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Downtown Houston

6+ month contract with extension

Oracle Applications Developer - / PL-SQL Developer
The Senior Oracle Applications Developer is responsible for
working on assigned projects and technical initiatives in an
efficient/effective manner. The Senior Oracle Applications
Developer must possess a high degree of technical knowledge
regarding software development and associated technology tools
primarily using Oracle PL/SQL. The individual is expected to be
able to code as necessary, perform detailed analysis on data
structures, data integration, and existing and new applications
Essential Functions/Principal Accountabilities:
Provide application development, enhancements,
modifications, performance tuning, and support services for
assigned projects.
Work with IS technical resources to provide high availability
monitoring and maintenance for assigned applications.
Understand a given software project "end-to-end" specifically
beginning with Business Requirements, then the appropriate
Data Architecture and corresponding User Interface (UI), and
culminating with finished information products such as Web
Viewers, Reports, Data Entry Applications, Interfaces to
Other Systems, Graphical Outputs or Data Marts.
Prepare specifications for new applications, enhancements,
modifications, and support issues. Also, prepare application
documentation as required.
Develop and support data models and a data dictionary that
supports the business requirements for tactical and strategic
information products.
Job Requirements:
5-10 years experience in Oracle backend database
development utilizing packages, procedures, function,
triggers and Oracle user defined types.
2+ years of experience in data warehousing.

Strong Data Warehousing experience, Oracle partitioning,

Collection objects
Strong Oracle PL/SQL skills (strong knowledge of Oracle
Strong Oracle Performance tuning skills (SQL tuning)
Strong knowledge of common Oracle tools (PL/SQL
Developer, TOAD, SQLPlus)
Familiarity with Oracle RAC preferred.
Familiarity with VPD (Virtual Private Database) is a big plus.
Should have data analysis skills to debug, trace and fix
Bachelors degree required. Degree in Management
Information Systems or Computer Science preferred.
Oil and Gas Industry experience preferred.
Provide maintenance and support of the Oracle backend
Ability to build ER Diagrams for new tables.
Proficient in working with : Collection objects, Nested Tables,
Record types, Cursors, Ref Cursors, Views, Materialized
Views, Partitions, FORALL, Bulk Collect, Regular Expressions,
Triggers, Instead Of Triggers, Autonomous Transactions.
Design or background with one or more data extraction
transformation processes (ETL).
Ability to write complex stored procedures/triggers, functions
using PL/SQL to optimize processes performance with the
goal to reduce processing time
Tune complex queries utilizing Indexes, Hints, and Explain
Plan, to improve the performance of the application.
Involved in writing technical specs, unit test results, and user
acceptance test scenarios for each project.
Directly interact with business users during UAT to provide
support and solicit feedback for the purpose of improving the
quality of the finished application.
Required to be on-call during work and off-hours as
May travel when necessary for system implementation and