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Rice Offense 2003 SEEK AND DESTROY A seeker is a hunter who sets out to accomplish a mission in a persistent, unyielding, and intense manner, We are seeking the WAC Championship. We are seeking the WAC Championship because, God has written upon every man's heart the need to run in such 2 way to obtain first prize. To win the championship we must: Believe we can. Belief comes from within, When a team believes, it has confidence that our interwoven abilities are capable.of achieving great things. It is, Srengiened by evidence. Our accomplishments in off-seasor championship evidence. We practice Overcome adversity. In every undertaking there withbe tough adversity, will regroup, encourage one anothey\ and increase their resolve. ee d against self-satisfaction. \ A champion once he performs s, Champions when encountering adversity to strengthen themselves \ : )\better his best. He knows a pretty '9d” poem next page) -g00d job if not 15,that tell you it can't be done thek big ears up and listen in fear and mustangs that when they hear the th lother and when the coyotes ; when under coyotes how! atc ie ou defepselesd Rather be ut their heals together 38 they can ¢ A desthoy Jing im ineffective, useless and unable to be restored, Our offthse is desi lwil/of our opponents. We do this by Aggressive Viglent i t 2 We arelager dj That when faved with a battle, even against « giant hamed Goliath, win. We are ie powerful finishers of our assignments We play from s: Execute yor throws violently. Aixeoute youg catches violently. Pretty good - adapted by Scott Wachenheim From Pretty good by Charles Osgood There once was a pretty good ‘There once was a pretty good player, Who played ona pretty good team. And was coached by a pretty good coach, At first look it pretty much seemed. He wasn't terrific at throwing, His blocking only opened a narrow hole. But his football playing was leading Straight to a pretty good goal. He found football exciting, And he wanted to do pretty well But he didn't like conditioning, So his knee would sometimes swell, When out on the field practicing, Pretty good would do the required. He needn't always catch everything, A pretty good work out was all he desired. The pretty good offense he played on. Was part of a pretty good team. And the athlete was not an exception, On the contrary, he was the mean, The pretty good team that he played on Was there ina pretty good conference. And nobody there seemed to notice That he wasn't making a big difference. The pretty good athlete in fact was Part of some pretty good names. And the first time he knew what he lacked was hen he wanted to play’in pretty good bowi games. It was then, while seeking a ring He discovered that life could be tough. And he learned an important thing That pretty good might not be enough. ‘The pretty good player in our story Was part of a pretty good offense, Had pretty good aspirations of glory And wanted to win a pretty good conference. _ There once was a pretty good team, Pretty proud of it's pretty good tradition Which hopefully will glean, Tf you want to be a champion----- Pretty good is, in fact, 8 Man Front’ 3 Deep Cov. 4 Deep Cov. 12-43, 612-613 812-813, 14-45, Indy 1 & 2, 614-615 814-815 518-519, Indy 3.4 New York - Giants ‘San Diego - Chargers 18-19 Runs: Denver - Broncos 26-27 46-47 Baltimore - Ravens 23 Passes: Pittsburgh - Steeiers: ‘Swiz Back Flag Back Post Back Pony Passes: 80-81 Comer, Hurry 4 80-81 Curl, Hurry 2 80-81 Flood, Hurry 3 & 4| 88-89 Swiz 88-89 Stop 88-89 Hook 88-89 Corner 84-86 Stop 84-85 Flag 84-85 Cross “Ail Formations 840-841 90-91 Fade 90-91 Swiz 32-93 2108 | Scoop 832-833 some aS 52-99 “Ail Formations: ‘Runs: 30-31 930-931 88-89 Streak 88-89 Whee! 88-89 Studder ‘Ail Formations 16-17 Review Probiem 0 Areas Scramble Rules Passes Passes! Washington - Redskins: | 44-45~ Man, 80 Rub ie Cr 80 Corner \ vereat bucy-2 iar 84 Cat v ManCufp 922" Fae Boot widly 4 cantar Runs: Oakland - Raiders [San Diego ~ Chagas) ‘Scrimmage Corrections ‘Quick Kick Victory Protect QB DaY13,_ 22AuGO3 “Daya. 23-AUG03)