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God whispers to us in our
pleasures, speaks in our
conscience, but shouts in our
pains: it is his megaphone to
rouse a deaf world.
The question is, are you listening?

should first invest.

There is no short cut to
Short term gains equals
long-term pains.
Start investing in yourself
1. Do not teach too many
subjects. What you teach, teach
thoroughly, said one
philosopher. The primary reason
behind the advice is to ensure
that teachers?
A. Cover all the PELCs /
B. Relate their lessons to
their students daily life
C. Avoid failing grades
D. Avoid spoon feeding
their students
2. Extreme authoritarianism in
the home reinforces learners to
A. work creatively
B. depend on others for


A person who does not
invest will never amount to
Before you profit, you

C. direct themselves
D. do things on their own
3. Which did the Americans
teach the Filipinos which the
Spaniards did NOT?
A. Their government
C. Their language
B. Their art
Their religion


4. The Filipino learner

envisioned by the Department
of Education is one who is

imbued with the desirable

values of a person who is
A. makabayan,
makakalikasan, and
B. makabayan, makatao,
makahalaman, at makaDiyos
C. makabayan,
makatao, at maka-Diyos
D. makabayan, makatao,
makakalikasan at makaDiyos
5. Sometimes it may be better
to make wrong decisions when
a decision is urgent than to
make a right decision too
late is a thought encouraged
by the
A. rationalist b.
progressivist c. realist d.
6. Teaching health in schools is
backed up by the concept that
A. man has non-tangible
and transcending
B. mans body is the
expression of his soul
C. man has a dual nature
D. man is nothing but
7. The American teachers who
were recruited to help set the
public educational system in the
Philippines during the American
regime were called Thomasites
A. They arrived in the
Philippines on the feast of
St. Thomas
B. They first taught at the
University of Sto. Tomas
C. They were devotees of
St. Thomas Aquinas

D. They disembarked
from the CIS transport
called Thomas
8. A group of Filipino children
served as respondents in a
research conducted. The
children were asked they tell
what they wanted to be, if given
the choice. None of them said
to be an American, to be a
Japanese, to be a Korean, etc.
What does this finding show?
A. Inferiority of other
B. Superiority of the
C. Superiority of other
D. Filipino lack of a sense
of national pride
9. Which educational trend is
occurring in all modern societies
as a result of knowledge
explosion and rapid social,
technological and economic
A. International education
c. Nuclear
B. Lifelong learning
d. Team teaching
10. One learns by association
and also by insight. This shows
that the association and
cognitive theories of learning
A. diametrically opposed
c. partly wrong
B. complementary
d. partly correct
11. Which is the most effective
way(s) of retaining learned
I. hearing it
II. seeing it

III. notes
A. I and II
c. all of
B. II only
d. II and III
12. John Watson said: Men are
built not born. What does this
statement point to?
A. The ineffectiveness of
training on a persons
B. The effect of heredity
C. The absence of genetic
influence on a persons
D. The effect of
stimulation on a persons
13. Age two (2) is usually
described as the terrible 2s
because, according to Erikson,
at this stage the child tends to
A. Inquisitive c. playful
B. Sickly
d. assertive in
words and in actions
14. Studies in the area of
neurosciences disclosed that
the human brain has limitless
capacity. What does this imply?
A. Pupils can possibly
reach a point where they
have learned everything
B. Every child is a
potential genius
C. Every pupil has his
own native ability and his
learning is limited to this
native ability
D. Some pupils are
admittedly not capable of

15. Results in NEAT and NSAT

for the past years show that
achievement has highest in:
A. Science

b. HKS
d. Filipino


16. Gagne delineates 9 external

events in sequential
instructional planning. Which
are the first and the last in the
A. Informing students of the
lesson objectives-enhancing the
retention and transfer of
B. Informing students of the
lesson objectives-assessing
student performance
C. Gaining attention- enhancing
the retention and transfer of
D. Stimulating recall of previous
learning- assessing student
17. Students non-verbal
behavior affects studentteacher interaction. An example
is a students choice of seat at
the beginning of the year
influences the teachers
impression of how responsive
the student is. Under which
category of non-verbal
communication does the
example fall?
A. Attentiveness
c. Timing
B. Location/proximity
d. Disruptive
18. One criterion for content to
be developed in a lesson is
LEARNABILITY. What does the
capitalized letter word mean?
A. The content should be
B. The content should be
within the capacity of the
students to learn

