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If you want to be extraordinarily willing and smart, you got to eat
If you just keep right, exercise right, chew right, combine things right,
take herbs to heal you, check with your doctor if there is anything
abnormality work it all out and be effective, your life be much, much
happy, enjoyable, fulfilled, accomplished. You will laugh automatically.
You are a living organic beautiful being. You got to take care of it.

Eating for the taste, eating for digestion, eating for socialization, eating
for convincing people, eating for showoff, eating for being macho,
eating is not a one aspect, it has many facets to it I am just asking a
simple system of science. Eating is tasteful to me and to you at the tip
of my tongue, to the end of my tongue. That's it. It gives saliva, it gives
juices, it gives me mental satisfaction, it gives me psychological
balance and imbalance, it takes away my tension and my stress. Food
is not to only just to get into the stomach and give you something.
Food is giving you two hundred fifty other things with itYou are in
stress you eat, you are angry you eat. You are in grief you can't eat.
You have done a sex you want to eat. You have done a sex you cannot
eat I believe eating should be only for alive, living, eating should be
healthy, eating should be to be healthy, for the health, eating for the
creativity, senses, temperament.
One of the facet is eating to live. To be healthy, have constant energy,
suppose you eat any food, which can come out of you in twenty-four
hours. It means you will live healthy, you will live long, you will have lot
of energy. Which food might have used to get digested, that can be
given to the body and its activity and you can be convincingly a better
person and I should say you will be very nobly aggressive and you will
achieve what you otherwise cannot think to achieve. But if you are
bloated or you are dizzily sleeping because food got to your head or
you are constipated or you do not know what you ate and what was in
it and your body chemistry affected terribly, you are in for the day. So

food is very effective. It is not a question of meet or no meet...Some

vegetables are terrible, much worst than meat. If you combine two
vegetables wrongly, oh my God, it can give you gas, it can give you
something like this, it can... If you take a salad, raw salad, just raw
salad and without chewing it, eat it. God, you have got horn in your
stomach. Forget about meat, you got bone
Food have been divided five thousand years into three categories:
Satvic, Rajas, and Tamas.

Satvic food - Light food, good food. Equally digestive food, selfdigesting food. Will give you very sharp intelligent personality.
Satvic is, which is very sophisticated, it makes you a saintly,
intellectual, intelligent, intuitive and you are A-one.
Rajas food - Will give you very regalism and courageousness
and a state of mind in which you can accommodate and you will
be very like people who are in sales or people who are in
businesses or people. Rajas food is very balanced, wonderful.
Tamas food - When you have a hardcore job, you know digging
trenches, running around this.

Wires you up and but those wires get around your neck ultimately and
hang you with it. Coffee hangover is worst than a heroin turkeyit
builds in you the impatience, which you can even not understand why?
Why on certain things you are itchy? That is what it does to you.
Tea. Tea affects you in exact three minutes. Tea goes into the
bloodstream and the effect of the herb in it joins the bloodstream and
within that time, the whole body started being alert to it and it start
effectively giving the person what he needs to be having.
Ginger takes away the poison of the body. It keeps the body, inner,
inner lining warm and the poison which spoils the body or it creates the
terminal diseases, ginger stops that.
Everybody knows eggplant is the most potent sexual God's essence on
the earth. It's known fact, it's not unknown to commonersif you want
to talk to the medical journal and All India Medical Association of

United States of America, the eggplant can cure temporary sexual

disability, they will laugh at you. But I want to tell you one experiment:
Just eat eggplant for one week without putting lot of oil and all that
kind of stuff in it. With the most potentizing garbanzo flower which is
very good to clean the colon and make the all the properties, that's
why we made it into a pakora deep fry it and it's ready for you.
There is a very gospel belief that herbs are there to heal. Herbs heal,
doctor diagnoses and God curesWhen I came to United States we
started mixing herbal formulas, which were known to us from the
Ayurvedic system five thousand years ago and they have been
experimented and used for people. Like people go and sleep and they
sometime can't sleep. They need a sleeping pill. All right, I know that's
a medicine, that's a medical affair. But there are certain herbs, which
can totally soothe you into the lullaby of sleep. Relaxation, it brings
you. You know this quinine tree, cinchona and from which comes the
aspirin, that mixing them with other certain things Originally the man
went into the forest, plucked the herbs himself, dried them, powdered
them, had them, lived long years of healthy and productive life. Today
because of time problem we just get sick, go to hospital, tell the
insurance to pay, blah, blah, blah. But it does has a toll on body, it
makes us clumsy. Food and herbs are very specific things
All right, take a bread, hard bread, chew it, let saliva get into it. Take
that sweetness and see the difference. Or take a bread, put lot of
butter in it and gobble it in and see what that does to you. Bread is the
bread. Toast the bread and dry it up, toast means you harden the
bread, why you toast the bread? You harden it. You harden it, so it
becomes crunchy, your teeth gets the exercise, saliva comes out and it
becomes with your saliva, it's something like a Rasayan* (Rasayan
refers to something that is a total system regenerative). Something to
nurture you, to nourish you, to uplift you and your spirit and your
whole thing. You don't have a time to move your mouth and you don't
want to tell your teeth to do some work. So what you do? Take a toast,
put ton of butter on it, if not you are very health conscious, marginal it
or something like that, which is a fake kind of health situation and then
put it in and gulp, here you go. And then stomach has to provide teeth
and saliva and everything else. Then colon has to go to the impulsation
of it. Then it has to go to the traumatization of the inner lining of it.
The whole system is out.
Pure protein. Self-digestive protein, mung bean and rice is a protein
and carbohydrate combination and it is so fast digestive, it gives what

