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Friday July 23, 2010

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Skill Eligibility (Categories I and II)

pursuant to CSC MC No. 11, s. 1996 as amended and/or CSC MC No. 3, s. 2008.

Granted to individuals who meet the requirements in positions which qualifications are not measurable by written tests such as heavy
equipment operator, plant electrician, blacksmith, aircraft mechanic, medical equipment technician, etc.;

Appropriate for specific categories of positions listed under CSC MC No. 11, s. 1996, as amended, and CSC Resolution No. 072244/CSC
MC No. 3, s. 2008.

General Requirements:
1. Properly accomplished Application Form (CS Form 101-A, Revised 2005);
2. Three (3) pieces of identical I.D. pictures with specifications, as follows:
a. 1 x 1 size
b. Printed on quality photo paper
c. Must show the subject applicant in standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up with the name tag below the chin);
d. With full name tag
- The name tag must show the applicants complete name in any of the following proper order/format:
First Name-Middle Initial-Last Name-Extension Name (if any); or
Last Name-First Name-Extension Name (if any)-Middle Initial.
- The name tag should not be computerized/computer-generated/computer-inserted, meaning, the applicant should have his/her
picture taken while holding his/her written name tag.
e. Taken within the last three months prior to filing of application
NOTE: The following pictures are NOT accepted:
- Scanned, computer-enhanced, photocopied, and cut-out pictures;

Pictures showing subject applicant not in standard close-up shot (lower than shoulder level; please see item 2c of General

- Pictures with the name on the name tag not written in proper order/format;
- Pictures with incomplete and/or computer-generated name tag; and
- Pictures without name tag.
3. Original and photocopy of any of the following I.D. cards, which must be valid (not expired) upon filing of application, and bears the
applicants name, picture and signature, and the issuing officers name and signature:
a. Office/Company/School I.D.
b. GSIS I.D. (with signature of the applicant)
c. SSS I.D.
d. Drivers License
e. PRC License
f. BIR I.D. (ATM/card with picture type)
g. Voters I.D.
h. Barangay I.D.
i. Postal I.D.
j. Passport (with signature of the applicant)
k. Police clearance (with picture)
NOTE: Any other I.D. card NOT included in the above list shall NOT be honored/accepted.
4. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate of the applicant authenticated/issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO);
5. For female married applicants, original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate of the applicant authenticated/issued by the NSO; and
6. If filing of the application is coursed through a representative:
a. Authorization letter executed by the applicant; and
b. Original and photocopy of at least one (1) valid I.D. card of the representative as listed under Item no. 3 hereof.

refers to positions listed under CSC MC No. 3, s. 2008, the required eligibility for which can be obtained only by passing the
appropriate Skills Test conducted by TESDA.

Specific Requirements:
1. Original and photocopy of Skill certificate issued by TESDA upon passing a skill test;
2. Letter-indorsement/Certification from TESDA (if RWAC is not yet available); and

3. Original and photocopy of Registry of Workers Assessed and Certified (RWAC) issued by TESDA (agency to agency).

refers to positions listed under CSC MC No. 11, s. 1996, as amended, and CSC MC No. 3, s. 2008, the required eligibility for
which can be obtained by completing one year of very satisfactory actual work performance under temporary status of

Specific Requirements:
1. Original and photocopy of the temporary appointment; and
Certification (using the prescribed CSC-ERPO Cat. II Form No. 1, Revised Oct. 2009) from the agency head/highest HRMO that the
appointee obtained at least Very Satisfactory rating for the two rating periods during the one-year temporary appointment.
Properly accomplished CS Form 101-A (Revised 2005), together with the pictures and requirements, must be submitted to the CSC Regional
or Field Office concerned.
NOTE: While filing of application may be coursed through a representative, the applicant shall be required to appear personally before the
CSCRO for the proper issuance and acceptance of the Certificate of Eligibility, should the application be approved. Representative/s shall not
be allowed to receive the Certificate of Eligibility on behalf of the applicant-grantee.


refers to positions listed under CSC MC No. 11, s. 1996, as amended, and CSC Resolution No. 072244 dated December 4,
2007/CSC MC No. 3, s. 2008 that have a qualification standard (QS) wherein no eligibility shall be required.
refers to positions listed under CSC MC No. 30, s. 1997 (adopting an additional category of positions) and CSC
s. 2003 that require the appropriate licenses issued by authorized government agencies.

MC No. 12,

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