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Australia: The Land Of Opportunities and Fun

Why Immigration?
Best Pay Package: The average Salary in Australia is AUD$7,880/ month. If the year 2012 alone is
considered, if you were eligible for Australia PR Visa, you have lost 49, 72,758INR. The question
remains, how much more you want to lose?
Standard of Life It is a given fact that countries like USA, UK, Australia, Denmark and Canada
are developed countries and their standard of living in these countries has always been
Secured Family On the PR visa the spouse is allowed to work full time along with the main
applicant making it more feasible on the financial front for the couple and be more secured ahead of
the developing countries.
Excellent Medical Coverage Once you are a PR your family is covered by the Government on all
medical bills, just as the local citizens.
Better Job Opportunities There is no comparison between working abroad and working in India.
Why would anyone not kick start to enrich their career skills to work at a level where he/she gets an
opportunity to work and learn a lot of things which can be only assumed but not be a part of.
About Australia:
Australia is renowned for its stunning scenery, friendly people and also voted as the best place
in the world to live
Australia is a cosmopolitan and a multi-cultural society offering a diverse range of lifestyle
Australian cities routinely rank among the worlds highest in terms of cultural offerings and
quality of life.
Unemployment is now at its lowest in Australia at 5.3%.
There is a huge need of skilled labor from overseas to cater for the skill shortages.
Australia: Immigration-PR:
Its a Permanent Resident visa valid for 5 years and after completion of 4 years you can avail
citizenship. Its a multiple entry visa, family visa. Its a points based visa processing and you need to
score minimum 60 points. These points are granted to you on different parameters like age,
occupation, work experience and English proficiency.
Must be a graduate or a post graduate or Diploma holder ,
Must have relevant work experience on the shortage occupation list of Australia,

Must take IELTS exam in general mode and 60 points,

Must have minimum 3+ years of work experience in the relevant field .

Skilled Independent (Sub-Class 189) Visa

Skilled Independent (Sub - Class 189) Visa is meant for the professionals and
Tradespersons willing to apply under independent stream of skilled immigration
to Australia.

Skilled Nominated (Sub -class 190) visa

This visa is for the aspirants sponsored by a state/province of Australia. The first step to
Such a visa is to create a profile on skill select platform through expression of interest
Expression Of Interest - The EOI will be created in accordance with the availability of
the trade in skilled
Occupation list
SOL. This category relies on nomination by an Australian state for a particular trade.
You can file
EOI application with valid and positive skills assessment and required IELTS score.

Skilled Nominated or sponsored (Provisional) (Sub -class 489) visa

This Visa is a temporary entry permission that is available on endorsement of your
Either by a provincial/state authority or by a qualified relative defined and
Deemed as eligible for sponsorship.

Benefits of a PR for Australia:

You can take your Spouse & Children along with you on your Green Card
Spouse also get PR and can work full time.
Children's education is absolutely free in a reputed Public school.
Health care - Medical Expenses is absolutely free from a Small Doctors Visit to a major
hospitalization for the whole Family.
If you are jobless, you can avail Unemployment benefits also.
Australian permanent residence is a new way of allowing qualified individuals to live in and work in
Australia. It allows you to take your immediate family members & they too can work / study in
Australia. The process is simple, and the investment is very low!
This program is highly aimed at encouraging most Indian professionals to apply. And it is
undoubtedly one of the fastest immigration processes. It takes simply 15 months from filling your
application to get your Australia PR.

You leave India on a Multiple Entry visa for 5 years. At the end of 3 years in Australia, you can
apply for Citizenship.
A few of the benefits that you avail of are free education for children below 18 yrs., subsidized
medical help and unemployment - pension benefits.
Process Time: 9-12 months.

Summary of the Investment

Australia Visa fee:
(Skilled Assessment body) AUD450 to 700AUD + AUD3520 (primary applicant) for (Subclass
If going for Subclass 190 & 489 additional 300AUD to 450AUD on State or Regional
Kansas Services

Job Search Assistance: We modify your profile as per the CLIENTS requirement
(International Standards) and sent across the Clients. Interview will be arranged via
Telephonic or Skype.
Expert Level Visa Processing.
Including Primary Applicant and dependents
Accommodation assistance
Assistance getting CPR no

Kansas Overseas fee: Rs 500 for Assessment Evaluation to check eligibility criteria
64,000INR including Job Assistance & post Landing services (inclusive of taxes)
If Paying the amount within 48 hours 64000-15000=49000INR
Why Kansas?
Kansas is Indias most trusted organization , with a team of who has lodge over 1000 Visas and
provided over 15,000 counseling, we make the most innovative and the only consultancy in India,
who dont charge a single pie in case of Visa rejection.

No Visa, No Fee. We refund 100% of the fee, if Visa gets rejected.

75% of our clients are only through referrals and/or word of mouth.

Kansas Overseas Career

is paying 60kworth to conventional consultancy
Difference between Kansas and Conventional Consultancy