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Christmas & Happy
New Year

Christmas & Happy

New Year

Peshawar Public
School Remembered

PCR Volunteer assists 5

Flood Affectees
European Refugee
Crisis Aid

Young Nasheed Talent Releases Album

Fazs Forum: Happy

New Year...

Health Awareness on 9
Pendle Radio

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On Wednesday 23rd December 2015, the great prophet

Islamic Scholar Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri addressed of peace and love
thousands of people in Lahore, Pakistan.
that they should
make the study of
Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri asked the world to seek
life of the revered
guidance from the teachings of the Holy
Prophet an essenProphet (PBUH) for establishment of peace.
tial part of their
He said that society cannot be established
study for purgation of their inner self and
without justice, fair play, tolerance and
purity of heart. He further asked them to
respect for human rights. Corruption,
make acquisition of knowledge purposeful
economic exploitation, violence, injustice
and they should do so by considering it the
and extremism are the signs of an ill sociteachings of the Prophet (PBUH). He asked
ety. He said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
the educated youth to save themselves from
came as a prophet of mercy and kindness
the misleading and poisonous influences and
for the whole of humanity and he always
ideologies of terrorists, extremists and Khashowed his special affection for the poor
warij of present times.
and downtrodden sections of society. He
said that a true follower of the Holy Prophet He said that MQI has made its utmost effort
(PBUH) cannot perpetrate oppression on to fulfill its religious, moral, national and
the weak and less privileged people. He international obligations by designing Islamic
proposed that darkness should be replaced Curriculum on Peace and Counter Terrorwith light through Zarb-e-Amn (Peace Initia- ism. He urged the youth to become ambastive), adding that there is no space for sadors of peace and play their role to spread
conservatives, extremists, enemies of knowl- love and peace in every corner of the world.
edge and peace, terrorists and suicide
At the end of his address, Dr Qadri anbombers in any religion.
nounced that Zarb-e-Amn (Peace Initiative)
Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri asked the youth and stu- being launched at the popular level is an
dents with special reference to the birth attempt to promote love as an expression of
anniversary of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), love of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri addressing the audience at Minar-e-Pakistan.






To give Seasonal Greetings & in order to help These local visits are an annual tradition underbuild community cohesion within Pendle; ELCAP, taken by these three organisations to help build a
Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran International Nelson better, safer and more cohesive society for its
& Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) visited a residents and the community. The visits have
number of local organisations to wish them happy become a poignant part of the ELCAP diaries and
seasonal greetings & to give out presents.

we would love to continue building bridges with

local organisations in this way.

Children & Staff at Marsden Community Primary

School receive presents & gifts.

The Christmas period saw individuals from these

Inspector Paul Goodall & his Team at Nelson Police

Station receive presents.

three organisations visit Nelson Police Station, Christmas is a time of giving, sharing and togetherResidential Homes; Ashiana Lodge and Bannister ness and we hope we managed to keep those
Court, Marsden Community Primary School, spirits alive by bringing joy as well as happiness to
McMillan Nursery School as well as the Christ all those people who we met during our visits.
Church; the local church situated in the centre of
Nelson. It was great meeting & greeting everyone.

Residents at the Ashiana Lodge receive presents.

It was a pleasure seeing all the smiling faces and

Representatives from Minhaj-ul-Quran Nelson giving out
presents to people at the Bannister Court.

being welcomed by all the residents that we met.






At a time where so much hatred and division is East





being shown around the world, we feel as though (ELCAP) and Pendle Community Radio (PCR)
is it our duty and responsibility to show a united, would like to take this opportunity to wish you a
understanding and loving approach whether it be very happy & prosperous new year. We hope you
to our family, friends, neighbours or our local all had a happy, safe and sound Christmas.
communities. We are stronger when we are one.

At MacMillan Nursery School with Headteacher

At the beginning of 2016, we pray and hope that

Mrs Gillian Wroe, Staff Members & Children.

this coming year brings us all happiness, peace,

We hope that this annual tradition will continue harmony & unity. We also pray & remember all
year after year and that we get meet and greet those who are less fortunate around the world.
more and more great organisations and people.

