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1. Place the Fleet Token on the “START” square of the jump track. Set re- source dials, and place ships in the reserves on Galactica.


Humans win when 1 final jump made to Kobol (no destination drawn or fuel lost) after 8 or more distance already traveled towards Kobol.






Cylons and Cylon Sympathizers win if any of following occurs:








official no sympathizer variant for 4 or 6

any resource is 0 or less by the end of any player s turn; as soon as galactica accumulates 6 damage tokens;




players modify three starting resources

a centurion boarding token reaches the end of the boarding track

2. Group and shuffle damage tokens and civilian ships facedown off the board. Place Cylon ships and Centurion markers here as well.

3. Separate the decks (5 Skill Decks defined by colour, a Destination Deck, Quorum Deck, Crisis Deck, and Super Crisis Deck), shuffle, and place by board. Group Skill Decks under their sections at bottom of board; place Kobol card faceup by the Destination Deck.

4. Randomly decide first player; they receive the Player Token. Play pro- ceeds clockwise, with the Token passed at each turn end.

5. Players choose characters based on turn order. At any time, Support character Galen Tyrol may be chosen; otherwise, the most plentiful type must be chosen from (Pilots, Military Leaders, and Political Lead- ers). Consider well-rounded groups that can receive a variety of Skill Cards (Politics, Leadership, Tactics, Piloting, and Engineering).

6. Determine who begins with Admiral and President Titles based on the line of succession. Give the Admiral 2 Nuke Tokens which may be used from any location as an action, and the President 1 Quorum card.

7. Build Loyalty Deck based on characters and number of players; shuffle the “You Are a Cylon” cards separately, choose facedown however many are required, mix it into the appropriate number of “You Are Not a Cylon” (human) cards, and shuffle thoroughly.

three players

5 humans

1 cylon

four players

6 humans

1 cylon

five players

8 humans

2 cylons

six players

9 humans

2 cylons

+1 human

gaius baltar chosen

+1 human

sharon boomer valerii chosen

sharon may not be chosen with 6 player official no sympathizer variant. remedy

8. Distribute a Loyalty Card to each player (2 for Gaius Baltar to start). To protect player identities, it is advisable to agree upon a short duration of time when players must spend reading their card (such as a count- down from 10) before continuing.

9. If 4 or 6 players, shuffle Sympathizer into the remaining Loyalty Deck, or add 1 more human card if playing the official No Sympathizer variant.

10. Clockwise from the Player Token, players receive 3 Skill Cards of their choice, but restricted by type and number as shown on their character sheet. The beginning player does not receive cards at this time, but will obtain their full range of Skill Cards on their starting turn.

11. Create Destiny Deck by taking 2 cards from each Skill Deck. Shuffle and place in Destiny Deck location. Create whenever depleted.

12. Place 1 Basestar and 3 Raiders in front of Galactica, 2 facedown civil- ian ships behind, and 1 unmanned Viper in both bottom spaces.


Revealed Cylon players may neither hold a title or use actions or abili- ties found on their character sheets.


william adama saul tigh karl helo agathon lee apollo adama kara starbuck thrace sharon boomer valerii galen tyrol tom zarek gaius baltar laura roslin


laura roslin gaius baltar tom zarek lee apollo adama william adama karl helo agathon galen tyrol sharon boomer valerii saul tigh kara starbuck thrace

Admiralty lost to next in line if Title holder sent to Brig location. If all human players are in the Brig, topmost in succession receives Title.

President exclusively controls hand of Quorum Cards, and is normally the only one able to draw more. Administration location may pass this Title. Presidency is retained even if the character is sent to the Brig.

Players revealing as a Cylon forfeit all Titles to highest player in line of succession, and may not receive any Titles for the rest of the game.