body wants and doesn't take from body anything and gets out in time
saying 'Sir, I am out for your next meal, get ready.' I mean that's the
best food in the world. Mung bean is a food for the highly sophisticated
people. People who know how to liveAnd do you know it is the
cheapest, simplest, the best sophisticated, easiest and the most
wonderful food? Mung beans. Mung beans and rice.
If the body needs the mineral and water doesn't provide it and when
you change from one place to another place wherever you go and
you stay, you have to have a water tested and your body mineral
tested by a specialist doctor and[the doctor] just has to give you a
report. And accordingly you have to change food finding those
minerals, which are not in the water, in the vegetable kingdom. And
otherwise and balancing your food in every city where you live more
than three days. You should have a balance sheet in your record,
where your water minerals and your food minerals accordingly should
adjust to the body minerals.
The most ancient system of medicine is the Vedic system, it is called
Ayurvedic system, it's a system to diagnose, system to know and
system to treat. It's a beautiful system but it's very slow. It is a healing
system rather than curing system. You root out the disease right from
the rootAyurvedic system is to go deeper into the self, what caused it
and block the cause first, then the effect. Person gets common cold
very often. They understand in Ayurvedic the cold and cough and all
this does come and you believe me or not, all the medicines are there
to work on lymph glands, work on liver, work on digestive system
because they feel the system fails before the disease happensThe
Ayurvedic system was very successful all timesMarvelous
achievements, marvelous achievements. Unbelievable. They will take
your pulse, they will study the three pulses and they will start writing.
No X-ray can catch it. No test can prove it and there is a one man, just
his hand on your pulse and he reads the disease you can't believe it.
And they are sometime so accurate and so pinpointing that it
astonishes lot of people. Not only that. In India the woman doesn't
come to a male doctor. So what they do? They tie a string at the pulse,
pull it to a certain point and then they play it and from the sound of the
string they diagnose her. It is true.
The idea is in that super power of the combination in the herbs by the
natural organic method to add juices to the body along with the
glandular juices and make it a combination..land that is also when you
do Yoga. You exercise. You command your glandular system and your

secretion in the glandular system and your preparatory mental tissues,

which have to work through the pituitary command because that's the
crown. [Crown] gland commands other glands and that gives you a
balance of your thinking, your activity, your day, your feelingsSo
that's what I am explaining, the water is a very powerful thing and the
minerals in water are very powerful things but actually in every town
you have to do exercise. Yogic exercise is exercise for glandular,
nervous system and physical...
The best thing in Ayurveda which you are taught it and you live by the
breath of life. So your left nostril and right nostril balance the body and
body temperature and does the circulation and all that. Therefore, the
best thing is how to early in the morning get up, stretch your body,
stretch your limbs and get going. And then you sit down and calm
down and breathe through the left nostril, exhale through the right
nostril, that gives you a elementary personality
The greatest medicine of all times is what you eat. The greatest
medicine of all time is how you breathe. It doesn't matter, watch my
words, it doesn't matter how much you eat and how much vitamins
you take and I don't care who you are. If you do not, breathe deep and
well and slow to purify your blood for half-an-hour at least, you don't
have a chanceThere is nothing more purifier and more energetic in a
human body than the human breath itself. It's a fundamental medicine.
It keeps you alive. Without breath of life you can't even live for five
minutes. There is something to it, which works. It's the most ancient
way and I studied once how to cure all kind of diseases with different
kind of breathing techniques. It's a very powerful systematic situation,
but in the modern society today the fact is we don't have timeThere
is a life giving medicine, it's called ion of life in breath. You can purify
your blood to the strength that it can fight every disease, provided you
are oxygenated properly everyday and carefully. When you are sick,
your food and your mental food can give you health faster. I believe it
is the fundamental right of every individual to live healthy, to live long,
so that one can feel creative, fulfilled.
It is amazing that people have not realized that what is a medicine. A
synthetic made medicine was basically an essence of herbs and what
is a herb? It is something, which was supposed to be added to food.



August 30, 1995. Los Angeles, CA
For vitality, heartiness and work whole day as a young man and each
day is better than yesterday

In a slow cooker, boil raw garlic, onion and ginger with a

glass of goats milk and lots of water. Exact proportions
are not specified, use your intuitive sensitivity.
Leave over night
In the morning it is done.

People ask me, "Doesn't garlic bother you? Doesn't you smell onion?"
No, I don't smell anything. Doesn't bother me, I can work whole day as
a young man and each day is better than yesterday.


