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The Five Best Beaches in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a province than will take a long time for you to track it down one by one.
In Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta roof you will find at least 11 beautiful beaches that are
ready to greet you by its beauty.
As a tourist area, it seems that Yogyakarta know very well how to pamper its visitors.
Destinations and complete facilities for tourists are available here. You must go there
soon! Among the five districts in Yogyakarta, Gunung Kidul perhaps becomes one of the
most famous places. It is located in the south of Yogyakarta. It also has a very rich in
panoramic beaches. Here are 11 beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta :
1. Sundak Beach. Sidoharjo Sundak Beach Village, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, has a
legend. Sundaks name supposedly came from the fights between dog (asu) and
porcupine (landak). So it cause the two animals were shortened to Sundak as the name
of the beach.
Regardless of the legend, Sundak has a very beautiful natural scenery. So, it is no
wonder if the beach lately becomes superior in Gunung Kidul Regency. The collaboration
between the sloping white sand and a clear water of the sea makes this beach attracts us
so much.
Walking down the beach is a compulsory activity in here. You will be served by the exotic
limestone hills and it is often used as many movies shooting location.
2. Krakal Beach. Krakal Beach has a great wave and off course, the beautiful view.
This beach is near from Wonosari, the capital of Gunung Kidul. It is located besides
Sundak which famous with the beautiful of the coral. Krakal Beach classified as a
sloping beach. Clean and white sand are the main attraction of this beach. Furthermore,
the coral makes the beautiful scenery of Krakal Beach is more complete. Although it has
not big waves as the other shore, Krakal beach is used by beginner surfers. Those who
come are usually the novice surfers who are just learning to conquer the waves.
3. Wediombo Beach. For those who like fishing, surely you will prefer this place,
because it can satisfy you more. Just come to the Wediombo beach in Jepitu, Girisubo,
Gunung Kidul and you will find one of the best spot for fishing. At this beach, you can
fish from the top of the cliff. The fish here is very large and will be a great experience if
you get it, but it is not easy to get. You need to know that in order to achieve, you have to
walk about an hour from the beach of Wediombo. In addition to fishing, of course you can
also enjoy the beautiful views. The water is very clear, unlike other beaches due to the
contaminated greenish. White sand beaches and gently sloping can make your mind is
going to be fresh. It is off course becomes definitely a fun holiday that you can get on the

4. Indrayanti Beach. Who can be bored to visit Indrayanti Beach? This beautiful beach
in Gunung Kidul is slowly starting to become a major tourist destination object.
Indrayanti is a very crowded beach, such as Kuta Beach in Bali. Here, you will find a lot
of vendors selling food under the colored tents colored. The tentsare used for the visitors
who want to relax on the beach. In another corner of the beach, there are high cliffs that
are also charming. It becomes a favorite spot for seeing a beach scene. The atmosphere
of the crowded beach and blue sea look so beautiful from the top of the cliff.
5. Sadeng Beach. Maybe you are not quite familiar with the name of Sadeng. This
beach is not much visited by tourists, because it is better known as the fish auction. But,
it does not mean Sadeng lacks of charm. The fishing boats are dominated by a bright
blue color. The scenery is more beautiful because of the limestone on the right and the
left coast. In addition for being the coastal tourist destinations, of course Sadeng could
be also an alternative option if you want to shop for seafood.
Global Warming and the solutions
Global Warming became the most hot issue in entire the world. The effect of Global
Warming is very dangerous for the environment. But, there are still a lot of people who
think about the global warming as just the issue and it is never make an effect to our
Earth in the future. Though, there are a lot of signs from the nature that arise as the
bad effect of Global warming.
The increasing sea levels has been occured in many areas in this world. This increase
happened because of the melting of the ice in the north polar. It cause of the world too
hot, and make the ice in the north polar become melting. Beside of that, we can see a lot
of hurricanes, thunders, and tornado in the world with easily. Global Warming make the
farms get the failure and it make reduce the foods supplies.
The cause of global warming
Generally, there are a lot of reasons that can make global warming. The use of excessive
fossil fuels too much because of the vehicles are increasing is the main reason. Besides
that, livestock and agriculture also have contribution such as using excessive methane
gas as the fertilizers.
The chemicals in fertilizers can not only damage the air lining, but also the waters, soils,
and production of the food. Besides that, the reasons why global warming happen is
because the factor of deforestation (land clearing) in big scale to make the public
facilities, such as road, school, hospital, and another buildings.
The solutions to minimize global warming
To reduce the effect of global warming which happened, you can try to do these tips:

