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EDTE 284

Spring 2008
Created by Gina Knight & Nora ONeill

Lesson Plan Title: Utilizing del.icio.us for Nursing Research

Topic to Teach: An effective literature search is an important skill in nursing research. Part of
finding the best articles is developing the skill at creating good keywords. Del.icio.us provides an easy
way to search, organize and manage your information for nursing research. A valuable feature in
del.icio.us is the suggested keywords option. As a social bookmarking tool, del.icio.us offers a unique
method of collaboration for research groups and reduces duplication of effort. It also offers the
opportunity to expand ones search through shared bookmarks.

What need is being fulfilled by this lesson in the field of nursing or nursing
Social bookmarking is fast becoming an easy way to organize, store and share information. Academic
institutions are beginning to recognize the value of utilizing social bookmarking for research. This class
will teach students enrolled in a nursing research class how to perform a basic literature search using
the web 2.0 tool, del.icio.us. Students will learn how del.icio.us can help them organize, manage and share
articles while reducing duplication of effort for their research project.

Length of Time: One 3-hour class with a self-paced homework assignment.

Nursing Research class
Computer lab with internet access.
Home computer with internet access for homework and discussion thread assignment.

Student Demographic:
Students enrolled in a nursing research course (BSN or MSN).
revision - 5-11-08

General Goals:
To teach students the following:

The importance of organizing research information.

How to use del.icio.us for an online literature search for nursing research.
How to create effective keywords for your literature search.
How to set-up a del.icio.us account
How to place the del.icio.us icon on the toolbar
The basic skills in using del.icio.us
How to tag
How to bundle tags
How to network with their partner
The social aspect: sharing articles with peers and exploring other users selected articles.

Specific objectives:
1. Students will identify their level of competency in performing an effective literature search
and in utilizing social bookmarking to search for and manage articles and web sites.
2. Students will provide one example of how tagging and sharing of bookmarks adds to their
knowledge base.
3. Students will demonstrate basic skills in using del.icio.us
a. Creating a del.icio.us account
b. Placing the del.icio.us icon on the toolbar
c. How to search and bookmark/tag an article
d. How to bundle tags
e. How to add their partners and others to their network
f. How to use the social aspect of del.icio.us by following shared bookmarks to their
partners del.icio.us page and other users del.icio.us page.
4. Students will perform a literature search for 2 qualitative and 2 quantitative nursing articles.
They will tag the articles, include an explanatory note and send the articles to their small
group team members and the instructor.
5. Students will give the URL of one nursing article/web site found through the networking
capabilities of del.icio.us by following multiple users shared tags.
6. Students will articulate one advantage and one disadvantage of using del.icio.us as a tool for
their literature search for their research project.

Required Materials:
1. Computer with internet access
2. Hand-out
3. Instructions presented using JING as the media tool

revision - 5-11-08

6:00 6:15 PM: Warm-up

Students self-identify level of ability/competency in performing a literature search and using
social bookmarking tools. The students circulate and share with at least three other people what
they hope to learn from this class, their level of ability at using social bookmarking tools, and
their ability to do an effective literature search for a research project.

6:15 6:30 PM: Introduction

Managing researched information is an important skill in nursing as evidence-based practice is the
standard in healthcare today. Mastering the use of del.icio.us, a social bookmarking tool, will
assist the student in searching for and managing researched articles and web sites for their
research project. Techniques for doing an effective literature search will be taught as well.

6:30 7:30 PM Instruction procedures and details:

Instructor guides students into working groups of three combining various skill levels in using
social bookmarking and doing literature searches (novice-competent-proficient) to encourage
peer-to-peer education.
Presentation: Lecture, demonstration, hand-out and computer instruction
Guided Practice/Activity: Each student establishes a del.icio.us account. They practice the
following basic skills: navigating del.icio.us; searching for articles; tagging articles - including
creating effective notes; creating tag bundles/cloud; adding partners to their network; and
exploring other users del.icio.us accounts through shared bookmarks.

7:30 7:45 PM Break

7:45 8:30 PM Application of tool to nursing research
Guided Practice/Activity: Students search for 2 quantitative and 2 qualitative research articles
on a selected topic. They tag the articles and include an explanatory note. They send the tag to
their partners and the instructor. The small groups discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
using del.icio.us in doing an effective literature search and address the question: does using
del.icio.us create a feeling of being a part of the larger nursing community? Each small group
contributes their key points to a class discussion.

8:30 8:45 PM Questions and trouble-shooting

8:45 9:00 PM Closure

revision - 5-11-08

Homework assignment: search and tag four articles on any nursing research subject; create a tagcloud; send the articles to your partners and the instructor. Submit through the discussion
thread a brief summary on the usefulness of social bookmarking tools in nursing research. Please
address the following question in your summary: Will social bookmarking tools improve or detract
from doing an effective literature search. Give examples to support your position.

Evaluation Tool: Rubric see individual link

Hand-out with step-by-step instructions on the use of del.icio.us
Encourage peer-to-peer tutoring in their small groups and with other small groups.
Instructor to float around the room and offer assistance as needed.
Expert students to float and assist where needed.
Schedule additional time with students as needed office hours, phone, email

Self-paced so students familiar with skill-set can move ahead.
Ask proficient students to assist those less experienced.
Advanced students - demonstrate their work to the class as an additional example.
Encourage exploration of another social bookmarking web 2.0 tool www.furl.net
Student to compare and contrast del.icio.us and furl
Present a short summary to the class
Encourage search of the term social bookmarking to explore origin and
application to nursing research.
Is it a viable tool for finding peer-reviewed scientific articles?
Present a short summary to the class

What adult learning needs are addressed?

Aural demonstration, presentation
Visual computer instruction
Social small group activity
Verbal peer-to-peer teaching
Physical hands-on practice
Solitary individual practice

revision - 5-11-08