September 30, 1988. Los Angeles, CA
This first one is to be intuitive, and to be intelligent and to be super
above, flying above clouds Second one is to active sensually,
sexually and accommodatingly. And Second is going right under the
clouds and doing it well Third is walking on the Earth through the
mud of it
Take rice and yogurt. It's a simple food, let us put it this way: it
has protein and carbohydrates.

Satvic Variation: Mix vegetable with it. If you just

prepare that Biriyani or that rice dish it is Satvic if you
eat with yogurt.

Rajasic Variation: If you put in which saffron, I mean

saffron, blended with turmeric and give it a temper of
the black pepper, then it is absolutely Rajas. It will give
you a regal, restful kind of situation.

Tamasic Variation: But if you put it in that with that

red chili, dry red chili, then it becomes Tamas. Then it
will tear you apart out of your skin.

The same rice and same yogurt, forget everything else. So I mean
food does change into difference aspects.

September 30, 1988. Los Angeles, CA
For digestible protein that takes away the calling hunger, sustains
you for the day.

Take tofu and soak it in vinegar over night

In the morning, put lemon on it and cook it till the
thing, you know it's a very artistic, sophisticated, highly
bragging kind of a situation we do with tofu

That tofu is digestible. It doesn't bother. It comes out like,

Hallelujah! Otherwise, I mean that kind of tofu you sell, that's
fantastic but normal people do not know what tofu is. It's a solid
stuff...It sits and meditates in the beginning of the colon to the end of
the colon. It won't come out.
September 30, 1988. Los Angeles, CA
It is such a wonderful and elevating food.

Take yogurt as it is and mix with black jeera, also called

black cumin. Take with a little salt.


March 19, 1983. Albuquerque, NM.
In the entire ancient Vedic rule, there is a one simple way to eat.
Take 1 lb of turmeric and saut it in almond oil. Olive oil
is also permissible.
Take 2 lbs of freshly curshed chili peppers and add to
Take about 5/6/7 lbs of onions, mix it in and soak it. Put
enough extra oil. You do not have to heat the extra oil,
just put it in a pot and soak.

The entire electromagnetic field of the body and frequency of it and

its connection with the working capacity of the brain and body nervous
system, sympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system, they can take
any pressure and still come through it.
March 19, 1983. Albuquerque, NM.
For creating, activating and amplifying antibodies, detoxing bad
bacteria from the colon, and disinfecting the system.
Garlic pie will show you the God sitting in the sky and still you will live

on the earth as the healthiest man, by your own will.

Make garlic, milk and rice pudding. Put less rice than
normal. Don't make rice pudding, you are making garlic
pudding. So major part of that is garlic. Peel it, put it,
boil it and keep on a low fire till it becomes a pretty hard
paste and the rice will give its thickening effect, so your
pudding is ready.
Then make the crust and fill it up with maple syrup.
Don't use honey or sugar.
Your pie is ready and put few red cherries and all black
cherries and whatever on it and make it a showpiece
and eat them.

You know, to a good Hindu you can show him a bullet he won't run,
you show him garlic, he will run. Garlic is bad, it is sexual, it doesn't let
you meditate, it makes you overactiveBut I am going to produce
garlic pies in United States of America I am going to say eat the
garlic pie and live very high
March 19, 1983. Albuquerque, NM.
And write down this recipe and I am going to close my lecture after
that. It is a recipe, which made my family members live over hundred

Take wheat berries and put six times water in it. Just
remember, six times water in it and then
For every pound use one ounce (1/8 lb) of cardamom,
cinnamon and black pepper, cayenne, powder ginger,
powder garlic and four ounces of powder onion.
Then add four ounces of vinegar malt.
Keep the mixture out for a week. Don't throw away what
you got as your base. The base becomes mother culture
and it includes the homeopathic value.
Drink a glass from the mixture once a day for a week.
On the second week, drink a glass a day but add more
water and additional spices.
On the third week, add more water and additional
Drink daily until the mixture looses potency. Then you may
prepare foods from the leftover wheat berries.

She said, It smells bad, I said, Not more than booze.Keep on

doing. You will be shocked what it can do to you. Shocked at the

March 19, 1983. Albuquerque, NM.
There is nothing energetic in the world like it

Soak split black garbanzos in milk for 3-5 days until they
are potent.
Place soaked and dried beans in a blender or food
processor and make a flour.
Put the flour into a hollow coconut and seal it. Then deep
fry it.
Open the coconut and place the mixture in a blender or
food processor and pulse again to a flour.
Then put equal weight of sunflower seed, cucumber seeds,
watermelon seed and melon seed, tequal to the weight of
the flour.
Add maple syrup or honey to make it reasonably sweet.
Put the whole powder together and fry it on a low fire.
When it is all brown, place in a ball jar and store.
Soak 2 oz in milk over night and drink in the morning and
eat the powder. Take as desired.

It gives so much the body system the strength, it makes you so

immune to disease, it's unbelievable


Conscious Cookery by Yogi Bhajan

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