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Mark Christopher

Covering Letter

I have recently been accepted as a student to Leeds

Metropolitan University to study Business with Human Resource
Management. As such I will be moving to Leeds at the end of
September and so am writing to enquire about possible job
opportunities within the area. I have a good portfolio of leisure
related activities that I have acquired of my own accord as a
means to gain work and also as the industry and associated
lifestyle appeals greatly to me.
I have been actively going to the gym for the past 3 years and
go boxing, kickboxing and Brazilian Ju jitsu regularly each week
and have been doing so for 2 years, showing I have a committed
interest in staying fit and healthy, this has also caused me to
seek further knowledge in the area, such as finding much more
varied exercises and nutritionally information than is taught on
the level 2 gym course for example.
I have been working as a lifeguard for the past 3 years at South
Hunsley Sports and have also started working a s a fully
qualified gym instructor at both South Hunsley Sports and Cave
Castle Country Club, I would greatly like to continue along this
line of work while I study at university, I am constantly looking
for ways to improve my knowledge in a way that may be
applicable to both myself and my clients, for example I am
undertaking a REP’s recognized core stability workshop at the
end of august.
I am also a climbing instructor and posses my CSLA award which
allows me to take groups to perform various activities, and as a
result regularly help organize and run very popular children's
adventure days at South Hunsley Sports.
I also work occasional weekend for an events organizing
company and have been brought in to provide primarily medical
cover but also water safety, climbing instruction, help construct
and take down base camps as well as providing advice of
suitable exercises and programs for competitors of events such
as ‘The Rat Race’ which is very physically enduring. I believe this
shows me to be a very responsible and trustworthy individual
with a dedication and genuine interest within the health and
fitness industry and lifestyle and am hoping that I will be able to
continue along these lines within the Village Hotel health and
fitness club.

26 Beverley Road
South Cave
HU15 2AU

01430 421465
07850 969067
Mark Christopher
Curriculum Vitae

South Hunsley 6th Form

Education South Hunsley School 2005 - 2008
  South Cave School 2000 - 2004
    1992 - 1999
Work History Waiter,  
Cave Castle Country Club, 2006 - 2008
  Silver serving food, setting and clearing up  
-Responsibilities weddings, room service and dealing with public  
  Country Park Inn, 2005 - 2006
  Silver serving food, setting and clearing up  
-Responsibilities weddings, taking orders and dealing with the  
  Worker, 2002 - 2003
  Drewton Kennels,  
-Responsibilities Walking dogs, cleaning out dogs and cats runs,  
  light building work (i.e. laying paving slabs)  
  Lifeguard, 2006 - Present
  South Hunsley Sports  
-Responsibilities Ensuring the pool is safe, cleaning poolside,  
  supervising parties.  
  Climbing Instructor 2006 - Present
  South Hunsley Sports  
-Responsibilities Running and organizing climbing parties and  
    2008 - Present
  Fitness instructor  
  South Hunsley Sports  
  Creating bespoke programs for clients on the  
  Technogym wellness system, performing  
  inductions for new members and ensuring the  
  general cleanliness of the gym and well being  
  of current clientele. Opening up and closing  
  down the gym and changing rooms were also  
  part of my responsibility.  
    2008 - present
  Fitness instructor  
-Responsibilities Cave Castle Country Club  
Creating bespoke programs for clients on a  
26 Beverley Road paper based system , performing inductions for  
South Cave new members and ensuring the general  
Brough cleanliness of the gym and well being of current  
HU15 2AU clientele. Also providing 1 to 1 sessions upon a  
clients requests, opening up the reception, tills  
01430 421465 and gym were also part of y responsibility, as  
07850 969067 was shutting down the center.
Mark Christopher
Curriculum Vitae

Qualifications NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification)

    Achieved on
    28 June 2006

    (Renewed on the
  Climbing Instructors Award 26th June 2008)
    Achieved on 17th
  CSLA (Community Sports Leaders Award) October 2006
    Achieved on the 2nd
  Level 2 Gym instructor (CMYQ) March 2007
Academic Qualifications   Achieved on the 22nd
-GCSE’s Business + Communication  
  Math A
  English Language B
  English Literature B
  Geography B
  Biology B
  Chemistry B
  Engineering C
-AS Business + Economics CC
  Physics C
-A2 Geography E
  Business (Double Award)  
Additional Certificates Director of Young Enterprise DD
  Life support +3 CPR  
  AED Defibrillation 2006
References James Hardy, South Hunsley Sports, Melton,  
  HU14 3HS  
  Steve Hogarth, Cave Castle Country Club -  
  Leisure Department, South Cave, HU15 2AP  
  (Gym Work)  
  Chris, Cave Castle Country Club, South Cave,  
  HU15 2AP (Bar and Waiter work)  
Interests and activities Jason, County Park Inn, Hessle, HU13 3AP  
  Swimming (Including Staff Training for Twice a week
  Kickboxing Twice a week
  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Twice a week
Volunteer work Tutor Once a week
26 Beverley Road Lifestyle  
South Cave Helping teach a lifeguards course  
Brough   1999
HU15 2AU While working for South Hunsley Sports I also 2006
organize and run children's adventure days for
01430 421465 up to 32 children
07850 969067

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