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GK & Current Affairs: January 3-4, 2014

2014- 01- 06 14:01:27 GKToday

1. Who among t he f ollowing has won mens Chennai Open T ennis T rophy
2013? [A]Somdev Burman [B]Roger Vasselin [C]St anislas Wawrika [D]David
Stanislas Wawrika
T op seed St anislas Wawrika lif t ed his f if t h AT P world t our t it le and second
Chennai open t rophy af t er a convincing st raight set s win over Edouard Roger
Vasselin in t he f inal.
Show Answer 2. T he Loser f est ival is t he most import ant f est ival
celebrat ed in___? [A]Ladakh [B]Leh [C]Shimla [D]Srinagar
T he Loser f est ival marks t he beginning of t he New Year in Ladakh and China's
T ibet and considered t o be t he most import ant f est ival of t he region. During
t his f est ival t he Ladakhi Buddhist s make religious of f ering bef ore t heir deit ies
in t he domest ic shrines or in t he Gompas.
Show Answer 3. Recent ly, which among t he f ollowing has announced t o
launch of an All Womans Insurance branch? [A]Bajaj Allianz [B]T at a AIG
General [C]ICICI Lombard [D]Reliance General
Bajaj Allianz
Privat e General Insurer Bajaj Allianz general insurance announced t he launch
of an All Women Branch at t heir headquart ers in Pune. As t he name suggest s
t his branch will have only women employees and recruit and t rain women
agent s and int ermediaries. Bajaj Allianz is one of t he f irst insurers t o come up
wit h such an init iat ive in t he general insurance space.
Show Answer 4. In which one of t he f ollowing st at es, T at a Consult ancy
Services (T CS) has decided t o set up worlds largest corporat e learning and
development cent re? [A]Kerala [B]Punjab [C]Maharasht ra [D]Karnat aka
T at a Consult ancy Services, Indias largest sof t ware services export er has
decided t o set up t he worlds largest corporat e learning and development
cent re in T hiruvanant hapuram, Kerala. T he proposed cent re will have capacit y
t o t rain 15,000 prof essionals at one t ime and 50,000 prof essionals annually.

Show Answer 5. Who among t he f ollowing has been chosen f or Port ugal
highest honor Order of Prince Henry? [A]Crist iano Ronaldo [B]Lopes Ant hony
[C]Alves Bruno [D]Cost a Ricardo
Cristiano Ronaldo
Crist iano Ronaldo is t o be grant ed one of Port ugal highest honors by t he
count rys President . T he Real Mandrid f orward, named FIFA player of t he year
in 2008, is Port ugals most f amous at hlet e.
Show Answer 6. T he St rait of Gibralt ar connect s t he At lant ic Ocean t o t he
___? [A]Indian Ocean [B]Medit erranean Sea [C]Arct ic Ocean [D]Pacif ic Ocean
Mediterranean Sea
T he st rait of Gibralt ar is a narrow st rait t hat connect s t he At lant ic Ocean t o
t he Medit erranean Sea and separat es Gibralt ar and Spain in Europe f rom
Morocco in Af rica.
Show Answer 7. According t o lat est Green 500 supercomput ers list , PARAM
Yuva II has been raked no.1 power ef f icient supercomput er in India. PARAM
comput er was developed by__? [A]CSIR [B]C-DAC [C]IIT M [D]ISRO
Indias supercomput er PARAM Yuva II, developed by t he Cent re f or
Development of Advanced Comput ing (C-DAC), has bagged 44t h rank among
t he worlds most power ef f icient comput er syst ems, according t o a Green500
list announced at t he supercomput ing conf erence in Denver, US. T he PARAM
Yuva II supercomput er has been ranked no.1 and no.9 in t he Asia Pacif ic
Show Answer 8. Which among t he f ollowing has creat ed t he Indias f irst
most comprehensive Financial Inclusion Index, recent ly? [A]RBI [B]CRISIL
CRISIL has developed Inclusix Indias most comprehensive f inancial inclusion
index f or measuring t he progress of f inancial inclusion in t he count ry, down t o
dist rict level. Inclusix, whose met hodology is similar t o ot her global indices,
such as UNDPs Human Development Index, measures f inancial inclusion on
t he t hree crit ical paramet ers of basic banking services-branch penet rat ion,
deposit penet rat ion and credit penet rat ion.
Show Answer 9. World Braille Day is observed on which of t he f ollowing
days? [A]December 30 [B]December 31 [C]January 4 [D]January 6
January 4

Show Answer 10. Foot ball legend Eusebio Silva Ferreira who passed away
recent ly, belongs t o which count ry? [A]France [B]Port ugal [C]Egypt [D]Spain
Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, commonly known simply as Eusebio, was a
Mozambican born Port uguese f oot ball player. He is considered one of t he
great est f oot ballers of all t ime. During his prof essional career, he scored 733
goals in 745 mat ches.
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