Advance Fleet Token 1 space on Jump Preparation track (jump instantly if “AUTO JUMP” reached). Resolve last on Crisis Cards after all else.

reached). Resolve last on Crisis Cards after all else. 1. If FTL Control location activated as

1. If FTL Control location activated as Action, roll die. 6 or lower depletes population by amount on Jump Preparation track Fleet Token is on.

2. A jump: clears all Cylon ships from board, returns Vipers to reserves, places pilots in Hangar Deck, and reshuffles civilian ships back into pile, but any Centurion boarding party tokens remain.

3. Reset Jump Preparation track (return Fleet Token back to “START”).

4. Admiral draws 2 Destination Cards, places 1 at the bottom of the deck, and reveals and resolves the other; these travel 1-3 distance to Kobol.

5. If resulting total distance to Kobol now 4 or higher for first time, begin

sleeper agent phase.


All players including revealed Cylons receive 1 last Loyalty Card (2 for Sharon “Boomer” Valerii). Normally in a 4 or 6 player game, remaining Loyalty Cards include a “You Are a Sympathizer” card; the player who receives it must reveal and resolve it. See receiving the sympathizer card.


If revealed Cylon, show it, then may pass to another player to resolve.

If human or unrevealed Cylon, show it. Player’s other Loyalty Card(s) stay hidden; if sent to Brig, card is treated as human. Otherwise, play- er becomes a revealed Cylon Sympathizer. See revealing as a cylon.


1. Always draw 2 cards from Destiny Deck to start facedown pile.

2. Beginning left of current player and continuing clockwise, all players contribute any number of Skill Cards to the pile once. Humans in Brig and all players in Cylon locations may only put in 1.

3. Shuffle pile, reveal, separate all Skill Cards that help from Skill Cards that hinder, and determine the difference; resolve the pass or fail effect.

4. If strength value equal to or greater than the skill check difficulty, pass.

If player must be sent to Brig/Sickbay, cannot target any already there.

Revealed Cylon players and players in Brig do not draw a Crisis Card.


POLITICS – Baltar, Roslin, Tyrol, and Zarek receive (Apollo may) Consolidate Power (strength 1-2) – Baltar, Roslin, Tyrol, and Zarek receive (Apollo may) Consolidate Power (strength 1-2)

draw 2 skill cards of any type, even if outside character sheet restrictions

Investigative Committee (strength 3-5)

play before cards committed to any skill check. all cards including those from destiny deck are added faceup (tyrol may still use blind devotion at the end)

LEADERSHIP – all except Boomer receive (Apollo and Starbuck may) Executive Order (strength 1-2) – all except Boomer receive (Apollo and Starbuck may) Executive Order (strength 1-2)

limit 1 per turn. choose another player to take 2 actions, or move and take 1 action. cannot target revealed cylons or sympathizer

Declare Emergency (strength 3-5)

limit 1 per skill check. play after a skill check is totalled; difficulty reduced by 2, but cannot reduce partial passes

TACTICS – Adama, Apollo, Boomer, Helo, Starbuck, Tigh, and Zarek receive Launch Scout (strength 1-2) – Adama, Apollo, Boomer, Helo, Starbuck, Tigh, and Zarek receive Launch Scout (strength 1-2)

may only use if undamaged raptor available in reserves. roll 3 or higher to look at top crisis or destination card and place on top or bottom of the deck. failed roll destroys and removes the raptor from the game

Strategic Planning (strength 3-5)

limit 1 per die roll. play before roll: +2 to result (still +2 if helo rerolls die).