First, choose the energy saving lamps as the lighting in your house. Energy saving lamps
have more expensive than the general lamps, but the energy which is needed to light up
is smaller than general lamps. Beside of that, this lamp is more durable.
Second, do not forget to turn off the lamps when they were not in use again. When
paying the bills, you will choose to pay online. This method is more econimal than pay
directly. You can reduce the using paper which is used as noted invoice. You can save the
fuels of your vehicles because you are not need to use your vehicles as when pay directly.
Third, laptops and computer are the most things which is used in daily in every house.
You should turn off this device when they are not in use too. And You can choose to do
not use the screen saver to save the energy.
Fourth, when shopping, you should bring your own bag which is made from the cloth.
Avoid to use plastic bags which is given by the supermarket. Plastic is a material that is
difficult to be processed naturally by the environment. It took hundred years to make it
Fifth, to have friendly environment, you can use bicycle which will good for your healthy
too. In addition, you must keep the condition of tap in your house in good condition.
From a lot of researches, broken taps can make the a lot of litter waters wasted in vain.
Though, amount of the waters in the Earth is not much anymore. The last, always try to
fill your courtyard with the trees. Tree can release oxygens which can make the air
become fresh.

Recycling is a way to help people for the garbage problems. Every year Indonesia
produces at least million ton garbage. The garbage is sent to landfills, where
most of them pollute the land and air. As a result of recycling, garbage that
would have been thrown away are reused instead in new products.
What Gets Recycled
There are many things that can be recycled including organic and inorganic
garbage. Some crafts can be made from inorganic garbage such as glass, bottles,
paper, magazines, and plastics. Inorganic garbage also can be helpful for people.
Composting is a good example in recycling. It involves saving certain food wastes
and mixing them with leaves and grass. This process will create a nutrient-rich
mixture that can be useful for gardening. Even water also can be recycled. It

must be purified and cleaned at a waste-water treatment plant before it is

Types of recycling.
There two types of recycling. They are internal and external. An example of
internal recycling is the reusing of waste products from manufacturing within
the same factory. For example, when copper tubing is being made, the ends of
tubes are trimmed. These copper ends will be melted down and used to make
new tubing.
In external recycling, people can collect recyclable materials. Recyclables will be
brought to recycling facilities, where it will be cleaned, sorted, and prepared to
be sold. Then the industries buy the material and use it to make new products.
The Importance of Recycling
The governments and group of people that try to protect the environment must
encourage people to recycle. They have to give a perception that recycling is
important for their life. It can reduces pollution of air, land, and water. So, people
will realize and try to recycle the thrown away materials.

How Technology and Education Can Save the World

There is no denying about technology empowering the world in every way possible.
Ranging from a little child to a grown up adult, everybody is dependent on science and
technology one way or another. According to some people, its a bad thing to depend too

much on gadgets and computers but in spite of that, we choose to rely on the
conveniences of science on a daily basis. On the whole, all minor and major technological
up-gradations have helped individuals and offices do multi-tasking with ease. When it
comes to the education sector, something of the smilar nature can be seen happening.
Schools and colleges across the world have embraced technology by bringing online
school software into the system. Today, technology and education are going hand in hand
by providing academic institutes with an easy way to manage and control the system.
The traditional methods have started to vanish from the face of earth providing
academic institutes with an easy way to not just manage and control schools, but also
provide students with interactive technological amenities.
How Have The Methods Of Administration Transformed?
There was a time when principals used to maintain manual book keeping for all kinds of
financial transactions and academic records. Admins and teachers had to prepare all
important information via the pen and paper approach. School staff had to go through
every little detail in order to locate important information on a daily basis. That is not
the case anymore because school admins have shifted all important information on the
Teachers that used to mark attendance through registers are now seen using
smartphones for that purpose. Principals who used to print hundreds of handouts and
brochures on a daily or weekly basis, can easily circulate important information via the
internet portal or the SMS communicator service. Most of the financial records have
been automated providing academic institutes with a safe and secure accounts
management system.
The digital student archiving system has also made it much easier for admins to locate
students in groups or individually via the student ID system. They dont have to go
through stacks of papers or hundreds of excel sheets in order to keep track of a few
pupils. Finance department, education department and student enrolment and
attendance can all be managed and maintained via cloud-based technology.
How Have The Methods Of Education Changed?
Students of today want easy access to knowledge and for that, schools and colleges have
started to use internet, ebooks, tablet computers, projector screens and so on. Teachers
that used to give lectures in class are showing children interactive presentations on
projector screens. Children that used to carry heavy textbooks have started to read from
tablet computers.
Instead of distributing schedule handouts, teachers are posting timetables and date
sheets on the internet portal. Students on the other hand, also find it easy to view
appraisal reports; result cards and all sorts of information via the internet portal
improving the overall methods of education. Students that used to visit shops to buy
books have started to download ebooks from the internet.

