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Catalysts, Connections, & Intersections 
City of Surrey, BC 

Call for Public Artists

#03 City Centre Walking Loop Greenway

“Spatial Connections” 
Call for Public Artists  #1220‐40‐31‐08 
The City of Surrey announces this
opportunity for Canadian artists
who are experienced in the design
  and production of exterior public
art and in community processes to
create a legacy for one of Surrey’s
six town centres.
  The  art  budget  is  $130,000  CND, 
  Stage  One  Submission  Deadline: 
  Thursday May 08, 2008. 
  Office hours are 8:30 – 4 pm   
Surrey Arts Centre  
                          13750 – 88  Avenue  
Surrey, BC, Canada 
V3W  3L1  



#03 - Surrey City Centre Walking Loop Greenway - “Spatial Connections”







WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
Surrey’s economy continues to grow in leaps
and bounds. As home to the second largest
OVERVIEW border crossing in Canada, every year …over
$14 billion worth of goods cross either side of
the border. An additional $3.5 billion cross the
cultural capital of canada initiative
same corridor by rail…[and] the Surrey Fraser
The City of Surrey has been awarded the Cultural
River Port is a key part of the second largest
Capital of Canada designation for 2008. With the
cargo port in Canada… Located right at the
assistance of this federal funding, eight community
heart of Canada’s Asia Pacific Gateway…[the
projects and events will celebrate arts and culture and
City is preparing to] effectively capitalize on
create a cultural legacy for the community. Amongst
economic opportunities….The future of Surrey
these, six public art installations will highlight not only
and the other high growth cities is the future of
surrey’s cultural and natural heritage, but also its
the region.
diversity and fascinating First Nations history.
Mayor Diane Watts, State of the City Address,
The first new city of the 21st century
Dubbed the “first new city of the 21st century” by
Catalysts, Connections & Intersections: six
Gordon Price of Simon Fraser University, the City of
public art projects for Surrey
Surrey is undergoing rapid growth and development
Through the overreaching concept of “Catalysts,
toward this vision. With 1000 new residents per
Connections and Intersections” six projects have
month and significant new infrastructure being
been matched with locations throughout the City’s
developed, Surrey is poised to “absorb 65 per cent of
urban and natural greenways and parks in one of
the region’s growth over the next 25 years.”
each of its six city centres. The concept explores
(D. Watts, State of the City Address, 2008)
Surrey’s natural, built, and cultural heritage. Each
project will be centred around concepts specific to its
The area now known as the City of Surrey was
originally a lush landscape of fir, cedar, hemlock,
blackberry bushes and cranberry bogs occupied by
Outcomes for these public art projects include:
Coast Salish First Nations people. Settled by British
o Building pride of place through visible
immigrants in the mid 1800s, Surrey grew to be
manifestations of Surrey’s art and culture;
incorporated in 1879 and officially become a city in
o Increasing appreciation for Surrey’s cultural
1993. Today, this ‘City of Parks’ is the second fastest
and environmental diversities;
growing city in Canada with a surprising 6000 acres
o Facilitating cultural sharing opportunities for
of active and passive parkland, and a diverse cultural
communities and groups through arts & culture
population of 453,000 people with “the largest number
activities, thus building a wider knowledge base and
of children in any city in the province”.
basis for trust and understanding; and
o Identifying unique community attributes and
Six town centres have developed within Surrey:
values that portray Surrey as a unique place to live,
Guilford, Fleetwood, City Centre/Whalley, Newton,
work and grow in.
Cloverdale and South Surrey, each with its own
character. These communities are linked by three
the Surrey greenway system
major highways, multiple well-maintained roadways