PILOTING – Apollo, Boomer, Helo, and Starbuck receive Evasize Maneuvers (strength 1-2) – Apollo, Boomer, Helo, and Starbuck receive Evasize Maneuvers (strength 1-2)

play after a viper is attacked and reroll die result. if viper is piloted, roll is -2

Maximum Firepower (strength 3-5)

play if piloting a viper to attack up to 4 times

ENGINEERING – Baltar, Boomer, and Tyrol receive (Starbuck may) Repair (strength 1-2) – Baltar, Boomer, and Tyrol receive (Starbuck may) Repair (strength 1-2)

remove damage token from galactica location you currently occupy (reshuffle back into pile), or if in hangar deck, return up to 2 damaged vipers to reserves

Scientific Research (strength 3-5)

play before cards committed to any skill check. all engineering (blue) cards count as positive to pass it


1. Draw Skill Cards as indicated on your character sheet.

2. Move to any location except Brig or Sickbay. To move between ships (Galactica to Colonial One, Colonial One to Galactica, or piloting Viper to either ship), choose a Skill Card to discard (even Apollo). Piloted Vi- pers may move to 1 adjacent space section. May choose not to move.

3. Perform 1 action. All are labeled “Action:”, and can be found at loca- tions, your character sheet, Skill Cards, Title Cards, and Quorum Cards. May do nothing. Roslin must be able to discard 2 Skills to use locations.

While piloting a Viper or activating unmanned ones, ship may be used to attack Cylons after movement as an action. See attack table.

Revealing as a Cylon is also an action. See revealing cylon loyalty.

4. Draw and resolve top Crisis Card.

5. Activate Cylon ships (if applicable. See activating cylon ships).

6. Advance Fleet Token on jump track (if applicable. See jumping the fleet).

7. Discard down to 10 Skill Cards (if applicable). Pass Player Token clockwise, and begin that player’s turn.

Current player chooses the order events resolve if multiple instances of it occur. For example, which Raiders activate first in a space, and the order Vipers are targeted (see activating cylon ships). Current play- er may also choose order used abilities of other players resolve.

Unless stated otherwise, players do not need to have cards to fulfill a chosen action; crises or decisions that force the player to discard a number of Skill Cards may be chosen even if their hand is empty.

Brig: player may not move or draw a Crisis Card, may only contribute 1 Skill Card max to skill checks, but can still be sent to Sickbay.

Communications: do not reveal the back of viewed civilian ships.


You may reveal yourself as a Cylon on your turn as action by showing your Cylon Loyalty Card. Perform following (skip to step 2 if in Brig):

1. If not in Brig, resolve the 1 of 4 possible actions on the Loyalty Card:

Damage Galactica

draw up to 5 galactica damage tokens, choose 2 to resolve, and reshuffle rest.

Reduce Morale by 1

Send Character to Brig

choose character on galactica and send to brig.

Send Character to Sickbay

choose character on galactica to discard 5 skill cards and send to sickbay.

2. Discard down to 3 Skill Cards.

3. Lose any Titles (Admiralty and/or Presidency) to highest in succession. Also, discard all of your “keep in play” Quorum cards.

4. Move immediately to Resurrection Ship location, and receive topmost Super Crisis Card from deck (may use at Caprica location).

5. End turn (even if revealing on first of two Executive Order actions).


1. Draw 2 Skill Cards of any type and combination (3 if No Sympathizer).

2. Move to another Cylon location. May choose not to move.

3. Perform 1 action. May activate current Cylon location and perform the action described. May not perform any other human or unrevealed Cylon actions (activating Galactica locations, piloting Vipers, or playing cards). All abilities on your character sheet are null and ignored.

Cylon Sympathizer may not activate Cylon Fleet location or use Super Crisis Card, having received none.

4. Discard down to 10 Skill Cards (if applicable). Pass Player Token clockwise, and begin that player’s turn.

Do not draw and resolve a Crisis Card at the end of your turn.

Crisis Cards drawn and played from Caprica location do not activate Cylon ships or progress the fleet along the Jump track. Should a Crisis Card pose a choice for the current player, you still make the decision.

Immune to Skill Cards, Quorum Cards, and Crisis Card or skill check consequences, and cannot be forced to move anywhere or discard.

Super Crisis Cards unaffected by special character sheet abilities, but Investigative Committee and Scientific Research may still be played.

Skill Cards may only be used for skill checks, but you may only play 1 Skill Card to each skill check.

