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1. What is wage? How is it different with salary and allowance?

2. Distinguished Facilities from supplements. What are the requirements of facilities?

3. Differentiate commission, wage and allowance.
4. Who is considered as an agricultural worker?
5. Why there is a need to distinguish agricultural worker from non-agricultural worker?
6. What is minimum wage law?
7. Who are exempted from minimum wage law?
8. Requisites of non-diminution of benefits.
9. What is a bonus? What are the kinds of bonus?
10.What forms part of your basic salary?
11.How should an employee be paid?
12.Foreign company paying dollar currency, valid?
13.How should the salary of the deceased be divided?
14.Liability of the principal/contractor if they failed to pay SSS and pag ibig.
15.Essential element of labor on contracting.
16.What is substantial capital?
17.Can employer demand deposits for loss of damages?
18.If employee cause damage to tools, can he be made to pay or his wages be
19.Employer reduces wages because the employee is against the employer, may a
union engage in a strike?
20.Who are considered as night workers?
21.When does night time begin?
22.What are the rights given to the night workers that are not given to regular
23.What are the acts that are prohibited in employment of women?
24.What is sexual harassment and how it is committed?
25.Who is a househelper?
26.What are the innovations of batas kasambahay?
27.Are minors allowed to work?
28.May a 5 year old be employed?
29.What are the benefits of a house helper?
30.What is this employees compensation in a state insurance fund?
31.What is the basis of payment in the cases of injuries or death?
32.Employee met an accident after work, compensable or not?
33.When is the injury compensable?
34.What is the theory of increased risk?
35.When is a sickness compensable?
36.What is egress and ingress proximity rule?
37.Employee got injured inside the premises of the employer but beyond his working
hours, compensable?
38.May an injury sustained by an employee compensable when hes already going
home from work? How about acts of God or force majeure?
39.Employee intentionally killed by someone inside the employers premises,
40.Define accident.
41.Employee sustained an injury by not following the rules and regulations,
42.When is it compensable when violating a rule and when is it not?
43.If an employee sustain an injury, may employer refused to pay the employee? Who
44.When is a disease deemed compensable?
45.If direct cause is not known, compensable?
46.Who administer the SIF?
47.What is their role?
48.Where do you appeal?
49.Who compromises the ECC?
50.What is the purpose of the contribution?
51.What are the kinds of compensation giving out of this fund?
52.What are the benefits that are paid by the SIF?
53.When is there a temporary total disability?

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