The Surrey Greenway system is an opportunity to
and a number of lengthy walking and cycling paths.
connect parks to greenways linking fragmented
biosystems, wildlife, neighbourhoods, and
Transportation has played a major role in the
neighbours to natural areas. How we interpret the
development of Surrey. Located in close proximity to
landscape is reflected in how we preserve and
the United States border and on the Fraser River,
protect the natural areas in our community. Artists
Surrey’s roads, railways and deep-sea docks have
can work to create artworks for Surrey Greenways
supported and encouraged commercial and
that engage Surrey residents in making their own
residential development.
connections to the landscape of the natural and
urban world and to the place they live.
Ann Marie Slater, Greenway Art Plan, 2001
WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
at intersections along the Serpentine Greenway.
Greenways are a vast and growing web of linear park
spaces spanning Surrey that serve as linkages and #03 Spatial Connections: City Centre Walking Loop
passages in the form of bikeways and footpaths An artist will create two distinct series of highly visible
connecting neighbourhoods, schools, recreation and iconic elements to define, support and enhance
centres, cultural facilities, town centres and two busy urban greenways whose dense urban
neighbouring cities. surroundings are undergoing significant
transformation and growth.
These networks are important to the community. They
enhance the environment, and provide active and #04 Culture as Catalyst: Bear Creek Park
passive recreational opportunities creating strong Language is the most powerful tool for preserving and
feelings of user and neighbourhood ownership and developing the tangible and intangible heritage of
making Greenways ideal sites for locating public and people. An artist team will collaborate across cultures
community-based art. and disciplines to create a contemporary and place-
specific art installation to world languages and
The Greenway system’s 10-year plan is shaping languages alive in Surrey today. This lasting legacy
future community connections, alternate will become a focal point for community celebrations
transportation routes, and access to natural of International Mother Language Day, and will
areas and open space for Surrey residents. The celebrate cultural sharing, show respect and increase
Greenway system is the new country pathway public awareness of (Canadian) indigenous and
and art on the Greenways will help define this endangered languages.
future heritage.
Ann Marie Slater, Greenway Art Plan, 2001 #05 Cultural Intersections: Cloverdale
Exploring the natural and built history of this
the six projects community, the artist will reflect on the role
#01 Place Making Connections: Green Timbers transportation plays in building, linking and defining
Greenway communities. This project will take one of two
Scale and time will be addressed through the creation directions, creating a gateway into the main street or
of highly visible installations that consider the contributing to the making of a family-friendly high
significant history and development of the nearby street in the revitalization of the historic Cloverdale
Green Timbers Urban Forest. An ecological Town Centre.
perspective referencing notions such as the scale of a
tree, natural cycles and relationships, society’s #06 Connecting Through Tradition: Semiahmoo
interaction and heritage stewardship will inform the Carving Project
artist’s approach. This project will strengthen and preserve aboriginal
carving practices within the Semiahmoo community.
#02 Movement, Sound, Pattern: Serpentine Developed in partnership with the Semiahmoo First
Greenway Nation, this will be an artist residency with an
An artist or artist team will engage the South Asian established artist mentoring young and emerging
community and users of the greenway to explore how carvers.
movement, sound and pattern can express the
significance of this walking space for them. The
project outcome will be a series of visible art elements

WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  


WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
#03 - Surrey City Centre Walking Loop Greenway - “Spatial Connections”
The City of Surrey is pleased to invite interested Artists or Artist Teams to submit their qualifications for the creation of
two distinct series of highly visible iconic elements that will mark the transit guideway that permeates the area of the
Whalley “City Centre Walking Loop”. The artworks will be designed, fabricated and installed in recognition of Surrey’s
2008 designation Cultural Capital designation.

***This Call for Qualifications does not require the preparation of a proposal.***



Iconic visual elements marking the transit guideway at column points will define, support & enhance positive
community use of an urban greenway, whose surroundings are undergoing significant transformation and growth.

project background development in Whalley. These will enhance this

The Whalley Revitalization Strategy includes a area of the City by improving its image, stimulating
number of capital improvements, community private sector development, and by building a greater
development initiatives and incentives for sense of pride within the community for those who
live, work and visit there. Founded on the belief that
WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
the arts can play an integral and meaningful role in installation as a whole will be a pivotal element in
urban revitalization, Surrey developed a Whalley defining future plans for public art directions within the
Revitalization Strategy Arts Plan. The Plan identified walking loop itself and for surrounding areas. Each
projects where the creation and placement of public location is distinct and the installations should reflect
art would enhance Whalley’s character and image the theme and application for the location:
while building community participation in the arts.
The Greenways City Centre Walking Loop developed 1. Sports / Active Living
out of the Public Art Master Plan to focus to these At West Whalley Ring Road north of 105A Avenue
goals. and through three pillars north of 107th Avenue,
a rhythm of up to thirteen pillars, bisects the ballparks
project site background and playing fields at Tom Binnie and Whalley Athletic
The main transportation and commercial hub of Parks. This site opportunity calls for artists to link the
Whalley, this area has undergone significant parks with installations that re-fit the light fixtures with
development in the past few years, and that trend sculptural art lanterns. City and lighting standards and
continues. Several diverse activities in the Whalley codes must be met.
Downtown Centre connect through this site - vehicles
and pedestrians, sports enthusiasts and tourists, Tom Binnie Park amenities include a playground,
students and shoppers, families and communities artificial turf field, and games court. Facilities include
alike move through and recreate here. An expanded the Whalley Recreation Centre, Whalley Youth
skytrain station, urban park, residential and Centre, and the B.C. Lions
commercial areas are being built near the bus loop, Practice Facility.
major parking areas and Surrey Place Mall, with the
new SFU campus, ballparks and North Surrey Whalley Athletic Park
Recreation Centre. Despite this urban growth, the amenities include a
community of Whalley is one of Surrey’s oldest and is playground, batting cages,
reestablishing its image as a great community to raise picnic area, washrooms, mini
a family. Present throughout these communities and soccer fields (2), micro soccer
activity areas is the skytrain system and concrete fields (3), baseball diamonds 1
guideway pillars. (7), and walking paths.

city centre walking loop

The City Centre Walking Loop links a diverse set of 2. Environment /
urban places at one of Surrey’s key entry points. Natural Living
Surrey Parkway is the major greenway in the City The route at its south end is
Centre area, linking Holland Park to 108th Avenue boldly defined by a high
along 135th Street, City Parkway, and through the sweeping and almost
Central City Mall parking lot. The concept of a theatrical curve of seven
Walking Loop is intended to build positive identity in pillars through Holland Park 2
the City Centre area and attract the community to (not crossing intersections).
utilize this public space in positive and meaningful Artworks may be placed prominently on pillars and
ways. The Walking Loop will activate and revitalize pillar caps. Artworks should be sensitive to existing
the community with a series of a places for artwork in Holland Park. (Note that existing artwork on
community activities– such as charity walks and run- pillars can be relocated.) Holland Park is undergoing
a-thons. At the south end, Holland Park is an substantial master planning revisions from an historic
expansive space to gather and celebrate. In the family forest to a signature urban park for Whalley
middle of the loop are the athletic fields and Centre.
associated public parks.
The installations will become an integral part of the
scope of work way-finding system through the sites, and will support
One Artist or Artist Team is invited to design fabricate positive community use of the urban greenway.
and install an iconic series of unique sculptural
installations in two key locations on the route. The
WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
The successful Artist or Artist Team will work with
sports/youth and environmental/naturalist groups to o Artworks should complement the contemporary
develop ideas/themes/images that are meaningful to language of the new developments as well as
these communities of interest. compliment the surrounding green spaces, and reflect
the high design standards of new development.
The extent of the work will depend on materials, the
artists’ use of single or multiple designs and o Artworks should consider both day and night
management of the allotted budget. visibility.

o Artworks must hold their own in a location already

PROJECT GUIDELINES visually busy and heavily trafficked with fast moving
budget traffic and slow moving pedestrians, and stand out
$130,000 CND is inclusive of all costs including artist against the concrete pillars in colour and form.
and engineering fees, travel, design, artwork
fabrication, public workshops, transport, site o The location of artworks should not impede or
preparation, installation, all applicable taxes, permit cause siteline problems for pedestrian, vehicular or
fees, insurance, Workers’ Compensation Board bike riding traffic. Final siting will consider any
coverage and contingency (5%), as well as any other existing and future substructures or plans, such as
costs associated with this project. gaslines, and road widening.

