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The Muscle Matrix Solution Supplementa tion Protocol

Supplementation is the third facet of any successful program. With proper

supplementation, you can propel your results to the next level. Without it, youre
essentially selling yourself short of potential progress, results, and inevitably, the
physique you desire.
Our main goal with this program is to increase your hormonal response to fitness. This
can be further enhanced with supplementing these crucial vitamins and nutrients below.
Look at these as your ingredients to success. Each and every ingredient below has
been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels and enhance hormonal response.
Combining these ingredients with the Muscle Matrix program is guaranteed to
significantly increase your hormonal output in as little as 7 days!
Before we go much further, weve got to get clear on the fact that there is no magi c
pill. Okay? I'm a big believer in supplementation, but I'm a believer in supplementation
as just that supplementing what you're doing in the gym and in the kitchen.
Now having said that, when you go into a supplementation scenario you want a goal,
right? You dont want to just take something because its for a million pounds of muscle.
That's not how you should approach this. You take supplements with a goal in mind.

The goal of supplementation is:

To support and increase your testosterone levels.

Again, there is no magic pill. By talking about

supplements, Im not implying that there is what Im
telling you is that supplementation could be a very, very
important part of increasing your testosterone, because
there are compounds and extracts that have proven
time and time again to do really exciting cool things for
your testosterone levels. These are the ones I take and
that I recommend all of my clients to take as well.

Mix and match.

Youre probably going to have to get a lot of these
components on their own, because a lot of testosterone
boosters out there (Im not talking about any one in
particular) have one or two active ingredients and a lot
of filler. Theyre forgetting the other six or seven
elements that are needed.
You wont find a perfect all-in-one product. Instead,
youll have piece one together to make your own
cocktail, so to speak. The hassle will be worth it, though,
because while each of these supplementation pieces is
powerful on its own, when you put them together, youll
notice dramatic increases in your results.

So, What Do I Recommend For

Testosterone Increase?

Branch Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs

One really interesting supplement that I absolutely love and think no one should be
without is BCAAs. Branch Chain Amino Acids include Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.
Here is why BCAAs are so cool. There was a study done where people were given
BCAAs before training. As they trained, testosterone levels were significantly higher, and
Cortisol levels (the stress hormone) were significantly lower. This was the case both
during and after the training session.
Serum testosterone levels were significantly higher (p < 0.001), and cortisol and
creatine kinase levels were significantly lower (p < 0.001, and p = 0.004,
respectively) in the BCAA group during and following resistance training. These
findings suggest that short-term amino acid supplementation, which is high in
BCAA, may produce a net anabolic hormonal profile while attenuating traininginduced increases in muscle tissue damage. Athletes' nutrient intake, which
periodically increases amino acid intake to reflect the increased need for recovery
during periods of overreaching, may increase subsequent competitive
performance while decreasing the risk of injury or illness.

These findings suggest that BCAA supplementation produces a net anabolic hormonal
profile while youre training and afterward. These are two of the most important times of

BCAA Protocol
Here is how I recommend you dose BCAAs.
One serving before training, one serving during training.

D-Aspartic Acid
D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that naturally increases the
production of the messenger hormone LH, Luteinizing
Hormone. This signals your testes that its time to produce
more testosterone. Researchers actually found that three grams
of D-Aspartic Acid raises testosterone levels by 40%. This is
crazy! And its why youre going to want to include D-Aspartic
Acid in your supplementation regimen.
Taking a supplement that is based on an amino acid
found naturally in the body increases the production of
the messenger hormone LH and the muscle building
testosterone in the pituitary gland and the testes, by
enhancing the cellular production of signal molecules
that control the secretion of LH and testosterone.
D-Aspartic Acid Protocol
Here is how I recommend you dose
D-Aspartic Acid:
Take 3 grams with breakfast.

Mega dosing Zinc gives you up to 40% more free testosterone. In a study performed by
Selcuk University in Turkey, ten male wrestlers were given a daily dose of three
milligrams zinc sulphate per kilogram of body weight. After four weeks the athletes had
40% more free testosterone in their blood stream than they had prior to the study.
If you give athletes a daily dose of 3 mg zinc sulfate [appr. 1 mg elemental zinc]
per kg bodyweight, after four weeks theyll have 40 percent more free
testosterone in their blood.
Zinc yields a huge boost from a very simple, very inexpensive supplement. Youll want to
include zinc in your supplementation program.
Zinc Protocol
Here is how I recommend you dose Zinc:
Take 50 milligrams with breakfast.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 is proven to increase testosterone
levels. A bunch of studies have been done on
this and basically the way it works is that the
male reproductive tract is a target tissue for
Vitamin D. For various reasons, which you can
read about in the studies, when you supplement
with D3, your body automatically produces more
The male reproductive tract has been
identified as a target tissue for vitamin D,
and previous data suggest an association
with testosterone levels in men.

Vitamin D Protocol
Here is how I recommend
you dose Vitamin D3:
Take 5,000 IUs before bed.

In a study of healthy males conducted at a university, supplementation with Ginger did
two really incredible things. First, it boosted testosterone by 17%, nearly 20%, which is
not too shabby. Second, and even more incredible, is that it boosted Luteinizing
Hormone levels by 43% as well.
Ginger raised testosterone levels by a whopping 17% in healthy males at a study
conducted in the University of Tikrit, Iraq. Ginger also boosted luteinizing hormone levels
by a staggering 43%! Thats quite an amazing result from a single spice.