C. Resources and
materials for the
development of the
content are available
D. The content should be
useful or practical in
some situation
19. Which one explains
curriculum alignment correctly?
A. Teachers emphasize different
learning experiences based
upon their skills and interests.
B. Teachers plan activities
considering learners multiple
intelligences and varied
learning styles
C. Objectives match with
D. Objectives match instruction
and assessments
20. Positive interdependence as
an element of collaborative
learning means that the
students must
A. help one another in the
individual test for
everyone to pass
B. depend on the diligent
C. be grouped
D. learn to depend on
each other to achieve a
21. Graphic organizers are used
to show event in chronological
A. Series of events chart
and story map
B. Time line and cycle
C. Time line and series of
events chart
D. Time line and story
22. The free public elementary
and secondary education in the

country is in line with the

government effort to address
educational problems of
A. effectiveness and efficiency
c. productivity
B. relevance and quality
d. access and equity
23. Teacher A wrote of Henry:
When Henry come to the class
this morning, he seemed very
tired and slouched into his seat.
He took no part in class
discussion and seemed to have
no interest in what was being
discussed. This was very
unusual, for he has always been
eager to participate and often
monopolized the discussion
time. What Teacher A wrote is
an example of a (an)
A. incidence report c.
personality report
B. anecdotal report d.
observation report
24. Teacher Z wants to check
whether or not his students
learned what he intended to
teach and so formulated a quiz
that should be based on his
A. topic(s)
students ability


B. extra readings
d. instructional objectives
25. Can an insane person be
blamed for killing a stranger?
A. Yes, because an insane
person possesses a little
degree of voluntariness
B. No, because the one
killed is a stranger, not in
any way related to hi.
C. Yes, because an
insane person because is
not totally ignorant
D. No, because of his
ignorance and lack

26. In a study conducted, the

pupils were asked which
nationality they preferred if
given a choice. Majority of the
pupils wanted to be Americans.
In this case, in which obligation
relative to the state are schools
seemed to be failing? In their
obligation to
A. promote obedience to
the to the laws of the
B. instill allegiance to the
C. respect for all duly
constituted authorities
D. promote national pride
27. My right ends where the
right of the other begins. What
does this mean?
A. Rights are absolute
c. Rights are
B. Rights are inalienable
d. Rights are not
28. Which one does NOT
illustrate the principle that
rights and duties are
A. The right a living wage
involves the duty of the
employer to give the
salary agreed upon and
the duty of the employee
to give a fair amount of
B. The right of the state
to compel citizens to
military service is
reciprocated by the duty
of the state to protect the
C. The right of an
unmarried pregnant
woman to abort her baby
in relation to hr duty to
protect her name

D. The right to life on the

part of one person
corresponds to the
obligation on the part of
other persons to respect
such a right
29. Which is TRUE foundation of
the social order?
A. Equitable distribution
of health
B. The reciprocation of
rights and duties
C. Obedient citizenry
D. Strong political
30. The workers right to form
unions or to strike can be
suppressed in times of national
emergency. On what norm is
this based?
A. Clearer title- the
certain before the little
B. Higher law-inalienable
rights before alienable
C. Wider social order- the
family before the
D. Nobler person personGod before man
31. Why should the teacher take
the obligation upon himself to
study and understand the
custom and traditions of the
community where he works? In
order to
A. identify the
weaknesses of the
culture of the community
B. have a sympathetic
attitude for the people of
the community
C. please the people of
the community
D. change the culture of
the community
32. Flordeluna, an education
student, was asked by Prof. Cruz

to described accurately
education. Which of the
following statement will
Flordeluna most likely choose?
A. A process of individual
growth and social
B. Growth resulting from
academic study
C. Acquired basically
through the teacher
D. Synonymous to formal
33. You have been promised the
next promotion but you strongly
feel that your closest friend who
was considered for promotion is
less qualified than you. You
would like to complain but you
do not want your best friend to
know it. What would you do?
A. Convince your fried not
to accept the new
B. Accept the
arrangement anyway you
are next in rank
C. Talk the principal and
tell him/her how you feel
about the matter
D. Discuss the problem
directly with the principal
and let him suggest a
34. Miss Lucero is a newly
appointed teacher. The principal
handed a copy of the Teachers
Code of Ethics. Which could
have been the motive of the
A. Acquaint her with
principles of moral
behavior, conduct and
relationship in the
practice of profession
B. Make her aware of the
principles and rules
prescribed under the
authority of the state

