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Sreemannarayana Babburi

Professional Summary:
Around 10 years of experience in webMethods Development, Administration and
Maintenance Project. Experience in Business Process Management (BPM) using WebMethods
BPM tools such as Modeler, Workflow and Designer.
Had good experience with Composite Application Framework (CAF)
Extensive experience in WebMethods 9.0,8.2, 7.X, 6.5, 6.1 (webMethods ESB Server,
Trading Networks, Broker Server, Developer, My WebMethods Server, Business Process
Management, Work Flow, Trading Networks, and WebMethods adapters such as JDBC, SAP,
WebMethods solutions like WMEDI, WMFlatFile, WMEDIINT), Java, J2EE technologies.
Extensive experience on Complete Administration (Installations, Clustering and load
balancing, Reverse Invoke or Registration servers set up, TN Clustering , Certificate
creation, configuration, Installation, Configuration, Data Archival)
Extensive experience on version migrations from 6.x to 7.x or 8.2 or 9.X
Expertise in developing Web Services (Provider/Consumer) using WebMethods products,
Experience in Business Process Management (BPM) using WebMethods BPM tools such as
Modeler, Workflow and Designer.
File fetching and file posting using protocols that include HTTP, HTTPs, FTP and filepolling
Design and Develop database using Oracle 11g,9i/8i/7.3, MY SQL.
Strong Application Analysis, Design and Development skills.
Expertise in doing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in solving critical business issues.
Experience in providing 24x7 Production Support to time critical interfaces.
Ability to meet deadlines and handle pressure in coordinating multiple tasks in a
work/project environment. Strong communication, organizational and interpersonal
competencies along with detail-oriented and problem solving skills in the technology area
Ability to work individually as well as in a team with excellent problem solving and troubleshooting capabilities.
Extensive skills on IT Incident Management, Change Management and Problem
POC experience on JMS Adapter and JMS queues
JDEdwards Adapter and MAGIC XPI mapping tool
Had great expertise with webmethods 9.5 as well.
Education & certification profile:

Bachelor of technology in Computer Science from JNT University, India

Certified on ITIL & ITSM process Management from Motorola.
Achieved outstanding teamwork award in 2009 Q4.
Achieved Gold Shine award for the webMethods Integration Support Project.
Achieved Silver Shine award for the SEDI Server Replacement Project.
Achieved Champion award in Q2 2011 for WebMethods 8.2 Upgrade Project.
Achieved Exemplary Contribution award for 2011.
Technical competency:
Integration EAI Tools:

WebMethods Integration Tool Suite 6.0/6.1/6.5/7.1.2/8.0/8.2/9.X

Integration Server, TN, wMBroker, wMMonitor, wMTaskClient MWS,
Optimize 6.5, 7.1, 8.2, Infrastructure DC, BPM

