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NOKIA 6600 WAP Settings

WAP Over GPRS Settings

1. Go to Menu then select Tools.
2. Select Settings, Connection then Access points.
3. Select Options, New Access point then Use default setting. Enter details for the following

Connection name: myGlobe GPRS

Data Bearer: GPRS

Access point name:

User name: <none>

Prompt password: No

Password: <none>

Authentication: Normal


Connection security: Off

10 Session mode: Permanent

11 Press Option then select Advance settings. Enter details for the following parameters:

Proxy serv. address:

Proxy Port Number: 8080

Go back to the main menu, select Services, Options then Settings. Choose myGlobe GPRS as the
default access point.

Nokia 6600 MMS Settings

1. Select the Menu options then Messaging.
2. Press Option then Settings. Select Multimedia messages then Access point in use.
3. Press Option, New access point then Use default settings. Enter details for the following
12 Connection name: myGlobe MMS
13 Data Bearer: GPRS
14 Access point name:
15 User name: <none>
16 Prompt password: No
17 Password: <none>

18 Authentication: Normal
19 Homepage:
20 Press Option then select Advance settings. Enter details for the following parameters:

Proxy serv. address:

Proxy Port Number: 8080

Nokia 6600 GPRS Settings For PC

Add New Modem
Using a proprietary modem
1. Insert the CDROM software driver in your PC. If the installation did not start automatically,
browse your CDROM using Windows Explorer then search for the setup.exe or Install.exe.
Double click the Setup.exe to start installation then follow the installation wizard.

Using Standard 33600 bps Modem

Note: If you are using infrared connections on Windows 2000 OS, no need to add a modem
since the said OS has a built-in infrared modem.
1. Click on Start then select Settings>Control Panel.
2. Double click Modems (Win98) or Phone and Modem Option (Win2000). Select

3. Click Dont run the Hardware Installation Wizard. Click Next.
4. Click Dont detect my modem; I will select it from the list. Click Next.
5. Select (Standard Modem Types) under the Manufacturer and Standard 33600 bps Modem
under the Models. Click Next.
6. Select Virtual Infrared COM Port for IrDA connection or COM1 or COM2 for data cable
connection. Click Next then Finish.

Create an Internet Account

1. From the phone Menu then select Connectivity.
2. Select GPRS then GPRS modem settings.
3. Select Active access point. Activate any access point.
4. Select Edit active access point then enter details for the following parameters:

Alias for access point: myGlobe Internet

Access Point:

Create a dialer
1. From the Start Menu, select Programs>Accessories>Communications>Dial-up networking.
2. Double click the Make new connection icon.
3. Enter name under the Type a name .
4. At the Select a device slide, select the Standard 33600 bps Modem or the proprietary modem.
5. Click next. At the telephone number enter *99***#. Click Next then Finish.
6. Right click the dialer then select Properties. Unclick the Use area code and dialing properties or
the Dialing rule.
7. To start browsing, double click the dialer and click Connect.