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The organizations which want to enhance innovative work behavior, it is necessary for them to
recognize and promote inclusive leadership at work setting. Therefore, by promoting innovative
work behavior, the organizations can meet the demands of changing complex environment.
Moreover, Islam as a separate domain of inquiry has its own principles regarding work ethics
which are rooted from the teaching of the Quran and the sayings and practices of the Holy
Prophet (peace be upon him). Following the importance of IWE, the manager in a country with
the Muslim majority, should emphasize on the implications of Islamic principles regarding work
ethics. This study contributes to the innovative work behavior literature, since it is one of the first
to explore the inclusive leadership as a predictor of innovative work behavior both directly and
indirectly through psychological safety. Further, the enhancing role of IWE for psychological
safety-innovative work behavior is also a new contribution of this study.
The study was conducted to explore the relationship between inclusive leadership and innovative
work behavior with the mediating role of psychological safety and moderating role of Islamic
work ethic. The studys participants were employees, working in six hotels in Islamabad
Pakistan, and they completed the Inclusive Leadership Scale, Psychological Safety Scale,
Employee Innovative Work Behavior Scale and Islamic Work Ethic Scale with time lag of 10
days. Of the distributed 400 questionnaires, 210 were received.
Spss was used to analyze the data for regression analysis; Hayes (2012) process method was
used for the purpose. Results show insignificant direct relationship of inclusive leadership and
innovative work behavior, on the other hand this relationship is positive through the mechanism
of psychological safety. Moreover, results also confirm the moderation of Islamic Work Ethic on
the psychological safety and innovative work behavior relationship. My findings represent a
theoretical contribution to leader member exchange theory and provide useful managerial
implications for organizations to improve employees innovative work behavior.
5.8 Conclusion
Present study empirically clarifies the impact of inclusive leadership on employee innovative
work behavior. Inclusive leadership means doing things with people, rather than to people,

which is the spirit of inclusion that develops a context of safe feelings; therefore they tend to
show risky and non-routine behavior. Study also fills the gap in literature by explaining the
mechanism through which the inclusive leadership influences innovative work behavior and, of
course, in the presence of psychological safety; it would have become possible for an inclusive
leader to inculcate innovative work behavior among workers.
Present study also surfaced the moderating role of Islamic work ethic between psychological
safety innovative work behavior relationship by explaining that in case of high Islamic work
ethic among employees, the said relationship holds stronger position and impacts upon workers
to enhance innovative work behavior. Innovative work behavior is the focus of the organizations
in the current time to meet new changes. Therefore, this study is highly beneficial because it
explains that how they can cultivate an innovative supportive culture, initiating through inclusive
leadership. So, on one hand, the positive effects of inclusive leadership are surfaced on
innovative work behavior through the mechanism of psychological safety while on the other
hand, moderating role of Islamic work ethic is also discussed.