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San Antonio, Texas 78248 210.913.8589 dcovert33@gmail.com


Strategic & Tactical planning Project planning Budgeting & Forecasting P&L management Data driven decision making Cost analysis & containment Project Management & Governance LEAN, Continuous Improvement Process and Change Management IT system integration Global procurement and vendor management Intellectual Property Building and leading high expectation teams Top 5 Strengths: Maximizer, Responsibility, Arranger, Belief, Self-Assurance


Spectrum Association Management / San Antonio, Texas

VP of Human Resources Based in Texas, Spectrum manages Home Owner Associations in multiple markets. Responsibilities included recruiting, onboarding, training, and administration management for 125 staff. Training needs included needs evaluation, competency development, content creation, delivery, and assessment. Key accomplishments:

7/2013 10/2015

Introduced LEAN and led a company-wide initiative squarely focused on innovating the processes that would provide strategic market advantage. Labor and time-intensive orientation program reduced time to deliver by 30-70%. Facilitated development of end-to-end value stream map, analyzed results, established priorities, created roadmap, and led governance processes. Project objective was to prepare the company for future growth by developing scalable, effective, and efficient solutions while opening up organizational collaboration.

Created new Leadership Institute program aimed at improving cross-functional dependencies, relationships, and knowledge across business locations.

Established a role-based playbook laying out deployable recruiting strategies for open positions.

Implemented a pre-employment traits assessment in two months from initial training to full operation for recruiting. Workflow completely retooled, resulting in a 29% hiring rate improvement, saving $150,000 in external hiring fees.

Developed business and system needs analysis for both the HR Information System and E-Learning Management System (SaaS).

PCI Education / San Antonio, Texas

Austin-based company acquired PCI in late 2012 VP Operations PCI published curriculum and learning material for individuals with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities. Products utilized every mode of delivery imaginable, from print, board games, animated games, to SaaS a complex product mix with many technical variables. I was responsible for analyzing and transforming the integration of customer service, procurement, manufacturing, IT, and order fulfillment while collaborating with product development and sales executives. Key accomplishments:

2011 2013

Reduced errant procurement by $3.4 million in 12 months, while simultaneously reducing burdensome inventory position by 27%.

Reduced backlog from an all time one month high of $1.4 million to monthly average of $350,000 against annual sales of $18M. Tenacious scrutiny of new daily metrics, action, and follow-up created change.

Developed cross-operational metrics and visual dashboard, improving the team’s ability to recognize, mitigate operational problems early. 94% of customer orders shipped within 3-day committed window.

Led corporate-wide LEAN initiative, aimed at blowing the dust off years old processes and bring company up to modern capabilities. Began to incorporate sales and marketing into operations planning efforts to make much more informed, proactive procurement decisions. Implemented full set of LEAN tools including root cause analysis, analysis of cost drivers, audit and continuous evaluation systems, VSMs, and 5S.

Led both Operations and Product Development teams for eight months, deepening my knowledge of the market and product side of the business.

Led needs analysis and business requirements for tech-based product delivery and, in partnership with IT, system integration and testing.


210.913.8589 dcovert33@gmail.com

Debra Covert Consulting / San Antonio, Texas

Principal Consultant Advised multi-national publishing companies on a variety of business needs. Long-term projects include:

360 Training (E-Learning)

Served as senior level Director for global team of publishing, editorial, and regulatory analysts until a full time professional could be hired. PCI Education (K-12 Education)

Worked with team of cross-functional stakeholders to create and implement Business Case development process necessary to secure capital funding for new products. Took company from having no tools to delivering first (and successful) Business Case in four months. From this, a top selling Reading Program was green lighted for development. GGS (K-16 Publishing Services)

Helped company increase market share by identifying adjacent markets, capacity patterns, and building capability to go after new business. Generated $250,000 in new revenue in seven months in a highly specialized market. Kaplan Publishing (Higher Ed)

2008 - 2013

Developed internal proposal process enabling cross-divisional collaboration on new curriculum development. Required rapid learning of extensive capabilities across multiple divisions, then knitting them into a cohesive, cost competitive proposal to the sister company.

Pearson Assessment / San Antonio, Texas

Pearson acquired Harcourt Assessment in 2007 VP Publishing Operations Led a team of 64 professionals engaged in a highly complex publishing operations supply chain. My team included project managers, product designers, production, manufacturing, suppliers, and technology experts. Managed $30M

metrics based annual budget. Required to function independently, yet integrate with corporate initiatives, most of which I was involved in developing at a strategic level. Industry requires flawless execution and quality output across the entire supply chain, which set forth innovative, driven, ever-changing environment. Keen ability to perform and execute stakeholder analyses vital to change management. Key accomplishments:


Continuous process improvements and negotiations resulted in $9.1M savings over four-year period.

Strategically reduced production supplier base by 75% and costs by 25% over three-year period. Accenture highlighted supplier reduction strategy as being best practice across Harcourt entities.

Member of highly-empowered Harcourt’s Global Supply Chain Board, setting policy for multiple business units affecting strategy for inventory, procurement, vendors, and social responsibility policies.

Collaborated on multi-business unit strategic initiative to set guidelines for global purchases. One solution delivered $10.8M in cash and reduced inventory 7% over two years.

Developed and executed Harcourt’s first platform to generate on demand, actionable metrics allowing staff to course correct early, mitigating risk to customers and the company.

Represented Business in IT platform development including needs analysis, requirements definition, implementation and governance.

Product and process innovations led to four patents pending and one award to department Inventor.

Forged intrepid, solutions-minded team of customer-focused experts, very engaged by the challenge of delivering zero defects.

Able to cross boundaries, approach change with respect and curiosity, bring others along and become advocates themselves, I was often tapped to lead internal and corporate-wide initiatives at this global enterprise.


210.913.8589 dcovert33@gmail.com



El Paso, Texas

Excellence in Developing and Manufacturing Products Stanford University Executive Education Leveraging Culture and Organization Change University of Texas Executive Education Executive Leadership University of Texas at San Antonio LEAN Manufacturing SouthWest Research Institute / San Antonio, Texas Leading Change SouthWest Research Institute / San Antonio, Texas Pragmatic Product Management University of Texas Executive Education Strategic Planning and Linking Organizational Priorities