The Artist or Artist Team will be responsible for a o Artworks must be made of durable materials,
General Public Liability insurance policy in the comply with public safety standards, be vandal, theft
minimum amount of two million dollars, and for and graffiti resistant and be easily maintainable over
current WCB coverage. long term.

eligibility o The selected Artist or Artist Team will ensure that

This call is open to professional artists living in fastening of the artwork does not damage guideway
Canada with experience in designing, fabricating and structures; the artwork will not become detached, and
installing exterior public art and in community that it will not provide a means of access onto the
processes. City of Surrey employees and their guideway.
relatives are not eligible to apply.
o The selected Artist or Artist Team will work with
important dates sports/youth and environmental/naturalist groups to
Call announced - April 08/08 develop ideas/themes/images that are meaningful to
Information session - April 24/08 these communities of interest
Stage One submission deadline - May 08/08
Short-listed artists notified by - May 22/08 o The selected Artist or Artist Team will be required
Stage Two proposals presented by- June 19-25/08 to consult with structural / electrical engineer, as well
Contract Awarded - June 30/08 as an art conservator regarding the final design,
Installation complete - Spring 2009 fabrication and installation plans for the proposed
Opening Celebrations TBA 2009 artwork.)

project criteria o RTPO will require drawings for any items attaching
The Selection Panel is seeking an Artist or Artist to the guideway structure indicating the attachment
Team whose vision reflects the activities, functions method and locations of the attachments for review
and principals of the communities who live and work and comment.
around the City Centre Walking Loop. In fulfillment of
this expectation: o The selected Artist or Artist Team will also be
responsible for consultation and collaboration with
o Artworks must strongly relate to the context, and Surrey Engineer, Planning and Public Art as
be iconic or highly visible. necessary.
WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
kind will arise from this CPA or any submissions. The
SELECTION PROCESS City may negotiate changes to any terms or prices,
selection stages and may negotiate with one or more Artists or may
A two-stage selection process will be used for the permit the submission of applications from other
commissioning of public art for this opportunity. parties.

Stage One is an open call to all artists living in A Contract between the successful Artist and Artist
Canada. Team and the City of Surrey will be drawn up. The
The Selection Panel will review the artists’ submission final work and all documentation will become the
material. Up to three Artist or Artist Teams will be property of the City of Surrey. Proof of insurance and
short-listed and entered into Stage Two. related WCB coverage must be provided upon
signing the contract. Copies of the public art
Stage Two artists will enter into a preliminary contracts are available upon request.
proposal contract. This proposal will describe the
artist's concept in a maquette or drawings, the
intended approach to develop the concept, and EVALUATION CRITERIA
include a proposed budget and a working schedule.
It should outline the maintenance requirements of the Each candidate will be evaluated on the basis of the
proposed artwork and list intended contractors and following:
Stage One
The short-listed Artists or Artist Teams will receive a o Application Compliance.
$1,000 honorarium payable upon receipt and o Demonstrated excellence of past work in
presentation of the preliminary proposal. This will conceptual, aesthetic and technical terms.
cover all costs to deliver the concepts. Some o Track record demonstrating an ability to complete
compensation will be available for long distance projects on time and within budgets.
travel. o Alignment of suggested approach to stated goals
of this opportunity.
selection panel o Experience working on projects of similar scale
A Selection Panel composed of practising arts and diversity of scope.
professionals and members of the community will be o Availability to work within the estimated timeframe.
established by City art staff with advice from the
Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC). One PAAC Stage Two
advisor and Public Art staff will support the Panel
process as non-voting members. artistic experience / expression
o excellence of concept
selection approvals o appropriateness of the proposed artwork in relation
The Selection Panel will select the proposal that, in its to the scope of work
judgment, best meets the criteria. The Panel’s o Flexibility of proposal in respect to unknown
recommendation will be taken to PAAC for factors in the community.
recommendation, and to Council for acceptance.
Upon approval, the selected Artist or Artist Team will technical skill and methodology
enter into a public art contract with the City of Surrey. o demonstrated ability to work with proposed media
o ability to work with structural engineers to ensure
The Selection Panel reserves the right not to select the stability of the design and installation
any of the artists. o sound problem-solving abilities

contract management skills

This Call for Public Artists (CPA) is simply an o understanding of project intent
invitation for qualifications for the convenience of all o realistic budget and schedule
parties. It is not a tender and no obligations of any o good communication skills
WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
o availability to work within the given time frame. commissioning body and client, conceptual
information, and a number corresponding to
CD filename.
6. Support Material: Audio and video tapes
Contact information, including name, phone number may be submitted that have a maximum
and email address must be on each page of the playing time of 3 minutes or cued up at the
application. If applying as a team, identify one ‘clip’ that you wish panel members to
member who will serve as the primary contact and consider. Label all submitted materials with
include that person’s contact information on each the artists’ name and title of the proposal.

