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# 26 Rochester House, Manciple Street, SE1 4LP London iseoluwa66@hotmail.com OR ai619@gre.ac.uk

Tel: + 0793 044 6752

Solution oriented GIS specialist with prominent success in working on a broad range of
GIS projects while involving in consulting, planning, modeling, analysis, testing and
implementation of GIS solutions to support business objectives.


2 years experience in GIS/CAD data management, Remote sensing analyst, application

development. Lead role in GIS data conversions and application development projects.
Skills in ESRI, Autodesk,MapInfo GIS/CAD & GPS software.
Self motivated with strong interpersonal, technical, leadership & people skills.
6 years experience in information systems management as systems support manager,
Web programmer, Database administrator and as web design consultant.
At present, updating: in technologies such as .NET, MapViewer, ArcSDE and ArcIMS,
ArcGIS Server


Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Me/Vista/Apple Mac.

Language: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, T-SQL, JAVA, C#, .Net, PHP, ASP.Net.
IDE Tools: Visual Basic 6.0.
ESRI GIS: ArcGIS 9.3, ArcView 3.2, ArcIMS, ArcPad, Arc Explorer, Map publisher
Other GIS tools: MapInfo 5.0, AutoCAD Map 2000, Google Earth with APIs.
GPS Tools: Garmin Map source, EasyGPS.
GPS Receivers: Garmin Handheld - Map 76 series.
Geophysics: Petrel 2009.
Remote Sensing Tools: ER-Mapper, EDRAS Imaging.
Database: MS-Access, SQL Server & Oracle
Other Tools: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage).
McAfee / Notion Virus Protection Utilities, Macromedia (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash
Mx), CorelDraw Graphics Suite, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe
ImageReady 7.0, EnVector 3D.

Needs Assessment (Requirement analysis) and functional procedures

GIS data compilation, interpretation and metadata documentation.
Design, development and maintenance of GIS databases.
Planning, quality assurance/control of GIS database conversion processes.
Testing GIS data, solutions and applications for units, systems and user
Technical support and user training services.
Troubleshooting for custom application problems.
Project implementation services.
Web Design / Programming.
GIS data analysis and modeling.
Documentation skills.
Application development support.
Demonstration and presentation skills. Oral and written communication skills.

GIS product installation and configuration control.

Analytical and problem solving skills.
Project proposal assistance and project status reports generation.
Ability to analyze & transform business requirement into solution components.
Mapping - Facility management - Cadastral Mapping
GPS data management and formatting.


3D surface/terrain model generation and flight path animations.

Expertise in ArcGIS geodatabase, spatial domain and topology.
Capable of handling ArcIMS for internet map administration.
PDA mobile mapping.
Georeferencing, Map projections & Datum transformations.
Programming and web portal development.


Geodatabase support : Dec 2008 Mar 2009 (Part-time)

Tonamic Properties and Financial Service as a geodatabase support and I.T support
in domestic in projects. During this period I had worked with limited supervision and
shown confident in executing my daily job description . I was responsible for updating
geospatial distribution of owning and managed properties within the London which
vector data set. Properties feasibility analysis, buffering analysis, service
distribution based on socioeconomic status in the city and presenting marketing
strategies geographical and spatial data quality. Producing results on route analysis,
network analysis on socio-economic status and properties feasibility studies.

Commercialization PetroGeoscientist: Sept 2008 Oct 2008

Schlumberger Oilfield Servicing, SIS Stavanger Norway. Job description is 50%
Geophysics and 50% I.T. Petrel 2009.1 software testing and its applications (seismic
interpretation, analysis and well data interpretation / correlation with seismic data.) Data
management using Openspirit application as a plug-in for data integration between
Geoframe, ArcGIS and Petrel 2009. Petrel Quality Assurance testing, Data management
/ customized programming for staff login /guest tester support, Automated Petrel Project
workflow design, script mapping Network drive and projects via network. Integrating
coordinate systems using ArcGIS.

Data Entry : Nov 2007 Sept 2008

Student Center Medway Campus (University of Greenwich) .My responsibility involves
updating students course works records , inputting data using the oracle database
application package, administering data recovery and management.

Web developer / Programming : Nov 2007 February 2008

Natural Research Institute (University of Greenwich) .My responsibility is web
programming worked for Systems Development projects, redesigning / programming
web pages using CSS, JavaScript, SQL and Java (Dreamweaver studio 8, Fireworks 8,
Flash Mx).

