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Check List for Teachers

Attention! All teachers and assistants: I need you to follow this check list as you lead students in your small
group. This will help us to better guide our students in their Bible-based fun activities. Please check this list as you direct your
kids… Thank you in advance for your help.
All classes:
_____ Greet your students as you take attendance.
(If they are newcomers, please add them on the list.)
• As parents come in to sign them out, try to get the missing information from their parents… ^^
_____ Pray!!!
_____ Lesson 42: Variety is the spice of life
Power Point: God wants me to accept people who are different from me.
Memory V.: God is pleased with everyone who worships him and does right, no matter what
nation they come from. (Acts 10:35)
Lesson overview
No matter who we are, what we look like, or where we are from, we are equal. It’s our faith that makes
us equal with one another. Galatians 3:28 says, “whether you are a Jew or a Greek, a slave or a free person, a
man or a woman.” We have the same Creator, who shows no favoritism one way or the other. Peter said, “I am
certain that God treats all people alike. God is pleased with everyone who worships him and does right, no
matter what nation they come from” (Acts 10:34-35)
Today’s lesson is vitally important in today’s world. When kids are tempted to place one another in
social classes or cliques, this lesson teaches that not only does God not show favoritism, but He also doesn’t
want us to show favoritism. In short, God wants me to accept people who are different from me.
When kids are young, they don’t have a natural “bent” toward favoring one person over another-it’s a
learned problem. Teaching your kids that God wants them to accept people different form themselves is a great
step in helping them un-learn or prevent the difficulties that prejudice can bring to their lives.
Take time today to show you kids through your words and actions that you don’t show favoritism either.
Let them see a living example of today’s Power Point in action. Conversely, be careful when teaching this lesson
not to single out any child in you KIDS Church to show that they are different from the rest and should be loved
equally. You’ll want to prevent any child from feeling labeled “different” from the others. Instead, help the
group to realize that each of them are unique and special, not just because of the color of their skin or physical
appearance, but because of their unmatched individuality God has given each of them on the inside. There is so
much more to a person than what our natural eyes can see. We are different, but we are equal to God.

Going Deeper
Put together a photo album of people from all over the world in different cultures, professions, races,
etc. let the kids thumb through it before and after KIDS Church.
Small Group Check Lists
(Please put check marks on the line as you teach ^^)
____ Check attendance and circle the kids who came early.
____ Check their homework (Joobo – reading & praying daily, take-home homework)
Give out weekly check points and sign their bulletins after you check them. Encourage your
students to read Bible and obey His word daily!!! <Record them in your 2010 Diary>
____ Go over the Memory verses (we made memory verse cards for this quarter so please
pass it out to your students)
____ Have a great time with your students!!!
_____ Ask your students to fill out “Prayer Request” forms, if you don’t have their prayer
cards. (Please turn it into Miriam gsn, we’ll put the copies in your mail box in our Conference room)
____ Before ending, please pray with your students
(You can even write down their prayer requests, if time allows)
____ Sign your students out as parents come in (1st – 4th graders)
_____ Encourage your students to bring their Bible every week.
_____ Return all supplies to our Teacher Conference room 105.
• Teachers, if you don’t come to church without any notification for two times, you
will become TA the next week.(Please notify us calling, texting, or emailing 24 hours
prior (48 hours preferred) – contact Miriam gansanim…^^
• Teachers who miss the teachers meeting won’t be able to teach the next week.
Teachers who are not worshipping with our kids won’t be able to teach small group.
• Teachers, check our http://tedholywave.posterous.com/ to get all the info. you need
for your students and yourselves… (each week’s joobo, check lists, all forms…etc)
o Teachers, please call, call, call your students who are absent!!!
o No Eating in the worship room!!!
• Snacks: they will not be passed out to classes anymore. Instead, teachers
should assign each student a day to bring snacks for the class.
4/17 (Sat) VBS Prep from 9am-12pm. ALL teachers should come and help out!
5/2 (Sun) Birthday party for May babies!
6/23-25 (Wed-Thurs) VBS

Teacher sign up for Sat. Prep for month of April through June (12pm-3pm):
4/24: 6th grade teachers
5/1 : 5th grade teachers
5/8 : 4th grade teachers
5/15: 3rd grade teachers
5/22: 2nd grade teachers
5/29: 1st grade teachers

Lesson 43: The Inside Guide
Power Point: God’s Spirit is my inside guide.
Memory V.: “The Spirit will show you what is true.” (John 14:17)
Lesson overview
Kids are bombarded daily with voices telling them what to do. Schoolmates, the media, sports figures
and church members all give advice, sometimes outright and other times quietly. Today is your opportunity to
share with your kids how they can know whether the voices they hear are right or not. Today, you can show
them that God’s Spirit is their inside guide. Above all other voices, He will show them what is true.(See John
14:7) When they discover that they can listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction and that it’s the truth, they’ll be far
less tempted by the competing voices of the world.
The key, of course, is to help your kids realize that they’re not alone in this world, when making
decisions, they can learn to hear the Holy Spirit within them, guiding them every step of the way. And they can
know that they’re hearing the Lord and not the deceiver because the Holy Spirit always agrees with God’s Word.
As you get ready for today’s lesson, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in preparation for each
presentation. He’s your inside guide, too! Take time during the service to share a personal experience you’ve
had of listening to God’s voice. Describe what it sounded like and what happened because you obeyed it. When
your kids hear personal examples from you and other KIDS Church leaders, this message will become even
more real and tangible to them.
You may want to spend a few minutes during the KIDS Church prayer time to get quiet before the Lord
Encourage you kids to listen for His voice and hear what He is saying to them. He maybe telling them, “I love
you,” and “You’re special,” or He may just be comforting them with peace. Whatever He says to them
individually will agree with His Word. They may be kids, but they need to know the Holy Spirit is alive and
active in their lives, too!

Going Deeper
Before starting today’s service, ask your kids what they think God’s voice sounds like. Is it loud and
powerful? Soft and gentle? Deep? Warm? Does He still speak to people? Your kids’ answers will help you guide
today’s teaching.

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