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List of questions

to be answered in the hosts statement

Please answer the following questions in the order given to produce a hosts statement of one to two
pages. It should be accompanied by the signed confirmation of support below.

Do you know the applicant personally, or are you in contact with anyone at her / his
current institution?

How do you rate the candidates academic and/or professional career and
Please consider the following points: dedication, mobility, breadth of specialisation, future

How do you rate the applicant's leadership potential?

How do you rate the project plan the applicant has submitted?
Please consider the following points: current relevance, originality, clarity of focus,
(methodological) quality, feasibility at the host institution, chances of success in the period
envisaged for sponsorship.

To what extent were you involved in drawing up the project plan the applicant has

Does the applicant have the language skills necessary to carry out the project

To what extend are the expected results from the proposed stay as well as the applied
methods and techniques of relevance to the field of climate protection and climaterelated resource conservation in the candidates country of origin?

Hosts confirmation of support

Applicants name

Name of the proposed host

Name of the host institution

Address of the host institution (street, postal code, city/town, country)

Contact data of the host institution (phone number, fax number, email address)

I hereby confirm that all the necessary preconditions for conducting the project will be in place and that the
candidate will have access to all the facilities needed to complete the project.
I herewith declare that I am unaware of any facts or particular aspects that could speak against sponsorship,
for example with regard to the applicants personal integrity, potential conflicts with legally binding principles of
scientific ethics, the rules of good scientific practice or the danger of armaments-related technology transfer as
laid down in statutory regulations etc. Should I become cognisant of any such issues during the current
selection procedure, or should proceedings be initiated for a contravention of the rules of good scientific
practice, I shall inform the Foundation immediately.
I confirm that there is neither a close personal relationship (marriage, civil partnership), nor an immediate family
relationship (parent, brother/sister, child) between the applicant and myself.
I affirm that if sponsorship is granted the candidate will be covered by the same safety conditions as other
researchers working at the institute. I will provide professional mentoring during the candidates stay in
Germany and guarantee the observation of the rules of good scientific practice (see information for hosts on
the Humboldt Foundations website) as well as of legally principles of scientific ethics in the context of

Place / Date


Data privacy statement

I hereby agree that data relating to my person and position collected as part of the present application
(application review for expert reviewers) (surname, given name, academic title, field of research and
specialism, gender, postal address, email address) may be stored and processed electronically by the
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) and used for purposes of review, statistics and evaluation by the
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and its authorised agents according to 11 BDSG; evaluation results will
only be published in cumulative, anonymised form. I understand that I can withdraw my consent to participate
in the evaluation at any time.
As these data may be required in order to process (review for expert reviewers) future applications, they will be
stored on servers of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation until I withdraw my consent. Personal data will
not be made available to third parties as per 3 BDSG.
In the event of a positive decision, the AvH is entitled to publish my name, academic title, field of research and
information on the host institute in connection with the funding decision.

Place / Date

as of 10/2015