C. Familiarize her with the

generally accepted
customs of right living in
a society
D. Provides her a set of
rules and regulation to
observe in school
35. As a pioneer in the world
ideas, what would be the
teachers task?
A. Establishing
instructional goals
B. Establishing standards
of behavior
C. Leading children to
acquire about his
D. Articulating social,
political and economic
36. Such psychological
characteristics as the
helplessness of nursery kids,
the inborn curiosity of the
primary school pupils, the social
consciousness of high school
students and the practical
purpose of college students
establish that:
A. the individual has
certain characteristics of
each level of
development that makes
him educable
B. Education is a basic
need of the individual at
every level of
C. Education is
psychologically based
D. Education is
adjustment and
37. Intelligence plays a
significant role in learning.
Which statement is untrue?
A. The higher the
intelligence, the greater
the ability to earn

B. The higher is a basic

need of the individual at
every level of
C. Education is
psychological based
D. Education is
adjustment and
38. Education is a functional
part of society. All except one
are statements of social values
of education. Which one is not?
A. Education refines
human sentiments and
B. Education orders and
humanizes economic life
C. Education promotes
wholesome family life
D. Education furthers
community health
39. A teacher was found to be
giving high grades to pupils who
attend her church and low
grades to those who are not.
What 5human right is she
A. Right to life
c. Right to worship
B. Right to work
d. Right of
40. As a teacher you enjoy
certain rights which have
corresponding responsibility.
Which situation reflects balance
of rights and authority?
A. allow your husband a
once a week completely
free night out with his
own friends.
B. Ask your husband to
give you once a week, a
similar completely free
night out with friends

C. Insist on going
together on your once a
week free night out
D. Refuse you husband
request for a once a week
night out
41. Your colleague has become
a habitual borrower of money.
How can you help her?
A. Request him to pay
interest for money
B. Tell her to regularly bet
in the lotto
C. Recommend your rich
friend to her
D. Do not lend him
42. In education as agent of
modernization the curriculum
tends to focus on well defined
orientation. Which described
best the curriculum in this
sociological views?
A. future oriented
c. present oriented
B. past oriented
d. tradition
43. The establishment of special
classes for the deaf-mute and
the blind in various schools in
the system is in consonance
with education as:
A. formal discipline
B. the study of
C. social reconstruction
D. scientifically
determined process
44. What would be the
emphasis of his lessons?
A. current social issues
and problems of the
students own community

B. social life of the past

and the far away

C. Culture is primarily
transmitted by the school

C. political history of the

great countries

D. Culture is learned
basically from the school

D. historical and
geographical facts
45. The early Filipinos learned
the rudiments of domestic work
from their parents. Which
method was used?
A. Trial and error method
B. Indoctrination
C. Tell me/show me
D. Experimental method
46. The function of schooling is
determined largely by the
generally accepted social
conception of education. What
is the function of the school
curriculum in a school that
regards education as cultural
A. To serve as a unifying
element among social
B. To serve a boundarybreaking between social
C. To serve as an
instrument to remove
social status stratification
D. To serve as a boundary
maintaining structure
between social classes
47. Education and culture tend
to be cyclical. Which of the
following clearly explains this
A. Culture is influenced
by the school and the
school is shaped by the
B. Culture influences the
school function as change

48. The nature-nurture

controversy gave rise to
conflicting theories of human
development. Mrs. Gloria, a
grade school teacher, however
believes that both heredity and
environment interact to
facilitate the total development
of her pupils. Therefore, Mrs.
Gloria is likely to support which
of the following statements?
A. Intelligence is entirely
B. intelligence is a
function of 50% heredity
and 50% environment
C. Intelligence is more
influenced by
environmental than
hereditary factors
D. Intelligence can be
improved by exposing a
child to a stimulating
49. Ms. Lagdameo a high school
teacher, is aware of the fact
that puberty brings new feelings
about the self, as well as new
attitudes in other people who
relate to the maturing child
adolescent. How may she best
help her high school students
develop positive attitudes
towards self and others?
A. Orient them on the
typical characteristics of
B. Ask them to write their
own perceptions of
themselves and others
C. Encourage a seminar
on personality
development among

