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The Necronomicon is a "Cult" text and Grimoire that dates at least to the 8th
Century AD (as known), it could possibly date earlier under a different
name, or "reborn" per an earlier attempt to destroy it. I state this because the
practices and initiations within the Necronomicon itself are much older than
the 8th Century, and the name "Necronomicon" is actually made up of two
Greek words: "Nekros" and "Nomicon". The tern Nekros relating to the
Dead in general or something that is dead, and the term "Nomicon" relates to
Laws or the practice of Laws, thus the term "Necronomicon" literally
translates to "The Dead Laws" or "The Dead Practices". It is often a huge
misinformation that the practice within the Necronomicon regard
Necromancy, however this is not the case, the Necronomicon regards an
Ancient practice known as "Gate Walking" that was practiced in Sumeria,
Persia and other cultures that had variations of their own type of "Gate
Walking", which is regarded as a type of "test" in which after one has
walked the Gates, can they be regarded as an initiate.
Many people simply regard the text of the Necronomicon as nothing more
than a work of fiction created by H.P. Lovecraft, however this is not the
case, since there is evidence to state that the Necronomicon has existed
much earlier. As well as using the idea that there has been so many versions
of the Necronomicon recorded and printed, the first part of this is that, it can
be viewed as a work of fiction because of the fact that not everyone can use
the works within it, but there is a reason for this, and the reason is because
an individual who just purchased a copy of the Necronomicon because it's a
popular conversation piece and such isn't really a person the Necronomicon
wants in its path (yes you read correctly, the Necronomicon is a text that has
a mind of its own, it thinks, it speaks and it makes decisions, which every
true grimoire has this attribute in one way or another). The people who
actually are able to indulgeinto the secrets and practices of the
Necronomicon are people that the Necronomicon has chosen and has spoken
out to, to take it in upon their life, to know it, to understand it. We know and
refer to this as "The Call of KUTULU" (Cthulhu).
Within the Necronomicon, the reason why there has been many variations of

it created, is because every initiate of the Necronomicon MUST write their

chapter, their part of the Necronomicon, it is a never ending book, this is law
among the Necronomicon initiates.
Some of the various versions of the Necronomicon and its consorts include:
The "Simon" Necronomicon, The John Dee Necronomicon, The Atlantean
Necronomicon, the Azif Necronomicon, a text referred to as "The
Necronomicon Project", The Necronomicon Spellbook, Gates of The
Necronomicon, Dead Names: The Dark History of the Necronomicon, 13
Gates of the Necronomicon, Liber Logaeth, the "Arachnomicon" (which is
my addition, and is not published as a physical book), and multiple others.