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Create Your Own MiraclesHow To Pray And Get Results

By Dr. Susan Shumsky

We are now entering a new age of miracles and wonders. Yet you might feel that in
order for miracles to happen, you have to be either very lucky or very pious. It seems like
fortune controls you, rather than you controlling it. You might believe that miracles are
bestowed on people from on high by a fickle God who makes unreasonable demands. You
appear to have no say in the matter.
The truth is that miracles can happen for everyone. All you need to learn is how to
create your own.
Prayer is the traditional way to make requests for miracles, yet for many of us, life
is not miraculous. It is miserable. Prayers are not answered, and there is no way out of pain
and suffering. Why does a seemingly capricious deity answer prayers for some people and
not for others? Why do some prayers remain unfulfilled? Is our technique of prayer
ineffectual? Are we praying amiss?
As a child I tried to pray and hoped God would respond. But it seemed the more I
prayed, the more God refused to listen. I came to the conclusion that either God does not
exist, or else I am not worthy for God to acknowledge me. This childhood experience was
so disheartening that I totally lost touch with how accessible God can be.
It was not until 1986, when I learned a powerful method called "Scientific Prayer,"
that I realized that anyone who can learn a few simple principles is capable of praying
successfully and getting startling results.
Even though many people are not getting winning results from prayer, there are

millions who have used a proven prayer technique that is effective, practical, and highly
successful. A unique process of Scientific Prayer can help you get the positive outcome you
are seeking. This system is based on the teachings of "New Thought," which is, in turn, the
foundation of the human potential movement.
New Thought teachings were developed by such illumined souls as Ernest Holmes
(1887-1960), founder of Church of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind,
and Charles (1854-1948) and Myrtle (1845-1931) Fillmore, co-founders of the Unity
New Thought, a nonsectarian philosophy, proposes that all causes are internal
forces, and all difficulties can be overcome by metaphysical means, such as prayer and
affirmation. "Spiritual Mind Treatment," in which mind is considered primary and
causative, is the principal method of healing used in New Thought.
Although prayer and affirmation have become increasingly popular, many people
do not know how to pray effectively. They read books or attend churches that inspire them
to pray, yet they do not know how to put the words together that comprise a powerful,
masterful prayer. While many people have studied principles of prayer and affirmation,
they have not received basic training in the art of prayer.
Scientific Prayer, a systematic approach to prayer, helps anyone create miracles in
daily life through a simple nine-step method. These field-proven techniques have been
tested and verified by millions of people from all backgrounds and religions, who have
experienced significant benefits. This system offers a source of inner strength, selfconfidence, and fulfillment.


The steps of Scientific Prayer developed from ancient sourcesthe "Lord's

Prayer" of Matthew 6:9-13, and the Shemoneh Esreh ("eighteen blessings"), a sacred
Jewish prayer, recited daily.
Scientific Prayer is a form of affirmative, positive prayer that uses a process of
logic and deductive reasoning that Ernest Holmes called "argumentative treatment,"
based upon the fundamental premises that God is all there is, and God is the unlimited,
ever-flowing fountainhead of all bounty.
Therefore, in Scientific Prayer, you are not begging and pleading to change God's
mind, because God's mind is already made up. God always says YES. You are the one
who has said NO. So this method of prayer helps you to change your mind. During this
process, you convince yourself of the reality of truth behind false appearances. However,
treatment is more than logic. It is a love disciplinea consciousness of inner knowing
and cognition of truth through inner revelation. Scientific Prayer is a way to realize the
truth through the following stepsthe "R's":

1. REQUEST (Goal or Intention):

State your goal for the prayer. This is a clear statement of your intention, goal, or
outcome for the prayer along with your full name or the name of the person for whom you
are praying. Be specific in your statement, but leave room for God to give you something
even better than what you had envisioned.
Example: "This is a prayer treatment for me, Bella Lee Aktinson, for perfect health

and wholeness, or better, now."

2. RECOGNITION (Glorification):
Come to a conviction that God is the source of all your good. Recognize the
qualities of God related to your particular goal. Glorification of God invites God into
awareness and brings gratitude and humility.
Example: "We recognize that there is one power and one presence in the universe
and in our lives, God the Good, omnipotent. God is the perfect healer, the divine physician.
God is perfect wellness and wholeness. God is perfection everywhere now."

3. RAPPORT (Unification or Identification):

Come to a conviction that you are one with God. Unify with God and experience
oneness and wholeness, in tune with cosmic life, with the truth of your being. You are one
with God and with the qualities of God that you have mentioned in the previous step.
Example: "I AM one with God. I AM the divine healer that God is. I AM the
healing power and healing presence of God now. I AM perfection everywhere now."

4. RESOLUTION (Claim, Choice, or Declaration):

Choose or claim the goal that you desire to fulfill (or better). Clearly state and
affirm the goal that you intend to manifest. When you claim the outcome for your prayer as
something you already own, then it is yours.
Example: "I therefore claim for myself, Bella Atkinson, my perfect health and
wholeness, or better, now."

5. RENEWAL (Elimination or Healing, Denials and Affirmations):

Treat your mind by eliminating blockages that prevent you from accepting your
goal. Heal any beliefs and habits blocking your fulfillment. Affirmations and denials open
the pathway to obtaining your desired outcome.
Example: "I now release from my mind all beliefs and habits that have prevented
my perfect health now. I release all feelings of ill health, disease, sickness, and pain now. I
now let go of the need to be ill. I now welcome new beliefs and habits of wellness,
wellbeing, fulfillment, wholeness, perfect health, ease, comfort, and joy now. I am willing
to be well now."

6. REALIZATION (Conviction or Acceptance):

Arrive at a conviction that you deserve to have your goal. Accept it as yours.
Realize, beyond a shadow of doubt, that your prayer is answered. Absolute conviction,
beyond faith, is complete and perfect, leaving no room for the mind to waver.
Example: "I now fully accept in consciousness my perfect health and wholeness, or
better, now."

7. REWARD (Gratitude):
Thank God that your goal is fulfilled and has manifested. Since you have arrived at
full conviction that your goal is achieved, you give gratitude to God in advance.
Example: "I now thank God for manifesting my perfect health and wholeness now.
Thank you, wonderful God."

8. RELEASE (Letting Go):

Give your prayer over to God; let go and let God. Let go and give your prayer over
to God and to the action of the Spiritual Law. The Release is the most important step,
because, at the moment of letting go, the manifestation literally occurs.
Example: "And SO IT IS. AMEN."

9. REPOSE (Silence):
Sit in quietude and allow nature to function to manifest your goal. After thoroughly
letting go and giving over to Spirit, now dwell in the silence of your being. At that moment
you relax completely and surrender to God in wholeness. In that silence dwells the
fulfillment of all desiresincluding the one you just prayed for.

By the time you finish your Scientific Prayer treatment, your goal has already
manifested in consciousness, because you have healed your mind and thereby arrived at a
complete conviction. Healing mental blockages is the golden key that opens the gates to the
divine kingdom. If you are in touch with your feelings and willing to do the soul-searching
necessary to uncover hidden blockages, your prayers will be effective. Your divine banquet
will be laid before you in a cornucopia of God's blessings and grace. However, if you are in
denial about your feelings, if you cannot perceive your habit patterns and stumbling blocks,
then deeper introspection is required.
Miracle PrayerNine Steps for Creating Prayers that Get Results by Dr. Susan
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