D. Organize a seminar on
personally development
among adolescents
50. Mrs. Ledesma is observing
Patrick frequently misbehaving
every time the class is in
session. She believes that every
behavior of an individual has its
underlying causes. Therefore,
what would be her initial
reaction towards Patricks
A. find out why he
B. report him to the
C. talk with his parents
D. reprimand him
51. Mrs. Ayala has observed
that several of her pupils do not
show respect for school
authorities. Which of the
following would best help her?
A. Use more rewards
initially with the pupils
who have shown respect
for authorities for the first
B. Maintain the same
level of rewards for all
pupils who have shown
respect for authorities
C. Hold rewards until
everyone in her class
manifest respect for
D. Vary levels of reward
for those who have
shown respect for
52. In mathematics the teacher
believes that how students
learn may be more important
than what they learn. Form this
principle which of the following
is particularly important?
A. Knowing how to solve

B. Determining the
givens in a problem
C. Solving the problem
within time limit
D. Getting the right
answer to a ward
53. It is important for
Sharmaine to study to pass her
subjects. If she fails she cannot
take the regular loads next
semester. Which of the following
concepts of motivation best
describes the situation
A. is a number of ideas
that directs an individual
B. Motivation is the desire
to approach some things
C. Motivation is a
statement of desires and
D. Motivation is likes and
54. In the class of Mrs. Riza
some children are usually more
active than others, as in other
class. Extremely high levels of
activity or hyperactivity are
sometimes considered
problematic. How may she help
a child who is hyperactive?
A. give him challenging
activities that are
appropriate to his ability
level and interests
B. allow him to spend
longer time at the
playground until he gets
C. make him the leader of
the class
D. transfer him to
another class
55. Kaye fainted during the first
object of the morning session.
When asked, she reported that
she did not have any breakfast,
What psychological principle
explains the situation?

A. Self-actualization need
B. Psychological need
C. Physiological need
D. safety need principle
56. Mrs. Valdez provided a
reading material of varying
levels of difficulty to the three
groups of learners. Which
principles is implemented by
her action?
A. Utilize individuals
need to achieve
B. Help each student
attain goals
C. Provide informative
D. Focus students
57. Which of the following
principles motivation is applied
by a teacher who uses specified
comments such as Excellent,
keep it up!, Try o do still
better! You can do it and
You can raise this grade?
A. acquiring information
concerning appropriate
behaviors is associated
with better performance
B. Attending to a
learning task is essential
in initiating a learning
C. Setting goals require
learning tasks at an
appropriate difficulty
D. Intending to achieve
success is essential to
realistic goal setting
58. Mrs. Livara is a teacher of
Freshman English. Which
development sequence in
language development should
she follow/

A. Discriminates colors,
discriminates objects,
discriminates words.
B. Discriminates objects,
discriminates colors,
discriminates words
C. Discriminates words,
discriminates objects,
produce speech
D. discriminates objects,
discriminates words,
produce speech
59. Mrs. Vidanes wants to
eliminate Brayns behavior of
shouting answers without being
called. Which is the initial action
for the teacher to take/
A. reward Bryan
whenever he
demonstrates acceptable
B. find out what
reinforces Bryans
C. yell at Bryan whenever
he shouts answer
D. assess Bryans level of
60. Patricias parents were killed
by the Japanese during the war.
Which would be least effective
in changing her strongly biased
attitude towards the Japanese?
A. Using group
B. Providing informative
C. Using counterconditioning techniques
D. Providing for pleasant
emotional experience
61. Michael has been caught
cheating in the examination
several times. As always he
would give her a very
repentant, Im sorry, give me
another chance What makes
Im sorry, give me another

chance appealing for fair

minded teacher?
A. it make students
acknowledge wrong
doing and promise to do
something about it.
B. It provokes a battle
giving the teacher
greater fire power
C. It place s a premium
on being liked and
D. it makes teacher heel
helpless and guilty
62. When a Physical Education
teacher lists the specific skills
the student should be able to
demonstrate at the end of a
semester, he is
A. engaging in skill
B. establishing
C. specifying instructional
D. communicating the
courses content
63. Mrs. Balagtas, a science
teacher, is developing the
concept of evaporation. Which
of the following tasks would not
help her students to develop
such concept/
A. Presents the concepts
successively rather than
B. Present adequate
examples and
nonexamples of the
C. Present concepts of
high than of high than
low dominance
D. Establish the limits of
the concept
64. In handling he
communication of displeasure,

