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Bradley Stonefield


Landslide Limousine Service,Austin, Texas


Atwood and Allen Consulting




Employment Law Compliance Plan

Per our conversation with Mr. Bradley, please see the following information on the employment law
compliance plan as requested. The plan is for Mr. Bradley to start a new company in Austin, Texas.
The goal is having 25 employees in the first year of being in existence.
This memorandum is to provide a description of the employment laws and what laws should be
applied within the company. The brief synopsis of the penalties and the application of the laws to the
employee will be discussed should a problem arises. The company must abide by the current laws
and adhere to the proper application of the laws. This memo identifies several laws that will have an
effect on this limousine company in Austin, Texas.

Civil Rights Acts of 1964


American with Disabilities Act of 1990


Family Medical Leave Act 1967


Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids an employer to discriminate against a potential employee during
the firing, promoting, or hiring based on race or sex. This act was put in place to level the hiring field
of persons applying for a specific job or position and being denied based on the race of an individual.
This act also allowed an individual from being harassed while employed to work in a discriminationfree work environment while employed on the job. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides equal
protection under the law for all persons no matter what the race, ethnic group, or the gender of the
potential employee or employee of the company. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
(EEOC) will look at the hiring practices of the company to ensure compliance with this law, or
charges and fines will be is; a levied against the company performing the illegal practices.
The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 prevents employers from discriminating against someone
who is trying to obtain employment or maintaining a job due to their mental or physical disability.
This act also covers and protects both businesses and employees against discrimination for reasonable
accommodations. The ADA also specifies that conditions do not have to be permanent or severe
according to the EEOC and all companies must adhere to the hiring practices of these disabled
employees. A list of the disabilities is provided through the website by the EEOC the gives the
company the names of the disabilities that are considered disabled. The bottom line is; a company

February 11, 2016

cannot discriminate against a qualified disabled person based on their disability. If a company is not
in compliance of the law, the company will incur fines or can be sued under this Act. Employers that
are found that he or she have not made reasonable accommodations for a disabled person or persons
will receive heavy fines from the EEOC and can be sued by the individual(s) for discrimination.
The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 was enacted for the purpose family members to be afforded
the opportunity to spend 12 weeks within a 12 month period with their family members in cases of
new child births, adoption of a newly placed child, serious health condition, or the employees family
member is a military member and they need to take care of them. This Act is covered in the wage
and hour division of the Department of Labor. If there is a violation of the employees protection
given under this law, there will be an investigation of the violation and the company or organization
will face labor law fines and the possibility of being sued. Managers can be held responsible or
personally liable for violating the FMLA.
The Age Discrimination Act of 1967 prohibits any discrimination in hiring based on the age of the
individual during employment or the hiring process. There should not be a time when older workers
find themselves passed over or fired due to their age. Employers cannot set arbitrary age limits to
weed out the older employees because of their ages. This act promotes the hiring and promotion of
persons that are older to allow them to utilize their skills. If an employer refuses to hire someone or
fire, someone based on their age is prohibited. This Act discontinues the cycle of older employees
given lower wages due to their ages. If the employee violates the Age Discrimination Act, they will
be punished by the EEOC and the Department of Labor for violation of federal law and violation of
the employees civil rights. These actions could also lead to a lawsuit against the manager and the
company if there are violations of the Act.
These Acts are in place to level the playing field for the hiring, firing, employment of individuals that
maybe discriminated against. It is also a guide for owners and managers to follow so they will be in
compliance with the laws. In closing, follow these laws and the limousine company will be a

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