Stage One application will include: Stage Two presentations will include:
1. A signed letter of interest that addresses 1. Maquettes and/or drawings that fully describe the
your interest, experience, and how you will concept.
approach the goals of the project as outlined
in the scope of work and in the evaluation 2. Samples that adequately describe materials and
criteria. Use black type and a 10-point or methods to be used.
larger font on 8 1/2" x 11" white paper.
3. A preliminary budget.
2. A current résumé
4. A preliminary schedule outlining project
3. A reference list with names, addresses, processes and milestones.
telephone numbers and email addresses
of three professional references who know 5. An outline of projected maintenance
your work and work processes. When requirements.
referring to a specific project, then please
include the contact name for commissioning 6. A list of subcontractors and consultants to be
bodies along with that of the project used to develop/produce the artworks, including
manager. names and contact information.

Note: do not staple paperwork. submission deadline

Submissions will be received (not postmarked) by
4. Up to 20 JPEG images of existing work on Thursday May 08, 2008. Office hours are 8:30 am
a PC COMPATIBLE CD (not DVD). CD's will until 4:00 pm
be labeled "City Centre Walking Loop" and
include the artist's name. If applying as a The City of Surrey thanks all respondents for their
team, a total of 20 images may be submissions but regrets that only proponents
submitted. All images will be in JPEG format advancing to Stage Two will be contacted.
(.jpg), and 1024 pixels (14.inches) on the
longest side, at 72 dpi. Each image file name delivery
will be named as follows: artist’s last name, Mail, courier or hand-deliver packages C/O:
first initial, underscore, and number
corresponding to the number on the image
list (e.g. smithp_01.jpg). Images not City of Surrey
following each of these specifications will not Violet McGregor, CMA, C.P.P.
be reviewed. No personal websites will be 6645 – 148th Street
reviewed. Surrey, BC, Canada
V3S 3C7
5. An annotated image list that includes title Re: City Centre Walking Loop Submission
of artwork, media, dimensions, year created, CPA#1220-40-31-08
WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections  
QUESTIONS? other terms and conditions
Questions will be answered in a written addenda Artists and Artist Teams are solely responsible for
and posted on the website. their own expenses in preparing and submitting an
application, and for any meetings, negotiations or
contact discussions with the City, relating to or arising from
this CPA. The City will not be liable for any claims
Direct all inquiries to Violet McGregor by
incurred by the Artists or Artist Teams for any
mail: to the address above, or activities related to or arising out of this CPA.
email: purchasing@surrey.ca, or
fax: 604 599 0956 An Artist or Artist Teams must disclose in its
submissions any actual or potential conflicts of
interest and existing business relationships it may
preliminary background information have with the City, its elected or appointed officials or
Material pertaining to this call can be found at employees. The City may rely on such disclosure.
www.arts.surrey.ca and follow Public Art, Opportunities
Artists and Artist Teams and their agents will not
o City Centre Plan and History.pdf contact any member of the City Council or City staff
o Surrey Cultural Strategic Plan_partial.pdf with respect to this CPA, other than the contact
o Map – Sports_Active Living person named under “delivery” above, at any time
o Map - Holland Park Masterplan.pdf prior to the award of a contract or the cancellation of
this CPA.
information meeting
A general information meeting will take place in the All submissions become the property of the City and
Program Room at the Surrey Arts Centre in Bear will not be returned to the Artist or Artist Teams. The
Creek Park) at 13750-88th Avenue, on Thursday April City will hold all submissions in confidence unless
24, at 6pm – 8pm. Please RSVP your attendance to: otherwise required by law. Artists and Artist Teams
should be aware the City is a “public body” defined by
Violet McGregor and subject to the Freedom of Information and
Tel: 604 590 7274 Protection of Privacy Act of British Columbia.
Email: purchasing@surrey.ca

submission check list

Letter of Interest
Current Resume
Images of Past Work as .jpg images.
Annotated image list
Support Material

o Submissions will not be returned.
o This is a call for credentials and interest only.
o Do not send artwork pertaining to this call.

WALKING LOOP   Spacial Connections