To see all the pictures taken during the visits in

December 2016, please head over to the Pendle
Community Radio website which you can access
by visiting: www.pendleradio.org

At the Christ Church with Father Brian & Reverend

Ruth Jackson wishing them happy seasonal greetings.






On 16th December 2014, members of the Taliban

conducted one of the most horrific acts of terrorism
ever witnessed in Pakistan when they attacked an
Army Public school in the city of Peshawar. They
entered the school and opened fire on staff and
children, killing 145 people including 132 innocent
school children. More than 130 children were
injured in this terrible act of terrorism.
Pendle Community Radio 103.1FM presented a 4
hour 'Peshawar Army School Remembrance' show
on Wednesday 16th December 2015 which was
hosted by popular presenter Samina Hussain LIVE from the Awaz 103.1FM Studios.
During this 4 hour remembrance show, we interviewed a number of high profile guests which
included Arifa Qazi who is the daughter of Tahira Qazi, the school principal of the Peshawar Army
School who was martyred in the attack. Arifa
Qazi spoke about the horrific event in detail
as well as discussing how she pays her respects to whose those who were martyred in
one of the most shocking terrorist attacks
ever to take place in Pakistan.
The show also included interviews with Saira
Farhan who is a teacher at a school in Lahore,
Pakistan. She talked about how the security
Candles being lit in remembrance of those massacred.

arrangements at all schools have changed

since the attack on 16th December 2014.

Along with these interviews, many

other young guests participated in the
show by paying their respects to all
those who were martyred and many of
the listeners also paid their respects.
We pray for all those innocent people
who were martyred during the attack
on the Army Public school and pray for
a world which is filled with peace, love,
harmony, compassion and unity.

School children participating & paying respects in the remembrance.






Lancashire was hit by severe flooding during the

month of December 2015 when unprecedented
levels of rain and record river levels left a trail of
destruction & millions of pounds worth of damage.
When the river levels burst through protective
banks, water surged into the streets of towns and
villages across Lancashire and left thousands of
homes and businesses flooded. Many homes were
evacuated as streets became rivers and water levels rose beyond windowsills. Over 8,000 homes
were left without any electricity or power.

Flood Sign and Car shown drowned in the water.

The Met Office said: "Very severe weather conditions are expected. Take action to remain safe and
protect property. Widespread flooding will lead to severe disruption to travel and danger to life.
Pendle Community Radio presenter and Community Worker Faz Patel MBE assisted hundreds of
families along with many volunteers in the clean up operation and the relief effort within. Community
groups including Whalley Lions, the Tauheedul Mosque of Blackburn and the Al-Imdaad Foundation
UK all did an amazing job and volunteered in helping those affected. As the water subsided from
houses & streets, residents and volunteers began assessing the damage caused and started the long
cleanup operation with great spirit replacing the shock and sadness.
One heartbroken resident who saw the entire
contents of his ground floor property destroyed
said, The water came into the house so quickly,
we didnt have a chance against the speed of the
water coming in and the high water levels.
He also said: The town is a mess but its great to
see so many people coming together and starting
to clean up the mess the water has left behind.
PCR Presenter Faz Patel MBE with friends & volunteers
in Whalley helping with the relief efforts.

He continued with his praise of the great efforts

by the entire community by saying, the residents
of this small town have shown the true meaning
of community spirit by showing their resilience to
what has happened here and have proven to
themselves and to the rest of the country what it
means to be a community. I want to thank everyone who has done their bit, including the councils, the emergency services, the forces and the
hundreds of incredible volunteers.

Another resident affected by the floods said:

People of all backgrounds & faiths have shown
great character in dealing with the floods.






The conflict in Syria has created one of the most

serious and daunting humanitarian crisis in recent
decades, generating needs across the region that
stretch beyond description. Constant, deadly conflict is destroying lives, families and communities.
Today, you will be hard pressed to find a family in
Syria that hasn't been affected by the catastrophe.
Well over one third of Syria's pre-conflict population of 22 million is living in hard to reach and
besieged areas, or has sought refuge elsewhere in
Syria. Meanwhile, 1.9 million Syrians are estimated
to have fled to Turkey, 1.2 million to Lebanon,
625,000 to Jordan and 245,000 have gone to Iraq.

