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Migration of SAP Script to Smartform

Step 1:
Go to transaction SMARTFORMS.
In the Form field enter the name of the Smartform ZDEMO_SCRIPT_TO_SMART_FORM you want to create.

Step 2:
In Menu bar Choose Utilities -> Migration -> Import SAP Script Form

Step 3:
Then the popup will come as shown below. Here enter the name of the Script ZSCRIPT which you want to
migrate it to smart form and the language.

Step 4:
Choose Enter, and then this takes you to the change mode of Smartform.

Step 5:
If the selected SAP Script does not exist in the selected language then a popup window appears with all the
languages that are available on the form. On which you can select one of the existing languages.
Here I selected DE (German) language and choose continue button.

Then a pop up will appear as shown below that the script ZSCRIPT is available only in EN (English) language.

Step 6:

In SAP Script ZSCRIPT, one page is created with name FIRST and two windows are created with names as
These two windows are placed in page FIRST.

After migration,
The layout information including pages, windows and their attributes and position on page are copied with the same

Step 7:
In HEADER Window of a Script, Page, Date, Time and Course Details will be present and character format <BU> is

After migration from script to Smartform,

All these details will be copied under single text element as there is no element defined over here. But character and
paragraph formats declared in script are not copied into Smartform.
So we need to create separately for character and paragraph formats.
Step 8:
For Example, I create <BU> character format in SAP script and used in HEADER window.
After migration to Smartform, HEADER window is created with text element %TEXT2.
I am trying to edit the text node %TEXT2 then popup will be displayed that Do you want to delete all invalid
formats in the text node as shown in the screen shot.
If you want to delete, choose Yes Otherwise choose No.
If you choose No, create the formats which are present in that text node.

Step 9:
In MAIN window of a script, two elements HEADER and BODY are defined.

migrating from Script to Smartform, it creates separate text element for each element defined in Script.

Step 10:
Caution: Once SAP Script is migrated into Smartform, you should clean up the errors in terms of declaration of
attributes, windows alignment. Because SAP Script uses program to write logic.
Ex: Error may occur while activation saying that Field or Internal table is unknown as below.

Step 11:
Add the form logic and change the design as per requirement and active the Smartform.
Now execute the Smart form. The output would be as shown below:

Step 12:
Mass Migration of SAP Script forms to Smartform:
Go to transaction SE38 enter program Name as SF_MIGRATE and press Execute (F8) button.

The below screen will be displayed.

Enter the name of the script from which you want to generate the Smartform, language, created on and from which
you want to take the forms and choose execute

Then the Smartform will be created with name as Script form name_SF (ZSCRIPT_SF) as below