Mrs. Santos always writes down

what happened and what she
wants to happen. When would
be the best time to do this?
A. After cooling down
B. Before the situation
cools off
C. Anytime the teacher is
in the mood to do it
D. immediately after
occurrence of displeasing
65. Every teacher has develop
varied mental processes and
skills among students. Which
mental process is being
emphasized when it tries to
develop among them the skill of
remembering words or ideas in
a definite order, such reciting
rhymes and poems, or singing a
song from memory?
A. analytical thinking
c. reflective
B. rote association d.
logical sequencing
66. Teachers may tend to regard
affective development as
secondary or supplementary to
a significant tasks. Which of the
following indicates such view?
A. Understanding the
causes of pupils behavior
B. Assisting students to
overcome negative
C. Getting samples of
activities that are exciting
to learners
D. Understanding how
he/she reacts to varying
pupils behavior
67. Ms. Timbol is using
cooperative learning
approaches in her social science
lessons. She is quite successful
in establishing a cooperative

ethics characterized by a safe,

caring community learners.
What will be her initial step in
order to successfully implement
cooperative learning
A. Identify academic and
social objectives
B. determine group size
and membership
C. Establish positive
D. Arrange the learning
68. When Elizabeth looked at
her textbook it says that the
population of the Philippines is
74,000,000. When she looked
up the world alamanac its
65,000,000, when she referred
to the reference books of her
sister she found another data?
What does this try to show?
A. The textbook serves as
a reliable and accurate
source of data
B. The textbook should
not be regarded as
C. The textbook gives the
most accurate data
D. The textbook data are
69. In her Art class, Miss de
Leon allows her students to
draw and paint using varied
media. She invites every
student to present their finish
composition and talk about
them. What principle of method
is illustrated by the teachers
A. Method liberates the
B. Method stimulates
thinking and reasoning
C. Method provides for
individual differences

D. Method provides for

growth and development
70. Migs Zulieta upholds that
the needs and interest of the
learner should be the basis of
his educational program. Which
is more likely to the strongly
reflected in Miss Zulietas plan?
A. Objectives that are
focused on social
B. Objectives that are
activity centered
C. Objectives that are
social nutrition
D. objectives that are child
71. When effective planning
allows for revision, adaptation
of preselected methodologies,
activities, materials and
evaluation instrument to meet
student needs, the teacher
A. success
c. congruence
B. flexibility


72. Ms. Campos, a newly

appointed teacher, was
assigned to teach science in the
intermediate grades for which
she has very little background.
As a result, she has been
experiencing considerable
anxiety both because she is
new and because she lacks
confidence in the subject where
she was assigned. After
spending considerable time in
planning she discovered that
the use of transparencies will
keep the floe of her discussion
going. What planning function
manifests itself in this teaching
A. Planning personalizes
the curriculum

B. Planning reduces
expenditures of time and
C. Planning serves as
means or organizing
D. Planning considers the
relevance and
congruence of contents
with objectives
73. Long before the start of
every school year, Mrs. Solis
has already started developing
her own comprehensive plan
based on the recommended
curriculum. Which explains best
Mrs. Solis action in relation to
the curriculum?
A. Planning Screened
possible differences
between the curriculum
plan and the
implementation process
B. Planning reduces
possibilities of getting out
of the planned curriculum
C. Planning is entirely
dependent on the
approved curriculum
D. Planning personalizes
the curriculum making it
her own
74. A part of Miss Medinas
planning in Consumers
Mathematics is displaying can if
diet softdrink, box of milk , one
pound package of spaghetti,
and box of cereal for the unit in
ratio, proportion and
percentage. What could be the
teachers purpose for this
particular planning task in
A. Gain attention
B. Present stimulus
C. Elicit desired behavior
D. Stimulate recall of