Tanvir Hussain, PCR Volunteer along with other

volunteers at Calais distributing food to refugees.

As was widely reported in the media, the refugee crisis

stretches well beyond the Middle East, with European
nations, in particular, struggling to cope with the influx of
tens of thousands of desperate and vulnerable children,
women, and men, from Syria and elsewhere.

Food and clothing donated by PCR listeners

held at a warehouse with other donors.

Pendle Community Radio was assisted by Minhaj Welfare

Foundation, an international humanitarian development
organisation in distributing relief aid such as; clean water,
tinned food, rice, tea, sugar, milk, tinned food, warm
clothing, blankets & duvets as well as jackets. This vital aid
was distributed to thousands of refugees and was donated
by the residents of Pendle and the surrounding towns. We
would like to thank all those who donated for this cause.






On Thursday 17th December 2015, Hashmat Khan

a young Nasheed artist from Blackburn joined
Pendle Community Radio presenter Zain Shabbir
in the Awaz 103.1FM Studios for a LIVE interview
and to promote the release of his new studio
album called Amadey Mustafa Marhaba Marhaba.

Hashmat Khan with Pendle Community Radio presenters

Jaleel & Zain Shabbir at the Awaz 103.1FM Studios.

Pendle Community Radio presenter & host of the

Hashmat Khan, a young Nasheed Artist from Blackburn
at the Awaz 103.1FM Studios with his first album.

Hashmat Khan has been reading Naats & Poetry

from a very young age and over the last couple of

An Evening with Zain radio show Zain Shabbir is

also a fan who regularly plays Hashmat Khans
tracks during his shows on Awaz 103.1FM.

years he has built up quite a fanbase of young &

old with his melodious & amazing voice. Many of
his fans were eager to get their hands on the new
album and they wishes were fulfilled when in
December 2015, during the blessed month of
Rabi-ul-Awwal, his new album was released.

Hashmat Khan just after the LIVE interview posing for a

photo in front of the Awaz 103.1FM sign.

You can purchase your copy of Hashmat Khans

new studio album titled Amadey Mustafa Marhaba
Marhaba from the PCR Studios for 5. Call the
Pendle Radio team on 01282 723455 or visit us at
Hashmat Khan reading one of the tracks from his album
for the listeners of Pendle Community Radio.

15 Cross Street, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7LE to

pick up your copy of this amazing album.






First of all a very Happy New Year and I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.
As 2016 starts we will be thinking where the whole year just disappeared to
and many will be thinking about how fast it flew by. As we enter 2016 there will
be many of you who will have decided to do something different this year and
make a resolution. It is common that people do make them however they only
keep going and stick to them for the first couple of days or weeks, but as the
days and weeks go by the resolution tends to come to a halt.
Last year I made a few resolutions myself however due to lack of willingness I
only managed to achieve a few goals. One of them was based on improving my
health. I enjoy my junk food and I decided that in 2015 I would cut down on my
junk intake. So in order to try and fulfil that resolution I decided to seek help
and advice. I managed to get a personal health trainer and after a couple of
weeks of planning, consultations, setting targets and goals and changing eating
habits, I managed to make a big difference to my health. The targets were small
but they made a big impact to my life. I successfully managed to make a lifestyle
change through this heath trainer service provided by my local council. These
of goals are not easy to achieve. You do need confidence and the will
Faz Patel MBE; Volunteer at
and some support and motivation from family and friends. Whatever new
Pendle Radio.
things you feel you want to do in life, or if you feel you want to start afresh then
it is never too late. Anything is possible. You just need to focus, seek relevant advice from the right people and
you can achieve your goals and ambitions.
I learn a lot in everyday life through experience and I would like to pass these things to the readers too. I
remember a close friend and colleague of mine who had a terminal illness and was told that he would only live
for around 5 more months; however, because of his willingness and will power he stayed another few years.
Unfortunately he died last year but what I learnt from him was that you have to be optimistic about everything.
He always did something or the other rather than just sitting at home doing nothing and getting more ill. He
stayed in touch with friends and continued with voluntary work and enjoyed his time till the end. He personally
told me that these sorts of things actually helped him and I think that time flies too fast and we will not be able
to get this time back so its best to make the most of it. I know everyone is busy whether you are working or
not, everyone has something to do however as the year starts, spend some quality time with loved ones, grandparents, parents, family members and make a resolution on taking some time off for friends, family and loved
ones. You may have elderly parents who you may be seeing once a week. Rather than once a week, go see
them more often. These are the things that we wont regret because when people die and loved ones are lost,
thats when you wish that you could go back in time.
For those who have illnesses, have hope, cherish every moment and take each day as it comes. Those who are
healthy look after your health and do something that will make a difference both to your life and to someone
elses life. Whilst writing this article I remembered a very elderly person who has gone back to studying and has
completed it even though his family said to him that he was too old to go back into education. He has actually
finished his studies now and he is now teaching. When I asked him what made him go to
study he said to me that life is all about
learning. This taught me that whatever age
you are, it is never too late to do something
that you have always wanted. Take this time
and opportunity to do something you have
always wanted and follow your dreams.
As for me I am thinking of some new initiatives and I pray that everyone has a blessed
and prosperous new year that is full of joy,
happiness and success.






