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Two marks
Mention the benefits of human-friendly atmosphere
Increased attention to work resulting in increased productivity, improved quality of products and
services with fewer errors
Reduced absenteeism
Lesser number of accidents
Minimized health hazards.
Define comfort
Comfort is the absence of unpleasantness or discomfort
comfort is a pleasant state of physiological, psychological, neurophysiological and physical
harmony between a human being and the environment
comfort is freedom from pain and from discomfort as a neutral state
What are the factors influenced for selecting the cloth?
Social factor,
Economic factor,
Environmental factor and
Physical factor
List out the various environmental factors consider for the selection of clothing type
Climatic conditions (too cold, too hot, raining, chilled wind, etc.),
Protection from extreme environment,
Unusual places (space or under water), etc
Summarize the social factors for influence the selection of clothing type

6. How to classify the garments based on the climatic temperature?

Winter wear
Summer wear
7. Summarize the comfort into several components
Comfort relates to subjective perception of various sensations.
Comfort involves many aspects of human senses such as visual (aesthetic comfort), thermal
(comfort and warmth), pain (prickling and itching) and touch (smooth, rough, soft and stiff).
The subjective perceptions involve a psychological process in which all relevant sensory
perceptions are formulated, weighed, combined and evaluated against past experiences and
present desires to form an overall assessment of comfort status.
The bodyclothing interactions (thermal and mechanical) play important roles in determining the
comfort status of the wearer.
External environment (physical, social and cultural) has a great impact on the comfort status of
the wearer.
8. Write the basic elements of clothing comfort.
Broadly there are four basic elements of clothing comfort, namely thermo-physiological aspect,
sensorial or tactile aspect, physiological aspect and fitting comfort
9. Why comfort is needed?
10. What do you mean by Physiological Comfort?
It refers to maintenance of thermal balance of body.
The proper relationship between body heat production and loss and also concerns about the heat
and moisture transmission characteristics through clothing.
Its also called as thermo-physiological comfort i.e. transmission of heat, air, and moisture (liquid
and vapour).

11. State the Psychological Comfort

It means that individuals need specific garments, fabrics, colors and design features to help them feel
confident and at ease within the context of the various roles they assume.
12. What is Skin sensorial wear comfort and Ergonomic wear comfort?
Skin sensorial wear comfort. This deals with the mechanical sensations caused by textiles as it is
in direct contact with the skin. Pleasant and unpleasant perceptions such as smoothness or
softness, scratchiness, stiffness, or clinging to sweat-wetted skin may be created by textiles.
Ergonomic wear comfort. This is characterised by the fit of the clothing and the freedom of
movement it allows. The garment's construction and the elasticity of the materials are the main
aspect of ergonomic wear comfort.
13. Mention the factors involved for Physical Aspects of Comfort
14. State the function of clothing in human life
To protect the body against an unsuitable physical environment by forming a layer or layers of
Clothing serves several functions in human life such as decoration, social status, protection and
15. What are processes involved the comfort process?
Physical processes in clothing and surrounding environments,
Physiological processes in the body,
Neurophysiological and
Psychological processes
16. Why clothing is called as thermal barrier?
The clothing protects the wearer from the environmental hazards for which it has been designed,
whether they are heat, cold, fire, toxic agents or any other thing
At the same time the clothing does some adverse things to the wearer, e.g. by unwanted thermal
insulation when it is not required, or by hindering the free evaporation of sweat from skin.
17. Write various mechanisms applied for effective heat transmission.
All the metabolic heat produced should be carried to the inner body surface (inner layer of skin)
by the effective circulation of sweat;
The skin should be able to generate the necessary amount of sweat;
The generated sweat should get transmitted effectively (in liquid as well as in vapour form)
through clothing ensemble.
18. What do you mean by multi layer clothing system?
These layers are generally of three types, i.e. inner layer, middle layer(s) and outer layer.
A clothing ensemble that should function with high requirements to comfort and protection must be
put together methodically from the inside out.

Part B
Explain the factors involved for selection of clothing
Classify the comfort. Explain
Describe the mechanism of human sense comfort
Explain the steps involved the subjective perceptions of comfort
Describe in detail the various aspects of clothing comfort
Write short notes on the fitting comfort and sensorial comfort
Enlighten the role of clothing in comfort

8. Give in detailed the need and consumer trends in clothing comfort.