Because of technology, students have become more productive providing schools and
college with greater margin to flourish in the education industry. There is absolutely no
problem in admitting that technology and education go hand in hand providing the
world of education a chance to be more creative and innovative.

Have you ever heard computer? Have you ever seen computer? Have you ever
touched computer? Have you ever operated computer? The answer must be yes if
you live in this age and spend your life using technologyNowadays, we all almost
use computer to finish many things easily. We could also simply say what
computer is and the answers could be different based on the usage of computer.
However, let us start and go back to the first time this device was born. In the
early age of computer, it simply mean to compute because the device just only
used to operate a counting operational and the device looked so monstrous with
huge parts in it. We cannot simply use and move it because it at that time
because the weight was so heavy.
The early electronic computers consisted of thousands vacuum tubes that was
used to converting a portion of the telephone exchange network into an electronic
data processing system. Nevertheless, today, all of the modern computers change
into integrated circuits or IC. The change of the computer parts also happen
during the period of computer age and the revolution of technology led the
change of computer to the most useful device human need.

Computers hardware commonly grouped into three partitions that supported

each other. Let us started with the first one, it is input partition. Keyboard,
mouse, microphone, scanner, and drawing tablet are the input device. Keyboard
consists of letters button that commonly called qwerty keyboard. The function is
an interface to type the letter and number. Mouse seems like a real mouse
consisted left and side button with a roller in the center. The function of mouse is
to click and scroll the menus in the software. We can use microphone to input
sound or our voice when we record a song. the document or any printed object on
the paper can be saved in the computer by using scanner. It looks like a copy
machine but in smaller. At the last, drawing tablet is an interface for drawing or
designing where mouse cannot give a smooth and better handling on it.
Then, the second one is process partition or people just simply say hardware.
There are some important parts of process partition. The first is processor; it is
the central of processing unit or the brain of a computer. The latest processor we
use the best performance we get. Then, there is a storage media called hard disk.

The space in the hard disk called Giga Byte or GB and today we can buy the
bigger one, which is Tera Byte or TB. Next, it is RAM or Random Access Memory.
It is the temporary memory used to process the application. The space in the
hard disk called Giga Byte or GB. At the last, there are Motherboard, Driver, and
Graphic card. The Graphic card is also important to improve the quality of
At the last, the third one is output partition. It is a common thing we could find
in a computer like monitor, speaker, and printer. Today, the most famous monitor
is made by using LED and LCD technology where have better qualities than tube
monitor. We could also print our picture by using printer. Well, today we could
just simply choose computer by its specification that fits to our need like office,
graphic design, music, etc.
Information Technology and Development of its Numerous Aspects
Info technology provides background knowledge concerning major info technology parts:
hardware and software, networks, and information. these days nearly all sorts of
organizations are increasingly dependent on info technologies for achieving their
strategic and operational objectives. in the past decade, enterprise systems are broader
offer secure, electronic connection with vendors and buyers, and the net has turned out
to be a mainstream channel for communications and business transactions.
Being a regular user of numerous laptop and communication devices, you are most likely
already cognizant of a number of the innovations in laptop systems and networks who
have been introduced with tinnitus vendors in the past few years. the extremely fast
technological amendment causes it to be hard to correctly guess the it innovations that
will just be winners tomorrow-and significant mispredictions concerning technologies
are general within the whole past. but, it appears safe to firmly predict that laptop and
communication devices can proceed to bit nearly each aspect in our lives.
Microcomputer technology was offered as early like the nineteen seventies, and therefore
the introduction of one's 1st ibm pc in 1981 was starting of'>the grass roots of desktop
computing. these days, desktop and portable computers, tablets created by
manufacturers all over the world became commodity product with excessive processing
power that's equivalent to firmly an organizations entire computing center of one's
1960s. the typical laptop, laptop or tablets for people to utilise these days has graphical
icons, point-and-click and/or bit screen navigation, and preloaded software to firmly
access the internet-all on a cheaper worth than what are the same features would have
cost 12 months earlier, with higher laptop virus protection. the features like ; portability
and wireless capabilities, light-weight laptop, notebook and pill computers are being
additional necessary and are replacing larger desktop machines in offices these days.
they actually might well be carried into conferences, taken on business trips, and used at
home to firmly remotely connect to firmly office systems.

