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Fact Sheet

Access Optimizer
Mobile internet has undeniably turned a corner. Access to high-speed networks has fueled a
new and substantial level of growth, ignited by flat fee price models, 3G smart phones and plug
and play laptop dongles. In the years to come mobile broadband access is expected to generate
revenues over $140Bn by 2012, close to double the revenue projected for mobile messaging1.
This unparalleled level of growth does not just provide a welcome opportunity for mobile
broadband providers. New customers come online every day and consume ever growing amounts
of network resource. Traffic volumes are rising exponentially and the required investment in
additional backhaul connectivity is substantial.

Challenges in mobile broadband access

The main area of concern for operators is to sustain a performing, high quality and cost effective
access service under such difficult conditions. They have to:
Key benefits:
A single controlled, open and
maintainable infrastructure
enabling cost effective functional
enhancement through an open plugin framework

Deal with a wide range of devices accessing the mobile internet, ranging from basic phones to
high performance laptops and PCs

Cost savings by reducing bandwidth

need for browsing with at least 40%

Optimize the required bandwidth as much as possible for any of these devices connecting
to the mobile broadband network in order to save on investment in network resource and
backhaul capacity

Improved user experience for all

subscribers, regardless of device
settings, by:

Maintain the quality of service of the connection under mobile conditions where latency,
packet loss and highly volatile bandwidth availability prevails

Increased download speed

Provide the highest level of internet access speed to any user

Improved access stability

Requires no client software

Essential functionalities

The Acision Access Optimizer enables the providers to minimize bandwidth use, maintain access
QoS and maximize internet speed through capabilities in:
Data Compression Compresses images and all other suitable object by using lossless and lossy
compression algorithms.
Lossy compression compresses images like JPEG, PNG and GIF and is fully operator
controllable. It can be enabled or disabled per URL, handset type, image type and threshold.
The end user device can disable image compression to view the original images.
Lossless compression compresses all other suitable objects types like Mark-up, Cascading Style
Sheets, Java, Scripting Languages, Office documents, etc. Content is compressed by applying
GZIP or Deflate Compression algorithms and is only applied when the client supports it and
the content is suitable for compression.
TCP Optimization - Improves transport efficiency through congestion control and slow start

algorithms. This is necessary as Wireless Networks provide a suboptimal environment for

standard TCP and are characterised by latency, high packet loss and variable bandwidth.
Web Caching Stores copies of web objects passing through the cache in a central location. This
allows subsequent requests to be fulfilled from the cache, rather than from the original location.
The Web Cache is fully transparent and uses cache-control headers provided by the Web Server.

(1source Informa 2008)

Key features:
Data compression using lossy and
lossless algorithms
TCP Optimization using slow start
and congestion control algorithms
Web caching of content in a
centralized database

Acision Company Profile:

Enabling mobile data services for
over 1.5 billion consumers in 135
countries across six continents
300+ customers including network
operators, service providers and
Successfully delivering over half the
worlds SMS revenues
Global heritage in messaging
Independent company


A single controlled, open and maintainable infrastructure enabling sustainable access

enhancements through the open plug-in framework
Cost savings by reducing bandwidth need for browsing with at least 40%
Improved user experience for all subscribers, regardless of device settings, by:

- Increased download speeds

- Improved access stability

Requires no client software

A scalable, cost effective platform

The Acision Access Optimizer is a server based, clientless solution running on cost effective,
flexible, high performance blade servers providing n+1 scalability. The platform provides
operational excellence in terms of performance, stability, maintenance and support. Operators
achieve a very competitive price/performance ratio on compact hardware platforms enabling cost
effective scalability. Also, operational expenditure is minimized through a unified deployment
framework requiring minimal manual configuration.

Acision Broadband Mobility Suite

The Acision Access Optimizer is part of the Acision Broadband Mobility Suite, the only network
independent end-to-end broadband solution which dynamically controls and monetizes
convergent broadband services for any device, access network, internet application and payment
method. Acision Broadband Mobility Suite provides capabilities to:

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Provide actionable
intelligence for
Marketing, Customer
Service and Operations.

Control the



Internet VAS

Enable the
service for
any device

services and

Real Time Data Charging

Charge for any pre-, post paid service and/or bundle
Intelligence Management
Provide intelligence at network, service and customer level


Policy Management
Dynamically determine network, service and individual policies


For more information

Enhance the mobile

broadband service
through innovative
prepaid offers, bundles
and attractive value
added services.


Control any type of

internet service for any
individual, based on
dynamic parameters


Compress and adapt all

types of internet traffic.

Acision in Mobile Broadband

Acision has been a key player in mobile broadband for many years, with its pedigree going back
to the earliest WAP installations. Components of the Acision Broadband Mobility Suite have
been installed in over 100 customers around the world.