WebMethods Tools:
wMDeveloper, Document Tracker, Developer, Designer, Modeler
Java, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, WM Flow language
J2ee Architecture:
Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Struts, Hibernate
Distributed Technologies: RMI, EJB
Operating Systems:
UNIX, Windows-XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98, Windows
Professional Server 2003, UNIX, AIX
CAF, DSP, HTML, Java Script, Swing, and AWT.
Oracle8i/9i/10g/11g RAC DB
Web Servers:
Weblogic 8.0, Apache Tomcat5.0
M S Office, MS Visio, Serena, PassWordSafe
File Formats:
XML, Rosetta Net, EDI, Flat File, and IDOC
Internet Protocols:
Professional experience:
March 2013 to Present
Role: webMethods Consultant
Hyundai Blue Link is a fully integrated multimedia navigation system using a connected mobile
phone to gather information such as traffic updates and information updates. The system utilizes
mobile apps to provide the driver with information from Hyundai's in house developed systems
along with weather, traffic, fuel information (location and price), stocks, news and sports. It also
has access the ability to do several things remotely by apps like starting the car or immobilizing it
in times of it being carjacked. All of this is tied together with voice recognition.
This System will be used to add / modify owner / subscriber details in BLODS database. This API
will also be used to add a Gen1 / Gen2 vehicles to user profile. It should be noted that the IDMID
will be generated by Covisint System. Also, REGID will be generated by MyHyundai systems and
necessary business rules will be validated in the Covisint cloud tier before making a call to this
BLODS System using webservices.
Analyzed functional requirement documents and prepared Low Level Design for each
exposed web service message transformation.
Prepared Mapping documents for web services and JDBC Stored Procedure Services
Involved in Architecture Discussion calls for V9 Setup
Installed and build the required Integration Servers, Broker Servers, MWS, Optimize for B2B
, DB related packages used by IS
Configured V9 servers in Cluster using Terracotta Server Array.
Installed patches for Integration Server Core and JDBCAdapter modules
Developed REST Full web services in JSON String message format.
Designed and Developed the JDBC Adapter Store Procedure service
Responsible for Developing Web Services in Consumer/Provider concepts from SOAP
Migrated custom packages from v7.1.3 to v9 Servers.
Developed Flow services and Java services in Designer Tools
Environment: WebMethods 9.0(Integration Server, Designer), webMethods7.1.3 (Integration
Server, Developer) JDBC Adapter 6.5, Terracotta 3.4, Oracle 11g,
Client: COLT, Jersey city, NJ
Project: Colt Supply Chain Integration (CSCI)
Role: Sr. WebMethods Consultant

August 2009 to February 2013

Colt requires a service in all 13 Colt countries and 37 main cities with a warehousing and
transportation model that is flexible enough to expand to other global locations. COLT has
partnered with DHL for its Transportation and Inventory management needs. DHL select Rapid will
be the main tool to drive the WMS and OMS requirements for COLT DHL integration solution.
Standard Rosetta Net messages will be used for COLT integration. In this integration PIP3A4,
PIP4B2, PIP3B12, PIP3B2, PIP3B3, PIP2A1, PIP4C1 standard Rosetta Net PIP messages has been
used here.
Analyzed Requirements and prepared High level design Documents
Prepared the Low Level Design for each BtB Models complete message transformation.
Developed and edited design documents and presented system design to mangers and
Prepared Mapping documents for PIP3A4, PIP4B2, PIP3B12, PIP3B2, PIP3B3, PIP2A1,
PIP4C1 documents
Created Partner Profiles, Allocated External IDs, installed document types, created
processing rules and created Trading Partner Agreements.
Developed and modified webMethods Services to receive and processed the Supply Chain
Messages in RN Pips format.
Installed the RN Adapter 7.1 in new 8.2 all environments(DEV,SIT,UAT,RFS,PROD)
Installed the All PIPS in new 8.2 all Environments
Amended the PIP TPAs and Documents in TN as defined in 6.5
Converted models and Amended to use in v8 Monitor functionality with changes in services
and models.
Migrated custom packages in All Environments
POC Development experience with Composite Application Framework (CAF).
Environment: WebMethods 8.x(Integration Server, wM Developer, Trading Networks, RN Adapter
7.1,MywebMethods Server, Broker Server ), Designer ,WmModular , Business Process
Management ,UNIX.
Project: WebMethods v8 Upgrade (WU)
Currently in colt all webMethods Interfaces are running in v6.5, this version warranty went off. This
project is to build v8 parallel Infrastructure similar to current 6.5 Environment. After this whole
Interfaces will be migrated to Version 8.
Analyzed the required OS, DB, Adapters and IS version compatibility intimated to
procurement and architecture teams to get the required licenses
Installed and build the required Integration Servers, Infrastructure for data collector, Broker
Servers, MWS, Optimize , DB related packages used by IS
Identified the network related configurations ( firewall ports, load balancer config , proxy
settings), and communicated with cross function team to get implemented
Multicast and broad-cast UDP cluster coherence testing has been done to set up the cluster
for required IS servers. Configured the servers to join cluster
Configured and fine tuned the servers to get into the stabilized as old version
Created, configured the SSL certificates in DMZ server to terminate the SSL https call at
DMZ servers to transform the request in http format to internal servers using Gateway
Registration ports.
Did the connectivity test for inbound using http Reverse gate way and Outbound using the
proxy servers in all the environments
Migrated custom packages from v6.5 to v8 Servers.
Responsible for rewriting and testing the Web Services in Consumer/Provider concepts from
SOAP messages
Redeveloped all monitoring tools in 8.2
Installed the New Latest Patches released by SAG for Core and Monitor functions
Installed sp2 patch and latest fixes of sp2

