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Management Thesis II
Submitted in
Partial Fulfilment of
Post Graduation Course
Master of Business Administration

Submitted to: Submitted by:

Ms Kiran Balani Rakhi R Pillai
Faculty of Finance 8NBJD017

Table of content


Introduction to the title



Scope of studies

Research Methodology


Reference and bibliography


Training and development at any company in India

Industry Chosen: Hotel

Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur

Introduction to the Title

Every organization needs to have well- trained and experienced

people to perform the activities. If the current or potential job occupant can
meet this requirement, training is not important. But when this is not the
case then it becomes necessary to raise the skill levels and increase the
versatility and adaptability of employees. Inadequate job performance or a
decline in productivity or change resulting out of job redesigning or a
technological break-through requires some type of training and development
efforts. As the job becomes more complex the importance of employee’s
development also increases. In a rapidly changing society, employees
training and development is not only an activity that is desirable but also an
activity that an organization must commit resources to if it is to maintain a
viable and knowledgeable work force.

In every organization appropriate training program is very

necessary to achieve the training objective. A training policy represents
commitment of top management to employee training. It consists to rules &
procedure concerning depends on best training policy in the company.
Hence we can say that an ideal training program indicate the intention of the
company to develop its employee. A good training policy therefore should be
conducted to accelerate the growth of employees in organization.

Worker must be trained to operate machines, reduce scrap & avoid

accidents. It is not only the workers who need training. Supervisor, manager
and executive also need to be developed in order to grow and acquire
maturity of thought and action.

Training & development is an ongoing process in any organization. It is any

attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing
employee’s ability to perform, usually by changing his attitudes and skill
towards work.

For every problem there is a research. As all the researches are based on some
and my study is also based upon some objective and these are as follows

• To understand the whole Training and development process

• To go into the details of “ Training need Analysis”

• To come out with conclusion and suggestion based on my studies


It is
often hard or impossible to tell when a certain event fires. But every possible
aspect of the topic was kept in mind. The main Limitations are:.

 The chance of biased response can not be eliminated though all necessary steps were
taken to avoid the same

 Faced difficulty in interviewing employees at Ajit Bhawan as they were not willing to
answer each and every question

Scope of Studies
Each and every project study along with its certain objectives also has scope
for future. Scope of the study could give projected scenario for a new
successful strategy with a proper implementation plan. Whatever scope I
observed in my project are not exactly having all the features of the scope
which I described, but also not lacking all the feature

1> It create a learning environment in order to achieve a competitive edge

through leveraging human resource

2> develop training tools and techniques to facilitate effective learning

3> gives the knowledge, skill and attitude of the employees

Increasing Profits: - As the employees know how to do their work in


right way, will lead to decrease in cost and increase in profits

Research Methodology

Research can be defined as “a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information in any
branch of knowledge’. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of study, observation, comparison
and experiment. Research is, thus, an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge
making for its advancement.


Research inculcates scientific and inductive thinking and it promotes the development of logical
habits of thinking and organization. The purpose of research is to discover answer to question
through the application of scientific procedures. The main aim of research is to find out the
hidden truth, which has not been discovered yet. Though each research study has its own
specific purpose, we may think of research objectives as falling not a number of following broad

· To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insights into it (Exploratory or

formularize research studies)

· To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual, situation or a group

(Descriptive research studies)

· To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with which it is associated with
something else (Diagnostic Research Studies)

· To test a hypotheses of a casual relationship between variables (hypothesis testing research

· This research is an amalgamation of both formularize as well as descriptive Research, as it

reflects on the present satisfaction level of the employees at Strides Arcolab regarding the
various training and development programmes being conducted here. In the process, it also aims
to collect more detailed information on the subject of training and development itself

Project Progress Schedule

S.No. Chapters Activities Status

1 Chapter I Develop the objectives and methodologies to be Completed

adopted for the project

2 Chapter II Give overview About Ajit Bhawan , Jodhpur Completed

3 Chapter III Explained Training and development and its Completed


4 Chapter IV Collect the relevant data and conduct survey and some Work in
sort of secondary data and analysis of relevant data. Progress

5 Chapters V Give the findings and conclusions. Work in


6 Chapter VI Concluding Project and Give recommendations. Work in


Reference & Bibliography


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