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7.30 a.m. 8.30 a.m.



2 September



Checked by lecturer:


Strength / Pros
Planning / Implementation of teaching and learning sessions
For Daniel Koh Chong Chins lesson on that day, his focus skill was reading. For set
induction stage, he managed to grab the attention of the pupils by showing the video of
pollution. Then, he asked some questions regarding to the video such as the types of
pollution and the ways to prevent pollution from happening. This was a good way to get
the pupils mentally prepared for the next lesson.

For presentation stage, he managed to explain the meaning of the text to the pupils and
asked the pupils to find the key words from the text. Teacher then asked the pupils with a
few of questions based on the text. The teaching and learning activities being carried out
in this stage were good as the pupils were exposed to the contents of the text and the
pupils became more familiar with the text.
For practice stage and production stage, the chain reading activity was carried out. This
activity required the pupils from group one to read the paragraph one and then followed
by group two to read second paragraph until the passage ended. Then, the poison box
activity was carried out which required the pupils to read a certain paragraph and found
a step to overcome the body from haze. Next, the spinning wheel activity was carried out
to ask the pupils to discuss answering the questions and teacher randomly picked a
pupil from a group to come out to spin the wheel to tell the answers for the number of
questions they had spanned. The group activity was good as this showed the
collaboration among the pupils in the group when the activities were being carried out.
Overall, the lesson plan was well planned. The learning objectives of the lesson were
achieved by the pupils. All of them were able to read the passage correctly and complete
the thinking map correctly. Besides that, Daniel was able to control the pupils discipline
in the classroom. He applied the theory of behaviourism by providing the rewards to the
pupils who were obeying the rules of classroom whereas the negative reinforcement
such as punishment was provided to the pupils who were naughty and did not listen to
the instructions of the teacher.
Last but not least, he was able to manage his time very well as he was able to finish all
the stages of the lesson on time.

Weaknesses / Cons
Planning / Implementation of teaching and learning sessions
One of the weaknesses that I noticed in his class was that during the practice and
production stage, there was not every pupil participated in the activities. Some pupils did
their own things and even chat with each other during the lesson was being carried out.
Hence, the activities could not be carried out smoothly as it disturbed the teaching and
learning process in the classroom.
Furthermore, Daniel also used the words incorrectly when giving the instructions to the

pupils. For example, he said I will ask a pupil from each group to turn the wheel. In this
sentence, the phrase turn the wheel should be replaced with the phrase spin the
wheel. As a result, the pupils did not able to understand the instructions of the teacher

Suggestions for improvement

The implementation of teaching and learning sessions
In order to overcome Daniels weaknesses, he can reshuffle the group of pupils by
combining the pupils with high level of English proficiency and the pupils who are low
level of English proficiency in a group. This is important as the pupils with high level of
English proficiency can help the pupils with low level of English proficiency during the
group activity in the classroom. As a result, all the pupils will be able to participate in the
group activity during the lesson in the classroom.
Next, he can make a preparation before starting the lesson by verifying the correctness
of the words when giving the instructions to the pupils. He can search for the correct
word through internet when preparing the sentences for the instructions. As a result, he
will be able to give instructions with correct words to the pupils during the next lesson.