Smaller devices have too continued to develop in functionality and became indispensable
tools to firmly access e-mail and different applications within and outside of one's office,
by the factory floor, and even as in hospital premises. in mid-2007, apple laptop began
selling a fresh smartphone ( iphone ) with bit screen navigation and scrolling, and
simplified calling from an address book, email and text messaging, visual voice mail,
video taking part in, and web browsing via wifi connectivity. since that very day,
different it manufacturers are developing several different thinner devices like ;
smartphones with similar features, and apple has introduced a light-weight notebook
laptop ( the ipad ) utilizing a similar interface.

Beware of Ebola Epidemic Recently, Ebola epidemic that attacks the West
African region, causing the worlds attention. WHO has released the data, there
are at least 800 people who died after the Ebola virus. This disease has a very
high mortality rate, 90 percent of patients died. Unfortunately, vaccine or drug to
cure Ebola still havent found yet.
The Ebola virus was first discovered in Africa in 1976. Originally, the virus only
attacks primates such as monkeys and apes. But now, it has evolved into
dangerous disease because the ebola is transmitted to humans. This year, the
Ebola virus is raging, the number of deaths has been increased two times more
than in 1976, reported by BBC.com.
The increasing case of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in the 2014 caused
anxiety. Ebola virus which attacks the bodys defense system is similar with the
HIV virus. Early symptoms are similar to flu symptoms such as high fever, body
weakness, muscle pain and headache.The Most Deadly Virus
What makes Ebola virus became so dangerous is its ability to breed. This virus
can agglutinate blood cells, then this condition can inhibit blood flowing to other
organs. If the organs lack of blood, it will cause some damages. After attacking
the blood, ebola virus also attacks other organs, such as kidney, brain, intestine,
liver and so on. Many of ebola patients died because of kidney failure.
Very Fast Transmission

Ebola virus transmission can occur from a contact of body fluids, blood, and all
the things that have been used by patient. Therefore, ebola patients must be
isolated in order to avoid a direct contact with other people. The medical teams
who handle the patients also have to wear special cloth in order to prevent the
spread of the virus. Currently, a citizen of the United States has been infected
with ebola. Indonesian Health Ministry itself has issued a travel warning for the
people who will visit the countries of Guinea, Sierra and Liberia.
There are some ways to prevent the ebola virus. We have to keep clean and do not
make direct contact with patients. Hopefully soon, vaccines and drugs will be
discovered so the number of dead can be decreased.

Keeping Skin Healthy and Beautiful, Do not Need Expensive!

Many women are willing to do anything to get healthy and beautiful skin. Not
infrequently they are happy to pay big to keep her skin healthy and beautiful.
This phenomenon can be seen in women today. They spent more time in places of
beauty for beauty care for to stay awake. Pinch ourselves had been the nature of
a woman. But keep in mind, do not do something excessive because it was not
good and prohibited by religion.
To restore naturalness for healthy and beautiful skin does not have to require a
large fee but there is way easier, cheaper, and of course healthy. Here are some
secrets to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.
1. A regular bath with shower

