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Reflection Paper

I have always viewed the practice of law as a very fancy profession. Maybe I
could blame Hollywood for that. They kept throwing us movies such as A Few Good
Men and Bridge of Spies and television shows such as Suits and How To Get Away With
Murder where lawyers go to this large colonial building in their smart suits equipped with
the information that will emotionally and mentally destroy their opponents. However,
reality kicked in on the day of February 3 when I, along with some of my blockmates,
went to RTC Makati for the very first time.
The court visit activity was not anything that I expected. Firstly, I did not know
that the Regional Trial Court is only in Makati City Hall. I expected a building with
columns and pillars just like that of the Supreme Court but it was just a normal building. I
went straight to RTC Branch 56 because some of my blockmates were already there. The
hearing that was on going is a civil case between BPI and a certain car company which
name I failed to hear because the judge voice was relatively low. As I looked around, it
was noticeable that one party did not attend the hearing - he was only represented by his
counsel. The hearing proceeded nonetheless. As the lawyers cross-examined one of the
party, I kept on remembering those shows about lawyers wherein this part is usually so
intense - lawyers shouting, witness crying and so on. However, here, everyone was so
calm. They were exchanging arguments without raising the volume of their voice and the
counsels respect it when the judge, Hon. Bonifacio Pascua, tells them to withdraw some
of their questions. It ended by the judge scheduling another hearing wherein he said that
that this certain Martin Araneta should be given a day in court for due process. When we
were about to leave, we even heard one of the opposing counsels say Pare, hindi nila
tayo mapapag-away dahil dito or something like that.
It was a very humbling experience for me especially since my other blockmates
stories of their court visit is very different. Some witnessed a PAO lawyer being crushed
by another lawyer from a famous law firm. Others saw a lawyer held in contempt and

required to pay 500 pesos twice in the same hearing. I was very thankful that I did not
witness yet that frightening part of the legal profession because with my experience, I
realized that an amicable setting is possible in court. It is not always a show-off of
arrogance rather, it is just a matter of who has the more substantial evidence or who can
site the more applicable law and they can do it in the most calm and respectful manner.
If I will be asked if I still find the legal profession as fancy, I would still say yes
and even more than that. It may not be glamorous all the time but it is noble. It just
depends on the people who are practicing it.