its next Activation card
66 70 Badly Bloodied -3 Agility*
71 80 Limb grievously wounded -2 Give*
81 85 Grievous wound Lose an additional 10 souls and roll again on the chart
86 90 Deep wound Lose a special ability (players choice)* If no special abilities then roll
91 95 Loss of leg - Lose of your current Agility (rounded up)*
96 99 - Arm Cleaved off Reduce number of attacks by 1*
100 Critial Hit Loose your remaining soul value (rounded up)
*These last the rest of the game and further rolls of this damage are cumulative.

Legends cannot use the Virtue of Command to order a Behemoth. The beasts are just too powerful to
be controlled!
Behemoths are not bothered by lesser creatures dying around them and never have to make any Sanity
checks for friendly models that are destroyed or fleeing if normally a check would be called for. In
any other instances, Behemoths automatically pass all Sanity checks unless this check is caused by
another Behemoth or the Behemoth Damage Table, then the test is taken normally.
Behemoths are affected by Event Cards normally and can fall victim to Fanticide and other events

that take place during the game. Players are encouraged to create new Events when playing games with
Behemoths with specific things that can impact the Behemoths. A selection of new Event cards are
available at the end of this section.
Vice of the Behemoth As nearly unstoppable monsters, Behemoths function on their own terms, often
paying little heed to the will of the mightiest Legend. When a Behemoth chooses to enter combat it is
due to its own desires and needs. Before a game that a Behemoth is in alongside a warband, roll on the
following chart to see what has drawn the creature to battle:
1 3: Souls the Behemoth craves souls to feed its never-ending hunger. The warbands Legend has
promised many enemy souls to the creature in payment for aiding his warband. If the Behemoth does not
kill at least 2+ enemy models each turn, roll a D10. On a 1, 2, or 3 the Behemoth decides it will take its
payment from its allies and attacks the nearest model or unit on its next activation to sate its hunger.
2 5: Greed the creature loves gold, silver, gems, and riches of all kinds and is looking to add to its
sizeable hoard. Randomly designate D5-2 (minimum of 1) enemy models that are carrying treasure that
the Behemoth is after. If the Behemoth activates within 12 of these models, he must charge them to
claim the treasure.
6 8: Revenge The Behemoth has a grudge against the leader of the enemy warband from a past
encounter and has come to destroy who he considers his ancient enemy. Whenever possible, the
Behemoth must attempt to attack the Legend leading the opposing warband.
9 10: Mayhem The Behemoths sole purpose is to destroy and wreak havoc wherever it can. Roll
a D10 at the start of each turn. On a 1, all activations that round for the Behemoth mean it attacks the
nearest model or unit.
Behemoths have access to many special abilities and these are just some of the amazing powers available
to them. The points values after the ability is added to the creatures total after calculating its normal
stats. There are three values listed and correspond to the levels of Behemoths.

Wings The model can fly over the battlefield. Models with wings can bypass any intervening
terrain on its movement (including charges) without penalty. The model may also move at 2x its Agility
when flying. +6 / +12 / +18 Points

Breath Weapon The model can expel fire, gas, lighting, vomit, or another blast from its maw.
This attack uses the cone template (available at the end of the document) and has a power equal to the
models Give +1. A breath weapon can only be used once per turn regardless of how many times the
model activates. +10 / +20 / +30 Points

Reach A model with reach can attack models in close combat that are not in base-to-base
contact. Reach extends to 3 from the models base for determining who can be attacked. +3 / +6 / +9

Additional Activation The creature can activate more times in a round than it normally can.
It can purchase up to 2 additional activation cards to go into the deck at +15 / +20 / +25 points per

Sweep Attack Creatures with a sweep attack can attack many enemies at once. A sweep attack

replaces all of the creatures other attacks and allows the monster to roll one normal attack (adding the
usual Give score or other bonuses) and then apply that number to each enemy in base-to-base contact.
Each enemy model rolls their normal Take to see if they resist the attack. +10 / +15 / +25 Points

Stomp The model can throw its considerable bulk toward the ground and emit a shockwave
against all nearby. Center the large circle template over the model and all enemies touched by the
template suffer an attack equal to a die roll plus the models normal Give (rounding down). +8 / +12
/ +15 points

Terrifying Roar The beast can let out a huge and terrifying roar that causes all enemies
within 12 to take an immediate Sanity check or flee. This roar can only be done once per turn,
regardless of the number of times the model activates. +5 / +10 / +15 points

Vampiric Regeneration The monster is incredibly hard to kill and can regrow lost body
parts. When attacking another Behemoth, the creature can decide to inflict damage normally that
round, or take any damage rolled and apply that amount to its own Soul total, increasing the Soul
total by the amount inflicted. This ability cannot raise a Behemoths Soul over its starting value.
Additionally, this ability can only be used once Turn, regardless of the number of activation cards in
the deck. The controlling player must declare he is using this power when damage is rolled (allowing
the player to see if it is worth while or not!). +15 / +20 / +30 points

Berserker Models go into a frenzied state when attacking in close combat, adding +1 to
their Give roll on the charge. This has its toll though as the model / unit receives a -1 to its Take value
until its next activation. +10 / +20 / +30 points

Terrain Walk Select a type of terrain (Forest, Swamp, etc.). This terrain type does not incur
any movement penalties on the model when moving through the terrain. +5 / +10 / +15 points

Aquatic Creatures with the Aquatic special rule are not slowed by water features and may
move through even impassable water without penalty. Being exposed to the sun does take its toll on
the model however and the creature must roll a D10 each activation. On a 1, the model suffers a -1
Take for the rest of that activation. No cost

