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Sonic Editions

7 Chandler Way
Lutterworth College
Bitteswell Rd
LE17 4EW
To whom this may concern,
In order for you to comprehend the research and planning of my
project I have decided to compose an answer for your question
How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Product and Ancillary
I trust that the blend among our music video and my own ancillary
products has successfully linked both parts of my project. Whilst
creating my digipak and poster, I knew that I wanted to create a
minimalistic feel. When we filmed our music video I had to consider
the combination of my ancillary products and how they would
effectively work well together. The way in which I expressed this was
through appropriate muted tones of blue. The connotations of blue
are embraced as infinity. This related to the White space we used as
the location of our video and indicated it was never ending (infinite).
The genre of our band is indie, I had to display this throughout the
video and ancillary products. I did this by making my Ancillary
products quirky and unique by using shapes to distinctively
represent the band image. We composed a unique image in the
music video such as fast motions of the band doing interpretive
movements. This adds oddity to the video and associates both parts
of my project together.
My digipak is a huge contribution to my band image and what the
band will be associated with. It was important to me that the rest of
my digipak continued with the same theme and flow of shapes, as
well as my poster. We resulted to casual wear for the band image in
the video and ensured there was a flow of black, grey and white.
However Louis (the main singer) is wearing a patterned shirt, this
draws attention, as the audience wants to see more of the lead
singer than anyone else. As the indie target audience are of a lower
age and are mostly girls we had to include close ups of Louis as
being the iconic image. This is an effective use of building a branded

face for the music video. I ensured that when creating our music
video we used beige / warm lighting which combined with the beige
background on my ancillary products. This shows how having a
clean simplistic design can be aesthetically pleasing.
In my ancillary products I had to make sure that the layout of all my
texts and graphic shapes were framed perfectly. To have a high level
of professional work I used Photoshop to ensure my digipak and
poster where to the best of their ability. I used the gird layout too to
do so, which allowed me to create the correct spaces and layout. We
also had to consider spacing and layout in our music video, however
this proved to be a lot harder without using a technological grid. We
had to have confidence in the placing of our cameras and the
correct alignment. I feel as though our music video didnt posses the
high quality frames that we aimed for, a way in which we can learn
from this is to use markings on the floor so we know specifically
where our equipment should be.
A fault I have seen after analyzing my ancillary products and music
video is the text on the music video does not match my digipak or
poster. This could affect the association the ancillary products have
with the music video. However I do think that each font goes well
with the specific parts of the projects they are used in. By using my
text dotted around the digipak it links to the different band
members switching places in the video.
My choice for the record label sonic editions was a simple design
that I felt linked well with the font I have used. It was a muted
black, which incorporated well with the other muted colours I used
on my digipak. The design fits well with my layout and scheme and
therefore I have decided to place it on both the digipak and poster.
This indicates what branding the album has and relates both
Ancillary products together.
Overall I think that my ancillary products and music video work well
as a combination and I feel that I have successfully linked them
together creating a continuous theme throughout. By linking all my
products to the indie genre of my band I think that a professional
look has taken place. Each detail had to be analysed perfectly to
gain a connecting appearance and this is why I believe these
products create an effective sequence of media products.

Yours Sincerely,
Head of productions,
Sonic Editions.