Water from the shower will immediately wash the dirt and soap suds from our
body. In contrast, if we showered by wading, dirt from the body will be mixed in
water and can be re-attached to the body.
2. Use soap according to skin type
Often feel the skin dry after a shower? Means tones need to look at the soap you
use. Soap that produces a lot of foam means it contains detergents that much
anyway. This will make the skin dry and rough. We need to know, after washing
with soap, skin pH will rise to 9 of normal skin pH is 4.2 to 6.2 (pH balance). So,
choose a low pH soap.
3. Wear sunscreen when outdoors
Its hard to avoid direct sunlight. For that, use a sunscreen (sun block) to keep
skin protected from the sun that contain harmful UV rays. Obviously, select sun
block formula is safe to use and according to skin type.
4. Drinking water in sufficient quantities
The human body is composed of 80% water so it is important for us to consume
water that is not dehydration and dry skin. Drink plenty of water is one of the
ways the most efficient skin care and natural and suitable for all skin types.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day or more to get healthy skin.
5. Eat more vegetables and fruits
Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins are good for the health of the body
and skin. Intake of vitamins and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables is very
important for the skin because it can counteract free radicals that damage the
Health is the most important thing for us. Especially for women who want a
healthy and beautiful skin should keep eating and living. Not hard and do not
need to spend a lot of money to have a healthy and beautiful skin. Simply by
drinking lots of water and eating vegetables and fruits. Therefore, lets apply
healthy life for themselves and their families for a healthy life is everyones
Education for Quality Improvement Nation
Improving the quality of the nation must be adopted and especially through
education. Education is a long process, which ceaselessly to achieve one objective
and open to new ideas and new concepts.

That is the meaning of education so that one day the results of the education that
will foster a newculture of human intelligence. During the intelligent human, it
has the wisdom and virtue in his soul.Only after that, he was able to master
science and technology. New culture that is the counter-culture which is then
entered into the order of a society (culture) alternatives to be chosen by
Everything is well organized through education, education that can educate, able
to cultivate virtuous and wise soul, and master of science and technology. Thats
the future that will transform the nation into a new Indonesia Indonesia. This
would seem to be, for education in Indonesia.
Not to mention the shortage of teaching staff resolved the problem, the problem
of inadequateeducational facilities come up, and following the high cost of
educationissues. We still feel as anation that remains in many ways compared to
other nations. Therefore, the only way for the nation is to improve education in
order to make an intelligent nation through comprehensive national education
system and planned.
But to go in that direction, the road taken very long and difficult because the
issue of education isstrongly associated with other factors, including the
economy, security and other social issues. The teachers are expected to begin to
change the way students learn. The teachers are no longer allowed to put







provides multiple


questions (multiple choice) because it could have an impact on the formation of

The role of education, as a means of empowerment, must consciously prepare
students in the life of society, both as individuals and members of society.
Empowerment only has meaning if it becomes part of the empowerment process










independence, self-moving statements and educators teach students to live in

harmony with respect to differences. Looking ahead, the education system must
change from a motivational instructional achievement, creativity, and virtuous

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Nowadays, education becomes top priority or necessity that must be owned by
people. They compete to achieve higher education in order to be successful in this
modern age. Parents also have prepared their children by supplying them proper
education from earlier. They send their children in qualified schools starting from
kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, high school up to high-level
education such as university or other high schools. This is a good thing. However,
they forget that early childhood education is also known by PAUD is essential. In
fact, the authors dare to say that the early childhood education plays an
important role in determining their success in the future. To be clearer, here are
the two paragraphs that discuss the importance of early childhood education for
The first reason why early childhood education is very important is that it
prepares children mental before they enter the real period of education.
Commonly, children under five are still stiff even scared by the new atmosphere
and the new people around them. Therefore they need to be introduced by the
schools situation and also new people who will they meet such as teachers,
friends and others. This will make them accustomed to learning in the classroom
so that they do not feel odd or even shocked to learn in elementary school.
The next point makes it important is early childhood education can help children
discover and develop their potencies. Those Potencies such as reading, counting,
speaking and others will improve well. It happens because their age that still less
than five years called as a golden age. At that time, their brains are still
developing well so that they are able to receive all of the lessons they learned.
Even in this golden age will determine what they will be in the future.
In short, early childhood education is necessary for children under age of five
years before entering the real school period. Early childhood education helps
them to introduce the school and also helps them develop their potencies. Parents
should send their children into early childhood education (PAUD) first before
sending them to Elementary School.