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*** GameCompanion 2.

4 *** by BUDA20
This program is a tool for improving game performance and experience,
adding also nice features, look the web for more info:
* Double Click on the exe in the zip file
give access to Install/Uninstall the program
(the program does not requiere any unistallation,
you can just close and delete, or just don't use it)
Run the installer as a User and NOT as admin
*The user who owns the desktop,
if your user is also an admin that's fine
(just double click the set-up file)
The program installs itself in the %appdata% directory
Were the exe and ini are stored
And Shorcuts are added in the desktop and Programs in the Star Menu
*By default GameCompanion is set to run with windows,
you can change this from the Options tab
Secreenshots directory is in My Documents
*Thins can be change to GC directory in the Options
This Program goes to the *Tray* area
near the windows clock
Is the Blue Icon
Left click for the Configurations GUI
Or secondary button for the Menu
Remember to set the games in Windowed mode
For FFMode use the same Resolution as your Desktop
See the tutorials for the new Virtual Fullscreen modes
Most Bethestda games have an ini file in My Games folder:


Modify these lines, for example:

bFull Screen=0
iSize W=1920
iSize H=1080
*Recomended Frame limiting instead of vsync
*Windows AERO will prevent tearing

*Recommended software for Frame limiting and FPS display:

RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server Download v5.3.2
This sofware works for NVIDIA and ATI/AMD
If you already have them, you can also use Nvidia Inspector/RadeonPro (AMD)
See the FAQ for more info or ask in the forums/pages
Antivirus programs can false detect this as a generic/troyan
Is a false positive,
upload the original zip instaler to your antivirus company
requesting to be marked as false positive
Give also the url to the original place where you download the program
They will analyze it and sometimes reply
Even if they flag this as false positive in the next update,
they will eventually forget and delete the software again without warning,
be sure when you are convinced this is a legit software,
to add it to the trusted/exclusion list,
or set your Antivirus software to ask your permission to delete something
Added on 2.4:
*Virtual Fullscreen modes
*GPU accelerated Downsample/Supersample
(You can render the game bigger that your screen resolution to improve image qua
*AlwaysOnTop option for FFMode
*Holding escape now release the mouse from any game
*New Installer
Known issues:
*Oblivion does not support multimedia controls, like sound hotkeys, use alt+tab
or winkey (if activated) or hold escape, to release the mouse, make the sound ch
anges, and click the game again
*VF Mode is bound to the primary display for FakeFullscreen, but VF Windows can
be moved to another monitor (but not set to Virtual Fullscren, the game will com
e back to the primary display), FFMode can be used in any display.
*FFMode now is completely borderless
*Black bar at the bottom of some games
*Alt+Tab aero double tab fixed
*Ignore Real Fullscreem games
*Screenshot previews update in real time
*Reactivate Win key
*Gamma on exit is restored only if it was changed
*Mouse is only restored if it was hiden
*other small fixes and tweaks
*Like the Facebook page to know about updates and news
*Endorse in the nexus sites if you like/use GameCompanion
*Use at your own risk
*Do not modify
*Distribute the original installer