75. Miss Tengco taped one of

the Sesame Street series and
slowed this to class. Which of
the following generalization
under which the utilization of
Sesame Street as an
instructional materials was
A. Children learn by
observing and imitating
B. Instruction should be
reduced to entertainment
C. The TV teacher is
accepted by younger
D. Indirect method should
be used to teach
cognitive skills
76. Everytime Ms. Montalban
introduces unit in Social Studies
she always prepares five or six
pivotal questions. What is the
function of these questions in
the whole instructional process?
A. Allows for deliberation
B. Fosters an active
C. Gives the lesson unit
and coherence
D. Encourages students
to think about the
77. Ms. Abelardo has been
having discipline and
management problems in her
English class. What question tip
may sustain the students
A. Ask questions that
contribute to continuous
B. Ask questioning that
are memory testing
C. Ask questions that are
D. Ask questions that are

78. The Grade 6 Science

teachers are engaged in
panning the units for Science.
Which of the following activities
will not be engaged in by the
group of teachers?
A. rearranging or adding
lesson content to provide
task-relevant prior
B. translating unit
outcomes/objectives into
specific lesson objective
C. classifying unit
outcome/objectives at a
higher level of behavior
D. breaking the lesson
contents into chunks
79. At the start of the school
year, Ms. Oriondo attends first
to matters pertinent to
management task. What could
have been her primary goal?
A. Increase the proportion
of classroom time to
constructive and
productive activities

81. Ms. Valenciano is using

questions to initiate earning.
Which of the following questions
focus learners attention or a
given topic or issue?
A. Will you read your
B. Mike is transferring to
another school
C. When do energy
requirement decrease?
D. What do you think will
happen if I combine this
two chemical?
82. Pauline inspite of her I.Q,
has been getting low grades
and performing poorly in almost
all the academic subjects. Her
father went to see her teacher,
what is the best way to manage
the situation?
A. Tell Paulins father a
solution by which she can
be helped to improve her

B. Increase the pupils

interest in her daily
instructional activities

B. Tell Paulines father

that he should not
complain because you
computed her grades

C. Increase the
effectiveness of her
teaching strategies

C. Direct Paulines father

to complain to the

D. Increase the quality of

her teaching performance
80. What is the primary reason
why teacher should take a
system perspective?
A. Lessons prepared will
always be a part of
something greater

D. Advice Paulines father to get

a tutor for her
83. For quite sometime, Liezl
habitually says no to work
assigned to her by the teacher.
Which of the following is a
questionable technique in
handling Liezl who refuses
school work?

B. Lesson plan is
composed of interrelated
parts of a system

A. Focus on situations
where the pupil shows an

C. Lesson plan is a part of

the total school system

B. Treat all pupils who

refuse to any work

D. Lesson planning is a
systematic process

C. Reduce criteria for the

correctness of a task
D. Immediately confront the
pupil concerned
84. Mrs. Pabalan wanted to
establish control on the very
first day. Which action is
imperative for her to take/
A. Give only compliments
and no scolding or
correcting pupils
B. Establish yourself
immediately as the
supreme commander
C. Give a long
assignment top command
D. Be in room when the
pupils arrive
85. It has been a routine for Ms.
De Belen the first fifteen
minutes collecting materials
from students. What is the
primary reason why this
practice should not be
A. Students have the
habit of packing up their
things and shutting down
their minds at the
beginning of the class
B. Students are likely to
remember things that
occur past beyond the
middle of a learning

airplanes. Which of the

following is the best way of
handling Daves misbehavior?
A. Continue teaching but
make your way to Dave.
Without a word place a
ready note card It seems
you are disturbing the
class. Please stop right
now. return card after
B. Stop the less. Tell the
class to look at Dave and
observe what he is doing.
Let them comment on
what they observe
C. Call Dave to bring all
the paper airplanes and
ask him to discuss the
importance of airplanes
in the modern age
D. Ask difficult questions
and call Dave to answer
them in succession
87. Mrs. Estrada prefers to use
low profile classroom control
like eye contact and hand
gesture to high profile from like.
Stop walking around, settle
down and get to work. Which
of the following justifies Mrs.
Estradas action?
A. Low profile form of
control is simple and time
B. Low profile form of
control minimizes
teachers visibility