Ginger Protocol
Here is how I recommend you dose Ginger:
Take 250 to 500 milligrams with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Muscle Building Supplements

Now that weve gone over some of the really cool testosterone supplements, lets move on to a
different category of supplements youre going to want to be taking because they are going to
increase recovery and help you get better results in the gym.

Whey Protein
Almost everyone has heard of whey protein. In 1997 French researchers published a landmark study
about wheys ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In laymans terms muscle growth.
One researcher reported that when subjects consumed a whey protein drink protein synthesis by
almost 70%. However, when subjects consumed casein protein drinks, protein synthesis increased
by only 30%. Scientists attributed this dramatic difference to wheys rapid rate of digestion.
Furthermore, whey protein boosts protein synthesis because its an extremely rich source of BCAAs,
including Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.
Leucine is the really important one here. Research suggests that it acts much like the key to your car
in terms of turning on the powerful engine of protein synthesis. In the supplements for testosterone
section I recommended that you take BCAAs for the purpose of boosting your testosterone. Youre
going to be getting all these, but you should also supplement with whey protein.
Regardless of which form you use, pure or blended, concentrate or hydrolyzed, whey protein is
undoubtedly the king of protein supplements. There's a hulking body of research that suggests
whey is better at stimulating muscle protein synthesis (the process that ultimately produces bigger
and stronger muscles) than soy or casein.
Whey is a fantastic muscle builder for several reasons. The first is its rapid rate of digestion. Whey is
the fastest-digesting protein powder a man can buy. Once whey is down your gullet, its amino acids
- the building blocks of all proteins - break down rapidly and are absorbed into the bloodstream.
Your blood then escorts these amino acids to muscle tissue, where they can quickly ignite protein
Whey protein also boosts blood flow to muscle tissue, which is another secret to its proteinsynthesis power. Increased blood flow enhances the delivery of nutrients, including glucose
(energy), amino acids, and oxygen. These nutrients support muscle growth and spur recovery after a

Whey Protein Protocol

Here is how I recommend you dose
Whey Protein:
Two scoops post workout.
I dont care which whey protein just take whey protein.
There are a million and one out there, the BSN has really
great products. I do a lot of work with BSN. I take their
supplements, but Ive taken everything else and pretty
much everything out there will get you results. After that
youre getting into the minutiae and unless youre a
professional, whey protein is whey protein. If you really
want to optimize the one percent or the one percent
there, well you can make a decision for yourself which
one to take.


Now lets talk about another supplement that is fantastic. Its not talked about too much
because its not one of those things that you can feel, but study after study and personal
experience has proven that over a 12-week period this supplement is going to be great for
you. Again, its not as sexy as something that makes you feel a punk. There is no caffeine in
it. You dont get a higher sex drive. People forget about this one, but its super important.
That is HMB., or hydroxyl methylbutyrate. Here is how it works:
During exercise, muscles are damaged, causing muscle protein to break down. HMB,
a metabolite of leucine (a branched-chain amino acid), helps prevent protein
breakdown. Taking protein and amino acids after a workout can help replace lost
protein, and build more. The presence of HMB signals muscle cells to preserve the
existing muscle, thereby promoting additional muscle growth and faster muscle
development and recovery. This helps you build muscle mass, muscle strength, and
muscle endurance.

Beyond this, I just want to let you know that more and more research is being done on
HMB and every single study Im reading is coming up with HMB as a winner. Thats why Im
actually currently increasing the amount of HMB I take, so I highly recommend this

HMB Protocol
Here is how I recommend you dose HMB:
Take 1,000 milligrams with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


CLA is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Its got some great science behind it. Results showed that
after single strength training session there was a larger increase in testosterone in the CLA
group than the placebo group. The CLA group also had a more favorable testosterone to
cortisol ratio.
The difference in anabolic response between the CLA and placebo group was not dramatic,
but that may be due to the short supplementation period and the fact that the training
protocol was all upper body exercises and may not have included sufficient intensity to
elevate testosterone substantially.

http://www.poliquingroup.com/Tips/tabid/130/EntryId/1251/Tip-362-Boost-CLAIntake-To- Lose-Fat-and-Increase-Anabolic-Training-Response.aspx
CLA Protocol
Here is how I recommend you dose CLA:
Take 1,000 milligrams with breakfast, 1,000 milligrams with lunch, 1,000
milligrams with dinner.


Crea tine
The final and probably most researched and proven supplement on the market today is
creatine. So, its only natural that I had to include this into the Muscle Building Section.
Creatine is used to increase the amount of creatine phosphate in muscle tissue. Creatine
phosphate is then used to replenish ATP, which is essentially an energy source for activities
that require quick bursts of energy, such as resistance training and sprinting. The more
creatine phosphate you have, the more ATP can be replenished during periods of
maximum exertion. This means you can push harder and longer in your workouts due to
creatine increasing the pace of energy production within your muscle cells. Remember,
more power and strength equals more weight being lifted, more volume and in turn more
lean muscle growth! Check out this recent study combining creatine with HMB:
In this Polish study 40 subjects with given creatine and HMB along with a weighttraining regimen. After the three weeks the placebo group had gained 0.9 kg lean
body mass, the creatine group 1.8 kg, the HMB group 1.2 kg and the creatine+HMB
group 2.4 kg. The first table below shows the results. The second table shows that
the maximal weight the four groups were able to use for the exercises increased in
total by 20, 57, 59 and 72 kg respectively.

Creatine Protocol
Here is how I recommend you dose Creati ne:
Take 5,000 milligrams (5g) Post Workout.

There you go. There is your Muscle Matrix Supplementation Protocol.