G.I.S Analyst / Information Manager: Sept 2005 - Sept 2007

Remote sensing analyst Image processing and Data capturing acquisition
Lagos State Physical Planning and Development Authority

Reporting to the project manager and assist him on GIS hardware, software, technical
issues and valuable insights on GIS technology updates. Assist & guide GIS technicians
in map creation. Guide the software developers on core GIS technical & development
issues. Satellite image processing. Responsible for collection of all field data for urban/
rural schemes, including establishment of standards for measurement and assessment.
Prepare documents reports and hand outs related to project functionality. Prepare
presentation slides for project related activities. Responsible for quality on GIS data and
testing GIS applications, Co-authored report to the Governors office on the progress
being made in the urban development and environmental degradation problems.
Demonstrations to customers on GIS software capabilities. Provide technical support on
various GIS software. Development of the geo-spatial database for a Local Gov. Area ,
Network analysis, route zone for waste managers, route referencing for surveyors and
route events for traffic control and congestion analysis.
GIS Business Analyst and I.T Support : Nov 2004 to 15th Aug 2005
Technosuite Limited as a GIS business analyst and systems support in projects for
domestic and overseas clients. During this period I had worked on GIS based projects
which where tailored at route analysis, buffering analysis, service distribution based on
socioeconomic status in the city and presenting marketing strategies geographical .
Installed, managed staff and support personnel, designed and updating web site.
Participated in both pre and post-sales support for a wide range of customers products
of PLC, received companys highest sales award.
EXPERENCED: Sept 2007 Oct 2007 Peer mentoring which is involving accessing and acknowledging

youths influence. By Edexel under the training of VSU Youth in Action and Kent Youth

MSc Geographic. Information. Systems with Remote Sensing (June 2009)

The University of Greenwich (Medway Campus), London
Diploma in Information Systems Management (2005)
Aptech Computer Education, America
B.Sc and Tech in Remote Sensing and Geography (2004)
Federal University Of Science and Technology Minna, Nigeria.

Evaluating factors contributing to Land Spills and Defining Future Hazard scenarios in
Sorbas area of Spain Using Landsat TM satellite imagery.
Objective: Data conversion to digital format of several hardcopy base maps and
remotely sensed imagery. Develop a GIS data model of the Sorbas identifying land
slips at different locations by integrating spatial and non spatial data for analysis in
ArcGIS Desktop for GIS data encryption and coordinate reading. Create volumes of
3D surface data from the available 2D contour data and post processing. To
georeference aerial photo and satellite imagery.
Role: Collected and assessed input resources/requirements from various onsite.
Designed the spatial database. Lead the team for the creation of 3D (surface) GIS
data, to develop applications/customizations, integration with GPS. Responsible for
the quality of GIS data and applications developed data collection with ArcPad and
interoperability with the ArcGIS system. Worked on 3D analysis such as Line of Sight,
& Viewshed to find site suitability for strategic study. Responsible for documentations
and technical support. Presentations and analytical demonstrations to supervisor
from various technical issues and accreditation.
CAD/GIS Projects:
While working with Technosuite Limited as a GIS business analyst and systems
support. I had worked on GIS (Geographical Information System) based projects. My

role was to locate all inputs to Geographical Locations which we received from our
client and handle the team of allotted number of members, scheduling the project
tasks to meet delivery date, Taking appropriate decisions at critical points.
Keeping track of all Daily activities and implementing statistical analysis system. While
working with Lagos State Physical Planning and Development Authority in the GIS
department. I had worked for following projects, across Local Government area . BaseMap Digitization, Georeferencing, Edge-Matching and Mossaicing, etc. for 1:1000 scale
Land Base development as per the Data Model/Attribution, Output in CAD/Shape file
This is basically for urban development related planning. Platform used AutoCAD Map,
ArcGIS 3.3
Software: ArcGIS 9.2, 3D Analyst, ArcPad, Tracking Analyst, .NET, ArcObjects, VB 6.0, Map Viewer and
PROFESSIONAL MEMBER: Association of Geographic Information,

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society.




New Technologies, Gadgets, Traveling, Cross country adventures, Open Source


Date of Birth: 04-05-80