C. Students are
potentially most alert and
receptive to instruction
when the new activity is

C. Low profile from of

control directs attention
of the class to target

D. Students are likely

least task-oriented at the
first few minutes of a
class session

D. Low profile form of

control has low
probability of its
distracting other
members of the class

86. Miss Rivera is busy

developing a cluster of concepts
on matter. She notices Dave
busily making several paper

88. At the beginning of the

school year, Ms. Mina wants to
acquaint herself with the
personal background of her

Grade VI pupils particularly their

needs, interest and
characteristics. what is the most
practical thing that she must
A. Give them a series of
psychological test
B. Ask them to fill up
personal data sheets

D. Learners are still

young to be left to
91. Charlene, a graduating high
school student is confused
about what course to take in
college. She seems to be torn
between teaching and
accountancy. How would you
help her?

C. Send a questionnaire
to their parents

A. Persuade her to follow

your step as a teacher

D. Interview them one by


B. Tell her to heed the

advise of her parent

89. What is the focus of

developmental guidance?
A. Developing the varied
interest, abilities and
needs of students,
individually and
B. providing students
with ample opportunities
to develop their innate
C. Identify students with
personality and behavior
D. Facilitating the total
development of the
90. Why should guidance be an
integral party of the school
A. Learners and
confronted with present
day realities and
challenges which they
themselves cannot
B. Learners need to be
guided so that they may
become useful members
of the society
C. Learners need to help
in their personal and
academic problems

C. Refer her to a college

guidance counselor
D. Ask her to take an
aptitude test
92. Valeries parents often times
complains about her low grades
in the report card. Despite the
explanations of her teachers,
Mr. and Mrs. Cario insist that
Valeria deserves higher ratings.
What is the proper thing for her
teacher to do?
A. Change Valeries grade
to pleased her parents
B. Request the principal
to talk with Valeries
C. Show to the parents
the actual computation of
Valeries grade
D. Ignore Valeries
parents. The would not
listen to explanations
93. For quite some time, Joseph,
a Grade VI pupil has been
displaying unusual behaviors
which have adversely affected
his performance. How may Ms.
Ramos, his teacher, best given
the necessary help?
A. seek the advise of
child psychologist
B. Refer the pupil to a

C. Arrange for a case

D. Conduct a case study
94. Miss Sales is a newly
appointed teacher. The principal
handed her a copy of the
Professional Code of Ethics.
What could have been the
motive of the principal?
A. Give her a set of rules
and regulation to observe
in school
B. Familiarize her with the
generally accepted
customs of right living in
the Philippine practice of
C. Make her aware of the
principles and rules
prescribed under the
authority of the state
D. make her aware of the
principles and rules
prescribed under the
authority of the state
95. The primary objective in the
regionalization of the
educational system is
A. encourage the
undertaking of language
researches in various
B. take into account local
needs and condition and
encourage local
development planning
C. et assurance that all
educational policies and
implemented nationwide
D. promote quality
education at all levels
and in all communities of
the country
96. Miss Delgado is a newly
appointed teacher. The principal
advised her to avoid any
conduct which discredits the
teaching profession. Which of

the following action is

permissible in the teaching
A. Writing anonymous
B. Assigning underserved
C. Joining social drinking
and gambling session
D. Revealing confidential
information to authorities
97. Which statement is NOT
regarded as a social value of
A. Education furthers
community health
B. Education promotes
wholesome family life
C. Education orders and
humanizes economic life
D. Education refines
human sentiments and
98. The function of schooling is
determined largely by the
generally accepted social
conception of education. What
is the function of the curriculum
in a school that regards
education as cultural
A. Remove social status
B. Break boundaries
between social classes
C. Unify the elements of
various social classes
D. Maintain boundaries of
structure between social
99. Because learning increases
directly in proportion to the
extent to which the learner is
wholly bound up in his task, the
teacher should give lessons

A. are fictitious to appeal

to their imagination
B. have significance and
worth to the child
C. are easy to
D. portray complex ideas
100. Teacher Cleo observed that
the preschool children have
generally short attention and

interest span. What kind pf

class activities should select for
A. short, varied and
B. challenging and
C. both easy and difficult
D. long but interesting