Environment: WebMethods 8.2, 6.5 (Integration Server, wM Developer, Trading Networks,

Remedy Adapter ,JDBC Adapter , X400 Adapter),Optimize, MWS, Infrastructure DC, SEDI Server,
AddOnMail X400 client API , UNIX
Project: Siemens EDI Server Replacement (SEDISR)
Previously COLT is using Siemens EDI Server(X400-Communication channel-Siemens software)
product to send CPS and LNP Files to DTAG and this hardware (HP L Class) and software (Siemens)
is out of support. More over this software was written in a C language to invoke the MS Server
client scripts (X400 mail Server). In This project we identified the webMethods X400 adapter to
invoke those client scripts directly. We implemented the code in webMethods flow language to
invoke the AddOnMail scripts(X400 Server Client Scripts) using the webMethods X400 adapter.
These client scripts will connect to X400 Mail server and send messes in P7 protocol(X400 Protocol)
format. Shell scripts had created to execute the OpenMS scripts at client FTP Server. These
OpenMS Scripts will convert the x400 emails responses (for the X400 email Messages we posted to
them) in file format, then we will download them using FTP Protocol and process them.
Analyzed Risk Analysis & HLD Project Documents
Prepared the Low Level Design for each scenarios of inbound and outbound flows
Developed webMethods Services to call AddOnMail scripts using the webMethods X400
Written shell scripts to execute the OpenMS scripts and download from the client Machine
using ftp.
Involved in End to End testing, user acceptance testing and Defect Fixing in UAT.
Responsible for migrating the code in SIT, UAT and production.
Responsible for preparing all documents including build plans and support hand over.
Environment: WebMethods 6.5 (Integration Server, wM Developer, Trading Networks, X400
Adapter, JDBC Adapter), SEDI Server, X25 ISDN Lines, AddOnMail X400 client API, UNIX
Project: Colt webMethods Integration Support (WIS)
Colt is managing 14 Europe countries Ethernet, Data centers and managed services to its valuable
customers. Colt is an award winning and leading provider of Data, Voice and Managed Services to
business and government in Europe. They use webMethods to integrate its internal applications
(EAI) and to exchange business messages with its B2B business partners like Telefonica, British
Telecom, France Telecom and DTAG. The project supports around 65 integrations with 30
Integration Server instances in all environments (DV, SIT, QA, PROD) The project involves both EAI
& B2B integrations and deals with various internal systems like OHP, XTRC and OHS. We as support
team will ensure that the business is not affected at any cost due to issues at wM (Until unless due
to Major Catastrophies).
Responsible for the entire platform availability 24x7
Responsible for the entire webMethods Infrastructure Support
Upgrade integration servers with required Fixes.
Responsible for Major issues identifications and code bug fixes through proper
communication channels (By Change Management Process) from sand box to go live.
Responsible for submitting weekly and monthly dashboards to reporting manager.
Identifying gaps to automate the regular activities, pro-active monitoring tools.
Updating Optimize for Infrastructure with new go-live interfaces for pro-active monitoring.
Participating in reviews of go-live build plans and providing inputs on modifications required.
Installing the new Integration server and Other webMethods Components
Providing RCA for Infrastrure related issues, identifying required fixes from us or from
Product Vendor (SAG).
Instilling the fixes provided by Product Vendor.
Identifying and Fixing the Web Services of SOAP messages Integrations.
Automations as part of the project :
Daily TN Error Report