Spores Behemoths are not the cleanest creatures and sometimes, virulent fungi take root in
the cracks and crevasses of the beasts body. These toxic spores spray out when near other creatures,
looking to spread their kind. Once per game, the spores may be fired during an activation. They have
a range of 12 and use the cloud template. All models touched are hit by an attack with a give of 4 and
gain no bonuses for armor due to the toxic nature of the attack. +5 / +10 / +15 points

Bounding Leap The creatures huge legs (or other form of movement) allows them to
take large jumps. During the creatures movement, it can attempt to jump over a terrain feature,
enemy unit, etc. Using its normal Agility, the creature can move past the intervening obstacle without
penalty. However, when the creature lands it must roll a D10. If it rolls equal to or less than its Agility,
everything is fine. If it rolls above the Agility score, then model falls over and can do nothing until its
next activation. +4 / +8 / +12 points

Tunneling Models with this ability can go underground on their activation, completely
removing the model from the table. On their next activation, the model may reappear anywhere on the
board, even into close combat. A model that emerges into combat counts as charging. +15 / +30 / +45

Magical Mastery Select a type of Magical force found on Nowhere (Fire, Ice, Soul or

Time). The Behemoth can cast any one (1) Spell from that list per turn in addition to its normal actions.
This can be used only once per turn, regardless of the number of activations the model has. You may
select a different spell from the list each turn. The model is also completely immune to all magic of the
type which it has mastery over. +20 / +30 / +40 points

Bodily Projectiles The Behemoth can lauch parts of its body off at its enemies. Some creatures
can create massive spikes while others can fire off scales or other shrapnel. This attack is a Ranged
attack with a +2 Give that targets all enemies within 6. +15 / +25 / +35 points

Ranged Blast Some Behemoths are outfitted with massive ballista by those who fight alongside
the monster. Others are able to fire powerful beams from their eyes or mouths. Whatever the manner
of the shot, these attackes can deliver a devastating shot against an enemy and are particulary good at
taking down other Behemoths. The shot has a range of 20 and strikes at a Give of 6. +20 / +30 / +40

Behemoth Event Cards

When playing a game including Behemoths it is fine to use all the normal Event Cards including with
the Activation Deck. Here are some Behemoth specific Events you can choose to make cards for with
your blank cards.
Rage of the Behemoths - A winds of madness sweep across Nowhere, stirring the Behemoths into
greater and greater levels of ferocity. When this card is played, the next two Behemoth activation cards
give the creature increased rage and strength. The monster attacks with double its normal attacks (so 6
instead of 3) and all of its attacks are at +1 Give. This card expires when the second Behemoth card is
Torpor - Just as Behemoths can be driven to frenzy, at times their ancient hibernation instincts return
and they lull themselves into inactivity. When this Event is triggered, the next D5 Behemoth activation
cards that are drawn have a chance of becoming lazy and slow. When the Behemoth card is drawn, take
a Sanity test for the Behemoth. If it is passed it may act normally. If it is failed, then the Behemoth does
nothing that turn.
Insanity - The Behmoth goes mad and loses all control. When this Event takes place, the next Behemoth
activation card drawn will go crazy and attack the nearest model, friend or foe.

Sample Behemoths
Giant Spider (Greater Behemoth)

762 points

Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Giant Spider
Equipment: Legs and Mandibles
Equipment Options: None
Special Abilities:
Additional Activation (1)

Giant Spiders are terrible foes who live deep in the forests of Nowhere, in
massive webbed lairs. The Spiders consider all their prey and hunt throughout
the forests for creatures that will sate their massive need for blood.

Giant (Greater Behemoth)

630 points

Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Equipment: Mighty Fists and Legs
Equipment Options: None
Special Abilities:
Terrifying Roar

Giants have long been seen throughout Nowhere, but now larger and more
powerful versions of these massive humanoids have appeared. Their raids on
settlements have spread massive devastation and grief throughout Apart.
Young Dragon (Lesser Behemoth)

492 points

Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Equipment: Claws, Tail, and Teeth
Equipment Options: None
Special Abilities:
Breath Attack
Sweep Attack

Dragons have found there way to Nowhere on occasion and the expansive caves
of Underside serve as ideal lairs for the beasts. The creatures massive lifespans
and deep hibernations mean they can go for centuries without being seen by

Swarth Worm (Greater Behemoth)

840 points

Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Equipment: Huge Maw
Equipment Options: None
Special Abilities:

The massive worms that live beneath the Swarth are known to the Liberi as
Thunder Worms, as their tunneling brings great tremors to the surface world.
Sizes on the worms can vary greatly, but legends tell of worms that can blot out
the sun as they rear up out of the ground.

Mechanical Gorilla (Greater Behemoth)

555 points

Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Equipment: Fists, Rockets
Equipment Options: None
Special Abilities:
Ranged Shot

The Hidden Masters of the Kingdom of Odd did not react favorably to the rise
of the Behemoths. These inscrutable beings saw the rampaging monsters as
severe hinderances to their plans and knew they would be forced to combat them
as their minions travelled across Nowhere. In response to this challenge, the
Masters created gigantic Mechanical Gorillas to battle alongside their winged
minions. These monstrosities have proven capable against some Behemoths,
though their wiring tends to get a bit wonky at times...

Iron Engine (Lesser Behemoth)

367 points

Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Equipment: Thunderstick
Equipment Options: None
Special Abilities:
Ranged Shot
Terrifying Roar

Not everything that comes through the Hole is a living creature. Some worlds
have strange mechanical constructs that are deposited onto Nowhere. At times,
their crews and other attendant individuals are also brought along, other times the
strange contraption comes alone for inhabitants of Nowhere to find and attempt
and learn how to use. When these metal beasts roll into battle the ground quakes!