Heavy Raiders may be activated with Cylon Fleet location to move Centurion token along Boarding Track on Galactica even if Basestars or Heavy Raiders not present on board. Remember, if Basestars are present but no Heavy Raiders are, each Basestar launches 1.

May not use actions on any remaining unrevealed Loyalty Cards, but Cylons may pass them all facedown to one other player by activating the Resurrection Ship location to sow suspicion.


Unmanned Vipers are typically activated from the Command location (Lee “Apollo” Adama may activate up to 6 unmanned Vipers once per game anywhere). Piloted Vipers may not be activated, and the same or different Vipers may be activated any number of times. For 1 activation each, perform 1 of the following:

Launch a Viper from reserves to 1 of the 2 Viper Launch location spac- es below Galactica. Pilots launch and man a Viper with Hangar Deck location action; if no Vipers available in Reserves, pilot may choose one in space to use. Damaged Vipers cannot launch until repaired.

Move a Viper to an adjacent space location. Do not fly over Galactica.

Attack a Cylon ship with a Viper if the Viper shares the space with its target. Roll the die and refer to the attack table.

Pilots choosing to move from Viper to a ship must discard a Skill Card.

Characters piloting Vipers damaged or destroyed are immediately sent to Sickbay. Destroyed Vipers are removed from game.

Only characters with Piloting in their skill set may pilot Vipers (and have a token to do so).


Each Cylon ship activates at most once a turn; if a card activates more than 1 kind of ship, resolve symbols left to right.

Current player chooses: space areas to resolve first, order players are attacked if multiple pilots are in the area, and which units are placed if there are not enough pieces to fulfill complete directions.

Activate Raiders. Each only 1 action in this priority:

Activate Raiders. Each only 1 action in this priority: i . attack an unmanned viper in

i. attack an unmanned viper in its current space.

ii. attack a piloted viper in its current space.

iii. destroy a civilian ship in its current space, and lose resources from back.

iv. move to adjacent space area towards closest civilian ship. if civilian ships are an equal distance away, the raiders move clockwise.

v. attack galactica (see attack table).

vi. if no raiders on board, launch 2 from each basestar present.

Launch Raiders, 3 from each Basestar on the board.

Launch Raiders, 3 from each Basestar on the board.

Each Basestar attacks Galactica once (see attack table).

Each Basestar attacks Galactica once ( see attack table ).
Each Basestar attacks Galactica once ( see attack table ).

Activate Heavy Raiders and Centurions. Resolve steps:

1. Advance centurions on Boarding Party track one space.

2. Move Heavy Raiders on board 1 space towards closest Viper Launch location at bottom of Galactica. If any starts activation in a Viper Launch location space, remove from board and add 1 Centurion Token to first space on Boarding Party Track (may stack if multiple added at once).

3. If no Heavy Raiders on board, launch 1 from each Basestar present.


3 damage tokens destroy a Basestar (any 4 below). Destroyed Cylon ships return to supply; remove destroyed human ships from game.

return to supply; remove destroyed human ships from game. 2 damage tokens cannot launch ships it

2 damage tokens

cannot launch ships

it may not attack

attack it with +2

Unit Attacked


Die Result

raider 3-8 = destroy



= destroy

heavy raider, centurion


= destroy


with viper


= draw 1 damage token

w/ galactica


= draw 1 damage token


w/ nuke


= draw 2 damage tokens



= destroy


= destroy also 3 raiders in area

viper 5-7 = damage



= damage


= destroy

civilian ship


= immediately destroy


with raider


= draw 1 damage token

w/ basestar


= draw 1 damage token

Players may never attack human ships with Vipers or the Galactica.

Damaged Galactica location tokens indicate a room may not be used (activated) until repaired, and all players there when damage inflicted are sent to Sickbay. Resolved resource damage tokens are removed from game, but repaired locations are shuffled back to the supply.