JDBC Connections Monitoring Utility

JDBC Connections Password change utility
Daily Servers report
Environment: WebMethods 4.x,6.x,7.x and 8.x ( Integration Server , wM Developer, Trading
networks, Broker Server, My WebMethods Server, JDBC Adapter, Remedy Adatper, X400 Adapter,
Optimize for Infrastructure, SEDI Server, X25 ISDN Lines)
Client: Motorola, Schaumburg, IL
August 2008 to July 2009
CGISS Iden Vendor Data
Role: Senior Consultant
The Vendor Header and the Vendor Site will be published by the GVM and CGISS will subscribe the
event. Then the Vendor Header and the Vendor Site will be checked and updated or inserted
accordingly in the CGISS application. Its an EAI interface. This webMethods interface will be
rewritten with the services available in webMethods v6.5 which eliminate the disadvantages from
the older version. In order to transfer data from GVM and CGISS Oracle 11i will use the
WebMethods information broker. The GVM system will publish the data in the generic canonical
forms and the CGISS Oracle 11i will receive them from the broker and uploads them into CGISS
Oracle 11i database.
Developed the JDBC services and Flow for CGISS Iden vendor data.
Involved in Design Reviews, pre-production reviews and dry run meetings
Performed unit testing by using sample data.
Involved in end to end testing done by the business team
Environment: Integration Server, Developer, Broker Server, Document Tracker, JDBC Adapter,
Windows 2000/xp, And Oracle.
Role: Senior Consultant
This SVL MCLAIMS integration polls the SVL (source) outbound directory at pre-defined interval
for new files. If there are any new files existing, these files would be ftped to the IS. Then the file
would be transferred to MCLAIMS EMEA host.
Developed the flow services to do ftp to target system.
Performed unit testing by using sample data.
Involved in end to end testing done by the business team.
Involved in Design Reviews, pre-production reviews and dry run meetings
Environment: Integration Server, Developer, Broker Server, Document Tracker, UNIX, and
Motorola, Bangalore, India
May 2004 to July 2008
Global Support Model (GSM)
Role: Project Lead
GSM is global support model for the Motorola WebMethods B2B, eHub and EAI integrations. GSM
supports more than 500+ interfaces of webMethods and EDI with 100+ Integration Servers
running on multiple environments located in different regions of the world. Defining, Monitoring and
Supporting the webMethods servers and system components. Providing webMethods & EDI
Production Environment (Level 2) support and Application Support. Core Competencies of this
model involves in analyzing and identifying the issues and provide the updates to the respected
SME for further enhancements immediately or to be resolved in next releases. Process will be
followed through ITSM process Management.
As a team lead made the new members also effective manage for shift activities by conducting the
training sessions. To provide metrics to the client in an effective manner to make the support
easier, we developed tools. Different Architectures at Motorola Environment

Direct Business to Business

Business through 3 PL
Enterprise Synchronization through Integration (EAI)
Handling a team of 18 members with onsite/offshore co-ordination.
Responsible for the entire platform availability 24x7,
Worked extensively on Integration Server, Broker, Trading Networks, My Webmethods
Server, Optimize and its components,
Presenting the Monthly Status Reports, Daily Status Reports, Weekly Status Reports to the
entire Motorola Management with overall SLA of Incidents and data flown through the
Responsible for identifying the post implantation issues, infrastructure issues,
Responsible for the complete deployment activities to different environments (development,
testing, production and Disaster Recovery),
Responsible for approving the Code Reviews, Design Reviews, build plan deployment
reviews and support handover reviews for the complete project.
Involved in pre-production reviews and dry run meetings conducted by Core Integrations
Environment: WebMethods6.5 (IS, TN, Broker, Developer, MWS), Optimize, UNIX, Java, JSP, SAP
DB, Tomcat.