Its been a busy few months for presenter & host of the
Aap Ki Sehat Health Show with a number of respected
guests participating in the very popular health show as
well as the promotion and awareness of various important health campaigns on Pendle Community Radio.
In October 2015, presenter Shakil Salam was joined by
Dr Ishfaq Ahmed, a Consultant Gastroenterologist who
discussed and talked about the topic of heartburn.
During the show Dr Ishfaq Ahmed highlighted how
heartburn effects so many people as well as raising
awareness about the causes & risks of heartburn and

Presenter Shakil Salam with Dr Ishfaq Ahmed,

what the listeners can do to prevent this from occurring.

a Consultant Gastroenterologist.

During October & November 2015, Pendle Community Radio was also busy promoting & raising
awareness of the Health Checks campaign supported by Lancashire County Council. The campaign is
headlined Stay Healthy for the ones you love and aimed at people aged between 40 - 74.
As a person gets older and they age increases, so does the risk of developing a condition or illness
such as blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes.
Residents aged between 40 - 74 & living in Lancashire
are given the opportunity to receive a free NHS
health check. The message provided is that if people
dont want to take the health check for themselves
then they should for the ones they love, If you don't
want to do it for yourself then do it for the ones you
love - children, grandchildren, partners and elderly
parents may depend on you and it is important to
keep yourself keep fit and healthy for them.
The free health check lasts for approximately 20 minutes and will look at your lifestyle, blood pressure,
cholesterol and your family medical history. If a problem is found that the relevant advice & support will be
provided. If you wish to have a free NHS health check
you can ask your doctor or to book your health
check please visit www.lancashire.gov.uk/health

Pendle Community Radio is now offering

local businesses the opportunity to advertise or sponsor programmes on the radio.
Pendle Radio is very popular amongst the
local community & is also available on the
internet, as such it offers a great opportunity for businesses to advertise their products to this growing consumer demographic.
The expense of advertising on other types of media can be a
restrictive factor especially for smaller businesses and this is precisely where Pendle Radio can help. Ad spots can be bought by the
second and as such offer great value for money.
The science of advertisement suggests repetition and simplicity are
the key to a good radio advert, the cost of ads on Pendle Radio
means even smaller businesses can now purchase repetitive ads.
Pendle Radio can also author and produce your advertisements for

ELCAP would like to thank all the

readers of this e-newsletter, listeners of PCR Radio and the wonderful
Volunteers who make it all possible.
You are all an important part of
ELCAP and we hope that you continue to enjoy the various services
we endeavour to provide through
ELCAP e-news, PCR Radio and on
We always welcome your feedback
& comments, whether they are good
or bad - we would love to hear from

If you would like to advertise on Pendle Radio please contact us via
email; info@pendleradio.org.

The articles in this e-newsletter do

not necessarily reflect the views of

ELCAP is committed to providing a variety of services to the

local community in the East Lancashire area.
Contact US
Our mission is to enrich the lives of the local community
through the provision of education, information and training through
modern art, media and digital technologies.
One of our key projects is the Pendle Community Radio
station which provides an invaluable service to the East Lancashire community.

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Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7LE

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